What Happened?

Well weathermen…what happened to 2-4 inches?!?


This morning, I was greeted with much more snow than we were originally anticipating, and while it is pretty…I’m ready for it to just go awayyyyyyy. It’s certainly not something I’m looking forward to driving in either, so let’s hope that the main roads aren’t as horrible looking as our little back road.

Ahhhh, but hey…it’s Friday! So at least that’s something to look forward to, right? 😉


As I mentioned yesterday, last night Jay and I headed over to Joe & Kate’s house for dinner and boy-oh-boy was it delicious.


Kate prepared an amazing spread of fresh salad, potato salad, and bbq pulled chicken from the crockpot. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like bbq pulled chicken seems to happen at our dinner gatherings ALL the time. Not that I’m complaining…I mean, I LOVE the stuff. :)

Unfortunately, I was in charge of the dessert, which turned out to be a major fail. Well okay, not major…but it certainly wasn’t great. For whatever reason, the red velvet cake batter brownies that I cooked on Wednesday night did not turn out as well as my cake batter blondies usually do, and they were actually a little dry. Then, to top it off, the container of frosting (yeah, I totally cheaped out) was expired (goes to show you how often I use it!) and smelled all funny.


Luckily, Kate improvised and made us a white chocolate drizzle which helped…but it was still not my best showing.

Even their cutie cat, Iris, was skeptical of the goods.


Knowing that the brownies didn’t turn out all that well before leaving the house (hey, I had to taste test!) I also quickly whipped up some homemade caramel apple tartlets before leaving the house…


Okay, I’m totally kidding. They actually came right from my freezer, thanks to that Omaha Steaks order from back in December. They just needed to cook quick for 20 minutes in the oven and they were good to go…and they were actually REALLY good. Definitely a delicious backup. :)


In other random news, just had to share my latest obsession and quite possibly what we’ll call a pregnancy craving…


Fruit snacks. Yes, I am totally loving on these things right now. It came out of nowhere, and now I want them like, everyday. So random?!

I also want to say thanks for the feedback yesterday on the whole haircut thing. I know that I’m not going to do anything drastic, but I may just wind up getting a quick trim and possibly adding in some more layers and/or an angle to the front again. Either way, I’m still keeping it ponytail accessible!

So what’s good for the weekend, friends? Tonight Jay and I may head out to do a little nursery shopping. Tomorrow we’re having a couple of friends over, and Sunday, as of right now, is looking like a chill day. It’s also most likely the day I’ll spill the beans to you all. 😉

Happy Fridayyyy!


  1. Karen says

    I am dying over here waiting to find out about baby tooth, this has been the longest week of my life Courtney :)
    Happy Friday!!

  2. Kim says

    Our weather was the opposite this weekend.. They were calling for 6-10 inches that ended up being less than 2 followed by rain all day.. Im nervous about the dessert! I was planning on making that for a dinner Tuesday night, and I know for a fact that the icing I planned on using is expired. Ill have some funfetti dip as backup so its all good!

  3. says

    Same here! We were supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow and this morning I was woken up by a call from my school saying we were closed. When I looked out the window there were about 10 inches staring back at me. And it’s still snowing!!!
    Katy recently posted..The Many Men of My Life

  4. says

    even if the red velvet cake bars didn’t come out that great, they still look delicious and I bet I’d eat them anyways. I never eat fruit snacks… I think it’s because my mom never let me have them growing up so they’ve never been something I craved. It’s too bad, too because I do love my candy. And snow. Booooo.
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..People say the darndest things

  5. Karen @ Runner Girl Eats says

    I can’t wait for Sunday! I am soooo happy spring is around the corner because I am not loving the cold this year. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend!!

  6. says

    Looks like a lovely weekend for you! (Awww, nursery shopping :D!).
    My weekend? The only thing that’s different is that I’ll be doing a half marathon course preview with my running group (I’ll be a pacer for that half in about a month).

  7. Courtney says

    I don’t know why but I am DYING to know what you are having! I am about 3 weeks behind you in my pregnancy as you are, my name is also Courtney and our husbands look alike so if I were to guess we are probably having the same sex babies! So I can’t wait to find out! :)

  8. says

    At least you guys GOT snow! My family lives in Maryland and everything was basically shut down because they expected so much snow…and they barely got anything! Happy Friday! Can’t WAIT to find out if Baby Tooth is a boy or a girl!

  9. says

    Target makes their Market Pantry fruit snacks and they are the JAM! 60 calories in the wee packs – I keep them stashed in my snack drawer at work and are a great afternoon booster snack!! And I’m also antsy for the reveal!!

  10. says

    I chopped my hair off completely while pregnant with my older daughter…regretted it. Then I did it again shortly after I had my second daughter…regretted it! Hopefully I’ve learned and won’t do anything drastic again. Each time i wanted to cut like 6 inches off but i figured ‘only 4 more and i can donate it’ so I just gave in and did it.

  11. Kim says

    Those Welch’s fruit snacks are so tasty. I purchased a massive bag at halloween to hand out to trick-or-treaters, trust me no trick-or treaters received any.

  12. says

    Damn! That’s not like you to not have a perfect dessert! Thank goodness for back ups 😉 It probably wouldn’t stop me eating the brownies though ha.

    Ps. The automatic fill still isn’t working :S Might just be me though- but it works on other blogs :)

    • Courtney says

      Hmm I don’t know. It seems to be working for others, from what I can tell? Maybe if you try clearing your browser history?

  13. Billie Jean says

    Hey! I’m in Air Force technical school for weather forecast training! It’s not the easiest thing the the world, and blows my mind at how people came up with how to forecast! It’s nothing what I thought it would be like AT ALL. But unlike a civillian job, we have to be 100% right or lives could be lost. Just thought I would share:) And now I’m craving fruit snacks 😛

  14. says

    The headsets don’t fold flat not to mention Philips doesn’t offer a travel pouch from the package, so their own long-term durability may be a concern if you need to regularly stuff them in a travel handbag.

  15. says

    Well at least the weatherman got the snow part right. I swear they probably darts or a ouiji board to get their forecasts. The brownies look great to me, even if the cat was suspicious of them :)

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