BlueBuds X Review & Giveaway

I’ve been super eager to tell you guys about these JayBird Bluebuds X headphones for quite some time now.


For the past couple of months, I’ve been sporting these snazzy new headphones with me on my treadmill workouts and while sitting at my desk working (at home – probably wouldn’t work too well at work).

A lot of the time when I do my treadmill workouts at home, they’re first thing in the morning. That being said, I don’t really have the option of blaring the music loud, since hubby is still sleeping right above me. So up until I was introduced to the Bluebuds X, I would typically just use the earbuds that came with my iPhone and would plop the phone on the front of the treadmill.

It worked, BUT…the cord for the earbuds was ALWAYS getting in my way. Granted, I’m really only walking these days, so the arms aren’t flapping around too much. But this also proved to be an issue when I’d do my favorite 10-10-10 treadmill workout. Since that workout has me hopping on and off the treadmill numerous times, it just got to the point where I said screw it…that is, UNTIL I started using the BlueBuds X.


The thing about the BlueBuds X headphones, in addition to some other great features, is that there is NO cord to get in the way. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, all of my music can be transmitted right through the headphones without the messy tangles of cords in the way.


At first, it seemed like it might be a bit difficult to get the headphones set up, but I was honestly surprised at just how easy it was. To get them in sync with my iPhone, all I had to do was turn on Bluetooth (by going to Settings) and then press a button on the headphones to connect.

A light on each of the earbuds flashes to let you know that everything is set up properly and is trying to connect, and within a few seconds, you should have your music up and running!

Another thing that the BlueBuds X emphasizes is that quality sound is derived from a quality, properly fitting earbud…and because of that philosophy, the BlueBuds X headphones come with three different sizes of earbuds to allow you to ensure you’re getting a proper fit.


I wound up giving all three sizes a test run and it turns out that the middle-sized pair was best for me.


I was curious to see how they would stay put in my ears, since I feel like I have the hardest time getting earbuds to stay put, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how snug of a fit they gave, especially considering the fact that they’re a little heavier than the earbuds I had been wearing. I think a big contributor to the snug fit is the additional ear cushions that help keep things secure.

I would stress to anyone using the Bluebuds X headphones to definitely take the time to test out all of the sizes to ensure you have a proper fit. When I tried a few of the others that were too big/small, the quality of the sound and overall experience wasn’t nearly as good as it was when I found the right sizes.

*There’s also TWO different options to wear the earbuds. First, you can wear them in the traditional, under-ear setting, which is designed for listening to music and/or taking phone calls. The other way to ear them is up and over the tops of your ears.

over under bluebuds

This is designed for those who may be playing sports and don’t want the cord hanging down in front of your neck. Instead, the cord fits securely behind the head. For me personally, I liked wearing the earbuds under the ear but with the cord behind my head. But everyone is different, so you’d have to see what works best for you!

Some other features of the headphones:

  • Quality sound using their special SHIFT audio.
  • Secure fit with three different sizes of ear buds and ear cushion.
  • 8 hour battery life.
  • Easy to access buttons to control volume, song selection, etc.
  • Strong signal so no dropping of the sound.
  • Lifetime warranty against sweat.
  • Easy to follow set-up guide.
  • USA Triathalon official training headphones.

BlueBuds X Giveaway

Jaybird has offered to give away one pair of the BlueBuds X headphones to a lucky STSL reader (a value of $169.95!).

To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me one of your biggest pet peeves about headphones.
  2. Follow @JayBirdSport on twitter and tweet about the giveaway: “I want to win a pair of @JayBirdSport BlueBuds X headphones from @SweetToothCourt! – #PowerYourPassion” and leave a separate comment letting me know that you did.

I’ll choose a random winner on Wednesday, April 3rd. Good Luck! Smile

Disclosure: I received the Bluebuds X headphones free for review. Jaybird also provided compensation for my time. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own, real, honest opinions.


  1. Megan says

    I hate when I am doing circuit work and the wire for the headphone gets pulled by my arms…drives me crazy!!

  2. C says

    I’m a dancer, and when I’m stretching during my warmup, I sometimes get my head too far from my iPod and the buds pop out of my ears! So annoying…these earbuds sound great!

  3. Sarah says

    My cord always gets caught under the handle of the arc trainer. If I don’t notice quickly enough, my iPhone ends up flying off the machine and on to the gym floor. It would be awesome to avoid this!

  4. Kristin says

    My biggest pet peeve would have to be getting tangled in them when I’m walking/running. Doesn’t matter how I wear them I always get tangled in them.

  5. hayley says

    my biggest pet peeve is when i’m on the treadmill and have my phone resting on the little water bottle/phone/ipod ledge, and accidentally pull the cord while swinging my arms and then my phone goes flying off the back :/

  6. says

    I have been eyeing these awesome headphones!!! My biggest pet peeve is the cord getting wrapped around the arms of the elliptical and pulling my phone/ipod off, only for it to tumble to the ground at least a couple of times during my work out. Ughh…

  7. Kristin M says

    I hate how the cord always gets in the way on the regular ear buds from my phone on the treadmill! I have knocked my phone off the treadmill too many times to count because my arm got caught up in the cord…not fun!
    What an awesome giveaway!! :)

  8. Becky Henderson says

    My biggest pet peeve is when I catch my arm on them and rip them out of my ear and then try to get it back in while keeping up my stride. I look like a fool! LOL!

