Reebok Leggings Giveaway {CLOSED}

How about a little giveaway action to round out the month of April?

Yeah, I thought you guys might be cool with that…especially since it’s courtesy of my friends at Reebok!


As per usual, thanks to my partnership with both Reebok and FitFluential, I received some brand-spankin’ new products this past month to test out and review.

Well, the first time I got them shipped to me, I accidentally got the wrong size so I had to send them back. Then I got the correct sizes and had to take some time to test them all out, so my review is coming, well, pretty close to the end of the month, huh?

I know these particular pieces may not look as super bright and flashy as some of their previous tops and bottoms, but I can assure you…these are all top notch, solid pieces. Check ‘em out!

1. PWR Seamless Long Bra Top from the Reebok ONE Apparel Collection.


This top features moisture-wicking PlayDry technology and wide straps with a built-in bra for extra support.


It also has some great ventilation in the back for breathability…and although none of my workouts are super strenuous these days, I’m sure I’ll appreciate that extra breathability even more once I’m back at it. Winking smile


As with just about every single top that I’ve gotten from Reebok, I really do love it. The length is nice and long and even still fits perfectly over that growing bump of mine.


And while I’m usually not a fan of built-in bras in my workout tops (I usually wear a sports bra anyways), I’m actually finding these pretty darn comfy at the moment.

2. PWR Fitted Capri from the Reebok ONE Apparel Collection.


These capris are great. They feature a nice, wide waistband and their signature PlayDry technology.


These babies were definitely staying in place during my walks and Pilates action.

3. The PWR Legging from the Reebok ONE Apparel Collection.


These leggings are great and feature fitted cuffs that help keep everything in place while you’re working out. I can attest to this…they definitely do stay put!

Aaaaaand…they still fit fairly comfortably under the bump.


Although I’m not sure just how long they’re going to be that comfy under there. Winking smile

So for this month, Reebok has offered to give away TWO pairs of their super popular leggings to two lucky STSL readers! (Open to US residents only)

Up for grabs? A pair of PWR leggings both in black AND in print.

reebok fitted legging blackreebok fitted legging print

Honestly, the printed leggings just weren’t for me, so I opted for the basic black. However, I know many of you out there are ALL about the printed leggings, so keep on rockin’ those puppies like they’re meant to be!

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me one of your workout goals for the month of May.

I’ll choose two random winners on Thursday, May 2nd. Good Luck! Smile


    • Daisy says

      My workout goal for May is to add in variety to my workout routine. I’ve been in a bit of a workout slump lately, so it will be good to switch things up.

  1. says

    I am hoping to run a 10k by June 1st. I was sick last week so that threw my training plan off, but I’m easing back into it and SHOULD be able to do 6.2 miles by the end of May!! (: I would love the print!!

  2. Dana H says

    Get started back up with Crossfit now that its nicer out (Minnesota!) YEAH!! These would be perfect 😉

  3. Heidi says

    I am running my very first races in May! A 5k on 5/3 and an 8k on 5/31! I am soooo excited (and extremely nervous) since I’m still a fairly beginner runner. My goal is to FINISH (#1) and try to beat my times during my training. I could definitely use some leggings to rock during these races :)

  4. ashley says

    I found a 30 day squat challenge that I will be doing for may! I’m curious to see what kind of difference it will make!

  5. Brooke says

    My goal for May is to just move more! That’s it! Something so simple, but seems so challenging day-to-day. :)

  6. Sarah says

    I have two 5K’s this month – a free color run for military members and their spouses (aka me!), and then a nighttime glow run 5k. After that, I’ll keep working up to a 10K! I have seen rave reviews of these leggings and would love to try them.

  7. Nikki A. says

    Wow I love the printed ones!!! One of my goals is to get better at sprinting! I joined a soccer league and am amazed at how fast I get tired out from one sprint! By the end of the season I want to be a sprinting queen!

  8. Jenna @ Crazy Healthy Fit says

    My goal for the month of May is to be able to do strict pull-ups during a crossfit workout instead of using a band for resistance. Also, I wear spandex capris to crossfit every day. You can never have enough pairs :-)

  9. Liz H says

    So cute and comfy looking!
    My goal is to stick with a routine. I feel like if I set up a time to be at the gym each day and pencil it in then I am more likely to follow through.

  10. Courtney says

    I would love to try to learn new poses in yoga. I have grown so much since I have started practicing yoga. My specific May goal: getting from crow pose directly into a low push up.

  11. tara adlard says

    May is National Runner’s Month, so I’m focusing on improving my 5K time (maybe attempt a timed-10K). I’ve also been attempting for months to do a pull up. So that is a focus now. Just one, then I can fall to the floor :)

  12. says

    I had a HUGE workout goal in April to run a half marathon (my first) in under two hours and met that goal! So now I need an equally awesome goal for May… besides to make the best guacamole possible on Sunday for Cinco De Mayo haha.
    Abby recently posted..Cinnamon Sugar Banana Bites

  13. Kelly says

    My workout goal for May is just to make sure I keep up the Couch to 5K program so that I can finish the Freighofers run on June 1st!!!

