Where To Go?

So here we are…the last day of April already. I feel like I say this same cliche stuff every. single. month., but I really do swear that April absolutely FLEW by. I mean, wasn’t it just March?!

Luckily, I have no problems with time flying these days since I kinda have some fun and exciting things on the horizon if ya know what I mean. And I’m pretty sure that May is going to be a pretty awesome month, too. While our schedule isn’t too jam packed (yet), Jay and I are planning on taking a little Babymoon sometime in the month of May. Now, if we could just figure out WHERE to go…

See, here’s the thing. You know that adventure map that we have?

Well, we’re trying really hard to pick a state to travel to that we haven’t already been to (together). Since we want to keep things within driving distance, that basically narrows us to the northeast, so here’s what we have left to hit up nearby:

  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maine

I actually put a call out on Facebook a couple of weeks ago asking your recommendations, and quite a few of you had great things to say about NH, RI, and the Cape.


So I think right now we’re trying to decide between somewhere in New Hampshire or Rhode Island, but we’re feeling a little lost on where to start looking. I’d love to go somewhere with a cute downtown area, with lots of fun shops and good restaurants. Preferably somewhere that has a nice body of water nearby? So if anyone at ALL has any recommendations on where to go and/or where to stay, please send ’em my way. I’m all ears! :)


SPEAKING of Babymoon stuff and Baby Tooth…the Baby Tooth page was updated this morning!

Also good news, is that yesterday’s doctor’s appointment went great. Doc said my measurements and weight gain were right on target (she even used “perfect” to describe them), baby’s heart rate was beating away in the steady 140’s, and the glucose test drink was pretty damn delicious. Not gonna lie. For those of you who said the orange tasted just like the orange Hi-C drink from McDonald’s? You were soooo right. YUM.

As for the results, they said I can call back in about a week to find out, because they wouldn’t contact me if everything was okay. BUT, me being me, I’m going to be calling. 😉 Now, for the next couple of visits, I’ll be heading back every two weeks instead of four…we’re getting down to the wire!


Oh. Aaaaand because this blog is supposed to be somewhat about food too, I have a couple of things to share with ya today…including this delicious salad I had for lunch yesterday.


I was making an effort to go easy on any extra sugar yesterday before the appointment, so I figured a salad would fit the bill. Lots of veggies, feta cheese, and a couple slices of turkey. Tasted delicious…despite the fact that all I wanted was sugar because I told myself I couldn’t/shouldn’t have it.

See…this is why I don’t cut out food groups…no bueno for me.

Dinner last night was courtesy of my in-laws, since we headed over to their house last night. I had to laugh after seeing this picture because it looks like I have about three whole bites of food on my plate.


But honestly, those plates were huge and the meal was plenty to fill me up. Nevermind the fact that we also had pretty generous bowls of ice cream for dessert (Edy’s Slow Churned Caramel Delight Light ice cream…SO good)…I certainly did not leave hungry. 😉

Alright, time to head to work my friends. Hope everyone has an awesome last-day-of-April!


  1. says

    Ohh a tough call on where to go next!
    Um, I’d say Canada but I guess that’s a bit far 😉
    I’d go with the Cape.
    I can’t believe the last day of April is already here too, so crazy.
    Lisa recently posted..April Favorites

  2. Tracey Leffler says

    Bristol, RI or Newport, RI would be my suggestion. Both have adorable downtown areas, great restaurants and are on the water.

  3. Donna Boudreau says

    I’m in Massachusetts so I’ve been to NH, the Cape and RI all on vacation. The Cape is really nice but everything is really spread out so you have to plan on driving everywhere. I love Newport, RI. I’ve stayed at the Hyatt several times and it’s really nice and it’s close to the downtown area where there is lots of little shops and tons of restaurants. They even have transportation from the hotel if you’re tired, even though the walk is not far at all.

  4. kelsey says

    Porthsmouth NH!!! Its perfect!! Tons of little downtown shops including a cute coffee shop. Its local to quite a few tourist spots. And The Oar House is a fantastic restaurant with harbor cruises at sunset right next door! I fell in love with that town when I ended up there on accident a couple years ago.

  5. Sarah says

    Newport, RI. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. I’ve vacationed there at least 20 times and it only gets better. It has a great Main Street, Thames Street, that has an abundance of shoppes and restaurants. The Newport Mansions are also beautiful and you can take tours (does get a bit expensive) of some of them. It’s also right on the ocean and the beaches are great as well!