  9. Hannah says

    Headphones never seem to stay in my ears! They are always falling out and I’m constantly having to adjust them during my runs.

  10. Danielle B. says

    Biggest pet peeve is definitely the cord! I have to put the cord under my shirt and into my ears to keep from catching it when running….not comfortable at all!

  11. Kristy says

    Mine is the common complaint about the cord getting tangled – what a mess when you are trying to run!

  12. Laura Price says

    The worst is when you start getting sweaty and the stupid iPod headphones just slide right out of your ears and theres no cure for it!

  13. kristina says

    I hate it when headphones pop out of your ears mid run! Another pet peeve is when the cord gets all tangled.

  14. Marion says

    My biggest pet peeve is definitely the cord flopping around while I run! I feel like I always have to wrap it around my tank a million times!! These headphones look like they will solve that problem!

  15. Kellie says

    I have the hardest time finding ones that fit and when they do fit the cord bouncing creates noise that causes me to have to turn up the volume and its so annoying.

  16. says

    Oh my word I would LOVE these!!! My biggest pet peeve is when I’m running and I hit the cord with my hand and it ends up pulling the headphones out of my ears. Then I’m trying to fumble with it to get it back in place while still trying to maintain a good stride and pace! Grrr! I need to pay attention to my surroundings, not headphones!

    I’ve been looking for something wireless! These would be perfect! :-)
    Jenny@The Wellness Journey recently posted..Motivation Monday {Why I’m Over Worrying About Pace}

  17. Erin says

    Ah I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of these for the longest time I just cant get myself to spend the $$. I run with my phone on the treadmill and listen to spotify and more than once I’ve accidentally hit my headphone cord and my phone has fallen off onto the treadmill and shot off behind me. Luckily it hasn’t broken yet but I feel like its only a matter of time.

  18. Susan says

    I have to wear the old school foam headphones because the buds bounce out of my sweaty ears when I run!

  19. haley says

    I hate when the ear buds fall out when I am running and then I am running and trying to get them readjusted- so annoying!!

  20. Darci says

    I would love to win these ear phones! I always have trouble finding the right fit for my ears and then the cord always gets in the way! Cordless would be wonderful!

  21. Lisa says

    My biggest pet peeve with headphones is when they aren’t snug enough and then the sound quality is poor. I can’t run without my music jamming! :)

  22. Barbara says

    I do boxing-kickboxing workouts, so the cord is always getting in way with speed bag and jump rope, these would be cool to try.

  23. HandmadeSuccess says

    Lol….my biggest pet peeve is with the fit….I never can find earphones that fit properly and I end up with sore ears! XO

  24. McKenna says

    My biggest pet peeve about most ear buds is that they fall out when I run, or they just don’t fit my ears. But these look awesome!

  25. Jill says

    My biggest pet peeve is when I try to do a circuit workout with lots of jumping and the cord and my iPod get in my way!

  26. Jill says

    I have soooo many pet peeves with earbuds! They never stay in and they always get caught on my arm or cardio machine and rip right out of my ear! These look amazing!!!!

  27. Shannon says

    I hate when the separated part of the cord winds itself up under my chin and when my headphones repeatedly shock me. Neither is enjoyable!

  28. Vanessa says

    Not only do they ALWAYS fall out, but I somehow manage to snag the cord ever time I’m running, and send my ipod flying to the ground!

  29. Nikki A. says

    Wow I’d be SO thrilled to win these!! I hate when I am running and my arm swing hits the cord of my headphone and then they get yanked out if my ear!! So annoying

  30. Hannah says

    They fall out, and hurt!! How am i supposed to listen to my music while running if they won’t stay in?! these ones looks fabulous though!

  31. Lindsey says

    I am so clumsy. I always end up swiping my cord with hand. My headphones painfully rip out of my ear, my phone hits the floor and unplugs. Then I have to stop, get off the treadmill and reorganize myself. When I get back on I wind up slowing down or being more cautious to keep it from happening again. Ugh, so irritating. Those arm bands they make for the iPhone are so uncomfortable too. These are a great invention.

  32. penny says

    I have knocked the wire from my headphones a few times, yanking my iphone onto the treadmill belt. So far, no broken phone, but I feel like that day is coming.

  33. Christine says

    My biggest pet peeve is when the headphones fall out because I’m sweating too much and then I can’t get them back in!

  34. Tiffany says

    I hate when my arm accidentally hits the cords and my phone goes flying off the treadmill. So embarrassing!

  35. says

    They always fall out! I feel like I need to go old school and get those big felt covered ones with the flemsy metal bar that goes over your head! LOL :)

  36. Jillya says

    I HATE when I hit the cord with my hand. Also, I have teeny tiny ears so finding earbuds to fit me is a serious problem. I would LOVE to try these out!

  37. Kaitlyn says

    Biggest pet peeve? They ALWAYS fall out of my ears! It drives me insane. I feel like I spend more time putting the headphones back in my ears than I do working out.

  38. Tori L says

    Definitely them always getting in the way when I’m not wearing pants with pockets and I have to hold my ipod, but of course they jump all over the place when I do mountain climbers, burpees, etc. These would be great!

  39. Jasmine says

    My biggest pet peeve is that when I jog or run
    My I pod headphones are always falling out .
    So in the end I wind up not listening to music!

