Baby Tooth: 16 Weeks

Four months pregnant? Say whaaaaat?!?

16 Weeks

Baby Tooth is just over 16 weeks today and is about the size of an avocado…making that bump a bit more difficult to hide. Winking smile


Cody really wanted in on the action this week…he kept trying to photo bomb, the little cutie that he is!

Here’s what else Baby Tooth has been up to this week:

  • He/she 4-1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3-1/2 ounces.
  • His/her legs are much more developed.
  • His/her ears are close to their final position, and tiny bones forming in baby’s ears (meaning he/she can now pick up voices). <—Sorry for all the loud music on Saturday night, Baby Tooth!
  • The patterning of the scalp has begun, though hair isn’t recognizable yet.
  • Baby Tooth has started growing toenails.
  • His/her heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day(!).
  • In the next few weeks, Baby Tooth will double in weight and add inches to his/her length.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

Weight gained: Still not sure, but I’ll probably check and see where I’m at when I have my appointment later this week, just to make sure all is good in that department.

Workouts: Either four or five…I can’t remember, haha! I had a few days with some cardio (walking), a couple days with one of my new pilates DVD’s (LOVING it), and a few strength workouts with light dumbbells. Still feeling great!

Symptoms: Not too many this week…a few round ligament pains, but not as bad as last week, and I also experienced that “fluttering” feeling a few more times. I was talking about it with my mom, and she asked if it felt almost like when a nerve is jumping in your body (which it does), and she said that’s exactly what she felt. SO exciting!!

This week also marked probably the first week where my emotions really started to come in to play. Up until this point, I was confident in saying that I wasn’t experiencing any crazy mood swings or being super emotional. Well, that suddenly took a turn! There were a few days where my tears literally came out of nowhere, as I mentioned on Friday. One time, there was some commercial with a dad and daughter, who appeared to be going off to her first day of kindergarten. She looked up at him before getting on the school bus, and that was it for me…tears were a-streamin’!

Food Aversions: None, really.

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular, that I can think of? I’ve pretty much just been enjoying most of my usuals, with the daily requirement of something sweet, of course.

Sleep: Good, but could have used a bit more this week.

Maternity clothes?: Some! Still wearing maternity pants for work and I also ventured in to a few tops this past week that I own, too.

Stretch marks? Nope! Still applying my oils, body butters, and creams. Hey, at least if I do get them, I can’t say I didn’t try, right? Winking smile

Miss Anything? I missed being able to join in the alcohol festivities on Saturday, but other than that, this week was pretty good. Especially since I found some turkey from TJ’s to help curb my deli meat cravings.

Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Another baby dream! I dreamt we were at our 16 week appointment and the doctor surprised us and told us we could have our anatomy scan early (wishful thinking!). The scan immediately showed that it was a girl, which is the second girl dream that I’ve had. Who knows? I really don’t have any feelings one way or another.

Baby Items Purchased: Still none, but I’ve started reading a bit more in my Baby Bargains book and am starting to take some notes on a few items that I think we’ll want. Seriously, baby furniture? My goodness…who knew there was so much to think about when purchasing?!

Looking Forward To: My 16 week appointment later this week!! Can’t wait to hear that little pitter-patter of a heartbeat. I’m also looking forward to reading up more in the Baby Bargains book and learning more.

Question for the Moms:

Did you have any “feelings” about the gender of your baby? Were you right?


  1. says

    Oh you look so glowy! You have that perfect pregnancy glow :) I think it would be a really great idea if you took all your pregnancy pictures, (aka, all the pictrues that you’ve used for your Baby Tooth updates) and make a cute little timeline. I’m sure Pinterest would have plenty of ideas!

  2. says

    I was thinking the other day how I just cant decide if you’re having a boy or a girl. My gut says boy, but with some of your symptoms you told me about (your beautiful face breaking out) makes me think otherwise.

    Oh, and did you watch that Budweiser commercial I sent you yesterday? Sob fest.