  14. Amanda says

    I hope to stay extremely motivated in May! My husband and I have planned a beach trip for the second of June, our one year anniversary!! So excited to get a way for a few days with my hubby!! I’m a teacher and I literally counting down the days until schools out and we leave! This trip is definitely pushing me to stay on track by clean eating and regularly working out!! I’ve actually just started incorporating Tracy Anderson workouts. It’s exciting to start something new and have a goal to work towards! Yah May!!!

  15. monica jones says

    to help my weight, lost both parents over 5 years both where in their 40’s, they died of a heart attack.

  16. Lisa Boyer says

    My goal for May is to get back into a regular exercise routine. I’m in nursing school and have been slacking in the exercise department due a very hectic work/school schedule.

  17. Lauren Mia says

    I have been doing a 5 minute plank for a while now, so my goal is to increase that by a minute each month! I also just recently did the 30 day squat challenge, and want to start that up again in May to get ready for summer!

  18. Kaitlyn says

    One of my workout goals is to push myself more during strength training! I always lower my #reps because I don’t think I can do it. I’ve come to the realization that I CAN, I just need to believe in myself!

  19. Kelsey Yoki says

    My goal is to tone back up with restart CrossFit and get back on track with my half-marathon training…the race is already in June and less than two months away. I injured my foot in March, so April was a month of recovery. I’m ready to be back at it and feeling good again!

  20. Krista N. says

    To stay on top of my running and workout game while I finish up wedding plans! My wedding is May 25th! :)

  21. Juliene says

    I am in the final countdown to my due date (34 days to go wahoo) with baby number 2 so my goal is to try and make it to the gym or do some physical activity 4 days a week. It definitely helped with my labor last time so I am hoping for a repeat. New pants would be great for my plans for my post baby body!

  22. Kate says

    Strangely, my workout goal for May is to scale back a bit. Working out is such a MENTAL release for me, that sometimes I overdo it on my poor bod. I’m looking to keep active, but lighten up a little bit in May.

  23. Jaimie says

    One of my workout goals for the month of May is to get back to running outdoors again in this beautiful weather!

  24. Laura says

    I’ve been seeing these everywhere and loving them!! My fitness goal for the month is to finish my half marathon in May. Injury sidelined me for a while so I am hoping that adrenaline and perseverance will get me to the finish line!

  25. Marsha says

    I just ran my first half marathon! In May I am going to continue to train for another half in June. Really hoping I can beat my time and PR!

  26. Anie says

    Ahhh, those leggings are SO cute! One of my goals for May is to complete my first 5K with my mom and sister :)

  27. Emily says

    My goal is just to get back to working out consistently. My schedule is so unpredictable, and lately, I’ve been allowing myself to use that as an excuse. But no more!

  28. Margaret says

    My goal for May is to follow my half-marathon training plan as strictly as possible so that I can hopefully PR at my half marathon on June 2nd!

  29. says

    My workout goal for May is a big one!! I had hip surgery at the end of March and only just got off crutches (today, actually). During May, I want to work up to being able (pain/progress dependent) to walk three miles. Sounds baby, but for me, it will be huge. One step at a time!

  30. Maggie says

    My goals is to do core at the end of all my workouts (so 6 days a week). Also to be better with hydration!

  31. Jenny says

    My workout goal is to have a balanced workout schedule. I want to have equal parts weights, cardio, and yoga. I get into ruts where I burn out on one type of exercise.

  32. Maeve says

    My may fitness goal is to try two new types of workouts/workout classes. I’m great about running and yoga, but i know I need to mix it up. I recently moved to NYC and I’m going to try out Bar Method and one more!

  33. kristina says

    I’m obsessed with the workouts at my crossfit gym. However, i struggle with those kipping pull ups. This may i want to finally be able to string multiples together.

  34. Marcy says

    My goal is to get back into a regular workout routine again. I started a new job about 6 weeks ago, which means different hours and a new commute, and I am having trouble getting into a new routine.

  35. Hannah says

    I just finished my first marathon this month so I’m really looking forward to get back into lifting more weights in May!

  36. Diana H says

    I’ve been out of the workout world for a little while, due to school and other priorities taking over, so for May I really want to get back into decent cardiovascular strength. My goal is simple and hopefully easily attainable, just to be able to run 4 miles (at whatever pace) straight without needing to stop due to side cramps or being tired!

  37. says

    I am training for a half-marathon in September, so my goal for the end of May is to be able to run 8 miles (either without any walk breaks or with only the briefest walk breaks). Here’s to 13.1 miles and some new leggings!
    Anne Kendall recently posted..Living Room Yoga

  38. Emily says

    I’m currently doing a 12 week weight lifting program and I’m on week 8, so my goal is to finish it up in May! Love your outfit!!

  39. sasha says

    I’m going to Field Training for the Air Force in the middle of May. So until then I hope to be able to max my pushups in a minute and improve my run time!

