Cody’s Prediction on Baby Tooth

Jay and I had some fun last night with the Codester.


Don’t get me wrong…we always have fun with our favorite, wacky fur ball. I mean, just look at that face. 😉


But as we were playing with some of his fetch toys, I realized that he had (among many others) a blue one and a red one out…so I thought, “Heyyyyy, how about we see if Cody can predict if Baby Tooth is a boy or a girl?!”

So I took a quick little video to see how things would go and as it turns out, it appears that Cody is quite confident in his decision.

Forgive me for the terrible, shaky video. I’m definitely not a videographer. 😉

Obviously, Cody’s prediction is about as reliable as the groundhog is at predicting spring, but I must say that if I HAD to choose, I’m going to have to agree with him. I don’t know why, but I guess that’s just the way I’m leaning. Not much longer until we find out though!


Last Night’s Dinner

Totally random, totally delicious, and totally large. What can I say? I wanted a little bit of everything.


Included in this large meal was a tiny piece of chicken (literally, about three bites), 1/4 of an avocado, a baked sweet potato with plain CHO, a piece of cornbread,


and a small bowl of pasta fagioli.


Everything really hit the spot, despite the fact that I was all over the place.

A couple of hours later I still needed something sweet so I snacked on a jello pudding cup.


Impulse buy from the other day, and so worth it.

I also managed to get all caught up on my episodes of The Bachelor that were DVR’d last night, and all I’ll say is WOAH! Although I did see it coming towards the end of the episode, I’m still surprised?! I thought for sure she’d be down to the final two (I’m not saying who since I know two of my besties haven’t watched it yet).

Question for the Morning:

Do you ever pay attention to and/or have fun with prediction quizzes or things like that?

I certainly think they’re fun (I think I’ve taken about 5 different gender prediction quizzes) but I don’t rely on them for credible answers. :)


  1. says

    I think a girl! I just have felt that, but who knows! Either way girl or boy, you will have a beautiful and healthy baby!

    Cody is so cute, haha! My sons pap has a cat that looks just like Cody, his name is peanut! 😉

  2. Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life says

    I can’t see the video either! :( I love me some pasta fagioli. It’s been way too long since I’ve had some.

  3. Karen says

    I can’t see the video either…:( Our cats (2 of them) slept in the nursery almost every night before Keely arrived and they are just starting to get use to her. Cohen is a cat that should probably be on anxiety pills (ha-ha) so he isn’t that friendly with anyone but me and Summer takes a beating from Keely but K is learning that we have to be nice to the kitties or they won’t be our friends.
    Can’t wait to see what you are having as I have a feeling it’s a little football player…ha-ha!

  4. says

    Bummer, the video doesn’t seem to be working! Regardless, the photos of Cody are too cute! I did a few fun prediction quizzes online before we found out we were having a boy. I didn’t take them seriously, but it was still fun. Most of them were right though!

  5. Runner Girl Eats says

    Aw I can’t get the video to play but I think it’d be very cool if Cody’s prediction was right! I like taking silly prediction quizzes for a laugh but don’t actually rely on them.

  6. says

    I’m not one to believe in predictions that much, but it’s still fun to do!
    As far as quizzes, the only one I really get into is the Briggs-meyer personality test. That one is just so accurate, and I end up learning a lot about the person through that test.

  7. Krystan says

    Cody is so cute :) We (or should I say mostly I) did a lot of the quizzes for fun…most of which were hard cuz it was too early in the pregnancy to answer some of the questions. The one I like the best is the Chinese calendar prediction for gender. I did it for people I knew that already had babies to see how accurate it would be (50-50 imagine that, lol), but it was right for me! We found out we are having a boy…if you haven’t tried it yet, google it. It’s fun :) My husband liked the “girls steal their mother’s beauty” wise tale…based on that I would say you are having a boy!

  8. says

    Cody might just be on to something – animals have a pretty good instinct for these things… I mean, Ozzy the bear predicted the Superbowl winner two years in a row, and you can’t argue with that kind of logic 😉 In all honesty, though, games like this are always fun, regardless of whether or not they’re accurate. Excited to hear what the real outcome will be though!

  9. says

    Oh man, my Dad ( who is 77…yup) SWEARS BY the horoscopes. It’s so funny, he’s like the most straightforward guy ever but reads his and mine and my siblings horoscopes every day religiously. One time I was having a heart to heart with him, and he goes, “Cass, look, you gotta read this, it’s all there, exactly.” And hands me that days astrology listings. Then he goes, “You know, I believe in the stars.” It was like the cutest, sweetest, and kind of funniest thing ever. :) Love my Dad and his funny quirks.

  10. Taylor says

    For both my children, all the gender prediction tests were wrong (I didn’t try a cat, haha). I hope you have a boy! I am pregnant with my second boy and they are a lot of fun.

  11. RochelleT says

    Courtney, I don’t know the accuracy rate of this, but I went back and looked at the u/s from both of my pregnancies, and this was accurate for me. If you look at your first u/s (usually around 6 weeks), look at the placenta. If it is on the right side, it’s a boy. If the placenta is on the left, it’s a girl.

  12. Sarah says

    Although I love Cody’s hunch, do you know cats (and dogs) are a little color blind? Apparently they see blues, purples and greys more clearly and reds / oranges are a little off their radar… Just a little trivia there, to throw in the mix! 😉

  13. april says

    aww, the cody video is really cute! i wonder if his prediction is correct. maybe you can somehow incorporate cody into the gender reveal, like tie a blue or pink ribbon around his collar. :)

  14. Nicole says

    The Chinese predictor quiz and Dr. Ramzi’s theory was right! You should check it out! I thought mine was a boy the whole time, but I am having a daughter! So excited! Pink things are so much cuter :)

  15. kelsey says

    I might go back to my original prediction. I truly didn’t get a definitive prediction when I saw you. Btw Codester is the CUTEST!! I want to hug him!

  16. says

    I stumbled upon your blog last week and love it! And I love that the cat thinks it’s a boy! I’m also pregnant – 26 weeks – and having a girl. With your sweet tooth (even though it was that way before you got preg, as was mine) I’d bet you’re having a girl! Can’t wait to hear :)

  17. Heather @fitncookies says

    This is adorable! I am a cat lover so this was awesome! I think it’s going to be a girl, but maybe Cody will be right! That pudding cup looks delicious! Might need to get one!

  18. Lynn says

    Now that I’m having a boy (super soon), I want everyone to have a little man! Hoping your fur baby is right! I highly recommend doing a gender reveal party with your families and finding out at the same time they do. Plus, it’s a good excuse to have a yummy cake 😉

  19. says

    I’m a little bias since I have a girl. :-)

    My friends and I did some prediction thing once with a thread and needle and you swing it over your hand??? lol I don’t know, it was so long ago. But so far her prediction has come true! She had a girl just like it “said”!

  20. says

    While I really liked her, I ultimately didn’t think he’d end up picking her but also thought she’d make it to the final 2. I wonder if she’ll be the next Bachelorette? Or maybe Sarah? They both are super sweet girls with pretty intense stories.

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