  40. Jessica says

    My biggest headphone pet peeves: Finding headphones that don’t sound like I am listening to my music inside a tin can and spending the first few minutes of every workout untangling the cords!

  41. says

    Sometimes I feel like all the wrestling I do with my headphone cord IS my workout. And forget finding places to “stash” the cord during a run. I won’t even tell you-its too embarrassing!

  42. Megan says

    My biggest pet peeve is the cord, I run it up under my shirt to keep it out of the way of my arms but that pulls the earbuds out of my ears depending on what exercise I’m doing. The BlueBuds look awesome

  43. Lauryn D says

    These headphones look awesome! My biggest pet peeve is just the fact that the cord is always in the way! I get annoyed with it hanging down from my ears, tucked into my top and then coming out the side of top connecting to my iPhone! It would be so wonderful to not have a cord!

  44. Shelly says

    I hate the cord dangling in front of me since I run with my iPhone around my waist. I could really use these!

  45. Lindsay says

    I hate how the earbuds fall out when I’m on a run! (Of course I also hate dealing with the cord while running)

  46. Angie Wilding says

    My biggest pet peeve is my cat has chewed up over 7 of our earphones including 3 iphone pairs! These would be great!

  47. Kath says

    OMG my biggest pet peeve is having my iPhone fly off of the tredmill because I hit the cord with my “flapping” arms! I am already down 2 iPods from this happening

  48. Jennifer says

    My biggest pet peeve is just getting the wires caught in my hands and then I yank an ear bud out of my ear. It happens way too often!

  49. Kiley says

    I hate it when I’m running and my headphone cord is bouncing all over the place. Sometimes my arm will snag the cord and pull the earbuds right out of my ears. What a nuisance!

  50. Dana says

    That is my biggest pet peeve – The cord is always getting in the way! No matter if its cardio, lifting weights, walking – Snag, caught, pulled – Its a problem! I would love to try these Jaybird Headphones so much, what a great giveaway!

  51. says

    Aren’t those fancy? Those look awesome! As a runner, I am constantly struggling with my earbuds. I have some that were good when I got them, but time has worn them out and they don’t stay in my ears anymore! I am constantly pushing them back in my ears when I run. So annoying!
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted..Easter/Birthday Weekend

  52. Arwen says

    Burpees with headphones are IMPOSSIBLE. With HIIT routines, I end up just forgoing headphones altogether but then have to listen to myself huff and puff away. These headphones would be PERFECT for my workouts!

  53. Lindsey says

    I cannot seem to find a pair of buds that stay in my ears. They are always falling out even if I don’t knock the cord.

  54. Adina says

    My biggest pet peeve is when the earphone cord gets wrapped around my hand or arm and ends up yanking the buds out of my ears!

  55. Amber says

    My biggest pet peeve is cord is always getting in my way! I can’t tell you how many times my cellphone has been flung off the treadmill! Annoying!

  56. Karen says

    These look great! I hate it when the cord connection to my ipod gets loose, and I have to keep wiggling it to make the sound come out evenly between both ears.

  57. Lindsay says

    I would love to win these! My biggest pet peeve is when my headphone cord ends up all tangled with my necklace!!!

  58. sarah w. says

    my biggest pet peeve is the ear phones failing to work after a few months of sweat sessions. such a pain to keep buying a new pair!

  59. Jordan K says

    I probably have the most common pet peeve….when the earphones just won’t stay put in your ears! So annoying!

  60. sarah w. says

    I tweeted! i hope I win, my hubby has recently gotten into triathlon training and is lusting after these headphones, i told him he has to wait until his Sept birthday. he is supersadface. hope i can surprise him earlier 😉

  61. Alexandra says

    My biggest pet peeve is when I am running and my arms get caught in the cord! Ah can be so frustrating!!

  62. Dania says

    I can’t stand when you pull them out of your bag to use them and they are all tangled and knotted up.

  63. Amanda T says

    I can’t stand the earbuds that come with the iphone/ipods! They stay in my ears relatively well, but they make my ears sore! I haven’t found a brand that works for me…yet!

  64. Amy H. says

    I hate how the earbuds won’t stay in my ears while running. I think this design would fix that problem. 😉

  65. Isis says

    My current headphone cord always gets tangled and eventually makes my earbuds fall out! I have always wanted to try wireless headphones! What a great giveaway!

  66. Michelle H says

    My biggest pet peeve is definitely when I send my phone flying across the gym because I hooked my hand on the cord of my headphones.

  67. Taran VB says

    The cord always seems to get pulled or tugged out by one of my arms when I’m running or walking. Such a pain! These look fabulous tho!

  68. Heather says

    My headphones only ever last a few months before something goes haywire! This time it was the wire coming out of the part you plug into your phone. Would love to give these a try!

  69. Sarah says

    My ears are picky about ear phones. They have to be the right size or they just won’t work they fall right out. I also hate when I get caught in the cord and pull one out of my ear especially mid run or workout.

  70. Carrie says

    I definitely get annoyed with the cord on headphones when I’m doing a workout that requires me to hop on and off the treadmill.

  71. Claire Smith says

    It is so annoying when I am working hard and breaking a major sweat and my headphones keep sliding out of my sweaty ears!

  72. Andrea says

    I HATE when my ear bud cord gets tangled and I usually end up pulling it out of my phone, sometimes I just take the cord and put it behind my back on the treadmill that helps a little

  73. Sage says

    My biggest pet peeve is getting my arm or hand stuck on the cord and then my earphones get ripped out: very frustrating!