  40. Maria W says

    One of my workout goals is to keep up with cardio while alternating upper and lower body strength each day.

  41. heather says

    My workout goal for May is to make it through phase 3 of livefit. I love the workouts sooo much, but they are a time commitment! I’d love to make it all the way through without skipping any days.

  42. Marjorie says

    I’m in the Army and I have my Physical Fitness test in May and I want to max out on my pushups,situps, and run!

  43. Kristi says

    My workout goal for May is to workout 4-5 days a week, I know it will be very hard since I have lots going on next month!

  44. says

    Since I’m due June 4th, my goal is to just keep moving every day in the month of May! Still trying to run one mile for each week that I have remaining. :)

  45. Traci says

    one of my workout goals is to continue incorporating really slow sets of weights. you really feel the burn and it’s good to mix things up!

  46. Leah says

    My fitness goal for May is to not stress if I don’t get a workout in! I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself lately.

  47. Kelly S says

    To exercise in the outdoors at least twice a week! Now that the weather is nicer, I want to take my workouts outside and switch it up!

  48. Kerrie Murphy says

    I would love to shake up my workout routine a bit by incorporating new gym classes such as kickboxing.

  49. Adina says

    My goal for may is to go to spinning class atleast once a week. I’m new to it and have finally started to love it!

  50. Taylor says

    My month of May workout goal is to be conssitent with exercising! And staying on track and healthy! Looking forward to my graduation!!

  51. JaLynn says

    My May workout goal is to change my workout schedule so that I’ll have a routine down by the time I start summer classes.

  52. Emily says

    I’m doing a Superhero Scramble with my girlfriends at the beginning of June, so my goal is to get back into running so I can tackle the course with them!

    p.s. Loving your cute bump! You are the most adorable pregnant woman. If I look half as cute when I’m pregnant I’ll be happy :)

  53. Nicolette says

    I’ve recently started strength training, and I really want to keep getting stronger and looking more fit!

  54. Marilyn says

    I have been neglecting strength training the past few months, so I to get back on track with that at the gym.

  55. Kristin says

    My workout goals are to continue doing my insanty workout plan but to hopefully get to 7 days a week. Having a daughter in sports and working 40/hrs a week surely limits your workout time. I basically try and workout any “free” second I get .

  56. Calie says

    Going on a cruise in mid may and my plan is to get a couple track workouts on the boat in (and off in terms of sightseeing!)!!!

  57. Lisa says

    I hope to up my running mileage again after an ankle injury. Also in May, I have my first 5k! I hope to finish under or at 27 minutes!

  58. Taylor Roberts says

    I’m currently training to do a half marathon! Ive been running 6 times a week to train and working to shave time off every time with my boy friend.

  59. says

    I’ve enjoyed your blog during your pregnancy. I had a baby girl a year ago, and I have a seven year old little boy. Boys are FUN! I think the one suggestion I would make to any new mother is to implement (and stick with) a healthy eating and workout plan. You deserve it and so do your children. I lost my way somehow and find myself 70 pounds overweight. So my goal this month has been sneaking in 20 minutes of exercise daily. I’ve had to split it up into 10/10 min. but I’m hoping to increase my time to 40-60 min. Small steps.
    Amanda recently posted..Across the Table

  60. Julie says

    My goal for May is get back to running 5 miles. I decreased my miles during a busy period at work. Time to get back at it!

  61. Dani says

    I’d like to let go of the idea that I HAVE to get X many reps done or spend X amount of time at the gym and just do whatever I want when I go to the gym. I think that fitness is about staying healthy, and just being active for at least 30 minutes a day is still a great accomplishment.

  62. Jennifer L says

    I’m doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series, so my goal for the month of May is to complete all the workouts!

  63. Steph says

    My workout goal for May is to run a half marathon in less than 1 hour and 50 minutes. I’ve been working hard at it and now that the snow is finally melting in chilly Duluth, MN, it’s motivating me more and more :)

  64. Lauren says

    One of my workout goals is to take Body Pump at least a couple times during the month of May. I have gotten super into Focus Master, but I want to add more strength training into my workouts. Hopefully I can do it!

  65. Kyra says

    My fitness goal for the month is May is to workout for at least 10 minutes each day. Staying consistent is my biggest problem, so I’m keeping it short! Plus, every minute counts :)

  66. Amanda L says

    Those leggings look awesome!! One of my main goals is to try and change up my workouts more, I just keep doing the same things over and over again and both my body and mind are getting pretty tired of it I think

  67. Lindsay says

    My goal is to become a morning exerciser! May is just so busy, I need to make sure nothing gets in the way of my workouts.

  68. Rowen says

    As simple as it sounds, just to get to the gym 3x a week! I’ve just gotten a full time summer job and it doesn’t fit with my usual workout schedule … some adjusting is needed and I really just want to make sure I get to the gym!

  69. Marty says

    My goals are to increase my weight during strength training sessions and decrease reps. Want to challenge myself.

