Weekend Dinner Roundup

Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing? How was the weekend?

We actually had a pretty great one over in our neck of the woods. Nothing too crazy, really…no big plans, no exciting events. Actually that’s semi not true…our friend Andrea gave birth to her second son last week and Jay and I went to visit her in the hospital on Saturday. Both mom and baby are doing great, and being able to get my hands on that cutie newborn just sent my itch to see our little guy through the roof. Eeeek!

But backtracking a bit…on Friday night, Jay and I took part in one of my favorite Friday night lineups: takeout and a Redbox movie.

hawaiian pizza

We ended up ordering pizza from a new place that opened up near us, which we learned about after getting their menu in the mail. The menu itself was filled with some unbelievable and crazy sounding pizzas (hot dogs and mac & cheese?!?) and we decided to go a slightly different route from our norm and ordered a Hawaiian pizza.

The flavor of the toppings was good, but the pizza itself was kind of a drag. The crust was super soggy and definitely tasted pre-made. Ahh well…you win some, you lose some, right?

Luckily, the rest of the weekend’s dinners were delicious, and surprisingly enough, I actually cooked both days. I know…crazy.

chicken florentine sandwich

On Saturday, we had Chicken Florentine sandwiches with these sweet potato fries (minus the dip). The fries were good, but the chicken sandwiches were awwwwwesome. I decided to try to replicate one of my favorite sandwiches from Lanie’s Cafe and I’d say I did a pretty decent (and probably way healthier) job of it.

chicken florentine sandwich

To make them, we simply marinated some chicken in Italian dressing, grilled them up, then topped them with provolone cheese, fresh spinach, and homemade Russian dressing. Sooo delicious.

Aaaand because we ate in on a Saturday, and because it was such a beautiful day already, I saw that as a perfect excuse to make our first trip of the season to The Snowman.

rainbow sprinkles

I love, love, LOVE me The Snowman and get so excited when it opens back up every season. It’s one of my favorite signs of spring/summer for sure. Orange and vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles the size of my face? Yes, PLEASE.

the snowman

I think Baby Tooth enjoyed the goods just as much as his mama, judging by his acrobatics that followed. 😉


Our Sunday morning started off a bit on the lazy side.


Wherever there’s sunshine, there will be Cody.

We all spent a little bit of time lounging in the living room and thoroughly enjoyed it, since many of our weekend mornings haven’t allowed us to do that lately. The rest of the day was crazy-productive both in and out of the house. We got a bunch of yardwork done, planted a couple of new plants/bushes, took down our Christmas lights (yes, I know it’s almost May. Don’t worry, we weren’t turning them on!), did laundry…you know, all the usuals.

As we worked though, we had dinner waiting for us in the crockpot.


To work on the veggie intake for the weekend, I made us some big side salads with lots of veggies.


But the real good stuff was the BBQ Pulled Pork. I used my favorite BBQ Pulled Chicken recipe, but subbed in a little less than 3lbs of nice, lean pork tenderloin for the chicken. I tend to make this recipe quite often with chicken instead of pork, usually because I feel like I can get the chicken cheaper, but pork was a good price this week so I went for it.

I just loooooove me some pulled pork.

bbq pulled pork sandwich

My eyes were a little bigger than my belly when I portioned out my plate, so I wound up eating the sandwich but gave the extra pile of pulled pork to Jay. I also really love how MUCH this recipe makes because we now not only have some for later in the week, but we also have a good-sized portion that got put into the freezer for another time. So easy peasy.


Overall, it was a great weekend with lots of good food, indeed. Today, it’s back to the grind but later this afternoon I have my 28-week prenatal appointment…which also means that today is glucose test day. Oooof. Honestly, I’m not at all worried about whatever drink I have to drink; if we’re being honest, I have no problem having to drink a sweet, fruity, sugary beverage. I just tend to get a little paranoid when it comes to getting the results back (which I know doesn’t happen for at least a week). But hey, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes. :)

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!


  1. says

    The weekend is made for those awesome meals. Looks good!
    Except for the pizza, too bad it wasn’t a winner.
    And that ice cream cone looks pretty fantastic, minus the sprinkles haha. I hate sprinkles.
    And now I’m craving sweet potato fries:)

  2. Leigha says

    I love my summer ice cream shop. Those chicken sandwiches might be happening soon! Good luck at the appointment!