    Phew, that was lengthy. Guess I am a huge fan of Newport!

  6. says

    newport rhode island is beautiful and has such a cute town with fun shops and places to eat! I also love portsmouth, nh. It is also a really cute town with lots of good places to eat! I would overall recommend newport over nh though mainly because my grandparents live there and I’ve grown up there :) the beaches are beautiful and its fun to go on the cliff walk, which is about a 5 mile long walk along the ocean where all the old mansions are located
    chelcie @ chelcie’s food files recently posted..Cauliflower Fried “Rice” with Chicken

  7. Sarah says

    I LOVE PA!!!! I usually love to stay in Lancaster (soooo nice)- but not gonna lie, Hershey Park is the kicker for me. I only go when PMS takes its toll though- yeah, justification.

  8. says

    I’ve actually never been to the the Northeast, but I’ve heard great things about Acadia National Park in Maine. It’s suppose to be beautiful with lots of quaint towns nearby. It sounds like you’ve already eliminated Maine, but you might want to give it another look!
    Natalie @ Free Range Human recently posted..Sunshine On My Shoulders

  9. Nicole says

    Def Newport, RI. Perhaps I’m biased, but it is one of ny fave places in the northeast. It is just so beautiful and there is so much to do if you want to. I’ve been 3 or 4 times over the past few years, and it never gets old! Between the cliff walk, Mansions, great shopping and restaurants, a great downtown, the marina, and only a few hours from Alb, it seems perfect for what you’re looking for! Of course, if you’re looking to relax, they have some of the best sunsets over the marina – the hotel we stay at each year has big adirondack chairs on their back patio area, and it is just so peaceful :)

  10. Delaney says

    Hi Courtney! Everyone has given you really great suggestions. Based on what you’re looking for, either Portsmouth or Newport would be perfect! Both have adorable downtown areas and a lot of great restaurants. However, I’m pretty sure Newport has more access to water and beaches, including a “cliff walk” that is right along the ocean. The mansions are really cool to see, too… I’d say Newport has more to do. If you end up choosing Newport, I always make sure to have a visit to Brick Alley Pub, one of my favorite pubs; their food is great! Good luck!!

    • lauren says

      I second the Brick Alley Pub. They have a lot of great stuff, but I always associate it with the super awesome nachos we had there a few summers ago.

  11. Traci says

    I’d second Portsmouth, NH (such a cute town with a lot of fun shops/restaurants/and waterfront) or Newport, RI. I’ve also heard Booth Bay Harbor in Maine is beautiful.

  12. says

    We are planning our honeymoon now and it can be so overwhelming trying to pick a new place to go! It seems like you have some great recommendations though. I have never been to those areas so I am excited to see where you choose :)
    Karen @ Runner Girl Eats recently posted..Pity Party of 1

  13. Lindsey says

    Love Newport, RI this time of year. Tons of shops and places to just walk around, plus it’s always fun to walk through the old mansions. If you need a dinner stop on the way Sophia’s Tuscan Grille in Warwick is amazing!

  14. says

    I love the idea of visiting a state nearby, within driving distance. It’s easy to forget how much each state has to offer! I would love to visit more of New England, for sure. I’ve also heard great things about RI. Oh, and don’t worry about ever making it to PA. I’m from there and although there are some nice areas, it’s not really that exciting 😛
    Gracie recently posted..oh hey el lay.

  15. Brianne Porter says

    Without a doubt, Newport, Rhode Island!! Small, little town with a super cute downtown area, beaches, amazing views, cliff walk hiking, lots of shops, great seafood (lobstah rolls!!) and mansions to tour. I am from RI and recently took my in-laws to visit up there and they said it was one of their most favorite places they had ever been.

  16. Kaitlyn says

    I grew up in Newport, RI and it is the most beautiful little tourist town!!! I am a little biased, but it is also true :) I would recommend going before memorial day (when it gets super duper crowded with tourists), but there are tons of beaches, some beautiful mansions to tour, lots of cute shops, amazing restaurants….it really is a wonderful, beautiful town. Please consider it! Let me know if you have any questions or want to know more!!!!!!!