  70. Kaitlin says

    My fitness goal for May is to set a PR in a half marathon I’m running on the 11th. These capris look awesome… I would definitely wear these a lot!

  71. Melissa says

    When I take days off from working out, I can be really lazy sometimes! Now that it is nice out I want to make a point to be active in some way every day of the week!

  72. Lindsey says

    My major goal for May is to workout consistently the entire month with a mix of cardio and strength. I tend to start slacking when the weather gets nice.

  73. Karleen curran says

    I NEED some new workout clothes bad. Any new motivation to lose the 10lbs I gained since last summer to be able feel comfortable in my bikini this year:)

  74. Christine says

    AHH! I love both the pants :). My goal is to make it to the gym 4-6 times a week and be more consistent with getting in both cardio and weight training!

  75. Meghan M says

    I am slowly easing back into workouts after having surgery and my goal is to be back at kickboxing by the end of May! I could use some pants that stay in place and a top that covers the ones that don’t :)

  76. Allison French says

    My goal is to sign up for a half marathon. I find it easier to run a half marathon than actually registering for it :-)

  77. Alli says

    Random goal, but I haven’t been able to do a pull up since high school and I really want to be able to do one (or more)!!

  78. Isis says

    My May goal is to exercise in the mornings and try to incorporate more strength training to build a strong core!!

  79. Megan S. says

    My workout goal is to work out consistently 6x a week with a focus on lifting and HIIT to hopefully wittle my middle within the next 2 months before my wedding!

  80. Julie P. says

    My May goal is honestly just to keep doing what I’m doing :) I’ve been averaging workouts at least 5 days a week for at least one hour per session!

  81. Chelsea @ Crazybullies says

    For May I want to be more consistent, I’ve been trying harder but I plan on making it a priority for May and here on out!

  82. Rebecca says

    I am hoping to do a 10k in mid-May! I love long distance racing and running but have been battling some pesky injuries for going on 2 years and this will be my first race in almost 2 years. I am beyond excited for it, but trying to stay smart with building mileage and speed slowly!!

  83. Stacie M. says

    My goal for May is to start doing some speed workouts to get myself ready to run the NY Marathon in November!

  84. Taryn says

    My fitness goal for May is to get into a regular running routine and to stop making excuses as to why I can’t run… like today when it was “too windy”!

  85. Natasha says

    Stretching! I am awful at stretching and am worried it’s going to come back to haunt me if I don’t start soon!

  86. Megan says

    My goal is to start running. I love all types of work outs but running has always intimidated me for some reason.

  87. Aria says

    One of my goals for May is to be able to run most of a 5k since I’m training to run my 1st half marathon in September!

  88. LINDSEY F says

    I just joined a yoga studio for an unlimited month of classes. I am hoping this will get me mentally and physically balanced and in shape for spring :)

  89. Ashley K says

    My workout goal is to be able to run at least 3 miles. I haven’t entered a 5K but I want to be able to run it on my own and feel self-satisfied!

  90. Kris J says

    Started my goal “50 by 50” on January 1. Lost 34 so far, need to hit the rest by September when I hit age 50. :)

  91. Emily says

    My goal is to work out my abs three times every week of May! That may not sound very ambitious but I haaaaate core work, so it’s a struggle 😉

  92. says

    My personal workout goal for the month of May is to increase the number of pull-ups I can do. I can do 8 neutral grip pull ups, and I want to be able to do 10 by the end of the month.
    Alex M recently posted..2013 Goals

  93. says

    To go to the gym at least 3 days a week (instead of the zero days I do now). Thinking the new pants would be a great motivator (as well as a great bday gift — my bday is May 2nd)!

  94. Erin says

    I am going to add more yoga into my rotation. The last couple of months have been very hard for me, and I need the calm that yoga brings me. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  95. Julissa says

    I want to get back on track with a workout routine. Since I’m in school during the week, workouts sometimes only happen once or twice a week… with finals and SUMMER (!!!) coming up, it’s time to get back to it :-)

  96. Erin says

    My workout goal is to Start running again. To do that I need to work on rehabbing my foot with stretches and ice!

  97. says

    Those printed pants look super cool – I wonder if I could pull them off lol

    This may I would love to get a couple rides on my road bike in. The weather is perfect and there’s no better time to get over my fear of road biking than the present!

  98. Sarah says

    My workout goal for May is to make it to the gym at least 4 days a week so that I am ready and toned for the summer!

  99. Lindsay says

    My May fitness goal is to do MOVE outside every day! It’s getting so beautiful out, so I’m hoping to get in at least 30 mins of walking a day!

  100. Tori L says

    Definitely making sure I’m consuming enough water to balance out all the sweat I’m losing during workouts!

  101. Christine says

    i am doing “100 mile may” – as the name implies, my goal is to run 100 miles in may! thanks for the giveaway :)

  102. Rachel says

    My workout goal for May is to come up with a workout schedule and stick with it! No letting stress get in the way of workouts.

