Surprisingly Successful

Happy Monday to you all! How was the weekend? Do anything fun?

Well I know I already shared my Saturday with you all, but I don’t have quite as much to share for my Sunday. Jay and I did a few things around the house for the majority of the day, before heading over to my parents’ house for dinner.


On the menu was roast beef from the rotisserie, baked sweet potatoes, sugar snap peas, corn, and mom’s scalloped potatoes.

Don’t let my plate fool you…I most definitely went for some of those ‘taters.


Jay and I spent a few hours with mom and dad, chatting a ton about baby stuff and both of our upcoming trips (they’re headed to Florida with some friends next month). It’s always so nice to hang out with them. Smile

On our way back home, I was surprisingly successful in getting Jay to make a quick pit stop…


Despite the fact that it was about 15 degrees out and the wind was blowing hard enough to take your breath away, I still wanted some fro yo. Usually, I have to put in some really good effort with pleading my case to make a trip for the good stuff, but he was more than happy to make the stop last night. Smile


I got the same killer flavor as the last time we went to Dante’s and it was just as amazing as I remembered it being. Yummmmm.


This morning, I slept until about 7:15 (no work today) and got my workout in for the day, which was a slightly extended version of my 10-10-10 Strength & Cardio Circuit. After that, it was breakfast tiiiiime.


The food situation in our house right now is pretty sad. Since we’re leaving for Mexico tomorrow, we’ve been trying our best to just finish up what we already have. Thankfully, we still had some ingredients to make a delicious bowl of cereal.

Today’s bowl included Special K Oats & Honey cereal (only one kind today…can’t remember the last time that happened!, strawberries, bananas, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, and a little almond butter drizzle.


Soooooo good.

Today is going to be BUSY for us. We have a few last minute items to pick up from the store, clean up the house, take out our suitcases and start actually thinking about packing, and then I also still have a few posts to write up for later this week…I have three different giveaway posts for you guys while I’m away later this week, so be on the lookout!

But for now, I better get crack-alackin’ on this to-do list, because I have a feeling today is going to just FLY by. Catch ya later, gators!

Question for the Morning:

When it comes to packing, are you the plan-ahead type, or more last-minute?


  1. says

    I’ve been craving froyo all weekend–might have to pop in our local shop today and get some!

    Have a great trip! I’m definitely a planned packer–I usually start laying things out a few days before the trip and have a million lists going.

  2. Melissa says

    I have to comment that I think it’s so wonderful how much time you spend with your family. Knowing the importance of family love and support, you clearly have the right background to raise a family on your own :) Being a longtime reader, I’m really happy for you and Jay!

    On a completely separate note- and rather unfitting to that previous comment… ever since you changed your server (? or something. I don’t know what..) a few months ago your ads have been of the…how do I say it…boobalicious sort?? Didn’t know if you knew/were aware/care, but I’m getting greeted by a lot more (and larger) female mammary glands while visiting your blog. Not that it’s stopping me from popping by, just thought I’d let you know!

    • Courtney says

      Really?!? That’s strange…I haven’t seen anything like that on my end. Usually, if the ads aren’t being filled by the campaigns (which I approve, and none are boobies lol) then it usually just picks up things from other websites I’ve been going to. So, for example, the ads on my end have been filling up with a lot of baby stuff these days. If it’s coming from a particular website and you want to email me, feel free and I can look into it more!

  3. says

    Yum! I can have fro yo no matter what the weather is like :-) Definitely a last minute packer… I’d love to plan ahead but it just doesn’t happen. Speaking of I am going out of town Thursday and need to pack! My thought process is along the lines of… I work better and more efficiently under stress so why not wait until 10 minutes before leaving?

  4. says

    You can never go wrong with fro yo, no matter how cold the weather is in my opinion! 😉 As for packing, I’m usually a last minute kinda gal, which is SO unlike me in most other areas of life. Ha! I suppose packing to go back and forth between my mom’s and dad’s house growing up has something to do with it. Good luck at getting everything done today!

  5. Kathryn says

    We’re actually leaving on our trip Thursday! We’re going to Disneyland, woohoo! Last night, I started packing everything that we won’t need/use between now and then. Wednesday night, I’ll do laundry and finish packing clothes and such and Thursday will be just throwing toiletries in the bag.

  6. says

    I used to be the plan ahead, make a list, pre-pack a week ahead but the last couple of trips we have taken I am packing the day before with no list and so far we have not forgotten anything major!

