There Were Cupcakes

Last night was SO much fun!

As soon as our prenatal appointment was over, we rushed home to get ready for our parents to arrive.


A few fun decorations were hung to go along with the theme of the night, while I took care of finishing up the cupcakes that were ready and waiting to be filled.

Our parents and my brother arrived shortly after, and we all snacked on pizza, wings, and garlic knots (obviously, we were being super health conscious for the evening).


But hey, whatever. It all tasted pretty darn fantastic.


Although after a burger and fries on Sunday, followed by pizza and garlic knots last night, I think it’s about time for me to reel it back in a bit this week. Otherwise, I think Baby Tooth is going to come out craving some fast food. Winking smile


Oh yes, and of course there were cupcakes, too.


And they were filled with a very special color which everyone got to find out all at once last night. It was just so fun to watch their reactions and share that moment with them all, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to do that.

So hey, with all the Baby Tooth talk already in this post, now’s probably a good time to let ya know that the Baby Tooth page was updated this morning!

And now, it’s about time for me to jet. Lots to do today!

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone. Smile


  1. Kelsey says

    Those cupcakes are so cute! I can’t wait to discover if Baby Tooth is a he or a she!

    This is random but when I looked at the first photo, it looks like there is a creepy ghost in the left side of your window! Haha, it is probably just the TV reflection but made me do a double take!

  2. says

    Those garlic knots look good! Let alone the pizza and cupcakes. I think when I’m pregnant I would have a hard time not getting my bub addicted to food like this as during pregnancy I feel like I could justify it :)

  3. Nicole says

    Oh, how fun! Can’t wait to hear the good news :)

    By the way, is it just me, or is there a creepy face in the window in the first pic? I hope its just a TV reflection – yikes!

  4. Nicole says

    So excited! Can’t wait to find out! (Am I the only one who sees a purple face in the window on the left?!?? Maybe just a crazy reflection?)

    • Courtney says

      Haha a few people have noticed that! Jay thinks it’s Marshall from HIMYM which was on the TV 😉

  5. Dawn says

    Hi, I’m new to your blog. Are u a pro baker or just do it for fun? I bake often for kicks and was curious if you sell your baked goods.

    • Courtney says

      I have sold them in the past by word of mouth, but lately I just do them for fun. Either way, I wouldn’t say I’m a “pro” haha :)

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