  103. Rachel says

    My goal for May (and all of summer!) is to start running more! I’d also like to PR in the 5k I’m running!

  104. Natalie P. says

    My workout goal for May is to finish strong my training for my 5 mile race, meet my goal time and then continue running every possible day I can!

  105. Erin says

    I ran a half marathon last weekend and just beat my goal time — now it’s time to set my sights on a full!

  106. Stacy S says

    My goal for May is to cut my 10K time, running under a 8:50 average pace – just last year at this time I was running it at a 10:00 average pace and I am so close to my goal!

  107. Michele says

    Goal is to really switch up my workouts – going to a different class each day. So far this week I’ve done SPX, Spin, Metabolic Conditioning, and went for a run :-)

  108. Mackenzie says

    My goal is a half marathon PR this upcoming weekend! My mileage has not been very high due to the extended winter weather, but I have started crossfit a few months ago so I’m interested to see how that has impacted my fitness level.

  109. Colleen says

    My goal is to run more consistently and try to get my bootie out of bed to run in the AM! I hope to PR at my 5th 1/2 marathon in June!

  110. Dallas says

    My work out goals for May is different than usual…I am always up for going for a run so much that I usually run myself to the ground and end up with injuries. This month, however, I am working on cutting back the running and adding in other forms of exercise such as yoga and Pilates.

  111. nicole says

    I’m due with my first baby in July too, my goal for the month i to try and continue with regular exercise. I love that you can wear these pieces with or without a baby on board!

  112. Amber says

    My may workout goal is to finish the 30 day squat challenge. I’ve seen some amazing results floating around Pinterest.

  113. says

    -hit my goal weight (I am recovering from an eating disorder-1 more lb!)
    -spice up my runs with more speed training vs always endurance
    -more strength training instead of only cardio

  114. kayleigh says

    not totally sure if this “counts” as a fitness goal, but i think so! i want to learn how to ride a bike (never did as a kid!) because i will be living in Uganda this summer and think it will probably be quite helpful!

  115. Lauren says

    I’m coming back from an minor injury so my goal is to up my miles again by the end of May. I’ve missed running so much!

  116. Caylin says

    I want to focus more on strength training and give my running legs a rest. Toning up a little for summer is great motivation!

  117. Jackie says

    One of my goals is to incorporate more strength training into my workouts. Would love to do this wearing some awesome leggings : )

  118. Claire says

    My goal is to go to a yoga class at least twice a week, and I’m working to get my 5K time below 28 minutes!

  119. says

    My workout goal for May is to fully enjoy each and every workout because I’ll be doing what feels right for me that day and what makes me feel good! Besides all the health benefits and fit bod we get from working out, I try to choose workouts I love that make me WANT to do them and fully enjoy it!

    Les Mills Bodyflow and Vinyasa Yoga classes are my all time favorites but I’ve been going to Barre classes the past few weeks and I’m wanting to stick with that too for May!

    LOVE the apparel :)

  120. says

    I am hoping to try my first half marathon in the coming year! I have a friend who has done several and I want to train for one too! I’m also LOVING pure barre- and ballet bar classes in general, so hoping to find more DVDs besides just Pure Barre, maybe Physic 57 or another to fall in love with. I have a ballet bar attached in my apartment and some weighted balls, so I’ve got the set-up just need the DVDs!
    kelsey recently posted..Wheat berry & Caramelized Brussels Sprouts Salad.

  121. Jessica Street says

    My goal for my is to incorporate yoga and Barry’s Bootcamp into my weekly routine and tone up my arms. Love the capris!

  122. *Andrea* says

    my workout goal in may is to get in 30 minutes of exercise at least 2 times monday-friday. this has been so hard for me lately due to my intense work travel schedule

  123. Vanessa C. says

    One of my workout goals for May is to practice more yoga!!! Everytime I do it I feel amazing, yet I never seem to count it as a “workout”…I need to get out of that mindset for sure!!! :)

  124. Emily says

    One of my workout goals for the month of May is get in at least 2 good cardio workouts a week. I’ve been doing so well with strength training and cardio has gone out the window!

  125. Sunny says

    I’m trying P90x for the first time and I can barley run on the treadmill for more then 5 minutes….we’ll see how far I get with the P90x. :-)

  126. Tracey says

    My fitness goal is to incorporate more yoga into my workouts! I have no problem running or strength training, but love the feeling and flexibility that yoga gives me.

  127. Michelle F says

    During the month of May my focus is on taking my workouts to the next level and challenging myself by stepping out of my comfort zone, such as running outdoors more in spite of my feelings about running when it’s warm/hot, upping my weights during BodyPump class, and trying something new like trail running!

  128. Emily says

    My goal is to get back into a regular running routine! I have been letting life get in the way more often than I like!

  129. Jackie says

    My fitness goal for the month of May is to finally bite the bullet and sign up for my first half marathon this fall! I also plan to continue with a regular exercise routine with a variety of cardio & strength training!

