Custom Artwork Giveaway {CLOSED}

So apparently, my obsession with Stewart’s these days is running deeper than their ice cream. Suddenly, I’m now craving their iced coffee…in a BAD way.


For those of you who have had an iced coffee from Stewart’s, then you already know that it is not like your ordinary iced coffee you’d get from, say, DD’s or Starbucks. Stewart’s has their iced coffee “drink” prepackaged behind the counter and it comes out of a carton (I ask them all the time if they think they’ll ever sell it…no go so far).

I’m assuming the iced coffee drink must already be sweetened a bit, because all I need to order with mine is some fat-free milk and I’m good to go. It’s not a craving I always get for iced coffee, since it’s so different, by my gosh, I just HAD to have one yesterday morning. And actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if I wind up with another one today. This is one major craving. Winking smile

I feel like pregnancy is playing tricks on me again this week…first the major iced coffee craving (Stewart’s only, mind you), and now I’ve been grossed out after eating BOTH of my overnight oats jars this week.

I had the second one for breakfast yesterday and as soon as I finished it, the thought of them totally made me want to vom. It’s so random. And now peanut butter is, once again, on the iffy list. Crazy, I’ll tell ya.

After breakfast yesterday, all I wanted was salty. I had been craving chips and guac all day long, and while I didn’t have that for lunch, lunch was still pretty satisfying.


I had my leftover salad from Tuesday, along with another piece of spaghetti squash lasagna. A few hours later, I snacked on a Chobani bite + some green grapes.


Funny enough…we buy grapes almost every week for Jay’s lunch and I hardly ever eat them. They were definitely a nice change.

Dinner wasn’t anything crazy, and I didn’t snap any photos…but I will say that I did get my fill of chips and guac, along with some sautéed chicken and leftover garlic shells. It was random, and thrown together fairly quick, but it hit the spot.


Custom Artwork Giveaway!

I am so excited to share one of the first pieces of artwork that I know is going to be hung in Baby Tooth’s nursery. Check it out!


This beautiful painting comes courtesy of blog reader (and blogger!) Erin, who generously offered to create a custom piece of artwork for Baby Tooth’s nursery. At first, I was thinking that I’d love to have something with our little guy’s name on it, but since Jay and I still can’t commit to a name, that idea was nixed.

So I looked around a bit in search of some phrases or sayings that I thought would fit…I came across this one and immediately knew it was what I wanted. Erin worked with me on all of the details, including colors, layout, etc., and before I knew it, I had this beautiful canvas waiting at my doorstep.


I’m so excited to get it hung once the nursery is a bit farther along!

Erin is extremely talented, and showed me a bunch of different pieces of artwork that she’s created, which makes me extra excited to tell you all that she’s offered to give away a custom piece to one lucky STSL reader!! (US residents only)

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me what kind of artwork you’d love to have a custom piece made of. Something for you? A gift? A phrase? A portrait?

I’ll choose a random winner tomorrow, Friday April 12th. Good Luck! Smile


  1. says

    I’m expecting my first child in July and putting together the nursery. I would love to have a custom piece like the one above to share with him when he arrives : )

    I understand about the craving for iced coffee…experiencing the same! My coworkers are lovely and have helped me fulfill this craving : )
    Jenn@ Be Me recently posted..Jeans for YOUR Genes Campaign

  2. Emily H says

    My husband and I just got married in September and are still decorating our little home. I’d love a custom piece with our new last name and our wedding date!!

  3. Julie says

    That is gorgeous!!!! After seeing it, I have so many ideas running through my head…I don’t know if I would keep it for myself, or give it to my Mom or sister!! All three of us would love something like that, but I would definitely want a saying!! :)

  4. Haley S says

    I’d love a modern art piece with corals and teals for my new apartment! I love this nursery piece…so sweet! (:

  5. Shawna says

    That’s such a sweet piece! She’s definitely talented. I’d love to have one with a line from one of my poems, or a quote about family, to give to my parents.

  6. says

    What a beautiful piece for Baby Tooth — Erin is so talented! I don’t know what I would like — a custom piece artwork for my home, most likely, or maybe one of my favorite sayings/poem lines…. something inspirational for sure :)

  7. Kathryn says

    My husband and I are just getting to a point in life where we can actually start to decorate our home the way we want, and not have a ton of hand me down, thrown together pieces. We were just discussing this morning how we’d love to start decorating in (tastefully done) geek things we love. If I won, I’d have to go with our family slogan (taken from the show Firefly) “We aim to misbehave”.