  7. says

    I absolutely adore travelling, but packing is definitely the bane of my existence. I’ll plan ahead by making a rough list of all the essentials that I need to take, but when it comes to actually filling up my suitcase? That’s definitely a last-minute rush effort… especially when it comes to things like toiletries and makeup – those get thrown in pretty much right before I leave for the airport 😆

  8. says

    Well I’d say Im a last minute! Either the day of or the night before… I like to procrastinate and after the trip it takes me forever to unpack!

  9. says

    I’m usually planned ahead in that I start making a list of things that might slip my mind when it actually comes down to pack.
    So excited for you! It was always kind of fun for our family whenever we had to clear the fridge of food that might spoil. Haha, I don’t know why.

  10. says

    Whenever I go on a trip, I’ll get out my suitcase a week before…and then it will sit in the corner until the night before I leave, when I’ll start frantically throwing things in there. Is it any wonder that I always forget SOMETHING whenever I go somewhere? (usually my glasses, or toothbrush, or contact solution…without fail, I always forget something).

  11. says

    I’d say convincing him to get froyo with you is a success too! You’re going to have SO much fun in Mexico and having dinner with the parents is the perfect way to prepare for your trip. I’m terrible about packing. I packed for my month in Denmark last summer the morning I left!

  12. says

    I love special K, I think I always have it in the house. yay for mexico…I try to plan ahead for trips, but whether it happens or not, its hard to say. I usually have to end up helping my hubby pack because he forgets like a million things!

  13. says

    I am constantly making my packing list (both in my head and on paper) before a trip. For some reason I am so paranoid about forgetting something even though most destinations will mostly likely have those items anyway. I actually have a travel toothbrush, razor, etc so that I can pack everything the night before instead of having those few items that have to be packed last.
    Shane and I are always hanging out with my parents and we end up leaving there hours after we planned to. We’ll actually be living with them while our new house is getting built so it’ll be cozy for sure!

  14. says

    So exciting that you go tomorrow! I’m wishing we were too but our vacation isn’t for another 6 weeks…I get really nervous when I pack for trips about forgetting something (anything), so I always write a list a day ahead of time to give myself time to remember what I may have forgotten. My husband just throws some things into his bag literally right before walking out the door haha

  15. says

    I bet you can’t wait to leave tomorrow. I hope you have tons of fun and enjoy the nice weather. I would love to get away from the Chicago weather. I usually put my packing list together a few days before I leave then I usually pack a day or two before I leave. I have some bad OCD so if I pack too early then I will just keep checking my bag and usually unpack it to repack it, I know, I am crazy…ha-ha. Anyways, again, have tons of fun! Can’t wait to see some pictures.

  16. says

    Last minute but the day before is great..I’d never leave it until hours before. My friend does it every time and it totally freaks me out! Hope the packing is going well!!! Bet you’re SOOOO EXCITED!!! :)

  17. says

    I so know that feeling when there’s nothing in the house to eat because you’re about to go on vacation. That’s a much better breakfast than I can usually pull together on weeks I’m travelling!

    I am so a plan-ahead person. Even if it’s a short trip, I could start packing a week in advance, mostly just so I don’t wear something during the week that I’d want to bring on the trip.

    Have fun in Mexico!

  18. says

    I’m more of a throw it all in kinda gal, but my Hubs is one to literally write a list for every packing trip with the number of undies, socks, shirts, etc. Then he methodically crosses it off.

  19. says

    Gosh I love fro yo, and rainbow sprinkles. Nice choice!

    I ALWAYS plan ahead. I make multiple lists that I can check off. I have a packing list, then a list for the morning to go out the door (essentials- tooth brush, cell phone, charger, camera, passport, etc)

    And a list of things I need to do before I leave

    A list of things I Need to buy.

    WOW I’M A FREAK! lol

  20. says

    I’m definitely a plan-ahead girl. Yay, i’m glad you could talk Jay into froyo- maybe you being pregnant and full of hormones has something to do with it? haha.

    Enjoy your trip! I look forward to the posts you’ve scheduled & giveaways! And Can’t wait to see what you did on your trip when you get back.

  21. says

    Haha, you’re a true froyo lover to still go for it at 15 degrees :D! Not quite as far as I’d go but I’m surprising others with my year-round ice cream obsession, too.

    Packing is the worst part of packing for me. Actually, I might travel more often if it wasn’t for my lack of packing skills – kidding … sort of. I’m getting better the more I travel, though, and packing lists definitely help.

    Enjoy your trip and soak up all the sun you can get :)!

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