  130. ellie says

    I just started running with a new guy- he is into milage- we have run up to 11 together but I want to push 15 by the end of May

  131. Jamie says

    Continue to teach 5-6 spin classes a week.. (will be entering my second trimester this month!!!) I hop off the bike quite a bit but teaching feels good and gives me energy!

  132. Jenny says

    I am volunteering for Girls on the Run as a running buddy. My goal for May is to keep running 3x a week so I can finish the 5K with these speedy girls!

  133. Kelsey says

    With my graduation quickly approaching and a summer full of simply job searching, my goal is to make time this month for plenty of great outdoor long runs! May mornings in Georgia are perfect to get out before the heat of the day kicks in!

  134. Samantha says

    Now that the weather is nicer my goal is to start running longer distances outside to train for my next 1/2 marathon!

  135. says

    My workout goal for the end of may is to squeeze in a workout 4 days a week. Ive been busy with school and need to get back on track! Love the black leggings but would totally rock the printed as well:)

  136. Angelee says

    I hit my April goal today! Increase in weight on my bicep curls! Yay! For May, I’d like to focus for on leaning out to show all my hard earned muscle =P

  137. Melanie says

    I want to try some new exercise classes at my gym and walk more outside now that it’s warming up!

  138. Dawn McKeown says

    I’m training for the Tough Mudder so one of my goals for the month of May is to be able to do 5 pull ups.

  139. Suz says

    My goal is to get more yoga in and a run at sunset time once a week. Im doing my masters and it is so easy to get super tight spending way to long at a computer and the yoga and the ocean at sunset are my sure fired methods to keep me balanced. By the way congrats I LOVE hearing about Baby Tooth

  140. Riley says

    My goal is to start back having a wide range of workouts( classes, strength training) rather than just cardio!

  141. Amy says

    Move everyday! Whether it’s pilates, cycling, dancing, running, or lifting I want to make sure I am active even with a busy school schedule. (:

  142. Carissa says

    Get back to the C25K schedule I started in March. April got me side tracked between being sick and crummy weather.

  143. Ann-Marie Kelly says

    Finally finish C25K once I get my finals out of the day, and then make a start on B210K! I also want to sign up for some fun new summer classes in the gym :)

  144. Megan says

    My goal for May is to do more yoga… It’s not my favorite, but I know it’s good for my mind and body.

  145. Hania says

    To survive the squat challange, starting with 20 on monday, then 30, 40, (…) and the break on sunday! adding 10 every week, second week starting with 30, 3rd: 40 and 4th: 50 :)

  146. Erin says

    My workout goal for May is to run in my 3rd Half marathon on the 11th. So I will be running a LOT!

  147. Alicia says

    My workout goal in May is to start incorporating more strength exercises into my running routine! I’ve injured my knee in the past, and I want to work on prevention of injuries this month.

  148. Barbara says

    My workout goal for May is to be able to do five full push ups on my toes (no more knees)! Tank top arms here I come!

  149. Sheila says

    I would like to try a yoga class…finally – it is the one type of workout session i keep putting off

  150. Angie N says

    My workout goal for May is to continue weight training two times a week plus cardio five days/week

  151. Erica says

    I’m hoping to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine this month. These pants would be perfect!

  152. Heather says

    My goal is to continue to go to the gym at least 4 times a week since I’m battling the first trimester exhaustion. Working out 5-6 times a week used to be nbd, but now finding motivation each day is a struggle.

  153. Sue says

    My fitness goal for May is to start moving more. I originally lost 90 pounds and was exercising every day and I’ve gotten out of that habit and want to start again. New workout clothes would be great.

  154. Bekah says

    To CHANGE-UP my workout…I fall into the run 3-6 miles, lift the same weights, 50 crunches/plank, call it a day routine. I’d love to incorporate some HIIT workouts and different classes.

  155. Sara says

    I am recovering from a stress fracture so my goal is to be running again, pain free, by the end of May!

  156. Olivia K. says

    My goal for May is to continue to get back into running after my injury earlier this year (the low distances are quite discouraging) and to keep up the strength training I have started since being injured!

  157. Jackie says

    My workout goal for May is to try a barre class and join different group activities with the weather getting warmer

  158. JAmie says

    One of my goals for the month of May is to finally get a bodyweight clean! I’m about 10 lbs away right now, so with some hard work it’s definitely doable!

  159. Caroline says

    My goal is to keep getting up early to workout every morning, especially when I start getting closer to finals week!

  160. Michele Dick says

    My workout goal for this month is to do Pilates everyday, even if it a 10 minute video.

  161. Lindsay says

    My goal is to incorporate more yoga into my weekly workouts. I always forget how awesome I feel after.

  162. Julie says

    I am trying to create more entertaining and fun workouts for the month of May…maybe more outside walks when the weather is so nice!

  163. Dania says

    My workout goal for May is to start toning up my abs. I do biking, walking and jogging and free weights for my arms, but I never do abs. No better time than now to start doing them, especially with bathing suit season coming up.