  8. Amy P says

    I would love something similar to yours for my sister-in-law’s baby shower gift. I’ve been trying to figure out what to get her that would have some meaning behind it and I haven’t been able to come up with anything. This would be perfect!

  9. Rachel F says

    I would love to give my boyfriend a canvas with one of the phrases that we always say to each other (courtesy of Paul Child, husband of Julia Child)
    “You are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life” :)

  10. Breanna says

    I am not sure if she can do animal sketches, but I would love to get a sketch of our Golden Retriever to hang on our baby’s wall. They are going to be best friends after all…

  11. Kristin says

    I would love to get something with either my daughters name for her room or our family name for our living room.

    Your canvas is so adorable

  12. Maria says

    I would get something for the walls in our new house! We just bought our first house and haven’t begun decorating yet! Love your sign!

  13. Stacy says

    This is so adorable!!! Love the colors too :) I think that I would want something with our two daughter’s names to place in our family room.

  14. Jamie says

    This is an awesome give away! I’d probably want a quote of some sort, in colors that match my room (gray/turquoise). Your painting is SO cute!

  15. Natalie says

    I am expecting my
    Baby boy in July and seeing your canvas made me cry! It’s beautiful! I would love something just like it!

  16. Britt says

    I am engaged, set to be married in May! I would love a custom piece with our last name and wedding date!

    The canvas you received is so nice!! Love it.

  17. Kristin D. says

    I love her artwork, it is amazing. My daughter just turned one and I would love to have something made special for her room.

  18. says

    I would love to have something like that for my mom. She’s getting married in May and giving her something to mark her special day would mean the world to both her and my future stepdad. They have gone through so much, and taught me to never give up on finding love and true happiness again. :)

  19. Leah says

    My boyfriend and I are getting ready to move in together and I would love to get some kind of phrase on canvas to Han in our living room!!

  20. Ashley says

    I love the new canvas! I would love to have a canvas for something for my boyfriend and I to put in our home.

  21. Emily says

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby in August (a boy!). I would love to have a phrase to put in his nursery!

  22. Alyssa says

    I would love to have a piece of art for my nursery that I am putting the last minute touches on for my little girl who is due at the end of May!!!! The one that you have is so cute!!!

  23. says

    You poor girl not being able to eat peanut butter! I might die from lack of calories if I couldn’t eat my beloved pb :-)
    And did you know that those Chobani bites are $3.99 in Texas?! Smaller AND more expensive than the regular. One day Ill break down and try them but just not yet! Sheesh
    Ashlee@HisnHers recently posted..Easy, Cheesy Spinach Lasagna

  24. Amy says

    I am moving into my first apartment on June 1 with my 2 best friends, and I would love something with a friendship related quote on it for our living room!

  25. says

    have you ever tried frozen grapes!? they’re delicious! super sweet and dessert-like.

    that sign for the nursery is absolutely precious. i adore that saying! i’ve actually pinned it to my “future little snyder’s” board on pinterest :)

    right now, though, i’d love to win this giveaway. i would order it as a gift, either for mother’s day, or for my daddy’s birthday on may 4th!

    thanks for the giveaway, court!

    Sami recently posted..Brocccoli & Cheese Spaghetti Squash Casserole.

  26. Katrina says

    That is super cute, what a lucky little guy! I would probably have something made for my house that says “A standard of Grace not perfection”

  27. karen says

    Oh, such a nice piece of art for the nursary. I would probably want a saying for my daughter’s room. Right now, it’s still Lion King (since we didn’t know the gender until she was born) so I would probably go with Hakuna Matata

  28. Kristen says

    My husband and I just got married in October and moved in together. Our budget has been tight so I’ve sort of failed on decorating our walls! I’d love something that would symbolize our new life together :)

  29. Sarah C says

    I LOVE the phrase you chose for the nursery – I remember the moment I was handed my son I told my husband “I love him SO much!”

    My mom is getting ready to sell her house, move and start her life anew. I would want to find something inspirational to have made into a painting to give to her as a gift!