  74. says

    I also use my iPhone headphones, and they are so annoying. They don’t fit very comfortably, and slip out all the time on my outdoor runs. On the treadmill? I’m always getting my hand caught in it and nearly pulling my iPhone to its doom…I’ve seen these on other blogs and really want to try them!
    Kim recently posted..A New Month

  75. Katrina says

    Having them ripped out of my ears because my hand hits the cord while I am running! I just began debating getting a pair of cordless headphones so these would be awesome!

  76. Lindsay D says

    I think my biggest pet peeve is getting caught in the cord and pulling the ear piece out of my ear while running or untangling the cord.

  77. Holly says

    By far the biggest peeve is that they fall out and the 2nd big peeve is the cord and getting that tangled up while working out! I love these headphones!

  78. Lauren says

    My biggest pet peeve is when they get all tangled up just sitting on my desk…seriously, how does that happen?!

  79. Anie says

    My biggest pet peeve is when my ears begin to hurt after wearing poorly fitting headphones for an extended period of time – no fun!

  80. Nicki says

    I was just thinking about this today during my outdoor run–I hate the cord getting in my way. Typically during indoor workouts I just slip the cord through my shirt but with outdoor layers on…that’s not an option!

  81. Ashley N. says

    I get so annoyed with headphone cords! I feel like they are always a tangled mess and in the way. This looks like a great solution to my problem!

  82. Leah says

    My biggest complaint about headphones is that they NEVER stay in my ears while running! I’ve pretty much given up on wearing them when I run which is a bummer because music keeps me energized!

  83. emily says

    same problem as you – i have yet to find a pair that stay in my ears for more than five minutes. these look great! thanks!

  84. Katie says

    I usually just throw my headphones in my purse or gym bag and the cord is always getting all tangled or caught on something. These earphones would be perfect!

  85. Alexandra Sisto says

    I always have issues with headphones staying in place while running! These seem like the perfect solution, plus they are wireless!

  86. Morgan says

    No matter what activity; running, spinning, lifting I always manager to catch the cord and rip the headphone out of my ear, which 50% of the time ends up pulling out an earring too! These seem like a great solution.

  87. Maria says

    My biggest pet peeve is when I can’t listen to music while doing a curcuit or weights!! No where to put the phone or iPod without the headphones getting in the way!!

  88. Alexandra says

    Whenever I run at the gym I always end hitting my the cord of my headphones with my arm and sending my iphone flying off the treadmill so I have to stop and get off and get it!

  89. Andi M says

    By far my biggest pet peeve with my headphones is that they don’t fit in my ears all that well so I push them in a little too far so when I’m done with my run and remove them my ear is sore for the rest of the day :(

  90. Lilly says

    earbuds falling out, cord getting in the way.. and honestly, some earbuds just hurt my ears. awesome give away!

  91. Camee says

    I hate how I can’t listen to music while I do my other workouts (I have the new iPhone and haven’t gotten a new arm band for it). I also hate how I get tangled in the ear phone cords when I run and my phone goes flying off the treadmill!

  92. Chris says

    They never seem to fit my ear correctly – there is always pain after 10 minutes so I am always on the search for earbuds that fit!

  93. Cellabella says

    All my headphones never fit comfortably in my ears, I can’t tell if it’s a problem with the headphones themselves or my own ears!

  94. Amanda L says

    These sound great! My biggest pet peeve is definitely when I’m jogging on the treadmill and my arms hit the cord and yank them out of my ears! So annoying! And sometimes painful

  95. Jessica P. says

    Wow, these look awesome! My biggest complaints are usually that the buds are too big for my small ears and don’t stay in. Also, when I’m running on the treadmill, it never fails that my arm catches the cord and my phone goes flying.

  96. Jennifer says

    The cord is my biggest complaint because it always catches on my treadmill handles and the buds get pulled out of my ears.

  97. Rachelle says

    My biggest pet peeve is that they don’t fit or stay! When I’m running it’s a huge distraction and I can feel them slipping out. I usually end up just taking them out and run without music. Not cool!

  98. Laura says

    I hate when I get super sweaty and they fall out of my ears!! Ugh! These looks awesome and I actually need a new pair. My olds one are broken!

  99. Rochelle says

    My biggest pet peeve is when the cord isn’t long enough to reach! I love to watch Netflix and zone out while working out, but that’s not easily done when on the rowing machine, since the cord isn’t long enough to reach. Boo!

  100. Karen says

    They always fall out of my ears. Drives me crazy and I have tried multiple different brands/ear buds and nothing works that great.

  101. Christine says

    the cord! i always have to tuck the whole thing into my shirt because i am afraid i’m going to hit it when i’m running!

  102. Michelle says

    I hate when I’m on the treadmill and I hit the headphone cords and my iPad/phone comes crashing down!

  103. Leena says

    I have pulled my iphone yanking out the cord while running and dropped it off my treadmill innumerable number of times….got kind of embarrassing I stopped listening to music in gym and just stare at the mute tv monitors. :(

  104. Rae says

    My headphones never last me through a whole workout! They either fall out, or I accidentally pull them out because my hand gets caught on the cord! Those headphones sound amazing!

  105. Jenny says

    I hate when the cords get tangled up in your arms. I’m constantly having to unwind or accidentally pulling out…both when running & especially when walking the pup – get you all twisted!

