Reebok $100 Gift Card Giveaway {CLOSED}

So as you guys know, I’ve been working with the awesome folks at Reebok for a while now, and this month they’ve not only sent me some more amazing items (seriously, I love them), but they’ve also offered up a sweet deal for you too!

First, let’s get to the gear I’ve been loving. And hey, how about another baby bump pic while we’re at it?


The top: PWR Wide Strap Long Bra Tank

The pants: PWR Bootcut Pant

The sneakers: RealFlex Scream 2.0

So where do I begin? Well for starters, how about how psyched I was to see so much purple at my doorstep. Did they really know purple is my favorite color or what?!? Loooove!

The top is a comfortable and long fit, and again, is one I anticipate myself still being able to wear for a while as the bump grows.


The bottoms, however, are probably my favorite apparel item this month. Reebok is well aware of Baby Tooth (I actually found out the Sunday before I visited them in MA back in November and had to let them know so we could scale the WOD for me!) and they’ve done such a great job of accommodating me with items I’ll still be able to wear throughout my pregnancy. The waistband on these bottoms has a nice, low rise, which fits perfectly under the hump.


The length is also perfect for me (which is rare, as they’re usually just slightly too short) and the fabric is so comfortable that I wore them for all of my traveling yesterday!

Last, the shoes. I mean, THESE SHOES.


You guys know that I’ve long been a fan of the RealFlex line from Reebok, but these snazzy purple sneakers may just be my new favorite from them.


I’m pretty sure they speak for themselves. :)

So when I reached out to Reebok this month, asking if they’d be willing to come up with a sweet giveaway for all of my favorite STSL readers, they happily offered up a great one…

One lucky STSL reader will win a $100 gift card to the Reebok store!

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post saying one thing you’d love to buy from the Reebok store with your new gift card.

I’ll choose a random winner on Monday, February 25th. Good luck! :)


  1. Jessie says

    I would love to get a pair of realflex shoes. I’ve been toying with training for a half marathon but my old shoes are broken down!

  2. Breanna says

    Since I’m 20 weeks pregnant today – (half way whoo hoo) – I am in desperate need for some tops that are long enough to cover my bump when I am running or working out. I would definitely buy one or two of the PWR Wide Strap Long Bra Tank because I could use them now but also after my pregnancy is over! Win win! Plus it’s so cute. My other workout tops seem to be inching up while I run which is so annoying! :)

  3. Kristen says

    I would absolutely get those shoes! I have some purple workout shoes, but they are wearing down fast and those are too cute.

  4. Nina says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a new pair of pants and a workout tank! I just quit my job to stay at home with my son so I’ll be pretty much living in workout clothes. I need to add to my wardrobe!

  5. Kate says

    I would love to restock my workout tanks. I have a long torso (the only part of me that can be described as “long”), and finding workout tanks that don’t ride up to my belly button is tough!

  6. Diane says

    I need new shoes for walking. My daughter and I are getting ready for when the snow melts and we can work out outside again!

  7. Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitnesss says

    I would love one of their workout tank tops! They have them in such fun colors and look like they would be great to run in!

  8. Nikki A. says

    Omg ahh I need new workout gear so bad I would get anything and everything! New tops or sports bras or shorts! Eek I’d be I heaven!

  9. Grace says

    Being that we just found out we’re expecting in the fall, I would LOVE the tank! Looks great for summer walks with a growing baby bump :)

  10. Casey H says

    I would love to buy some workout tanks! I have a long torso and hate when my stomach or back is exposed when working out.

  11. Molly S says

    I need a new pair of shoes so bad and I LOVE the ones they sent you! My husband bought me my current pair and I have literally worn them down. I’m such a sentimental person though, so I feel bad moving onto a new pair of shoes… unless I have a Reebok gift card… then it would just make sense!! Purple is my favorite color too, so it looks like Reebok has a lot I could choose from! πŸ˜‰

  12. says

    I would invest in some new workout clothes! Probably a new pair of workout pants and some tops. My clothes are getting old and it’s time to spice things up!