  164. Aimee M says

    I have a few workout goals for the month of May, but the one I’m most excited about is to do a three minute plank!

  165. Andrea says

    My workout goal for may is totally to do more runs and workouts outside! The weather is finally starting to get nice :)

  166. Taylor says

    My goal is to run a couple of 5k races- why not work out and support good causes while doing it?!

  167. Christina says

    My go is to try to run 4 days a week. I’m running in a 10 mile race at the end of the month so just trying to stay motivated and train hard! I’m hoping to Beat my previous time in the same race, it was 4 years ago!

  168. Jessica W. says

    My goal for the month of may is to tone up and lose a few more pounds before my wedding in June!

  169. Carol T. says

    My goal is to get back to working out at the gym atleast 3 times per week. New workout clothing would be a great motivator….

  170. Barbara says

    My workout goal for May is to run my first 5K, and I’m doing it with my son (who is 15 … it will be his first 5K too) on May 19th. We are doing it together in honor of it being the month of Mother’s Day!

  171. Irene says

    One of my goals is to do more yoga. It makes such a difference in how I feel on a day to day basis!

  172. Shay M. says

    My workout goal is to be smart about my knee injury and let it heal so I can start running again and be able to run my first half marathon

  173. Amanda says

    One of my workout goals for May is to incorporate more yoga into my weekly workout routines.

  174. Jessica says

    My goal is to start incorporating more outdoor running into my fitness routine now that it is getting nice out!

  175. Alexandra says

    I have been really into weight-lifting this year and would like to start running a bit more. It is definitely nice “alone time” but I tend to get bored during. Hopefully I can change that soon!

  176. Emily H says

    I’m running my first 5k this month! I have been working on my running endurance and I’m excited to participate in a run with friends!

  177. says

    My fitness goal for May is to increase my weight lifting/strength training. I am a cardio junkie and often let weights fall by the wayside.

  178. Katie says

    I want to get stronger and more toned this May – two vacations in the upcoming months that I want to look great for :)

  179. Jennifer says

    My May goal is to keep working out/walking at least 3 times a week until this baby pops out at the end of the month :)

  180. Hannah says

    I’m looking at running a half marathon in June, so I want to be able to run 12 miles by the end of May!

  181. says

    My workout goal is to really get back into the swing of things – I’ve been busy and therefore slacking off, but I want to get back into my regular routine. It’s time! :)
    Lindsay recently posted..6 years.

  182. Jessica says

    My workout goal is to walk more — 3 times while at work on my lunch then 3-4 times outside of work. I am preggo and have an 8 month old so I need to keep my stamina and energy levels up!! Hopefully getting otuside will help with this!

  183. Jennifer @ Healthy Wifestyles says

    My May fitness goals are to complete the Tone It Up Bikini Series and finish training for my 50 mile bike race in Saratoga on June 2nd!

  184. Summer says

    I work full time and am a student, so my workouts have been falling by the wayside with the end-of-year insanity. My goal is to just get back into “regular workout mode”- no more of this 2-3 days a week nonsense :)

  185. Morgan says

    One of my workout goals for May is to start correcting some of my muscle imbalances to get my weaker muscles up to speed!

  186. Ashley N. says

    My workout goal for May is to actually USE the two Jillian Michaels DVDs I purchased last month. :) Also I’d like to start running and training to do a 10k this summer!

  187. Amy says

    My goal is to get back to the pool and swim more! Just ran a half marathon and looking to stay active but reduce the running.

  188. Helen says

    My goal for the month of May is to lose a few pounds! My boyfriend has been gone for 10 months on a deployment in Afghanistan. While he has been gone, I made it my personal goal to get down to 130 pounds. So far, I have went from 152 down to 139. I have been working so hard and even accomplished a bucket list of learning how to run (yes learning) and doing a 5k. Not just any 5k, a military style obstacle course mud run 5k ;).

  189. Katherine says

    My May goal is to get outside! I’m from MN, and we have had the longest winter ever – 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow – ugh we are so over it.

  190. Ellie says

    My goal for this month is to get faster! I’d like to set a 5K PR and haven’t been pushing myself in the speed department. I’m looking to challenge myself and go beyond my comfort zone! Happy May :)

  191. Heather says

    I haven’t been running as much as I would like to so I want to get back into my running groove!

  192. Carly says

    My workout goal for May is to get a personal trainer who can start me on a new strength training regime! I love strength training but I’m stuck in a rut with my old routines. Can’t wait for a new plan… and new gear for it! 😉

  193. Sarah S says

    I just joined a new gym and I am attempting to try out as many classes as I can. I want to get into cycling to help alleviate the pain in my knee so I can start running again!

  194. Nicole says

    My workout goal for May is to keep on training for the Fargo Marathon Relay on May 18th! My 11 month daughter has been included in my runs this year and is my motivation and cheerleader!

  195. Jackie W says

    I have races (a 12 k and a 5 miler) the first two weekends in May, but my goal is to keep up my regular running/exercise routine AFTER those first two weeks.

