WIAW: But Monday

Happy WIAW! To be honest with you, I’m shocked we’ve already made it to Wednesday…for whatever reason, I felt like this week was going to take for-ev-er, but it’s actually going by surprisingly fast. Win!

Today’s WIAW is more like what I ate, Monday. Not all of my food has been exciting and/or interesting these days, but Monday wound up having some good eats…so let’s get to it!

Breakfast – 8:30am

You guys…eating heated up scrambled eggs is SO much better than I could have thought.


I also got a new work coffee mug – you liiiiike? Tar-jay, baby!

On Monday morning before work, I made a failed attempt at an omelet 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and provolone cheese, and topped them with some mango salsa. I just reheated them in the microwave at work and, voila! Like they were just cooked. So, so good.


Mid-Morning Snack – 10:30am

As delicious as my eggs were, I was hungry again a couple hours later (no surprise), so I snacked on a banana with peanut butter.


Can’t beat that combo. Ever.

Lunch – 1:15pm

I actually made this lunch on Sunday afternoon, before heading out for the Super Bowl, since I knew I’d be too pooped to do it either at midnight or the next morning.


I used some romaine as a base for this amazingly delicious taco salad, which included grape tomatoes, baby carrots, corn, black beans, TJ’s roast turkey, salsa, and homemade guacamole. I also wound up breaking up some TJ’s tortilla chips and added them on top for some extra crunch.


Why do I not make taco salads more often? Seriously.

Mid-Afternoon Snack – 3:45pm

Hunger struck again, so I grabbed the apple cinnamon Chobani that was waiting for me in the fridge. Always a good choice.


Dinner – 7:00pm

Once I got home from work on Monday, I got my workout done and then ended up snacking on some leftover taco dip from Sunday while I cooked dinner.

This dinner, to be exact.

And actually, it couldn’t have gotten much easier. In a skillet, I simply cooked up the rest of a bag of TJ’s frozen veggies (which come in a light garlic butter sauce…omg) with the couple remaining slices of roast turkey I had.


My ranch dressing craving struck again, so that bowl wound up getting a little drizzle after the photo. Winking smile

To go with my veggie and turkey bowl, I also added a little mozzarella cheese to a mini whole wheat LaTortilla Factory wrap and threw it under the broiler for a few minutes to get everything melted.


So simple. So awesome.

Dessert – 8:45pm

Shortly before heading to bed, my sweet tooth struck (no surprise there!) so I dug in to one of my leftover Chex Scotcharoos.


Alright you guys…these things are GOOD. And oddly enough, have any of you ever tried the Caramel Macchiato coffee from The Fresh Market (which has LONG been a favorite of mine, btw)? For whatever reason, these things smell JUST like that coffee…no joke. And Jay even agrees with me, so I swear my sniffer isn’t just going crazy. Winking smile

A scrumptious day of eats AND I actually got a good amount of veggies thrown in there, which is always a plus…especially since I’m not craving them so much these days!

Question for the Morning:

On an ideal WIAW, what would be one meal/snack that would most definitely make an appearance for you?


  1. says

    I would never think that reheated scrambled eggs would be good, but I am SO glad that you shared that! I am sure that the addition of veggies, salsa, and possibly cheese certainly helps to enhance their taste. Plain reheated eggs might not be quite as good…but, then again, I could be wrong! 😉 Either way, I will definitely be giving that method a try.

    Ahhh…that banana is so calling my name. I just LOVE the ones with brown spots on them. That is the perfect ripeness.

    And that Chex scotcharoo has now got my sweet tooth going extra early this morning..thanks a lot! 😉
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Omaha Eats: McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe

  2. says

    That is one yummy day of Monday eats! And again, those scotcheroos are a huge weakness of mine, and I went a little crazy on them at the Super Bowl party. Num.
    Banana and pb is one snack/mini meal that almost always makes an appearance daily. Like you said, it’s a combo that can’t be beat. They were made for eachother.
    Happy Wednesday!
    Melanie @ Beautifully Nutty recently posted..You Can’t Always Win

  3. says

    I love fresh market. I blow my entire week’s food budget in there when I go. It’s dangerous. I could actually live in that store. Your dinner looks delicious! I love green beans and quesadillas so that is right up my alley :)
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..Branching out

  4. says

    YUM all round- I can’t decide what looks best (after the Chex Scotcharoos) ;)! An ideal day of eats would definitely include chocolate in some form…and peanut butter!

  5. says

    I love fresh market coffee! The beat flavor I have had was red velvet, holy yum! :)

    Let’s see, an ideal snack for me would be Greek yogurt with honey and granola, or a massive protein shake. Dashing dish has some of the best shake recipes!

  6. says

    My lunch is just about the same everyday…. some sort of sandwich (though I do switch it up – bread/tortilla & what’s on the inside), a Chobani & then a “snack” – be it a cheese stick, crackers or piece of fruit. But the one thing that I eat everyday would be – a Chobani at lunch. PS – your salad looks AMAZING.
    Jillian @ Trail Mix Diaries recently posted..A new twist on 2 old favorites…

  7. says

    Oh that’s just a beautiful amount of salsa – I’ve been craving that stuff so bad lately that I’ve just been eating it straight from the jar wit ha spoon… no shame :mrgreen: And I’m afraid I have to disagree with you about the PB and banana combo being the best ever – AB and banana is where it’s at! Buuuuut that might just be my bias speaking up… pesky peanut allergies.

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. says

    You did indeed do a great job with your veggie intake girl! I’m impressed. 😉 Ever since I’ve been pregnant, it’s been more of a challenge for me. I guess it doesn’t help that it’s been over the winter which makes my desire for salads and green smoothies pretty minimal.
    Peanut butter ALWAYS has to make an appearance in an ideal WIAW for me… )
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..WIAW #71: Wiped

  9. Carissa @ Little Pleasures says

    Peanut butter would definitely be included in an ideal day of eats for me. :) That taco salad looks pretty scrumptious too, though,

  10. says

    What a delicious day of eats! I usually heat my eggs up in the microwave and always have. I never knew people thought that was odd. :)
    Happy Wednesday love!

  11. says

    I need to try the eggs reheated! I’ve debated trying it a time or two but have also feared a disaster and ruined meal at work. Definitely going to go for it!

    On an ideal WIAW, peanut butter and banana would make an appearance but lately my bananas are never ripe enough for me by Wednesday! They end up be a weekend eat!
    Chelsie recently posted..WIAW: Got Milk?

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