  13. Kristin says

    I would love to buy some sneakers – i recently started doing “insanity” workout and need a good pair of sneakers that i dont slip in. Workout appeal would also be sweet as well.

    your outfit is super cute and looks so comfy!

  14. says

    That tank is stinkin’ adorable! i love the back of it!

    I think I’d get the VibeTech Long Bra Top! I need some new workout tops and that one is so cute!


  15. JENNIFER says

    I have to say that I have never tried REEBOK shoes and I would love to try a pair of their REALFLEX shoes since they look so comfy and very colorful.

  16. Caroline says

    I’d put the gift card towards the Zigtech Run Jacket – I’ve been in the market for a running jacket for all my half marathon training runs outside, and this looks great!

  17. Sarah says

    I’d have to go with either a pair of the realflex shoes or some new workout tanks! Reebok seems to make so many nice long tanks for my long torso :)

  18. Laura H says

    You have such a cute belly!! :)
    I want those kicks, I’m obsessed with bright ones and need more. That shirt is pretty cool, I have a long torso and that looks perfect for me.

  19. Kaitlin says

    I’d love that wide strap long bra tank! I always feel like work out tops aren’t long enough and it seems like this one would fix that. I also love the wide straps… I need all the support I can get!

  20. Courtney says

    I am in college and wear workouts pants constantly! I have 2 pairs that I alternate thoughout the week but Im constantly doing laundry so I would love to win the gift card and buy some more pants!

  21. Vicky says

    I would get the VibeTech Capri and the Yoga Capri.. I only have one pair of workout bottoms that fit right now which is definitely a big laundry issue haha! Could really use some new gear! Those designs look awesome!

  22. Jordyn says

    I just purchased some new Reebok sneakers, so I would love some new workout apparel to go with them! Motivation to keep myself in shape after the wedding. :)

  23. Julie says

    I have to pick just ONE?! Soooo many choices! But…If I must…then I say either the shoes in Pink or those pants!! Love some comfy pants!! :)

  24. Aimee M says

    I love Reebok shoes but I could really use some apparel right now, so I’d get the SimplyTone Fusion Pant and ZigTech Long Run Bra.

  25. Jamie G says

    My running shoes are pretty shot, so I would love to get a new pair of sneakers! Oh, and some cute workout tops wouldn’t hurt either :)

  26. Emily H says

    I’d love to buy a new pair of sneakers with the gift card! My current sneaks are starting to look pretty beat up, and these fun colors would definitely re-motivate my workouts!

  27. Danielle B. says

    I have a sligh obsession with shoes so I would definitely purchase a pair of the Reebok RealFlex Scream 2.0’s….love the solar green color!

  28. Emily says

    I’d get the same top and pants from the Reebok store. I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my second, which means we have equivalent baby bumps! I definitely need some bump friendly workout gear!

  29. Caroline says

    I’m desperately in need of new workout tanks and pants!! I have been using the same clothes for longer than I’d like to admit. It’d be awesome to get some brighter colors and new stuff in my workout wardrobe!!

  30. Brittany cook says

    New sneaks! Loved my zig techs but wore them out. In first pregnancy a yr ago. Now 26 wks with my 2nd and starting to wear out the replacements. Love purple gear as well!

  31. Emily T. says

    I’d either get that purple tank top or a pair of shoes (real flex or nanos).

    Who am I kidding? I would have such a hard time deciding- I just want all the things! πŸ˜‰

  32. says

    I would love the top that you are wearing in the picture! I saw it on another blogger and loved it so much that I went to the Reebok site to get one but the price tag stopped me. Winning the gift card would be awesome since Reebok seems to be doing such cool stuff with fitness apparel now!

  33. Raimie says

    I loooove love the “strength is beautiful” tank- besides looking comfy, the message just makes me smile! I’d definitely benefit from some new realflex sneaks so I stop using my running shoes for cross-training!

    ps- baby bump is looking adorable!

