Fun Facts Friday {4/19}

Fridayyyyyy. Ohhh, I love the sound of that word.

With all that has been going on in the world this week, I sincerely hope that everyone is able to find some time this weekend to relax and enjoy some time with loved ones. Thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Boston, Texas, and everywhere else that has suffered tragedy this past week.


1. I am so, so thankful for borrowed maternity clothes. I’m trying SO hard to not buy many more because it just kills me to pay the money for them. I’ve been trying to get my hands on anything borrowed that I can, and my MIL recently sent over a couple bags of clothes from a friend of hers. Luckily, I was able to find a few pieces that could work, including this old Gap top that I wore yesterday with maternity leggings. Oh, and speaking of maternity leggings? They are basically the best things on the planet, and I want to live in them forever and ever, even after Baby Tooth is here.

27 week baby bump

27 weeks and growin’ right along!

I also had some fun playing around with my straightener yesterday…I’ll tell ya, the only way my hair will hold a curl for the whole day is by using the straightener. (In case you’re curious, I basically do the same method as this YouTube tutorial…only I’m not nearly as efficient or patient while doing it, and I don’t use extra product either).

2. I am so, so over hearing Justin Timberlake’s new song, Suit and Tie. The radio stations in my area have done an amazing job of overplaying it beyond belief and have totally ruined it for me. His song Mirrors, on the other hand? Totally loving that one…for now. That is, until the radio stations ruin that one too.

3. On a different note, there is one artist that I currently cannot get enough of. Yes, I’m sort of obsessed with Macklemore. Not in the “oh my gosh, he’s such a hottie” sense…it’s really just because I could listen to his music all day long.


P.S. – As a side note, that photo above came courtesy of The Berry…have any of you guys ever checked out that site?

Every once in a while I’ll pop in to see what’s on there, and it’s pretty cool. You might remember me talking about Jay’s obsession with The Chive (as evidenced by one of his Christmas gifts this past year). Well, it’s basically like a girl’s version of The Chive…it’s pretty sweet.

4. Last night, I woke up at about quarter to two in the morning and was absolutely famished. I had no good reason why I should be, since I had eaten shortly before bed. But it was so distracting that I had to get up and wound up eating a granola bar. I honestly think that is the first time during his pregnancy that hunger has struck like that in the middle of the night. Crazy.

5. Speaking of the what I ate shortly before bed last night…

chobani dessert

I made a little dessert out of a plain Chobani mixed with a couple drops of vanilla stevia, 2 tbsp of chocolate PB2 and some chocolate chips. It totally hit the spot. Cody was jealous.

6. That delicious snack from above was enjoyed shortly after finishing an after-work workout. Yeah, look at me! I was shocked too. I decided to do my Summer Sanders’ Prenatal DVD and it provided a pretty nice little burn. I’m definitely already starting to feel the difference in my muscles as I’m working out though…they get tired sooo much quicker.

7. Would you believe that at least once every couple of weeks I totally forget to put on deodorant before leaving the house? Not to worry, as I keep a spare in my desk at work, but seriously. How does it continue to happen? I have no idea either…

8. Tomorrow morning I have my monthly breakfast date with my bestie, Heather. We’re still not sure where we’re going yet…but no matter where we do wind up, I’m already trying to decide if I want an omelet or pancakes. Tough decisions.

9. I’ve been having some fun on Pinterest this week…how stinkin’ adorable is this outfit?

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest


I want to find something like that for our little guy now in the worst way. I can’t even take it.

I also found this pin yesterday and found it not only amusing, but rather fitting for Yours Truly…


Story of my life these days. 😉

I tried to come up with a 10th, but I’m fresh out of ideas. Ahh well. Have a great, great day everyone!


  1. says

    I’m laughing because this morning I forgot to put deodorant on and had to make a priority dash to CVS before our department meeting! Now I know to keep it in my desk..whoops! That Chobani concoction looks SO good, and I’ll have to test out that Youtube video as I’m so sick of straightening my hair all the time.

  2. says

    Loving the baby bump!
    And oh man, that outfit is SO adorable! I love baby clothing shopping, it’s all sorts of fun.
    I’m kind of obsessed with Mackelmore too. Such good songs.
    I’m also keeping heavy thoughts and prayers with all those affected from every tragedy occurring.
    Have a great Friday!

  3. Julia says

    Love that baby outfit, so cute! Especially the little shoes! And I totally get what you’re saying about Macklemore. We have been listening to his album nonstop for a few weeks, and last night we were lucky enough to see him live! Such a great show. If he comes near you, I highly recommend seeing him. Have a great weekend!

  4. says

    I never liked Suit and Tie, but I’m OBSESSED with Mirrors.

    Also, the recipe thing–I do it all the time. I have so many recipes bookmarked to try but none of them ever seem to come to fruition. :( Someday!
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted..Dear Body

  5. says

    You are looking so cute Courtney! I hope I am as cute are you when I (hopefully) get pregnant one day. It’s o much fun watching bloggers through their pregnancy and then seeing their little ones grow. (Kerf/Fitnessista/Daily Garnish for ex.) can’t wait to see your little handsome too! Now I’m going to go check out The Berry. Have a great weekend!
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted..Superfood Beet Cakes (Gluten-Free)

  6. Andrea @pencils and pancakes says

    I had to stop looking at The berry cause it was such a time waster ! It’s great though!

