Baby Tooth: 27 Weeks

Okay…didn’t we just write about 26 weeks like, yesterday?

27 weeks

Sheesh! Baby Tooth is just over 27 weeks today and is about the size of a head of cauliflower.

And just for fun, here’s what I looked like in this same top at about 16 weeks


Talk about a difference, huh? Smile

Here’s what Baby Tooth has been up to this week:

  • Baby Tooth weighs almost 2 pounds and is about 14-1/2 inches long with his legs extended.
  • He’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals…yes he is! Little guy is most active between 8-10pm at night, and also seems to be pretty active shortly after I eat breakfast. Although this past week, I feel like he’s partying it up all day long.
  • He’s opening and closing his eyes, and perhaps even sucking his fingers (aww!).
  • With more brain tissue developing, your Baby Tooth’s brain is very active now.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

Weight gained: No idea, but I’m gaining…some of my pants are starting to feel a bit tighter around the thighs.

Workouts: Again…now that we’re talking about last week, I already forgot exactly what workouts happened. BUT, if my memory serves me correctly, I clocked in at about 4 for the week – some treadmill, Pilates, and cardio/strength DVD’s. Not too shabby, I’ll take it!


  • Still some stomach discomfort, but nothing crazy.
  • Still back pain, which I anticipate will be here to stay from here on out…
  • Acid reflux, that comes and goes, although I can’t seem to figure out if there’s anything in particular that causes it.
  • A bit of a bloody nose…eww, gross.
  • Still staying close friends with the bathroom.

Movement: All. The. Time. Looooove it!

Food Aversions: Shrimp still grosses me out. Hot coffee does not sound appealing either.

Food Cravings: Lots of the same from last week…Mexican, cold foods, cereal, burgers, chocolate, and carbs. Lots of carbs.

Sleep: Surprisingly well. There were even a few nights where I didn’t have to get up at ALL to go to the bathroom, which was crazy.

Stretch marks? Nada!

Miss Anything? Nothing out of the ordinary…although being able to bend over to tie my sneakers used to be a whole lot easier, that’s for sure.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Well, we’ve got our baby shower dates in place, which are both happening at the beginning of June. We also made a little extra progress on the nursery by replacing the closet doors.


All we have now, really, is to finish up the trim work, put up the chair rail, and find a ceiling fan. Other than that, it’s really just décor…which is a whole other beast of an issue.

Basically, I can’t find a set that I love. And if I do love it, it either costs more than I want to spend or comes with extra pieces that I really just don’t need. At this point, I’m actually thinking it might just be easier to purchase items separately…all I need is a quilt, a bed skirt, some sheets, and some curtains. We’ll see how that goes though…I’m not the best at having an “eye” for that sort of thing!

I’ve also recently been into looking at photos of fellow bloggers around the same time of pregnancy as me. For the most, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have one of the biggest bumps at 27 weeks out of all that I’ve seen…


I don’t quite know how to feel about that?! Baby Tooth, are you going to be a monster or what?! Winking smile

Belly Button in or out? Still in, although my major indent is getting a little shallower.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Definitely happy the majority of the time, although there was my major sob fest that happened last Wednesday. That was actually triggered over the fact that Jay was going to be gone for the weekend, and I didn’t want to be left alone…go figure!

New Baby Items: Just the little baseball onesie from Target. So cute!


Looking Forward To: Oh man, I don’t know…everything?! Nursery, baby showers, maybe actually deciding on a name (we’re STILL up in the air…), seeing just how big this baby bump grows…and FINALLY getting to see our little man

Question for the Moms:

Do you/did you feel like your bump was big/small/average throughout your pregnancy? Did it have any correlation to the size of your bundle of joy when he/she was born? Smile


  1. Sherri says

    I compare my bump to other bloggers as well! Side of Sneakers makes me feel like a total cow lol. She didn’t show until the day she had her son I think!

    I think your bump is beautiful!

  2. says

    Don’t you worry about that bump – you’re ALL bump, nothing else. Aaand sometimes people have big bumps and have tiny babies – go figure! Don’t worry, at 27 weeks we’ll compare my picture with your picture and see how it goes. 😉

    • Courtney says

      It really is crazy just HOW different everyone is…I think that’s why I find it so fascinating to compare!