  30. Darci says

    That painting is going to look so cute in the baby’s room! I think that I would get a painting for myself if I won! Maybe a painting of a quote to go over our bed.

  31. Darbi says

    I had a rocky past couple of years but have also completed my first full marathon and working on my second next month. I get up and fight every day with the words: dream, believe, achieve. I would love those words hung up in my place.

  32. Abbie says

    I would love to give something like this to my mom for her upcoming birthday! My parents recently bought a lake cottage and need some “lake-y sayings” hung around their place!

  33. Tracey says

    That panting is so cute for your nursery.

    I would love to have something with our last name and the year we were married, est. 2012 to hang in our new house.

  34. Jess P says

    I would do a quote for my parents to hang – something about them being supportive and a constant rock in my life and how much they are appreciated!

  35. Leigha says

    A quote would be really cool! That is so neat, Erin. I can’t imagine not wanting peanut butter, I feel so bad Courtney!

  36. Jessica says

    I am expecting baby #4 so I would love a piece either with all four kids names on it or a phrase about how much we love each one of them!

  37. Lindsay says

    I too would love something for our nursery! Something beach- themed since we don’t know what we’re having or have names picked out :)

  38. says

    I always hear that when your pregnant, you crave what you normally wouldn’t. So for me, I foresee salty cravings in my pregnant future since I’m usually about the sweet stuff. :)

    And I LOVE this giveaway! Im getting ready to move into a new apartment and would love to have something beautiful to hang on my walls. :)

  39. Camee says

    I love your painting, it is so cute! My husband and I are getting ready to move into our first home so I would love something special to hang in it!

  40. Nicole says

    Wow Erin is so talented! That’s gorgeous. I would love a beautiful quote to hang in the new apartment I share with my boyfriend, “Home is whenever we’re together.”

  41. B says

    I would get something with all of my kids birthdays and newborn stats… Or something with all of our important dates…

  42. Mollie says

    I would love a piece of artwork for our bedroom (we haven’t done any decorating in there yet!). My husband and I got married last year, so something related to our wedding would be awesome!

  43. says

    I’d love one that says “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I struggled with post-partum depression after my son was born, and this was my mantra. He is 19 months now. :)

  44. Lisa says

    I am a painter as well, so I think that it would be wonderful to have another artist’s work hanging in my house. I love paintings of flowers, but it would also be great to have something different with the dates my husband and I met, got engaged and were married! This is a great giveaway!

  45. Emily says

    My sister in law just found out she’s having a baby boy and I’ve been looking for a fun present to get her! This would be perfect!

  46. Melissa says

    This would a super cool addition to our house. We really are in need of some new décor and the customization would be awesome. I would like to do a phrase but I would need to pick it out with a little research. What other phrases were you considering?

  47. Christine says

    I have always wanted a custom painting of our chocolate lab, Ike. He’s got such an expressive face. I love how he moves his eyebrows and how his eyes melt my heart. I love studying his face–all the little hairs, brown and now some gray.

  48. Jen W. says

    I’d love to have a canvas creation to give to my daughter. We live thousands of miles apart but still have the greatest connection. This would add to our already very special bond.

  49. Kristina says

    I’d love to do something for my home. Either the Shakespeare quote my husband and I consider “ours” or maybe our last name and wedding date? Hmmm

  50. Tori says

    My boyfriend and I recently moved across the country together. I’d love a piece of custom art to display in our new home!

  51. Kelsey Y. says

    My boyfriend and I are hunting for a new apartment right now, and I’m hoping to have a loft/2nd smaller bedroom to turn into an office-like area. I LOVE quotes, so I think I would do that. One that sticks out to me is “I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness”. And then maybe add some graphics around it? Need some decorations to fill up the walls!

  52. nicole schulien says

    I’d love to have something made for my house that our family could enjoy or possibly for my daughters room, her bday is coming up and an inspirational quote would be nice.

  53. Juliene says

    That is adorable. With my first pregnancy I made my own artwork for the nursery but now chasing around a 2 year old has left me little time for baby number 2 (also unnamed so I hear ya there). I think a cute phrase like yours would be a perfect addition.

  54. says

    my fiance and i are still trying to decorate our office so a custom piece for the room for both of us would be amazing!

    your piece is beautiful, it will be a great addition and has so much meaning and love behind it!
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Jessie

  55. Aubrie says

    I would DEF do something as well for the nursey since I’m due in July along with you :)! Since I don’t know the gender yet or colors I do a saying and would love to hang it above the crib or dresser!