  7. says

    I actually never really liked Suit & Tie..but I do love Macklemore! I always have extra deodarant, whether that be in my car or my backpack!

  8. says

    I have hundreds of food recipes pinned, and yet I always resort back to the easiest thing! This needs to change.

    Borrowing clothes is so much cheaper, and honestly the best for clothes you won’t be in long! Hopefully you can get your hands on some borrowed clothes more often!

    That outfit! OMG how adorable!! I can’t even begin to imagine what pinning I will be doing when I am pregnant!! Haven’t gone near that category on Pinterest and that should probably remain!! Have a great weekend, Courtney!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted..And just like that!… It’s Friday

  9. Alexandra says

    Ahhh! Your baby bump is so cute! I got a Remington clipless curling wand a couple years ago and I love it. It’s the only thing that holds a curl for me and it lasts all day and even night. It’s so fast and easy too!

    P.S. Thanks for getting back to me so fast about Valentin! So excited to get some sun and pig out!

  10. says

    Straightening your hair with a straightener is some serious talent in my eyes! I have the magic wand thingy and it’s awesome. That’s the only way I can curl my hair… I am so over Justin’s Suit and Tie song, too. The radio over plays everyyyything.

  11. Olivia says

    I LOVE Macklemore! I went to his concert a couple weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing! I love how real his album is compared to some other hip hop albums lately. Definitely see him if he ever comes near you!

  12. says

    You are the cutest Pregnant person I have ever seen! Mmmm that yogurt combo looks amazing!!! I completely agree! They need to get Suit and Tie off of the radio and replace it with his Mirror song! See I don’t even know the name because they don’t play it enough! And Macklemore….ugh Amazing!
    Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns recently posted..Friday Letters #9

  13. Chelsey says

    LOVE Macklemore! I wish every song from The Heist was on the radio right now..especially loving Cowboy Boots and White Walls. Hoping to catch him live this summer :)

  14. Jennifer says

    I forgot deo every now and then as well. It was really bad when I was home on maternity leave….

    BTW, I love how baby tooth is poking out on one side, too cute!!

  15. says

    I love TheChive! Well, usually the animal posts (Cat Saturday of course!) and am the proud owner of the teal Cat Saturday shirt – and the DAR and Daily Morning Awesomeness are usually pretty good too. My hubs is also obsessed with it. I haven’t gotten into TheBerry much but might have to :)
    Katie@LifesNextBigStep recently posted..33 Weeks!

  16. Kim @ Racing Bananas says

    Love that someecard! It’s especially true since I’ve eaten PB&J’s for lunch the past three days…

  17. says

    Deodorant is overrated 😉 Hahaha I repinned that ecard last night. So perfect! I would totally be freaking out if I were you- pancakes or omelet? I say both!
    Leigha recently posted..WIAW {MIA}

  18. says

    You are the cutest pregnant lady ever. I love using my Chi to curl my hair; it’s the only way I do it now! Although, my hair is still just a littleeee too short. I end up looking like Shirley Temple if I go too nuts with my Chi.
    I’ve been adding chocolate chips to everything and anything that I can lately…it’s becoming a problem.
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..Rapunzel Wannabe

  19. Arimey says

    1) You just might be the cutest pregnant lady ever!
    2) I REALLY wish I could master the whole curling with a straightener trick… love your curls!
    3) I want maternity leggings and I’m not even pregnant :)
    4) I highly recommend Cafe Madison for your brunch date… best. breakfast. ever.

  20. says

    Oh man, dont get me started on Pinterest and pinning everything. However, I have found a wide variety of awesome workouts and recipes! I’ve never thought to add chocolate chips to my yogurt, that would be a deee-licious bedtime snack!
    I havent heard of, but I am checking it out now!
    Happy Friday!
    P.S., I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime now and I finally started my own. Let me know if you have any tips to bring readers in or whatever! Thanks!

  21. says

    You are so adorable! Lovin the belly :) I am sooo in love with Macklemore right now as well…he actually performed at my college over spring break last month, it was AMAZING! He lyrics are what really get to me, he’s not too bad on the eyes either, but he is so talented with his lyrics! I love their meanings!

  22. says

    Totally hear you on the maternity clothes ordeal. I somehow escaped pregnancy without having to purchase a single maternity piece, except for a Christmas party dress from (good maternity options)! Dresses, dresses, dresses. I bought a few that were pregnancy friendly, but could still be worn afterwards. I found I ended up having to spend $ on maternity bras after the little guy came, as I’d underestimated how many I would need!

    Also- that pinterest photo is hilariously accurate! Good find.

  23. Nicole says

    Omg! I haven’t posted before, but love reading your blog. When I saw you pict. I just wanted to hug you- how adorable! 27 weeks- it went and goes by so fast. Looking at you makes me want another one (I have 3!) the last few weeks will fly by and soon you’ll be holding your beautfuil baby boy! Congrats!!

  24. says

    hehehehehe that pin totally made me laugh out loud! I feel the exact same way by looking at all these beautiful, yummy recipes and in the end I’m just eating salad, a wrap, or something totally simple because I’m too hungry to have the patience. 😛 And that pair of booties is killing me! Toooo chic….
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..Life, Food, Winner!

  25. Becky W says

    Can you please share with me where you got your maternity leggings??? I am just a couple weeks behind you in pregnancy and I outgrew my regular leggings and can’t find any. I tried the Jessica Simpson leggings on at Motherhood but they were completely see through in the rear.


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