  196. TaranVB says

    My workout goal for the month of May is to keep up my walking routine and maybe get into some prenatal yoga dvd’s. 28weeks here also and I love comfy things for the bump these days!

  197. Leigha says

    Leggings are my best friends!! I have my first half marathon in may so I guess just want to finish!

  198. catherine says

    I’ve been trying oh so hard to get into running and i’m trying to push myself a little longer and a little faster each day!

  199. Julie W says

    One of my fitness goals for May is to start incorporating new exercises into my routine, and doing more tabata-like circuits for something different and challenging. I’m beginning to get into a workout rut and new and challenging things always help keep me focused.

  200. Brittany says

    One of my workout goals for the month of May is to get back into a 5am class at the gym at least once a week!

  201. Chelsea says

    My goal for May is to get back to strength training I can really tell how letting that slide has affected my running form!

  202. Christina says

    I am SUCH a cardio queen, so my fitness goal for May is to stay consistent with lifting 3-4 days per week.

  203. Lisa C says

    I want to make it to Core Power Yoga’s sculpt class 3 times a week. It is the BEST workout, and it really is fun!

  204. Samantha says

    My goals for may are just to exercise more. Growing a baby has made me so tired that I mostly want to sleep when I get home from work. Now that I am 16 weeks my engery is slowly coming back and I’ve been making a point to walk and get some weights in. But new workout gear that fits would be amazing!

  205. Missy says

    My goal is to loose the last few pounds of baby weight after delivering a year ago and I only have a few more to go, so these great workout clothes would make the gym trips that much easier! :)

  206. Holly says

    I have to do two …
    – I want to take full advantage of the nice weather and spent lots of time doing outside activities
    – Work on bar and ring muscle ups so that I can complete 1 correctly


  207. Sarah C says

    My goal for May is to cut out sugar! And to get in 5 workouts a week 😉

    P.S. Your baby bump is super cute!

  208. Liz says

    I’m running my first 10k at the end of the month so I hope to keepup with my training plan so I can rock it!

  209. Minnie says

    my goal is to do a 5k. i have kind of a commitment-phobia…when working out so i’ve never been able to sign up for a races…(5k’s…10k’s…eekkk) bc im scared of not being able to actually finish the race. :) but i want to make it a goal to sign up for one and start “training” haha :)

  210. Hannah says

    For May, I’m cranking thing up a notch at at least 3x’s a week going to do “2-a-day May”! Two workout sessions each day, to get the extra edge before Memorial Day Weekend bikini time!! Lots of strength training to tone everything up

  211. Rachel says

    Those look so comfortable! I want to try more yoga in the month of May and would love to wear the leggings :)

  212. Darci says

    I am currently training for a half marathon so my workout goal for the month is to stay on track with my training schedule!!

  213. LaurenMM says

    I recently worked up the courage to do a box jump – what is it about that box that is so intimidating!? My goal is to do 35 box jumps in 1 minute by the end of May.

  214. Anna Leeson says

    Since the weather warms up a significant amount in May, I’m looking forward to being able to run outside again!

  215. Ally says

    I am completing Jamie Eason’s Livefit trainer so my goal is to finish that strong!! I would like to complete the second phase again to continue gaining muscle!

  216. Courtney says

    My workout goal for May is to start training for my second half marathon! I’m hoping to run it 15 minutes faster this time!

  217. Kate says

    My May goal…get over this dang knee injury and return to my 6/week workout routine. Doc says I can start slowly this week!

  218. Kristen P. says

    I am going to Mexico at the end of May for a girl’s trip and I am working my butt off to try and look/feel good in my bikini :)

  219. Lori J says

    I’m working up my mileage again after an injury during a half marathon. Hoping to get up to the 8 mile mark this month!

  220. says

    I would love to win these. We are between semesters so I will not be teaching Zumba 2x/ day. My goal for May is to workout every day, even if it is just a 30 minute walk outside. I find it very challenging to workout when I have a schedule that is not consistent.

  221. Danielle Gardner says

    My workout goal for the month of may is to do morning workouts Mon- Fri. I am more of a lunch or pm workout person. I get in my workout everyday regardless, but feel much better when I do it first thing in the morning. I am hoping to make it a habit and get in the routine of doing my workouts every morning!

  222. Jessica says

    I’m happily getting back into my fitness goals with more strength training and better eating! Here we go May!

  223. Felicia says

    My workout goal for May is to finish a 5k obstacle course AND perform at least one set of lateral raises with 10 lb. dumbbells. (Yikes!)

  224. Corina says

    My goal for the month of may is to tone up my booty for that summer swimsuit screaming my name from the closet!

  225. Katie E. says

    My goal is to be able to fit in my summer clothes and bikinis by the time I go to the beach in a few weeks!!

  226. Mandy G says

    I haven’t been able to crack my 3x/week routine at the gym for the last couple of months so I’d like to push myself again and make it at least 4x/week in May.