WIAW: Lots of Good Eats

Oh, I’ve got lots of food to share with you all today!

My hunger has pretty much been through the roof these days. I’m lucky to get a meal to keep me satisfied for more than 2-3 hours before needing something else. Yesterday was definitely one of those days where I was eating allll day long…so this WIAW should give you a good idea of what a typical day has been looking like me these days. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Breakfast – 8:30am

Oh man, this was a good one.


I made a quick batch of oats before leaving the house and then cooked them up at work. The best part though, which I’m sure you can imagine, was the insane amount of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries (oh, and the peanut butter, of course).


That was one tasty, fruit-filled batch of oats!

Mid-Morning Snack #1 – 10:30am

I had a coupon for a free Luna fiber bar at Price Chopper, so I redeemed it the other day and decided to pack it in today’s snacks. It was okay, but nothing special.


Actually, I was surprised to see that it’s more like a NutriGrain bar than anything else. It was pretty sweet, and the flavor was okay, but it’s probably not something I’d get again.


Late-Morning/Early Afternoon Snack #2 – 12:00pm

There was a meeting in the office today, which had some food catered in from Panera. Once the meeting was over and I was helping clean up a bit, I wound up grabbing some leftovers for myself…including a little cup of mixed fruit,


and half of the top of a cinnamon sugar bagel. Those bagels are SO freakin’ good, I can’t even stand it. Luckily, the three small bites were enough to satisfy my craving. Winking smile


Lunch – 1:45pm

You know how I talked about all of the stuff I have in my freezer the other day? Well, here’s just one more to add to the list of things that were in the freezer and are now gone…Pumpkin Black Bean Soup!


I had this for lunch on Monday too, and it was miiighty tasty. I crumbled one of the Wasa crackers right into the soup which made it super thick (because those light ‘n’ crisp wasa’s basically melt in your mouth).

Mid-Afternoon Snack – 4:00pm

I almost forgot to take a picture this time, and I guess I sort of did, since you’re missing half of the snack here. I had put a bunch of celery sticks in a baggy, knowing I’d be able to pair them with my peanut butter…which I totally did.


But then I couldn’t get enough PB, so I wound up having another Wasa cracker with some more of the good stuff. I’m telling you…can’t. get. enough.

Dinner – 6:30pm

We actually had my in-laws over for dinner last night, so I had prepped ahead with a simple and delicious slow cooker meal. <—doesn’t get much easier when entertaining!


Jay ended up finding this recipe for Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie and wanted to give it a try, so we went for it. I wound up using chicken breasts instead of thighs, added a small chopped onion, and some dried thyme, but everything else stayed the same.

It was definitely a winner and I’m totally looking forward to leftovers at lunch today.


Dessert – 8:00pm

My in-laws offered to bring dessert over…and did they ever! My father in-law knows me so well, and brought over my own special pint of my favorite ice cream.


And then to go along with it, we had homemade brownies, which were super fudgy and incredibly delicious.


Definitely a delicious and fitting way to end the Fat Tuesday holiday, eh? Winking smile Which, by the way, I had NO idea was already upon us so quickly…I mean, seriously? It’s pretty early this year, isn’t it? I don’t typically celebrate it or anything, but I was just surprised that it meant that lent was already making its arrival. Where does the time go!?

Question for the Morning:

Fill in the blank: These days, I can’t get enough ___________ but could really use a break from _______________. <—doesn’t have to be food related!


  1. says

    Bagels are the best :) I really love having a ton of berries on my oatmeal too. It gives such a natural sweetness that honey/sugar can’t add. Did LunaBar change their packaging? Maybe I’m just thinking about LaraBar, but I feel like Luna’s used to look different.

    P.S: The brownie is my favorite :)

  2. Laura S says

    YoU should give the other 2 flavors of the Luna Fiber bars a try. They are definitely better than the one you had in my opinion. Particularly the chocolate raspberry is my favorite but the peanut butter strawberry is better too!

  3. Alexandra says

    Courntey, I am newly obsessed with your blog! I notice you have all these AMAZING recipes for oatmeal in the morning but I never know how you prepare your plain oats? Do you use steel cut? or the microwaveable kind? What have you found to be the best and most nutritious way to prepare your oats in the morning for all of those wonderful fixings? Thanks!

  4. Melanie @ Beautifully Nutty says

    What a great day of eats! I’d say these days I can’t get enough of a snacking on dates with pb and I could really use a break from the cold weather!

  5. says

    What a fantastic sounding dinner!! Oatmeal ice cream?? I totally never knew that that flavor even existed, but it sounds delicious…especially with brownies! :)

    Thanks for the heads up on those Luna Bars. I have seen them at the store and have wondered about them. I probably won’t go out of my way to buy one now.
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Roasted Radish Chips

  6. says

    Looks like some great eats that you have been having lately. These days, I can’t get enough Chocolate Almond Butter but could really use a break from the cold weather & millions of germs in my house. I have been nursing a cold for over a month and it’s just not going away, darn you winter!
    Karen recently posted..Recap of 2013 Goals

  7. says

    I had NO idea it was Fat Tuesday until this morning! I didn’t do anything to celebrate! Hmph.
    Is that OATMEAL COOKIE ICE CREAM?!! That has to be the best flavor ever?

  8. says

    So your question of the morning is something that I have really been thinking about myself… So here it goes: I can’t get enough of SALADS, but could really use a break from CANDY!! Which is part of my Lenten discipline this year! But none food related would be my friends and then my boss.
    Jessamy @ In the Words of an Asian recently posted..Oh Hello Lent!

  9. says

    I can’t stop eating coconut butter this week, oh man that stuff is SO delicious! I just ordered four jars like a month ago, and only have two left. Oops.
    Looks like you ate tons of awesome stuff yesterday:)
    Lisa recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday

  10. says

    My appetite has been kind of raging lately too, and I can’t even blame it on being pregnant! Eesh. I do blame it on the weather, though… I obviously need more fuel to keep myself warm 😉 And speaking of which… these days I can’t get enough sunshine, but I could really use a break from all this cold!

  11. says

    Okay, I’m cold but I still want some of that ice cream! … and then some warming Pumpkin Black Bean Soup afterwards ;).

    These days I can’t get enough sleep but could really use a break from … my constant night-owling (wohoo, I made up a noun :D) [that obviously interferes with aforementioned need].

    Hope you’re having a great Wednesday, Courtney!

  12. says

    Hey! I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love your blog! I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for inspiration after suffering from binge eating/emotional eating after a significant weight loss and the depression that ensued after gaining some of it back. I use your recipes and workouts all the time and am actively using your tips to listen to my body and find my way to a happy, healthy, me. Your blog is also one of the ones that has inspired me to start my own blog documenting my recovery and journey towards health and happiness. So, basically, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU!!

  13. says

    Mmm, I love berries on oats- especially TJ’s Very Cherry Berry Blend! The cool berries and hot oats with a spoonful of PB is a divine combo… These days, I can’t get enough of pancakes but could really use a break from work 😛

  14. says

    That dessert looks so beyond amazing!! I want to eat it now! I ended my Fat Tuesday with cookie cake! That shoul never be in my possession. I eat it all!

    However, These days, I can’t get enough time in the day but could really use a break from working! :)
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted..We Can Always Improve

  15. says

    You definitely need to try the other two Luna fiber flavors. The blueberry is not the best. The peanut butter and strawberry one tastes just like a peanut butter cookie! I’m obsessed with them.

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