  106. Emily says

    I hate when the buds fall out of my ears! I’ve been rocking a pair that goes all the way over my ears for a while now. I may look silly, but at least they stay in place!! :)

  107. JJ says

    Pet peeve-I guess I do flap my arms around because I’m always catching the cord and pulling the earbuds out!

  108. Alyssa says

    My biggest pet peeve about headphones is definitely the cord, it’s always tugging on my ears cause its tucked to far away or it’s flapping all over the place because its not tucked in well enough, cords are awful when you’re working out!

  109. Caroline says

    I think I’m with a lot of people in saying that it drives me crazy when the cords get all tangled!

  110. Lindsay says

    I can’t stand when the headphones pop out of your ears mid run! Another pet peeve is when the cord gets all tangled and then hitting the cord while running and the phone goes flying!

  111. Jill says

    It’s a tie for my pet peeves with ear buds: they come out of my ears and the cord gets in the way/caught on my clothing. These sound like they would solve both problems!

  112. monique says

    its drives me nuts because head phones are to big. i have little ears i guess and head phones are always falling out or really painful.

  113. Cassie says

    I hate when I’m running on the treadmill and I get tangled or accidentally pull out my headphones. These look awesome!

  114. Lauren S says

    I hate when I’m doing a circuit workout in the strength training area and the cord gets tangled!

  115. Sonja says

    I would love to win these as my ears are kind of funny as well and are having a hard time with headphones while running.

  116. Chele says

    My biggest pet peeve is when I’m jogging on the treadmill and my hand flails around and makes sure to get caught, rip the ipod off of the stand, and send it flying to the end of the treadmill. So annoying!!!

  117. Jessica says

    My biggest pet peeve with headphones is that they never EVER stick in my ears without falling out during my runs. I constantly have to have one hand in my ear,holding my ear buds, and, I ‘m sure to everybody around me, they want to know why I’m running so strangely.

  118. Kelsey says

    Ooh these look amazing! My headphones just bit the dust and I’m looking for new ones. My biggest pet peeve is when the cords jiggle around and are so loud when I am trying to run!

  119. Lindsey F says

    This is so cool! I’m one of those people who can’t get the headphones to stay in my ears and when they do I have to constantly adjust them because they don’t feel right.

  120. Elisia Grizzard says

    My biggest pet peeve is that they always fall out on me!!! Nothing like listening to your favorite tunes and then through your workout you have to keep popping them in!

  121. Jessica says

    My biggest pet peeve is that my earbuds always fall out of my ears during my runs. Thus, I have to hold my earbuds in my ears during my run and I look so strange, not to mention destroy my running form.

  122. Jaclyn says

    I am a music junkie and MUST listen when working out but circuit workouts where I am up and down and moving equipment around are just not possible to have headphones in!!

  123. Michele says

    My headphones always fall off while I am running to the gym! I have tried at least 5 different kinds..BUT I’ve read these are supposed to be great!

  124. Caitlin F. says

    I have teeny tiny ears, and I have yet to find a pair of headphones that don’t constantly fall out of my ears. Maybe these will be the ones??

  125. Bre says

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been running and gotten my hands wrapped up in my cord and pulled my headphones out of my ears! So annoying. These BlueBuds sound like a God send!

  126. Danielle Aitken says

    Nothing is worse than being shocked in the ear while on a treadmill. I dont know why it happens but one day I had to get off the machine it hurt so bad! Also annoying when they fall out, I feel like I am always adjusting them and they are never quite right.

  127. Natalie says

    I hate that I constantly have to buy new ones because I buy the cheaper headphones that lose wire connectivity easily.

  128. Stephanie says

    It is so annoying when you are running along and the cord gets caught by your arm and pulls the headphones out! It is also frustrating when the earbuds fall out easily.

  129. Susan says

    I walk at lunch time at work and can never get them to stay in my ear. It really ticks me off because I know I walk a lot faster when I listen to music but it’s so annoying to have to constantly adjust them.

  130. Taylor Roberts says

    Those headphones look perfect for what I need! The biggest thing I can’t stand about headphones is that they do not like to stay in when I work out. I’m either constantly having to put them back in, or adjust them to make the music come into my ears. I would love a new pair that work nicely!

  131. Tyler Soj says

    My biggest pet peeve with headphones is when my arm accidentally jerks the cord while it’s sitting on the treadmill and jerks the bud out of my ears. Ouch!

  132. Ally says

    I don’t know how many times my arm has hit my headphone cord, causing my iPhone to go FLYING off the treadmill. Thank goodness I haven’t broken my phone yet *knock on wood*, but I’m worried that one day it will. Eek.

  133. says

    I agree with so many other people here, when they fall out of my ears.. definitely my biggest pet peeve! I cover the headphones with the black, foamy things but end up losing those all of the time when they fall off too. Oi vey 😉

  134. Kim says

    Where do I begin!!! Falling out when running, getting tangled up and flying all over the place when my arm gets all wrapped up in the cords. UGH!!!!!!

  135. Kimberly hale says

    Exactly what so many of you said…I hate…hate….HATE….it when I am jogging and my arm pulls the cord and the ear bud pops out of my ear! It ruins the momentum it’s just so annoying! I have to have these!

  136. Ashley W says

    When the cord is too long and gets tangled, mine somehow always wrap around my necklace. Annoying.