  56. Jen says

    I am so into the color Emerald (also the color of the year yay me :)) and also Owls, but when it comes to artwork as long as its classy and has an awesome color scheme ( i like odd color combos like pink and brown) I love it.

  57. Jamie says

    Me and my boyfriend are trying to decorate our first apt together and the last thing we need is some artwork for the walls- I can’t think of anything better than a customized piece!

  58. Lindsey B. says

    So I didn’t realize until today that Jay brings his lunch too. I bring mine everyday and I’ve been using lots of your ideas to add some variety to my typical salad or can of soup. Actually, today I have a sweet potato and some leftover vegetarian chili from last night to top it with. I would never have thought to bring a sweet potato for lunch and now I’m so excited I can hardly wait for lunch time! Anyways…I was hoping maybe you’d do an “Ideas for packed Man-Lunches” post sometime. I have the hardest time getting my husband to bring his lunch to work and I am sure you have loads of great ideas! :)

  59. Kaelin says

    I have so many friends/family engaged and getting married or expecting their first baby. This would be great gift idea!!

  60. Victoria says

    A custom piece of artwork would be so cool! Not to be a total emotional goober but one of the secret “inside joke” sayings me and my husband have is “pass the popcorn”. On our third date (please don’t judge me! lol) me and my husband were at the movies and I was seriously feeling the love so much that I let “I love you” accidentally slip out of my mouth after I asked him to pass the popcorn. I was completely horrified and seriously considered bolting from the movie theater without looking back but he said that he felt the same way :). We just got married in August so a piece of artwork that said “pass the popcorn” with our anniversary on it would be a great present for my hubby.

  61. KIM says

    Love the artwork…..Can’t wait to see it in the nursery! I’d utilize good karma with a quote about running, marriage or life!

  62. Karenann says

    I’d love a piece of art work to show how much I love and adore my family, my husband and four children!

  63. Jenn says

    I would love something that included part of the poem by EE Cummings, “I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart).”

  64. Lauryn says

    I would love to have something for a, hopefully soon, baby of my own or something that has our last name and wedding date!

  65. Marieve says

    Love the idea! My sister in law is currently 37 weeks pregnant And I would love to offer her and my brother a piece of artwork for their first newborn!

  66. Cassie D. says

    Love the artwork! I have a friend who is due with her first baby this summer and would love to get her something similar for her nursery.

  67. JennyLynn says

    I would love this sign or the one just like it saying “FOR THIS CHILD I HAVE PRAYED”….so we could do our baby reveal/annoucement photos. We are finally pregnant after being told there was no way and a year and a half of treatments. Yay!!!

  68. says

    awww that is such a sweet saying, and what a minimalistic and cute looking canvas art work~I too would love to give it to our daughter coming in June, Selah. 😀 And oh myyy I can’t believe how crazy your pregnancy taste buds have been! It’s so random that those symptoms come up at the end instead of the beginning, haha.
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..Thoughts on the Nesting Syndrome

  69. Mary says

    I would love a portrait of my boys. Unlike you my boys are grown up. I would love a portrait of them all together as babies. I could have one picture to spark my memories of when they were babies.

  70. Aria says

    What a beautiful piece!! I love it! I’d love to have something with my husband and i’s wedding date on it and maybe a lyric from our first dance song. We got married almost 2 years ago but just bought our house and we are still needing things to decorate it with! :)

  71. Alyssa says

    We are expecting a baby in June, so i would love to have a piece of artwork with a phrase on it for the nursery.

  72. says

    I would love to have a nice piece of artwork with a beautiful saying for a mother’s day gift!!

  73. Kirsten says

    My boyfriend and I are moving into our second apartment together TODAY and we never really made our first apartment very “home-y”. I’m looking forward to making it more “us” and custom art would definitely help!

  74. Ashley N. says

    What a beautiful piece of artwork! I’d love to win this to have a custom made piece made for my Mom for Mother’s Day. We have inspirational quotes throughout the house and I know my Mom would LOVE something like this…absolutely love it.

