Craving Cornbread

Okay. Last night’s dinner was soooooooo good.


Plus, I always love an excuse to break out my favorite soup and sandwich dishes (which can be found HERE!).

I was looking through my recipe binder on Monday and rediscovered the recipe I had printed out for Skinnytaste’s Pasta Fagioli. I printed that thing out forever ago, yet I still hadn’t tried it so I decided to put it on the menu for the week. (I say that lightly, as we still really don’t plan “menus.”)

I followed the recipe exactly, which also calls for pureeing the beans that go into the soup. This, my friends, is really the only way I was able to convince Jay to eat it, since he’s really not a huge fan of them. Once the soup was cooked, I topped each of our bowls with some fresh Parmesan cheese, which is exactly how my favorite takeout spot does it.


The soup was AMAZING. I love it so much that I have it with me again for lunch today…along with a leftover piece of my favorite cornbread recipe which I also cooked up last night. As if you couldn’t already tell, I got a little impatient on waiting for it to cool, hence the extremely crumbly (but oh-so-delicious) mess on my plate. 😉


Now I know that cornbread and pasta fagioli may be somewhat of an odd combo, but a) I didn’t have any shredded cheese to make my Cheesy Italian Quick Bread, and b) I had a STRONG craving for cornbread on Monday and had been thinking about it ever since. In my book, the two went together perrrrfectly.


This morning, I was up and at ’em nice and early in an attempt to get back into somewhat of a workout routine. I wound up completing 40 minutes of walking intervals with lots of inclines, varying speeds between 3.5 – 5.0 mph (yes, I can walk at 5.0…I’m an animal). 😉

I actually had someone comment on my Instagram photo, saying how surprised she was about the number of calories that I burned for that workout. But, as you may remember, it’s never good to pay attention to the calorie counts on treadmills, as they are notorious for being wayyyyy too generous.


So I’m loving the fact that today is already Wednesday! Here’s to hoping that the rest of the week continues to go by just as quickly.

Question for the Morning:

What are some of your favorite recipes that you’ve found from blogs? Feel free to link up! I’m always looking for new ones to try. 😉


  1. says

    I have SUCH a weakness for cornbread. I LOVE IT! I make a couple “healthy” versions at home, but there’s nothing better than getting it from a restaurant where it’s been baked in a skillet and served with lots of butter. :)
    Hmmm… favorite blog recipes? I think the one that I’ve made the most over and over again is from Pickles & Honey: Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie. It’s always a crowd pleaser too (and would go good with a side of cornbread!)

  2. Danielle says

    How funny! I just received those soup and sandwich dishes alst night in the mail! My mother ordered them for me for my bday! I think our families share the same love for QVC :) This soup seems like the perfect opportunity to break them out!

  3. says

    My favorite recipes come from your blog! LOL I have tried so many of your holiday cookies, and loved them all. I am a huge fan of your quick bread and have made it numerous times! It never looks as nice as yours, but it still tastes good! I always try to steer people away from calorie counts on treadmills and any machine for that matter! After wearing a heart rate monitor, they are definitely way too generous! However, walking at a 5.0 is so tough! I have tried it, and usually resort to jogging my way through! Good job :)

  4. says

    Ahh I just recently discovered that I like cornbread and it is so good! Your recipes always look absolutely amazing. Most of the ones I use come from pinterest, which is obviously coming from random blogs :)

  5. says

    I am in love with Skinnytaste! I’ve only found her recently, but I’ve already made several things from her site and they are all delicious! I just made her Crock Pot Taco Chili last night. It’s the third or fourth time I’ve made it, and it’s become a favorite in our house!

  6. says

    Mmm cornbread! Glad you got your craving satisfied! I find all sorts of random recipes on blogs… If I’m looking for a dessert/cookie/cupcake recipe, I find myself HERE more often than not. 😉 If I’m looking for a dinner recipe, I usually turn to Kath Eats, Daily Garnish, or Clean Eating Chelsey along with a few others too.

  7. says

    That soup looks SO delicious, and the addition of cornbread is an absolute must! I would totally be all over that dinner! 😉

    I never take to heart the “calorie count” on the treadmill. In fact, I usually cut it in half because I assume it is waaaayyy too high!

  8. says

    your soup plate is adorable! the polka dots make it. and the soup looks amazing…minus the beans. thats a nightmare in my belly. ha
    im coming to your place for dinner 😉

    and your baby belly is freakin cute!!!! you look incredible.

  9. says

    I was also going to comment on the how many calories it said you burned! I read just yesterday that that number is usually around 20% higher than the actual amount burned. Wow!
    Annnnd I dont think that is an odd combo! I think it sounds delicious :-)

  10. says

    Wow! I just realized that I haven’t had cornbread in so long!! But i defiantly remember the taste, and man did it taste good!! Haha I love looking at the calorie count on the treadmill, just out of curiosity, 4 miles and i burned 600 calories?? Yeah right lol.

  11. Courtney says

    Yummy! When I was pregnant w/my son I craved cornbread all the time. The 1st time I made it, I ate the whole pan practically myself. In one sitting lol. I’m really beginning to wonder if food cravings during preg. have anything to do w/gender. With my son I craved carbs-cereals, pastas, breads. With my current pregnancy it’s chocolate & anything sweet/sour. Thank goodness jelly beans are out in full force! I’ve had a wicked sweet tooth this time around. I find out the gender March 7th so we’ll see if a sweet tooth means a girl!

  12. says

    I love SkinnyTaste too! My favorite is her taco lettuce wraps, so good! It’s crazy how much the calories count is off on treadmills. Sometimes I use different treadmills at my gym and one of them says I burned a whole 100 calories more doing the exact same workout.

  13. says

    I am most certainly an omnivore but I always turn to Happy Herbivore’s soy-free vegan mac & cheese when I’m in the mood for some guiltless comfort food. I must warn that my husband is on the fence about it but I can’t get enough.

    I’ve also made EatLiveRun’s flourless chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and it tasted like an oreo on steroids (which is a very good thing).

    I’ve never heard of SkinnyTaste before and can’t wait to check out her recipes!

  14. erin says

    You must have some long legs girl-I’m @ a slow jog @ 5! So funny you talked about that soup-I made some a while back and froze a batch. I just came up from the freezer and took out the soup before I checked your blog. I love this soup-I have made it several times. So good-sometimes I add some hot sauce before I eat it to spice it up.

  15. Julia says

    I love your cheesy Italian quick bread! I made it the other day and my husband couldn’t stop eating it. So we gave the rest to my in-laws and now they want the recipe. That stuff is seriously awesome! The cornbread looks good too. I may have to try it next.

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