  34. Laura says

    first off – adorable baby bump photo! second, how generous! I really love their realflex shoes (with the zig zags on the bottomw) so would love to get a pair in a bright color :)

  35. says

    Adorable bump, girl! I am finally getting into organized races, and I have two coming up–one in May, and one in June. I’d love to buy some great moisture-wicking tops for the hot Baltimore summers!

  36. Rachel L says

    I desperately need some new running shoes!! I know how important it is to switch running shoes out frequently but I always wait too long because I’m too stubborn to spend the money!

  37. Lindsay says

    i mean … i kind of love your sneaks as they are (williams college colors!) but i could really use a pair of those bootcut pants.

  38. Juliene says

    That outfit is too cute, love the sneakers. I think I would love to try their A line tank for women, I am also pregnant and I think that it would stretch over the bump!

  39. Julia says

    I don’t have any Reebok gear and I would definitely love to try some out! I think I would choose a long tank top and some black pants.

  40. Jessica says

    I would definitely love some of those workout pants! I too have a growing baby bump so they would be great to have right now!

  41. Bre says

    I came across one of Reebok’s CrossFit tank tops yesterday that says “Strength is Beautiful.” I am absolutely in love with it and would be so excited to add it to my wardrobe!

  42. Jenna says

    I would definitely get the women’s RealFlex seamless capri in black or the women’s shapewear double layer tee in purple.

  43. says

    OMG this would be perfect timing if I won! I am in desperate need of some new workout clothes, especially shorts so I would definitely pick the Reebok CrossFit Las Cruces!!

  44. Nicole says

    That whole outfit!!!!! But if I had to choose, the sneakers… AWESOME and I’ve heard such great things about those sneakers too!

  45. Kelsey says

    I was an avid nike shoe wearer and since buying my first pair of Reebok RealFlex, I am hooked – no comparison!! The purple pair would be an awesome addition!

  46. Shannon says

    I would buy some new sneakers! I’m definitely in need of some new ones, as my current ones are pretty beat up :) Thanks, Courtney!

  47. Danielle says

    I am in desperate need of some new running shoes. I would love to try the Real Flex Transitions in Bright Pink and Yellow!

  48. says

    I’ve got to say that I’m NOT a fan of their website!! It’s incredibly un-user friendly. There is just way too much going on, and it’s really hard to figure out where to click to just shop for apparel/shoes, I keep getting Crossfit videos and tips. Maybe you can pass that along to them!

    Since I kind of gave up browsing because it was so hard to do so, I think I’d have to go with some of their Crossfit specific gear, because I just started going to Crossfit regularly.

  49. says

    I would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to buy a new pair of tennis shoes. I already have a pair of their RealFlex and would love another pair in a different color! :) :) :)

  50. Rachel says

    I am in desperate need of new workout clothes, so I would love to use this toward some new yoga pants and tank tops for spring!

  51. Annie says

    I’m loving all the Reebok gear. I’d love to get some pants… I need some new running pants for my half marathon training!

  52. Kendall says

    I would love to get the new RealFlex Scream 2.0! I have heard great things about them, and really need a new pair of cute workout shoes anyways! :)

  53. Kristin says

    I’d for sure get that exact tank you’re wearing. Love long workout tanks. Or the shoes OMG those shoes are awesome.

  54. Kaelin says

    I am desperately needing to replace my realflex shoes and would love to have a new pair of those screams!!! Soooooo awesome!

  55. Morgan says

    Wow awesome giveaway, thanks Reebok! Love the sneaks, I would order them in the purple/gray/silver/white color combo. Totally could use some new running shoes for the upcoming warm weather πŸ˜‰

  56. says

    Oh look at your adorable little bump!! I think, being 32 weeks preggo myself, I would actually LOVE to get some new shoes so when I start training after the baby, I have some new shoes to motivate me out the door :)

  57. Melissa says

    I would definitely get the PWR Wide Strap Long Bra Tank! I’m constantly on the hunt for cute workout tops that are long enough for me and also have support.