  3. says

    Omgoshhhh that ice cream cone! For some reason, sprinkles make things just ten times better. I think it’s just because they are cute. lol. I’m glad you had a great weekend and got a lot of things finished. We just finally took our christmas lights down in February so you’re not the only ones!
    Lauren recently posted..Things I’ve Learned About Surgery Recovery

  4. Breanna says

    Results don’t come in for a week??? WHAT? I just had my glucose test over a week ago. I drank the drink (lemon lime). It’s pretty small – so not hard to drink. I did feel a little sick after because it’s SO MUCH sugar – but it wasn’t too bad. Anyway – they took my blood exactly an hour after I finished drinking the drink and we got my results instantly. I wonder why you wouldn’t find out while you are there?

    • Courtney says

      That’s interesting…anyone I’ve spoken to hasn’t gotten their results back right away? I get my blood drawn an hour later as well. Maybe they have to send my results out and your doc doesn’t have to? I don’t know…?

  5. Jessica says

    That picture of Cody snoozing in the sunshine is sooo cute! Yeah the Glucose test isn’t to bad, but I recommend taking a straw with you to drink it. I makes it go down much faster and you don’t taste it as much. Worked like a charm for me! :) Good Luck!

  6. Krystan says

    The drink really isn’t that bad at all…all the talk about it I was nervous, but I had no issues…maybe the hardest part is drinking in the allocated 5 minutes. I didn’t get my results instantly either, but they told me a few days, so I would think by the end of the week. Although I never got a phone call, which I am assuming is good, but I guess I will find out at my appt. this afternoon.

    • Courtney says

      Yeah they told me that they won’t call with the results unless they come back high and/or they need to do a follow up test. I will for sure be calling anyways just to be sure lol :)

  7. Nicole says

    Ahhhh, the glucose test! Don’t worry, the drink wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone made it out to be. Not something I would choose to drink on my own, but totally not horrible. I actually ended up having GD and go in for my post-partum glucose test tomorrow. I have never prayed so hard in my life that those results come back normal! :)

  8. Aubrie says

    I had mine last wednesday! The drink tasted like orange sunkist to me and I loved it :) I would though because I love sweet stuff haha so I’m assuming you won’t mind it either! Then after I found out I passed I celebrated with cupcakes and a peanut butter cup flurry!

  9. Aubrie says

    My test was Wednesday and they called me Friday! Good luck :) I made sure I didn’t eat sugar all day haha not like it probaby mattered!

  10. says

    The drink is kind of nasty but I’m sure you’ll do well if you just down it, hehe. And I can relate to your nervous feelings! It doesn’t sound like fun when moms fail the test…I’m sure your dr. advised you about what not to eat, and if I can just give you a reminder, anything like plain protein seems to be a great choice before going in. :)
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..Baby Shower #1

  11. says

    All of that food looks amazing… especially the ice cream! :)

    Good luck with the GD test today. No need to sweat it, that’s for sure! And I’m with you – the drink didn’t bother me at all. I had the orange and it tasted like Hi-C. Mmmmm

  12. Steph says

    Just had my glucose test last week. I was prepared for the worst with the drink, and I actually ended up really liking it. Ha! Just tasted like slightly flat orange soda. I got my results back the next morning, so hopefully you won’t have too long to stress over it! Good luck!

  13. says

    You lost me at that giant, DELICIOUS looking ice cream cone. Seriously, I wasn’t able to concentrate after that. Gosh, I WISH they had something like that around here….or maybe I don’t, lol!!
    Suzanne @ Mixing It Up recently posted..No Excuses

  14. says

    Orange and vanilla twist at Snowman’s is my favorite too! I just tried black raspberry and vanilla twist at Coney Island Express (Guptils) this past week and it was delicious, you should check it out :)

  15. Rachaelb says

    Mac and Cheese pizza doesn’t sound that crazy to me and it is pretty good. I guess is could be since I am from WI.

  16. says

    Wow! Everything looks delicious, especially that ice cream cone (with sprinkles! Mmmm). And that’s awesome that you have more of that yummy pulled pork to eat during the week.

  17. says

    That ice cream cone looks AMAZING! In my hometown we have a little ice cream stand called the Dari Ripple, and I always look forward to going as soon as it starts getting warm. I always get a vanilla and chocolate swirl “twinkle” cone. Twinkle is some magic combination of rainbow sprinkles, nuts, and candy and it’s incredible!


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