  75. Cassie says

    Either a saying for my home or a fun jungle animal to hang in my kindergarten classroom… or maybe a gift…not sure 😉 My mom’s birthday is coming up :)

  76. Jo says

    I would love to get something for my parents. They were so wonderful in helping pay and prepare for my recent wedding!

  77. Lindsay h says

    I’m always trying to come up with creative new ideas to give as gifts to my husband. Our 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up so I’d love to think of a sweet quote and give this to him!

  78. Sara says

    I would LOVE a custom piece of artwork for my rental duplex. It would be so lovely to have a nice, meaningful piece to make my rental seem more like “home.”

  79. Tanner says

    I’m expecting my second baby in November, so I would LOVE to have something to hang on the walls for his/her nursery! :-)

  80. Kristen says

    I love this! I would probably get something love related for the bedroom – my fiancé and I are purchasing a new apartment so it would be special to have such a beautiful piece of art!!

  81. Anya says

    Oh wow, that is lovely! I love wall art.I am a college student and am moving into a house with 4 friends next year, and a piece like that with a Bible verse would be perfect!

  82. Kat says

    That’s a beautiful canvas! My little guy is due to come into the world on June 28, and I would probably choose the exact same one for his nursery. :-)

  83. Amara says

    I would love something inspirational to put in my office at work. I would love the phrase “And though she be but little, she is fierce” put onto a canvas to keep me motivated! At 5 feet tall, people tend to underestimate me – but they are SO wrong!

  84. Kaitlyn says

    What a neat giveaway! I’d love to get a motivational quote or a favorite mantra..possibly to give as a gift?! That painting is beautiful!

  85. Erin M says

    I just moved into a new apartment and would love something to hang on my bedroom wall- definitely a favorite quote!! :)

  86. Stephanie Abbott says

    OMGosh! So cute!! I would love the exact same thing for my little bundle arriving in October!! :)

  87. says

    I am also 25 weeks along and would love to add a beautiful work of art to the nursery wall. We are just starting to get the room ready and our colors are gray, yellow, and green. Plus, I am in love with anything in a chevron pattern. Maybe a custom saying with a chevron background? I would be in heaven and it would go great in our little boys room!
    Eryn recently posted..25 Weeks

  88. Jessica W. says

    I am currently fixing up an old house to move into in May! I would love to have a piece of artwork like this to start turning the place into a home! not quite sure what quote I’d want yet :)

  89. Shannon jones says

    I am expecting a little boy in June and I would love a customized piece for his nursery. My favorite quote is “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

  90. Ann says

    Anything related to family. When my mom was dying in the hospital, I put all kinds of pretty pieces on the walls in her room. I really think it helped her cope.

  91. Abigail says

    Yours is so cute! I’d love to have something for my new apartment when I marry my fiancé this summer- something abut love or marriage or family!!

  92. Abbi says

    I am graduating from college in May and am moving to a new city where I’m renting a house. Right now my house is soooo bare and I hate it! I would love to have a new piece of artwork to hang up in my new place to help me make it my own! I’m such a phrase girl. I’m constantly pinning motivational quotes or cute phrases!

    PS. I love the piece you had made, it will be adorable in the nursery!

  93. Amanda L says

    Such a cute piece for Baby Tooth! I’d love something for my place, to add a little more of me to my home. Some phrase or quote would be great for my boring old walls!

  94. CL says

    I’d love something to give my mom. She has given me so much, and I fear she doesn’t realize just how much I appreciate all that she does. I know everybody thinks his or her mom is the absolute best, but mine certainly is the cream of the crop :)

  95. jen says

    That is super cute! My hubby and I just got our first house and I would love to get a saying/phrase to put up over our fireplace!!!

  96. Kelly says

    I would love one with the lyric “I’ll find strength in pain” for my room…. that quote means so much to me especially after the past couple years I have had and been struggling so much!

  97. Tiffany says

    I would love to have something family oriented. For like a family wall.. maybe with my husband and little girls names.. or important dates. Love the one she did for you!

  98. Erica says

    I just had a baby boy in December and have been wanting to get something with the following phrase for the nursery, “No one will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside”

  99. Jenna says

    I would like to have a family established sign with the year we were married! Have always looked at them, but never ordered one!

  100. Kristina says

    That is such a beautiful gift for Baby Tooth! I would like to create one for my future office. I went to school to be a guidance counselor, so something inspirational would be great!

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