I Didn’t Quit Blogging!

WELL. The past 24 hours have been quite interesting with the ol’ blog.

Things started out last night…


It was quickly brought to my attention that my blog seemed to have just up and disappeared, and a bunch of you thought I actually decided to quit blogging. No worries, my friends! That is totally not the case…

Long story short, I know what happened…I had switched servers away from BlueHost (they just weren’t being great) but they also happened to delete a specific file that they were told not to. Oh, how lovely of them, right?

I thought things were resolved this morning when I was able to access the blog for just enough time to post this week’s Baby Tooth update. But then about five minutes later, it was gone again…and up until right now, about 5:30pm, I was unable to access it (even though some of you were throughout the day, which just boggles my mind).

ANYWHO…this post (which was originally supposed to go up this morning) is gonna be short and sweet because my patience with technology this evening is pretty slim and I need to just step away from the computer. Winking smile

Last night when I got home from work, I was a Starvin’ Marvin and wound up snacking a bit before deciding what I really wanted for dinner.


I mean, Kashi crackers go with just about anything in my book, but this TJ’s red pepper spread with eggplant and garlic that I recently bought was an awesome accompaniment. Funny enough, when I first opened up the jar about a week ago, I wasn’t diggin’ it at ALL.


Must have been an off day then, because last night I was ALL about it.

SO much so, that I used it with dinner too. Jay and I were doing our own thing, since he had to work a bit later (and he knows my hunger usually just does not hold out these days) but I was having the toughest time deciding what to have…

Cereal? Eggs? Soup?

Eventually, I wound up rummaging through the freezer and found some veggie burgers chillin’ in there (<—pun totally intended) so I cooked one of those up, topped it with some provolone cheese, and served it on some toasted Martin’s whole wheat potato bread with lettuce and more red pepper spread.


It was simple, but totally delicious.

A few hours later, I was hungry once again, so I made myself a mug of cereal which was thoroughly enjoyed while watching The Bachelor.


I actually wound up staying up way later than I had anticipated to watch the darn episode, but it was a gooooooooooood one, so I was too hooked to turn it off. All I’ll say is, halleluiah! Who’s with me?! Winking smile

**The Baby Tooth page was updated this morning!!

Question for the Evening:

Hmmm…I’ve got nothin’ for ya tonight, my friends. Hope everyone enjoys their evening!


  1. says

    Ugh, I am SO sorry to hear about your troubles–what a bummer. I too hate when stuff like that happens b/c it’s so out of my control/league so I feel useless/helpless. Which just makes it worse. :( So glad to hear it’s all fixed though!!

    When my husband isn’t around for dinner I usually end up having a sandwich too–so easy & delicious!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Bodyweight Training

  2. says

    So happy to see your blog working again! Whenever a post decides to delete itself before I post it, I usually am so not in the mood to post anything after! Love eggplant dips but hate eggplant !? Baba Ganoush is the best and you should try it ASAP.
    Lyric recently posted..2 New Recipes

  3. Taryn says

    Hallelujah is right!! For a second when he left the room I thought he gonna go pick that girl a rose. Just too good to be true!

  4. says

    Red pepper anything tastes delicious doesn’t it? I’m currently obsessed with a roasted red pepper hummus that I found at my local grocery. I could eat tablesoons of it!!

  5. says

    Whew! That’s a relief. I totally thought your blog was gone. Kidding, I saw your tweet earlier. I’m glad you got it all figured out! I had a burger on toast tonight too. It was delicious.
    I hate it when I stay up later than I had planned. It’s been happening too often lately (like tonight, for example).
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..Professing my love…

  6. says

    I am SO tracking down some of that red pepper spread the next time that I am at TJ’s. Is it spicy??

    Sometimes the simplest dinners are the best dinners. There is nothing quite as good as a veggie burger with cheese on toast. It makes me hungry just thinking about it and I just ate dinner! 😉
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Roasted Radish Chips

  7. says

    Happy to hear the blog is working again! Darn technology…geez! My dad bought that TJs spread a few weeks ago and I’ve been LOVING it but keep forgetting it’s hiding in the fridge. i’ll have to figure out how to break it out for dinner tomorrow. :)
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Love Your Abs 2

  8. says

    oh my goodness – i feel your pain w/technology! i started my blog in october and i’ve had at least one mini-crisis a week ever since lol a couple weeks ago i was trying to create a favicon (the little picture in the internet bar) and i somehow messed up some kind of code (i don’t even know if i’m describing this right haha) and my blog just DISAPPEARED! i couldn’t even access my log-in page! i called my mom at 4am balling my eyes out lol luckily it magically re-appeared after i followed some support forum suggestions… ahhh i hate technology!! lol :)
    Jessica @ Prayers and Apples recently posted..Overcoming Religious Illiteracy

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