    • Courtney says

      HAHAHA…oh my god. No, I didn’t watch it because I didn’t want to cry. HOWEVER, now that I know it’s the Budweiser one you sent me, YES, I totally did cry my eyes out in front of all my friends last night when it came on TV. Yup, I was that cool. 😉
      Oy vey!

  3. says

    The hubs and I went looking at furniture after our anatomy scan. We were shocked to learn that it could take upwards of 18 weeks for some items to come in. Fortunately the set we ordered took 8. You may want to start looking even though it seems so early…
    Christy recently posted..No Spring Chicken

  4. jennifer says

    I had a feeling for both of mine and was right both times! I’m guessing girl for you based on your dreams and how you are carrying.

  5. says

    Woohoooo 4 months! I bet you are feeling good girl! I felt great after I got through the first 3! I am 5 months this week!

    Looking beautiful!

  6. says

    Again, you look adorable. I had a feeling it was a boy but the baby was a girl and I am loving every minute of having a little diva. I have a feeling you will have a little football player…ha-ha. When are you finding out?
    Karen recently posted..Snow, Snow, Snow…

  7. says

    You are too darn cute. Glad to hear you’re feeling pretty “normal” this week! At the beginning of the 2nd tri, I remember feeling so good that sometimes I would totally forget I was pregnant. Ha! And as you know, I had a dream that ours was a boy and just kinda had a feeling. Sure enough, I was right! 😉
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Dare I Say It?

  8. Jessica S. says

    Hi Courtney,

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and a half now and I absolutely love it! I was so excited when you announced your pregnancy, and even told my boyfriend that I suspected it was coming….lol. Thank you for giving me reading that I look forward to every day. Congratulations and best wishes!

  9. Michaela says

    You are glowing, i’m a new reader, and i love your blog! Congrats on four months! Pregnancy just flies by until the final few weeks when you just want them out! Word of small advice, don’t give into all the gimmicks with the different furniture and gizmos. I was convinced i needed every piece of baby furniture/plaything/swing they had and by the time my son was 6 months i had sold 3/4’s of it on craigslist because i never used any of it! 😛 It’s tough because you don’t want your precious baby to go without anything, and then you realize as long as they have you & daddy they are perfectly content. :) enjoy your preganancy, emotions and all, because it’s such a beautiful thing!

  10. says

    I had a dream I was having a boy when I was about 15 weeks pregnant and Im not even joking, I not only had a boy but he looked like he did in my dream! SOO weird but amazing!

  11. Alyssa says

    Yay! Congrats on being 16 weeks pregnant!! I also had many baby dreams before I found out what I was having…all of the dreams were of my baby being a girl, which I found out, the baby is a girl!! So maybe your dreams will be right too :)

  12. Nicole @ fruitnfitness says

    Love baby tooth updates! It sounds like you are really a rockstar pregnant momma! I have heard animals bond with unborn babies, it looks like Cody is already loving his new sibling, sister if your dreams are telling you something.

  13. Kristin says

    We found out the sex at our 16 week appointment! The ultrasound tech asked if we wanted to know and of course we said yes! You look great, btw!

    • Courtney says

      She IS a sweetie! I’ve been stalking your blog a bit these past few days, reading through all of your old pregnancy posts. 😉

  14. Meg Tri. says

    I love reading these weekly posts! Also, Baby Bargains helped me so much when I was picking out things for the baby. There is so much out there – it can be very overwhelming! Anatomy scan is just around the corner now…SO EXCITING!

  15. says

    Hi Courtney!

    I was addicted to Applegate Farms Organic herbed turkey breast (deli meat) when I was prego…loved it!
    Also a book I absolutely loved and was recommended to me is Happiest Baby on the Block. It truly helped calm Isaac down when we brought him home and weren’t fully aware of his needs. We still use a lot of the strategies!

      • Amina says

        Yup, my Dr said packaged organic is totally fine, you can heat if you want. She said the deli meat from the counter at grocery stores/subway are meats that you should worry about since they sit out all day. Those are the meats that need to be heated…I’m not a big deli meat fan but I was addicted during my pregnancy!


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