Weekend Wrap Up

Well heyyy there. Happy Monday and Happy April to you all! How was everyone’s weekend? Per usual, it totally flew by for us, but we definitely had a lot keeping us busy and also got a lot accomplished.

Friday night, both of us were pretty wiped from the week (nothing out of the ordinary, especially for meeee) so we decided to stay in for the evening. I had plans to make up a double batch of buffalo chicken mac & cheese for my friend, Joelle, who just had an adorable little baby boy last week, so I worked on that while Jay made us dinner.


You may remember my quick mention on Friday of the stuffed shells that were on my radar, and Jay did an amazing job of doing the whole recipe on his own. He’s so good.

Saturday was a busy day. I headed out fairly early to take care of a few errands…one of which included a pit stop to find some new maternity jeans. Although I am still able to wear my regular jeans, they’re slowly becoming less and less comfortable, and I figured it was time to just bite the bullet and do it.

I was this close to buying this purple pair of maternity skinnies…


But I decided against it and just wound up buying a pair of regular skinnies, along with a few other tops and bottoms. When everything first rung up at the register, my total clocked in at a whopping $223(!!). But thanks to a return, a coupon, and a couple of mall gift cards, I only wound up spending $80 – which included 3 bottoms and three tops. Not too shabby, right?

Saturday afternoon, Jay and I headed out for a few hours to visit our friends Jo & Kyle and their new baby boy (again, so adorable, and makes me SOOO anxious for our little guy to get here!). On our way back home, we stopped off in Saratoga for dinner at a local restaurant we’ve been hearing great things about for a while, Mexican Connection.


We were given chips and salsa to start, but we already knew we needed to add some guacamole to that mix as soon as we saw it on the menu.


Ohhhhhh my gawwwwwd. I love all guac. Really, I do. But this stuff was unbelievably delicious. Seriously, probably some of the best I’ve ever had. We will be back…and we will be back when I can also add a margarita to my order. Winking smile

For dinner, both of us decided to try what was deemed their “best selling item,” the chimichanga + a soft taco. Neither of us had ever tried a chimichanga so we really didn’t know what to expect.


Well, for one, it’s enormous. Had we known it was so big, we would have just gotten the chimichanga and not the combo with the soft taco (although the taco was amazing). But I will say that chimichangas are pretty tasty. The filling was delicious, and I wound up eating around a lot of the fried shell just because I was getting full so quick. I probably made it through almost half before having to call it quits…but man, it was delicious.

The rest of Saturday included a trip to Home Depot for new windows and a new screen door, and then we spent some time painting the nursery. I am so so so thrilled with how it’s turning out already! We still have some trim work to do and whatnot, but it’s definitely starting to come together. Smile

Sunday (Happy Easter!) was a bit more low key for us. Jay and I both woke up feeling a little less than stellar thanks to our tummies being a bit off. I wound up staying at home for the morning while Jay went out for brunch, but I did end up making it out for a few hours in the afternoon to head to my parents’ house.

When I got there, I quickly discovered that the “Easter Bunny” had dropped off an extra special gift…our glider and ottoman!!


My parents offered to buy us our glider, but they told me that they had to order it and it would be about 8-10 weeks before it came in. They’re so sneaky. Winking smile

I relaxed in that glider for the majority of my time at mom & dad’s while visiting, and also had a little bit of dinner while I was there too. No photos, but we didn’t do the typical Easter fare – instead, there was steak and chicken on the grill. Hey, what can I say…we’re not all that traditional. And I like it.

Of course, the Easter Bunny also left some candy baskets for us…


And I’ve certainly managed to enjoy a few pieces from it already, now that I’m starting to feel back to normal. Despite feeling a bit under the weather on Sunday, it was still a nice day and a great weekend at that.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Did many of you enjoy “X, Y, or Z” after having given it up for lent?


Before signing off for this morning, and on a slightly different note, I want to take a quick second to ask for your thoughts and prayers for my friend, Ashley. Ashley gave birth to adorable Baby Hunter on Friday morning, but after his first 24 hours, he began struggling with breathing and they discovered that he’s suffering from pulmonary hypertension. I cannot even begin to fathom what they’re dealing with, so if you can, please keep them in your thoughts.


