Fun Facts Friday

Iiiiiiit’s Fridayyyyy!! I honestly didn’t have any sort of a post planned for today because I haven’t taken all that many photos over the last 24 hours. Yesterday was a long day…I didn’t wind up getting home until about 6pm, and then still wound up working through my phone via emails for another good hour….

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For Two Fitness $50.00 Gift Card Giveaway {CLOSED}


Okay, so some of my workout clothes as of late have been starting to get rather, err, snug. No surprise there though, right?! Thankfully, I still have a handful of my Reebok tops and bottoms that are still accommodating the growing bump, but just recently, I received a brand-spankin’-new outfit from For Two Fitness that I am…

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Keep It To Two


Hello! Hello! Good morning! I’m so super psyched that it’s already Thursday…this week is just flyyyyin’ by! Thankfully, this week has felt a lot less taxing than last week. I’m quickly learning that I can’t spread myself quite as thin as I’m used to; otherwise I wind up completely zonked. I love having something to do…

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Healthy Taco Salads with Creamy Cilantro Lime Dressing


I know, I know. I’ve been talking about this thing for days. It’s about time to fill you in on the goods. So, this taco salad is one that I can absolutely foresee becoming a regular meal in our dinner rotation at home. Not only is it wicked easy to make, but it comes together…

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WIAW: Cheesesteak Me

Man oh man…it wasn’t until after I was finished writing up this post that I realized just how much good food was had yesterday over here. Seriously…there was some GOOD eats. And I love when that happens on a Tuesday, because it gives me the perfect opportunity to participate once again in What I Ate…

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One Quick Moving Monday


Well I don’t know about you, but that was one quick moving Monday! Anyone else with me? My day started nice and early yesterday with…a workout! A decent night of sleep allowed me to get myself up with just enough time to complete one of favorites as of late, my 10-10-10 Strength & Cardio Circuit….

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Baby Tooth: 23 Weeks

23 weeks

Oh my goodness…Jay had me laughing SO hard while we were trying to take this week’s Baby Tooth photos. He was quite the character and kept doing things that would have me laughing mid-photo…there were definitely quite a few outtakes this week. Now tell me you’ve seen a bump update pic like THAT before. And…

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Weekend in a Nutshell


Ahhh…that was a much needed weekend. I know I mentioned it briefly on Saturday, but last week was just a really crazy busy one for me. Not only was work crazy busy, but we had something going on almost every night after work. This amounted to somewhat of a lack of sleep, thus making me…

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My New Favorite Enchiladas


Have I mentioned just how much I love Mexican food these days? Oh, I have? Silly me. 😉 Last night we had our friends Joe & Kate over for dinner (not bbq pulled chicken for a change…although Mexican does seem to be our other favorite) which turned out to be a super fun night, as…

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