  137. Sylvia P says

    I hate it when I’m so in the zone with my music and running and the earphones fall out of my ears!

  138. Jessica says

    During my runs, my earbuds always come out of my ears. I have to hold the in there and look crazy during my runs.

  139. Amy says

    Oh headphones! My pet peeve with headphones is between falling out constantly, the cord having no right “place” or loosing sound on one side lol. Maybe I do not buy great brands, I don’t know, but these would perfect!

  140. Maddie says

    My biggest pet peeve is that my ears are too small to fit most standard sized earbuds, I think the different sizes would be really nice!

  141. Theresa says

    I always have trouble with ear buds falling out! The different size options and extra stability piece in these look helpful.

  142. Kim says

    The earbuds that came with my iPhone are always slipping and falling out! It’s so frustrating to be concentrating hard on your workout and then have one or both of the earbuds fall out.

    These BlueBuds look fantastic and I’d love to give them a try! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  143. Ashley says

    My biggest pet peeve is one of two: they either fall out or they dont fit properly. I hate having to adjust or be on the treadmill or running and have to re-put in my headphones. I would love a pair of headphones that I can run with and not be worrying about how to keep them in.

  144. Lys says

    My biggest pet peeves are accidentally yanking earbuds out of my ears when running, and getting tangled up in the cords – I try to thread them down the back of my tank/sports bra, but I just can’t stand feeling the cord touch me!

  145. Beth says

    My biggest pet peeve is earphones that fall out when I run. I put the earphones in, and get into a nice running rhythm and they wait until THEN to fall out, which messes me all up trying to put them back in!

  146. Sarah B. says

    My headphones always always get tangled! It’s annoying to untangle them before every workout. They also always fall out of my ears. I love when there’s no one in the gym so I don’t need to use them!

  147. katie says

    I can’t stand it when the cord bounces around, then pulling the buds out of my ears! I want the darn things to stay put.

  148. Ashley says

    I always forget that I have my iPod sitting on whatever machine I’m using and when I go to get off, it goes flying thanks to the cord. Embarrassing.

  149. Jessica B says

    My biggest pet peeve is definitely when the cord gets in my way when I’m running. Sounds like I need a pair of these! 😉

  150. Resa says

    My biggest headphone pet peeve is when they fall out of my ears while working out! ugh! Would love to win these. Th e bluetooth technology sounds amazing!

  151. Tara Lonergan says

    I have Bose head phones and although I love the quality of music I do not love the cord that becomes jumbled with my arms when running or interferes with weights. If I thread it under my shirt I get annoyed with it rubbing against my chest. Overall – the cord drives me nuts!

  152. Laura says

    I can’t count how many times I have knocked my phone off the machine at the gym because I hit my headphone cord. SO. ANNOYING.

  153. Melissa says

    my biggest pet peeve is when i am running on the treadmill and my arm swings down and catches my headphones cord which causes my iphone to go flying… quite embarrassing and happens at least once a run.

  154. Ashley says

    I always get my arm caught in the cord, ripping them out of my ears and sending my IPhone flying. These would solve that issue for sure!!!

  155. Corina says

    I hate it when I’m running on the treadmill and my arm whacks the cord, sending my phone flying. And yes, that has happened more than once. :/ ugh!

  156. says

    My headphones just broke, I had some cheap-o ones that I loved…but when I was taking them out of my phone the cord ripped off and the jack was still in my phone! Luckily it came out, but I’m in need of some new headphones now!
    Angela recently posted..Easter 2013!

  157. Cassie says

    I need these! When I do NTC app workouts my earphone’s cord is ALWAYS getting in the way! Especially when I’m jumping around doing burpees or even on the ground doing mountain climbers…basically it’s always getting in the way even when I put it down my workout top to try to keep it out of the way!

  158. Kara says

    My brother got a pair for Christmas and loves them! Whenever I’m on the elliptical, one of the handles always catches it and yanks them out of my ears usually taking my phone down with them. Being graceful is not a quality I have.

  159. Haley says

    BIGGEST PET PEEVE OF HEADPHONES: when I hit the cord while I’m running on the treadmill and my iPod goes flying off! These headphones look like the perfect solution!

  160. susannah says

    My earbuds never stay put. They feel so awkward, and that cord…ooooh the cord….it rattles around when I’m on the elliptical and I can’t stand it!

  161. Natalie says

    Biggest pet peeve is when the sound dies in one ear bud but the other one works fine, I feel so lopsided!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

  162. Kelsey says

    my biggest pet peeve about head phones is them coming out of my ears when I’m running! Then the strap flapping me in the back while I’m running or them hitting my collar bone in the front.. its a lose lose!

  163. Steph says

    I have that same issue when I’m on the treadmill! I would love to have some headphones that won’t get in the way or send my phone flying off the treadmill :-)

  164. Pooja says

    I can’t tell you how many times my ear buds have popped out when I’m working out. These would be awesome to have!!

  165. Katie says

    My pet-peeve is when I’m running and really in my own world and singing along to a great song and my ear bud falls out. It totally ruins my zone!

  166. says

    These headphones are seriously the coolest thing ever! Biggest pet peeve..maybe even the grossest/weirdest? Whenever I go for my long run, my headphones get sweaty and then the sound decreases to compensate I turn up the volume. So I will either be deaf when I am older or my headphones are going to be water damaged 😀 Life of a runner!
    Britta recently posted..We Did It – Half Marathon Part I

  167. Brynn says

    I hate it when I accidentally yank my headphones out. It seems to happen a lot when I tie my shoes. My headphones fit very securely and if it really hurts to rip them out!