  1. says

    It sounds like you had a fabulous Easter weekend!! Candy, Mexican food, the perfect baby Easter present, fabulous deals while shopping, and family and friend time? That definitely equals perfection! :)

    Oh, and those stuffed shells sound amazing. This past weekend I made a vegan lasagna with tofu “ricotta cheese,” and I am thinking that it would be delicious in stuffed shell form, too!

    Prayers for Ashley and baby Hunter!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..What Vegans Eat: Day 7

  2. Sarah says

    Please tell your friend that we are praying for her… she just needs to have hope and believe in the power of prayer- nothing is impossible with God! He loves her and her child, miracles will happen :)

  3. says

    $80 for 3 tops and 3 bottoms? Definitely an awesome deal! Although I have to admit that I’m kind of a fan of the purple skinnies 😉 And that’s so sweet of your parents to surprise you with the glider for Easter. I definitely could have used a little time in one of those after nursing my Easter dinner/candy food baby this weekend!

  4. says

    I’m sorry you were feeling off on Easter. That’s no fun at all :( I hope you are feeling back to normal today. The stuffed shells from Friday look delicious and I love getting easter baskets. Never too old. Never :)
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..Stay out of my way

  5. says

    The highlight of my weekend was definitely all the Easter festivities with Levi- It is SOOO much fun having a kid on holidays! And I dressed him like a bunny and it was the cutest thing ever!! ANd I think you should get the purple skinnies..just sayin (;
    Erin @Axell’s Kitchen recently posted..Weekend Wrap Up: Easter

  6. Jen @nutcaseinpoint says

    It was finally nice enough here to take the pup for some hikes!! Oh, and we looked at show homes and new cars (bad idea to get my hopes up!)

  7. says

    Gotta love getting good deals! Although I’m kind of really loving the purple skinnies :-p
    Whenever I’m out for Mexican, I absolutely have to order guac to go with the chips and salsa, Easily my favourite part about Mexican food!

    The glider is so pretty! So nice/sneaky of your parents :-p

  8. says

    That was so sweet of your parents to not only get you the glider, but to also make it a fun surprise! I hope you are feeling 100% again!

    I just read Ash’s post this morning and am definitely praying for her little family , and especially baby Hunter.

  9. says

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend! The pregnancy excitement is all over the blogs lately. So great :) I really feel for Ashley and hope everything turns out ok. She’s in my thoughts as well.

  10. says

    That is awesome the Jay helps you in the kitchen. I love my man but there’s no way he could pull that recipe off. You are looking super cute with your belly!

    Ashley and her baby will be in my thoughts for sure. I can’t imagine how scared she must feel but I also think that medicine is so advanced these days that Hunter will be okay.
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted..Saturday in San Francisco + The Japanese Tea Gardens

  11. says

    I definitely believe in having un-traditional eats on holidays. You can never go wrong with grilling! I can’t believe you got three tops and three bottoms for $80! That’s what you call a deal! (I definitely would have bought the purple pants 😉 )
    Lauren recently posted..Just Stopping In…

  12. says

    What a nice Easter :) I’m stunned to say that I actually haven’t had any candy yet! (Unless Peeps count. I like to think of them as more of a necessity than a candy…) We need to fix that!

  13. says

    Sneaky sneaky Easter bunny! :) Awesome gift right there, and that basket of candy is unreal! So amazing. Your weekend looked so fun, and that Mexican place looks delicious! My weekend was great because we put an offer in on a house and got to spend lots of time with the family!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted..Easter Recap and MIMM

  14. Nicole says

    Thinking warm thoughts for Ashley and her family…..thank you for posting that (I follow her blog, too).

  15. says

    Wait, wait. I thought the Easter Bunny brought candy! Not so sure how Peter Cottontail hopped down the bunny trail with that 😉 Haha! Just kidding. What a great present! I was so, so sad for Ashley when I read her post. Definitely praying!
    Miranda @ Miranda Runs recently posted..MIMM #4: 4/1

  16. lauren says

    We aren’t very traditional either, I made stuffed shells and meatballs and it was such a good Easter dinner!
    I’m pretty jealous that you’re still in your jeans. I’m 25 weeks now, but mine have been too small to pull up all the way since…sometime in February?! I have one pair of maternity jeans and 3 pairs of maternity dressy pants that I cycle through…I realllly hope they make it ’til my due date!

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