  58. Shelby says

    My boyfriend just started doing Crossfit and has been complaining about the sneakers he wears to class. His birthday is coming up in March and I would LOVE to get him a pair of the Crossfit Nano shoes to make his workout even better!

  59. Alycia says

    Purple is my favorite color too, which means I loooooove those shoes! Reebok is such a great company with so many awesome products. If I won the gc, I’d probably pick up a few cute outfits. Cuter clothes definitely give me more motivation to put them on and work out!

  60. says

    One you are SUPER cute and I totally hope I look like you when I’m pregnant! haha.

    And where do I begin with what I would get from Reebok!! I would really love some new work out clothes and I love their Fitness Capri’s. I also love a lot of their work out tanks, they look comfy yet form fitting which is what I love! I love the ones with the built in top support.

  61. Nicole says

    I would love to win anyone of the sleeveless tops….like the Sport Essential Long Bra Top. They look comfy and perfect for my long runs!

  62. Julie says

    This is such an amazing giveaway!
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a new pair of sneakers (esp. those purple ones..) and some new tanks etc.

  63. says

    That’s awesome! I love the shoes! Is probably go with a quarter zip sweatshirt or a long sleeve running shirt for my half marathon next month!

  64. Kalynn says

    I am is serious need of some new shoes to wear to Body Pump and other classes at the gym! I love the purple and design on the ones you have. So cute!

  65. Wendy Bair says

    If I got the $100 gift card my purchase would be the new Realflex Scream shoes. I think they sound perfect. I am a big fan of their walking and running shoes and I have been doing 5ks on the weekend and could use a more lightweight shoe to increase my speed time, a lighter weight shoe I think would help me put a little more spring in my step to cut down on my time!!!

  66. Jessica Z says

    If I had a Reebok giftcard one thing I would buy would be the Dance Wrap Capri to replace a pair I snagged on my pull up bar!

  67. Amber A says

    I would absolutely 100% buy a new pair of sneakers. Right now, I’m still rockin’ a pair of Nike shocks from like two years ago! It’s absolutely time for a new pair!!

  68. jamie says

    I’ve been really wanting to try out the RealFlex shoes myself after reading so many good things about them! That’s what I’d buy although you make the pants sound really appealing too since usually they are short on me too!

  69. says

    Just one item? Hard to decide- I need new sneakers for the gym and I’d love to find a comfortable top- I’m a large-chested lady and it’s difficult to find something that works well for me!

  70. Taran VB says

    Absolutely freakin love those shoes! The entire outfit is awesome! Reebok is always a winner in my book. While being almost 19wks pregnant myself I could also use that long tank top to keep the belly covered while exercising!!! Great giveaway!!! Thanks Reebok!

  71. Lisa C says

    I would get a workout top, and that long bra top you have is pretty cute, so maybe that! I love new workout tops, I could wear the same bottoms every day but love variety in my tops!

  72. says

    Those shoes are adorable! I am in desperate need for new workout pants that don’t fall off and some new cross training shoes. The shoes I am using right now for cross training have blown-out heels and no support :(

  73. Jocelyn says

    My second baby is due in less than 6 weeks and I am in desperate need of all new workout clothes, tops, bottoms, shoes, and layering options.

  74. says

    Oh gosh, I would SO stock up on the long tanks! I am 6′ tall and have such problems finding tanks that are long enough without being too wide…those look awesome!!

  75. Kim says

    I would totally buy some of the longer racerback tanks to cover up the baby bump.. my normal tanks are starting to creepily ride up over it!

  76. Emma Knighten says

    I would love some of the shoes from the RealFlex line. I love the funky colors and I think they’d provide good support!

  77. keri says

    I bought my first pair of reebox after seeing how much you loved yours and i think its about time for a new pair, love the purple!