  168. Krista says

    I have a hard time finding headphones that actually fit in my ears!
    And I JUST broke my headphones last week on a machine at the gym :(

  169. says

    My biggest pet peeve is the fact my ears holes are SO tiny that ear buds just never STAY in. I can stand a cord but when the ear buds fly out it ruins my workout flow! I love that there are three different sizes, very beneficial for me! Thank you for sharing :) Love + Shine CourtStar

  170. Nicole says

    It drives me nuts that my hands are always getting tangled up in the cord of my headphones when running. I have to physically hold the cord. I also miss the feature on the ones that came with my iPod that let me skip songs with a button on the chord.

  171. Nicole says

    When you’re busting out an awesome sprint to the theme tune of Rocky, and your suddenly giant thumb yanks those earphone suckers straight out of your ears. Suddenly your Rocky theme tune has a lot of ows in it! Yup –

  172. Kelly R. says

    I hate when headphones fall out of my ears while running and I lose my focus to try to get them situated back in my ears!

  173. Brooke says

    These would be awesome! All I have right now are the earbuds that came with my iPhone, and like you said, they don’t do the job nearly as well. I would love to win these!

  174. Heather says

    This is an awesome giveaway :) My greatest pet peeve is that the ear buds that come with the ipods ALWAYS always always fall out of my ears when I’m running. It’s super frustrating, so I love the ones that are cushioned and fit fully into my ears!

  175. Sue Pado says

    I would say the biggest problem I have with headphones is the cord getting in the way. It is so annoying and I have tried all sorts of different brands and the cord is always the biggest problem. These look perfect!! Thanks for the giveaway.


  176. Danielle says

    My biggest pet peeve is standing on the treadmill while you are trying to get the cords untangled!!!! The wireless ones look awesome!

  177. Amanda says

    The cord getting tangled and getting in the way. I will rip one out of my ear while running on the treadmill, typically when I am sprinting, so I try and fix it and it has made me almost bite it bad a couple times! I am a mess, I know!

  178. Caroline says

    My biggest pet peeve is when one of the earbuds stops working and you only get music in one ear – happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.

  179. Shelly says

    I cannot stand the cord being in the way!! It gets tangled in my arm which rips one of them out of my ear…….it’s just so annoying. It interrupts what could have been a super workout!!

  180. Erin M. says

    What an awesome giveaway! I love this… I have the hardest time keeping the buds in my ear when I’m running. I would love to win this!!

  181. Emily H says

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when my arm catches the cord and pulls my ipod or phone off of the treadmill where it is resting. I have had to stop in the middle of many workouts to go fetch my device off the floor!

  182. says

    My biggest pet peeve about headphones is definitely that mine always fall our of my ears while running! I love that these headphones stay securely in your ear!

  183. Molly says

    My biggest pet peeve about headphones is when i’m running on the treadmill or using an eliptical and my hands hit the cord and knock my iphone off the machine and flying through the gym- surprisingly this happens A LOT! I hope I win so this won’t happen again! I think my iPhone will thank me as well. :)

  184. Rachel S. says

    I hate having to untangle mine every time I go to the gym. I know they make things to keep them all nice and neat I just haven’t gotten around to buying one yet.

  185. Kristen P. says

    I was just thinking yesterday during my workout how annoying the headphones cord is! When I’m doing arm weights, more often than not, I end up catching the cord and ripped the earbud out of my ear!

  186. Patty says

    I do not get along with my headphone cord when working out. I’ve sent my ipod flying off cardio machines so many times I bought an otterbox so it had extra protection. The biggest problem I have is when doing strength training and I catch my arm in the cord and rip the ear buds out of my ears. Not fun.

  187. says

    My biggest pet peeve is when I catch my hand in the cord, yank my phone off the treadmill, send my phone flying into the treadmill and feel like my ears get yanked off my head. (Didn’t realize the word “yank” was so silly until now.”

  188. Kelly says

    I started running a few months ago (I just ran my first and second half marathons!) and I ALWAYS get tangled up in my headphone cords when I run. I also have trouble keeping the buds in my ear- so these would be great!

  189. Kelli says

    The cord gets tangled and in the way when I exercise! I found ones that hook around your ears so they so not fall out but still are annoying’ : )

  190. Ashley says

    My headphone cord always seems to get caught on things ~ my clothes, doorknobs, etc. ~ and tug on my ears!

  191. Shelly says

    I cannot seem to get my earbuds to stay in my ear during a run, they always seem to slide out the sweatier I get!

  192. Carly says

    I cannot stand the cord getting tangled or in the way of my running. I can’t seem to find a good setup where the headphones do not irritate me!

  193. Nicole in STL says

    These earbuds sound like the perfect solution to ALL of my headphone pet peeves… cord tangling, buds not staying in place, uncomfortable on my head. I would love to win these for working out on my elliptical or running outside! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :-)

  194. Barbara says

    My biggest pet peeves about headphones is I’ll be moving along so nicely during my treadmill workout, and then YANK! One jerk move of my arm and I yank out the headphones, my workout is interrupted and I look like a clumsy fool as I try to get myself together and keep walking/running.

