April 2013

Reebok Leggings Giveaway {CLOSED}

by Courtney on April 30, 2013


How about a little giveaway action to round out the month of April? Yeah, I thought you guys might be cool with that…especially since it’s courtesy of my friends at Reebok! As per usual, thanks to my partnership with both Reebok and FitFluential, I received some brand-spankin’ new products this past month to test out […]


Where To Go?

by Courtney on April 30, 2013

So here we are…the last day of April already. I feel like I say this same cliche stuff every. single. month., but I really do swear that April absolutely FLEW by. I mean, wasn’t it just March?! Luckily, I have no problems with time flying these days since I kinda have some fun and exciting […]


Baby Tooth: 28 Weeks

by Courtney on April 30, 2013

28 weeks

Aaaaaaand we’re officially in the third trimester!! Seriously. Sooo, so crazy! Baby Tooth is just over 28 weeks today and is about the size of a Chinese cabbage or an eggplant. And there he is from the front. Here’s what Baby Tooth has been up to this week: Baby Tooth weighs 2-1/4 pounds and measures […]


Weekend Dinner Roundup

by Courtney on April 29, 2013

hawaiian pizza

Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing? How was the weekend? We actually had a pretty great one over in our neck of the woods. Nothing too crazy, really…no big plans, no exciting events. Actually that’s semi not true…our friend Andrea gave birth to her second son last week and Jay and I went to visit her in […]


Fun Facts Friday {4/26}

by Courtney on April 26, 2013


1. Today marks the start of my seventh month of pregnancy. Seriously. And over the past three days, I’ve definitely been feeling it. If I had to guess, I’d say Baby Tooth is going through a growth spurt…hello sore back, sore legs, sore groin, and tiredness. 2. Going along with topic #1 up there…on Wednesday, […]


I’m Fancy

by Courtney on April 25, 2013


Awesome, awesome dinner was had in the Horan household last night. And we even had good company to share it with too, thanks to our pals Sarah and Jeff coming over for the evening. As lazy as I feel like I’ve been when it comes to dinners lately, I actually enjoyed taking the effort to […]


WIAW: Lots of Colors

by Courtney on April 24, 2013

I don’t know what it is, but today just seems like it’s going to be a GOOD day. I got a great night’s sleep, a fabulous, 40-minute cardio/strength circuit in this morning, heard some Macklemore on the radio while getting ready for work, the sun is shining, and it’s supposed to be 70 degrees today. […]


Three Photos That Made Me Laugh So Hard I Cried

by Courtney on April 23, 2013

Ohhhhhh my goodness you guys. Last night was a FUNNY night. Even as I sit here typing up this post, almost 12 hours later, I cannot stop laughing. Let me clue you all in… Basically, if you want a rundown of how our evenings at home usually go, they look a little something like this. […]


Baby Tooth: 27 Weeks

by Courtney on April 23, 2013

27 weeks

Okay…didn’t we just write about 26 weeks like, yesterday? Sheesh! Baby Tooth is just over 27 weeks today and is about the size of a head of cauliflower. And just for fun, here’s what I looked like in this same top at about 16 weeks… Talk about a difference, huh? Here’s what Baby Tooth has […]


A Busy Weekend Wrap Up

by Courtney on April 22, 2013


Well hey there, my friends! Happy Monday to you all! Did everyone have a great weekend? Mine was actually suuuuper productive, with a few other fun perks thrown into the mix as well…and I even took some photos along the way too. The one downer to the weekend was that I was solo…well, besides my […]