  78. Lindsay D says

    I am absolutely in love with their RealFlex shoes!! I would love to try out some of their tops and bottoms. I always have a difficult time finding workout pants long enough so its nice to know the ones they sent you were long.

  79. Zoe says

    I’m currently training for a half marathon and in dire need of some new runners! Especially, the ZigQuick Fire shoes… so funky and cute!

  80. Jenna says

    Pants/shorts as my current ones are getting too big. Its a good problem but none the less, it is time to start replacing.

  81. TessaJ says

    I would love grab some new, quality workout clothes! While I am rejoicing in my weight loss, I am tired of holding up my workout pants with hair ties!

  82. Mindy says

    I already have a gray and lime green Reebox pair of sneakers and love them!! Would love to get a nice work out outfit to match!!

  83. Katie Brehmer says

    LOVEEEEE the shoes!!! but since I just got a couple of new running shoes I would have to say the tanks and the pants! Love the Reebok logo placing on both of them.

  84. Breanna says

    Ooo I love your Giveaways! I have been eyeing the Zigtech Run jacket on their website, I need a better running jacket that keeps me warm in our too cold winters!

  85. Kaitlin says

    I love the purple top you’re wearing in the picture; I’d totally order that. A girl can never have too many workout tops, right?! Love Reebok!

  86. Jessie says

    I’d love to get that tank top you are wearing! I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant and having trouble finding comfortable workout clothes. It looks like it would also be fantastic for post baby.

  87. LC says

    I have been on a quest for the perfect bootcut pants – functional for running and lifting but cute enough for travel and vegging out. Seems like the PWR Bootcut are the perfect combo!

  88. Shelbi says

    So cute, I love you outfit and baby bump! I just found your blog recently when I was looking at different reviews of the NASM PT certification. Your story was really inspiring! I am currently in college (senior year!) and thinking about changing things up a little! At the rec center here on campus I am currently enrolled in two workout programs (5k Training and Bootcamp). With doing these two together my shoes are really getting a workout themselves! If I were to win the gift card I would want to buy a pair of RealFlex Transition! I love the bright colors!

  89. Wendy Ford says

    I have been wanting a pair of shoes from the Real Flex line for a while now…so that is definately what I would choose!!!!!

  90. allison says

    I would love, love, love a fabulous pair of flashy shoes (and some extra long tops…humph). I am absolutely in love with Reebok’s bright colour sneeks.

  91. says

    First, those shoes are super cute – LOVE! I’d get the Strength Track Jacket in black or white. I need a new jacket for when I run in the morning, but I feel like this one is versatile enough to wear casually at other times too. Plus, I love the words printed on it – motivating :)

  92. Cassandra P says

    I am almost 8 months pregnant with twins and I cant wait to get back into a gym routine ( upon doctors orders of course) once my twins are born. I think the Reebok RealFlex would be my first purchase. I would love to have some new shoes to wear to the gym that can help me get back into cross training. Some new tanks would be great to accommodate my post baby body.

  93. Beth says

    I would love a new pair if shoes for crossing training. Right now, I only have running shoes so it would be great to try a new shoe from Reebok!

  94. Chrsitine says

    SHOES!!! running shoes tend to be costly and I feel like I go through a pair in no time. I want to save my knees so I don’t mind shelling out for them but $100 would be nice… πŸ˜€

  95. Natalie says

    I love those shoesss!!! I’m dying to get a new pair of work out shoes since mine have about 100 miles of running too many on them!

  96. crystal d. says

    I am due in 3 weeks with my little man and I am excited to work out again once I get the all clear from the doctor! I would love some new workout pants to wear while my little man and I are on our walks or I am working out in the living room! Love your baby bump!!

  97. Allie S. says

    I’m a college student in MAJOR need of some new kicks! The reebok realflex look awesome and i’d love to get a pair!!