  195. julie says

    OMG, the biggest pet peeve about my headphones are that they don’t stay in my ear in races, I must have some funky shaped ears or something, because they jostle out every 2 miles of my marathon. I have been lusting over these for about 3 months, but money is tight! I am going over right now to follow jaybird on twitter as well.

  196. Abbe says

    My biggest pet peeve is that the standard ear buds NEVER stay in my ears, they fall out as soon as I put them in and hurt! I think the idea of customizable cushions will help!

  197. Diana says

    My biggest pet peev about headphones is when I accidentally drag my arm through the space where the cords meet while running and it yanks the cord out of my ipod. I do this all the time. At least once every time I workout.

  198. Julie says

    I would be lying if I didn’t admit while running on the treadmill that I’ve snagged the cord and my phone went flying causing me to do some interesting moves to get off the treadmill.

  199. Lori J says

    It seems like I can’t get a pair of headphones to last more than 6 months because the wires start disconnecting and the music turns into nothing more than choppy sounds. I’ve been keeping my eye on these bad boys!

  200. Nicole says

    I hate when you are running or walking outside and every time the cord hits your jacket or arm you hear a noise! It drives me insane!!! Also I always get tangled in the cords. These look amazing!

  201. Dana says

    I hate it when they get tangled in my necklace or get caught on the zipper of a running jacket. Drives me insane!

  202. MelissaR says

    I hate when the earbuds fall out!! I guess my ears get sweaty and they can’t stay in?? That’s kinda gross and kinda annoying!! I’ve seen these buds on other blogs and they look truly amazing!

  203. Kortney says

    Those sound awesome!! I have the same problem when I’m running on the treadmill an I keep hitting the cord with my hands! Cordless ear buds would be great!

  204. Lori says

    These would be the best. I hate when I start lagging in a run in the treadmill and I’m at the end of my cord. Sad that I don’t have twitter & can’t comment there.

  205. Liz says

    I always end up hitting the chord and knocking either my earbuds out of my ears or my phone off of the machine!

  206. Shay M. says

    I hate when I’m running on the treadmill and my hand catches on the cord and knocks my ipod to the floor

  207. Olivia says

    When I wear my headphones at work and plug the jack into my computer, the cord cuts across my keyboard, always gets in the way and I eventually catch the cord on something and rip it right out of the computer. UGH!

  208. Christina says

    I have never found a good pair of earbuds, they always fall out! So would love to try these babies out!

  209. Lindsay says

    I can NEVER get earbuds to stay in my ears. I don’t know if my ears are a weird size/shape or what! Love that these have three different size options.

  210. Katie says

    There is nothing worse than when you’re spinting the final half mile of your treadmill workout, and your arm hooks the headphone cord and your iPhone flies across the cardio room. No bueno.

  211. Rachael says

    My earbuds are always falling out when I am on the treadmill. I have been meaning to look into getting a better pair forever, it would be great to try these!

  212. Hayley C says

    I hate when I’m doing an exercise and my headphone cord gets caught on the weight or something else. This would solve the problem!

  213. karleen says

    I hate when you’re running and your arm hits the headphone cord and it pops out of your ear midrun….grrr!!!!!!

  214. Fallon says

    2 pet peeves: #1, When my arm hits the cord and yanks the headphones out of my ears! And #2, they always fall out of my ears, always!

  215. TriNurse says

    My biggest earphone pet-peeve always occurs towards the end of my long run or race when the long cord flaps in the wind. I find the excess cord very irritating.

  216. Chelsea says

    My bigget pet peeve is when I sweat so much my headphones slip right out of my ears! These seem like a good solution to the problem. I also can’t stand when the cord gets in my way!

  217. Kari F says

    I have a hard time keeping the ear bud in my left ear. It seems to be smaller then the right. I haven’t found the right kind of “buds” yet.

  218. katie M says

    I hate it when I yank the headphones out of my ears while running (or when they just fall out unprovoked by me!).

  219. Lauren M. says

    My biggest pet peeve about headphones is that they ALWAYS seem to manage to fall out a million times during races. I can’t tell you how many times I had to adjust my headphones during my last half marathon! Would (obviously) love to win these! :)

  220. Marsha says

    My biggest pet peeve is getting ear buds to stay in my ears while running. I’ve tried all different brands and have a hard time with them.

  221. Kristina says

    I am always looking for headphones that will stay put. When I work out, I want something that will stay in place and won’t always feel like they are falling out. Those look like they are secure!!!

  222. Rachel Mano'o says

    Peet peeve is when the ear buds keep coming out while running especially when running in fast short spurts lol

  223. says

    My biggest pet peeve is where to put the extra cord! Especially when weight training. I end up shoving it down my top and get this lined look, that’s super flattering…NOT. Plus, I give everyone a nice show while I look down my top to shuffle the cords around haha.
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..I’m Feeling Motivated Today

  224. Lisa says

    OMG I NEED these so much! I have many peeves, not the least of which my flapping arms getting caught in them, sending my iPod flying across the room. ARGH! FABOO giveaway :))

  225. Meaghan K. says

    Headphones are so expensive and I don’t want to spend that kind of money just to find out they don’t work for me while I run. The ones I have now are HUGE because they hook around me ear!

  226. Kelsey Y. says

    I hate when I’m in the middle of a great run and end up swiping the cord with my hand. It throws me off badly! These would fix that problem!

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