  3. says

    You look properly pregnant now! Pregnant enough for people to do move out of your way, offer you your seat and perform various random acts of kindness! Enjoy it! :) You probably know already but try and avoid citrus fruits including tomatoes, fizzy drinks, processed meats and anything minty which will aggravate the heart burn. It’s most common in the third trimester due to an increase in hormones combined with the extra pressure of the growing baby! :) Caffeine and anything spicy are also ones to avoid…it might be all the Mexican!
    Shel@PeachyPalate recently posted..Epic Crepes

    • Courtney says

      Thanks…haha, no it’s just regular Old Navy! But I think yesterday was the last time I’ll be able to wear it for now…it was pretty close to showing off the belly. 😉

  4. says

    It’s so exciting. Seems like the nursery is coming along pretty well. I actually had a pretty good size bump, which didn’t help my back much, I’m 4’11” so it made me look twice as big. My little girl was born 6 weeks early and weighed 4lbs 8oz. So I guess you won’t really know what Baby Tooth will weigh until he arrives.

  5. Kathryn says

    I didn’t have a bump like yours at 27 weeks, but you’ve got that basketball broke, where I had a belly that started at my boobs and ended at my hips. When you’ve got a belly like that, the bump doesn’t look very big, lol.

  6. says

    I think EVERY woman sees their belly as bigger than everyone else’s. Totally normal. I definitely felt way bigger than my friends who were pregnant with me (and it happened around the same time as you..27-30 weeks or so). May have something to do with height. I’m only 5’2 so I didn’t have a lot of room and my waist stayed the same, so my belly protruded a lot. No correlation at all to the size of the baby. My girl was only 6 lbs. 3 ounces. Don’t worry! You are NOT having a ginormous baby, I’m willing to bet on that.
    Lauren @ Confessions of a First Time Mom recently posted..I Love You…But Get Out Of My Shit.

  7. Jessica says

    You look FANTASTIC! you’re glowing!! i do have to say, i feel like i was pretty small…people didn’t really start asking if I was pregnant until right around 7 months…but by 8 months I was big. I gained a total of like 27 pounds. you are staying so active, being so healthy so you’ll lose anything you gained right away plus that bump looks just perfect on you :)!

  8. says

    Girlfriend, your bump is perfect! It’s very similar to the size of mine at 27 weeks –>>>

    I’ve had a lot of people tell me “wow you’re big!” which is awesome (not) but at the same time I’ve had people tell me I looked “fantastic” and even some that said “you’re tiny”! It’s all relative. If there is one thing I’ve learned about pregnancy through out this journey, it’s that everyone is different! There are no two pregnancies alike, ever.

    We got our baby bedding at They have some cute stuff and we just bought a sheet and a comforter. Also, Target has some cute separates. Before I found the one I loved on I was seriously contemplating getting separates at Target too!
    Katy @ HaveYouHurd recently posted..Week 30 Update

  9. says

    I always measured anywhere from 2-6 weeks behind where I “should” have been based on fundal height. They thought the baby was growth restricted and too tiny and almost induced me for it. They even measured her twice via ultrasound and said she was small, 6th percentile. But i think the tech had it in her mind the baby was small and her “clicking” was influenced by that because she came an entire week early and 7 lbs, so not small at all! Every bump is different :)

  10. Jennifer says

    I’m 23 weeks, and I promise my bump is right about the same size as yours. People just carry differently, everyone keeps telling me that I was tiny before pregnany and so the baby had no where to hide. I’m sure the same is true with you, you look great! :)

  11. says

    I scanned a woman who was 28 weeks yesterday and her bump looked huge because she was such a skinny Minnie. Turns out the baby was only like 2 and a half pounds which is on the smaller side, so I think some women just show more than others. Plus, the fact that you stay active helps to keep the baby from getting too big.
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted..Travel Tuesdays: Luxembourg

  12. Molly Petsch says

    I agree with your thought of just buying bedding separately. We got a set and it seemed like such a waste since we don’t use the blanket or crib bumpers (we purchased the mesh one). I guess when our boy’s a little older we could use the blanket and bumper but my guess is we won’t. If I could go back, I’d just get the mesh bumper, several mattress covers and sheets and a plain crib skirt. Good luck!

  13. Molly Petsch says

    P.S. Sorry for all the unasked for advice (I wish someone would have told me all these things!) but if you didn’t get a changing table and are using the dresser, check out dresser top caddies for diapers, wipes, etc. I love ours!

  14. says

    I was told that I looked small the whole time and started measuring small at the end. Mother’s Intuition told me that it was my large torso just hiding the baby. Sure enough, he came out 21 1/2 inches long and 7 lbs. 6 oz….. Every pregnancy is so different! Just enjoy the ride.