  98. Katelyn says

    Ooooh, what a tough choice! I love their bright color shoes! So fun! But I need a new sports bra like nobody’s business. I’d definitely have fun spending that $100! :)

  99. Rachel says

    I would love those sneakers! I also love the color purple too because it is the Team in Training color. Thanks for the offer!

  100. Gabrielle says

    I would love to try the Real Flex Transitions! Such a tough choice but I can really put that $100 to good use. ps cutest baby bump!

  101. Emily says

    I want that top you have on! I love how long it is! I’m 6’0 and haaaaate when workout tops are too short or ride up.
    P.S. Your baby bump is absolutely adorable!

  102. Stacy B says

    I would LOVE to win this! I need a lot of things for fitness….but a new pair of shoes motivates me more than anything and with all the snow outside, I NEED motivation :)

  103. Erin H says

    I am in love with that tank – purple is my favorite color! Those shoes are amazing, too!

    ps, cuuuuuuuuute baby bump!!!

  104. Maddie says

    OOh! Love those shoes and the tank is a great color for you! I’m in desperate need of shoes so I would use the $100 gift card towards the Fitnisrush in cosmic berry/white.

  105. Karleen says

    I NEED a new pair of running shoes. The current ones I have now are actually Reebok that I love but I forgot was style they are. I LOVE the Reebok Realflex Transitions and would for sure get an obscene bright color if I won a pair:)))

  106. says

    After seeing several fitness bloggers blog about Reebok, I would love to try a pair of shoes. I could totally use some new workout shoes (I am two weeks behind you in my pregnancy and NEED to get my pregnant butt in gear!!)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  107. says

    New to your blog! First of all, congrats on your pregnancy! I’ve had 3 kids so far and I have never looked that good.

    I’ve recently started to shed the post pregnancy weight and am thrilled with my results so far. I love checking your blog for amazing workout tips and healthy eating habits.

    That being said, I would love to purchase some new workout tops should I be the lucky winner!

  108. says

    I would definitely buy those shoes in a heartbeat! I love my Reebok ReeZig shoes and I know they makes great shoes so I would love to try the RealFlex! Plus I absolutely love the bright colors!! And who could pass up shoes!? :)

  109. Kayla says

    I would love to buy actual workout clothes! With as much as I run and work out, I always go the cheap route to save money. But it really makes a difference!

  110. Margaret says

    I would LOVE a pair of the shoes! I have been looking for a good pair for cross training but haven’t been able to find anything I like yet, those look like they could be perfect!

  111. Melissa says

    I would love to purchase some new workout tops like the one you have in the photos! I have more workout gear than I care to admit, but I just can’t get enough!!! I love workout clothes :-)

  112. Haley says

    those shoes are awesome! I’ve been looking for some new workout sneakers so hopefully I’ll be getting some reebok ones!

  113. Katie says

    I’m in desperate need of some new gear! I’ve been cycling through TWO pairs of workout pants and TWO sports bras! It’s getting ridiculous. And, since I just started Crossfit (last week!) things get a lot funkier a lot faster than I’m used to!

  114. Lisa says

    I am in need of some new running pants and a jacket. I have a 5k coming up and it will be cold without them! However, your shoes are amazing. And can’t we always use a new pair of shoes! :)

  115. Stephanie says

    After seeing your new RealFlex Scream 2.0 sneakers in that awesome purple color, I would definitely have to get some matching ones!

  116. Claire T. says

    I would love to buy the ZigTech Run Jacket! I am always cold during the beginning of my workouts and would love something as awesome as this jacket to wear!

  117. hayley says

    i’d def get a new pair of shoes, i’ve been in the market for a new good pair for a while now! hope you’re having an amazing time in mexicoooooo!! πŸ˜€

  118. Lindsay says

    Like you, Im preggo too, with a very similar due date :) I am constantly searching for exercise wear that will accomodate the expanding waistline. The cotton double layer tank looks perfect!

  119. Lynn says

    New sneakers would be great, but I am having a difficult time finding workout clothes are comfortable and cover my baby bump so that would be a top priority!

  120. says

    I have been DYING for a new pair of sneakers, but just haven’t been able to support the need to buy new ones since my old sneakers aren’t that bad (yet). I’d definitely snatch up a pair of the RealFlex Scream sneaks! Love the lightweight aspect with the support for running/cardio. Plus, the colors are FANTASTIC!

    Thanks for this offer :-)

  121. Lauren says

    I would love those purple sneakers! I have the hot pink and yellow real flex transitions now but I’ve used them so much I think I need to replace them!

  122. says

    I am in DESPERATE need for new work out gear and have been LOVING the flex shoes lately so much!!!! However as an LSU fan I think I am going to have to get those purple and gold shoes I love love love them! :)

  123. Katrina says

    I’d love to try out those shoes! I’ve been wanting a minimalist type of shoe and I absolutely love the color of the ones you are wearing!!!

  124. Rachael H. says

    I LOVE the women’s TrainFlex DC in grey/solar green/coral contrast. SO cute!
    thanks for the chance!

    rlahardison at gmail dot com

  125. says

    I’ve been on the hunt for some new tennis shoes, the ones you are wearing are so adorable!!! I love them!!! That is probably what I would have to buy, those exact pair! ha

    P.S. you are the cutest pregnant lady!

  126. adina says

    All of the RealFlex shoes on the website look so comfortable and great for working out! I would also love some new workout capris.

  127. Alyssa says

    With spring right around the corner, I have been shopping around for new running shoes! I would love to get a pair from the Real Flex line.

  128. Amber says

    I would love some of the super cute tennis shoes that you are always raving about!! I’m in the market for some new shoes and I am sure I could find something else fun I had to have!!

  129. Ashley says

    I’m in serious need of some new sneakers, & after seeing the ones you have I might want those lol. But I would definitely use it for sneakers.

  130. Becky Henderson says

    I would love a new pair of running shoes! I am going to have my baby in April so I would love some new kicks to be able to exercise in when I get out and about with him in the summer!

  131. Courtney says

    Those shoes for sure!! Amazing. Also looking for anti-ride/anti-shine capris..sounds like the real flex fitted capris would work!

  132. Karen says

    Hi Courtney! Hope you are having a great time in Mexico!! I just LOVE the sneekers, purple and yellow together are my FAVORITE color combo!!

  133. Kristen says

    RealFlex Transition shoes for sure!!! I have tons of workout gear, but can’t ever seem to find a shoe that I love! If you love it, I’m sure I will too…

  134. Destiny Ervin says

    I saw those sneakers in a magazine and loved them! They are so cute on you! I would love to get a pair of those for sure! I just started working in a gym so a nice pair of reebox shoes would be wonderful!

  135. Ashley says

    1st I love your belly!! And I can’t wait to find out what the new addition is going to be:-). 2nd I would love the zig nano fly II.

  136. Nancy A. says

    I need new shoes so bad!! Would love the ones you have on in the picture! Mine are shot and funds very limited right now!!

  137. Jessica says

    I want that purple top! I love the longer length of it. Love the pants and shoes, too. Thanks for an awesome give-away!

  138. Jane says

    Some new running shoes! I just purchased some Brooks Pure Flows, but they just don’t provide enough support of me. Would love to try out a pair of Reeboks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. Emily says

    I’d love to buy a long tank top like your purple one! I love long tanks–nothing worse than a short one that rides up during a workout!

  140. says

    I would buy the shoes your wearing! I have some SERIOUS weight I am in the process of losing right now (58lbs down, 67lbs to go!) and I can’t afford a new pair of sneakers. I am almost embarrased to tell you how long I’ve been wearing/working out in these shoes…..2yrs!!! My hubby got laid off so our priority right now has been to pay the bills and make sure our son is taken care of 110%!! This would be an amazing opportunity for me to win this gift card!

    Hope your Mexico trip is relaxing and wonderful! I’m jealous!! (in a good way of course)