  15. lauren says

    Haha this post was good timing for me. I’m 28 weeks, and when I saw my mom on Saturday, for the first time in two weeks, she said “Are you sure you are due in mid July?”. My sister confirmed her feelings and they both seriously asked me if I meant June…Thanks a lot family! hah..hah…
    My bump is enormous and while I have gained ~25 lbs, it is all right in front in my torso. And I’m not short either! He had a growth spurt a few months back and was too big for the NT scan, so I just don’t know what to expect. I’m getting kind of nervous he is going to be a monster too, although I wouldn’t mind a nice “sturdy” baby 😉

  16. says

    I thought I was huge at the end, and I had just a little guy at 5 lbs 7 oz! I really think the main thing is how you carry him and how he’s situated in your belly. You look so great!
    I remember feeling the same way about our nursery decor… At first I couldn’t find a set I loved and I’m not the best at coming up with my own thing either. Finally I found a set, and I was able to envision everything so much better. I say just keep looking, and I’m sure one will pop out at you soon!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Building Your Own Mouth Watering Salad

  17. Reghan says

    I thought I had a big bump but people would tell me I was small (maybe they were just being nice? lol) and my baby was 1 week early and 7lbs 1oz.
    Here is a pic to compare of mine if you want :) I had a boy too! First pic is 26w3d so that’s very close to where you are and the second pic is 30 weeks which I think I totally grew a ton in those 3 weeks!!!/photo.php?fbid=10150891432473444&set=a.429082898443.202954.502733443&type=3&theater

  18. says

    Um… you look AMAZING lady! I love the bump! And I am so with you on feeling bigger than everyone around me. I felt like the basketball took over my mid-section WAY earlier than other girls. Just embrace it! :)

  19. Gemma says

    I think you look absolutely incredible!! With my pregnancy last year I had a wee 6lb 9oz girl and I didn’t show until around 24 weeks, apparently she was nestled right in the back, I definitely wanted a bigger bump the entire time to show off my impending child & not just look like I had gone a little crazy at the buffet!! Good luck with it all, I found exercise to be absolutely crucial in a happy healthy pregnancy/ birth so you’ll be fine :)

  20. Cheri says

    It’s so hard to determine the baby size by the bump size. Trust me. My first pregnancy I got away with leggings and baggy shirts and you couldn’t tell I was pregnant. Turns out he was sitting on my spine the whole time because he was over 8 lbs. The second pregnancy I popped out really fast (they are 4 years apart so it had nothing to do with my muscles not recovering yet) and he was only 7 lbs even. I thought he was going to be huge but he seemed tiny compared to his big brother. It’s all in how the baby is positioned inside.

  21. says

    I feel like I cannot give advice since I’ve never had a child, but i enjoyed reading your recent post. You mentioned your back pain, I decided to research a bit, but I am sure you are on top of this. One of the main points i read was to sleep on your side and not on your back. Shoot this is how I sleep now and I am not pregnant.
    Have you narrowed down an names for the baby?
    Tara@PNWRunner recently posted..Tree Roots+Stretching

    • Courtney says

      Yeah, you’re not supposed to sleep on your back, so I’m a side sleeper these days.

      We have names narrowed down to about 3…we’re getting there, haha!

  22. says

    HOW are you at 27 weeks already?? Man, time is flying! You look amazing, girl. We just had our little one last week, so I’ve been MIA for a while now. But I had to come check out your blog and see how the pregnancy was going! :)

    To answer your question, I thought my bump was pretty huge, too. But I just think that everyone carries a little different, and that’s OK! And when she was born, she was a week late and only weighed 7 lbs, 4.9 oz. So she wasn’t a monster haha. I wouldn’t worry about that part! :)

    Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. I love being a mommy, but let me tell ya … it is NOT easy. Everyone says that, but you don’t know until you’re there yourself! Love ya, girl! :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Addie’s birth story

    • Courtney says

      I’ve been thinking about you!!!! So glad to hear all is well with your little lady! I can only imagine what I’m in for…but I know it’ll all be worth it! :)

  23. Lyndsay says

    Your bump is adorable! Enjoy it, I miss mine! I don’t think belly size correlates with baby’s size. I’ve had friends whose bumps were enormous but the babe came out in the 6 lb range whereas mine was small (literally people were constantly telling me I was “so tiny”, even my midwife – way to freak a mama out!) and my little man came out 7lbs 9oz… A good healthy size!


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