  17. Meghan says

    Newport, RI! There is such a great variety, wonderful restaurants- Brick Alley Pub!, lots of little boutiques, candy and ice cream stores, and really beautiful beaches. I love it there, everything is so historic and charming.

  18. Melissa says

    I rarely comment on blogs, but wanted to mention how much I LOVE Newport! My husband and I are going there for a work conference in July and I cannot wait. The restaurants are fantastic, you can take a romantic (sunset) sail boat ride at a reasonable price, the water and beaches are great and it’s probably less than three hours from Albany. I also think it’s more of a ‘walkable’ area than Cape Cod — I’ve been there too and I feel like you have to drive to most places. I wasn’t nearly as impressed with the area as I was with Newport.

  19. says

    Come to Pittsburgh 😉 It’s actually very nice this time of year. But in all honesty I’d probably pick somewhere along the coast, too. Somewhere not so landlocked! We have three rivers around the city but they’re not the nicest bodies of water….
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..Rapunzel Wannabe

  20. Cait says

    I grew up in NH and I can’t recommend Portsmouth enough. It has everything you seem to be looking for – cute and walkable downtown, plenty of shops, great restaurants, right on the water, etc. Odiorne Point is beautiful. And if you get ambitious, Maine is a very short drive away – so you can hit two states in one trip!

    My other suggestion if you’re looking at Rhode Island would be Block Island. It’s my favorite spot in the world – absolutely gorgeous. You take a ferry to get there and feel like you’re away from everything. If you go in May it would be before the season really hits so you could likely strike a good deal.

    Have fun! I love vacation planning.

  21. Teresa says

    Portsmouth, NH. It’s beautiful! Cute shops downtown, a nice park to relax in, and outlets right across the bridge in Kittery, ME in case you want to do some shopping. There’s also a nice brewery in Portsmouth for Jay!

  22. says

    I am from Rhode Island so I am a bit biased but RI has got to be the place! There are really wonderful restaurants, museums, and things to do. I highly recommend Newport and visiting the mansions. I was just there in January and went to Breakers — an old Vanderbilt home. AND, something new I just discovered if you do Newport. You should go to Thames Glass and take a glass blowing lesson. I did that with my boyfriend in January and it was such a cool experience and we made a Christmas ornament that we designed ourselves and had customized. SO cool!
    Katelyn recently posted..Nashville Recap Part 1: The day before the half marathon!

  23. Sarah C says

    Check out Lake Winnipesaukee in NH. We stay in Alton Bay every year and its beautiful. Ames Farm has waterfront cabins that are really nice.

  24. Leigha says

    Ive always wanted to visit Maine. It seems so peaceful and beautiful. I just went to a bed and breakfast for spring break and it was one of the coolest experiences ever! I’m with ya about time. HOW is it may tomorrow?!

  25. Maria says

    Newport, RI! I have stayed in the Marriott several times and everything is walkable we never got in a car all weekend

  26. lauren says

    I grew up in North Conway NH and it is a beautiful little town with lots to do! However, my family and I now live in Newport RI which is just as beautiful and is right on the water! Other cute RI, NH towns I would suggest are Bristol RI, Westerley RI, Block Island RI, Narragansett RI, Portsmouth NH, Hampton NH!

  27. Vanessa V says

    Ogunquit, Maine is gorgeous! There’s the beach (it’s cold now but still beautiful), the Marginal Way (a cliff walk) and there’s also the Kittery Outlets on the way so you can get your shop on.
    It’s a long drive b/c quite a ways North, but Acadia National Park is so impressive. And Bar Harbor is nearby – go get some lobster!
    I second Newport, RI – also really pretty.
    Last summer, my husband and I went to Gettysburg, PA and I was surprised by how much I loved it. The battlefield tour was pretty incredible.
    So – there’s some options!

  28. Vanessa V says

    Oh, and I should add that the last time I went to Newport (just last year), I was actually surprised by how dirty the beach and cliff walk had gotten… But it was just a couple weeks after the Newport Folk Festival so I’m hoping that’s why and that it has since been maintained better.

    • Kaitlyn says

      I agree, after the folk festivals the whole town seems dirtier. Next time you go I’d be happy to tell you where the ‘locals’ beaches are to avoid the tourist beaches…much cleaner :)

      • Vanessa V says

        Ha! I would love to know the secret spots for the locals! We usually end up at Second Beach, which is totally nice (and I love that it’s usually warmer than the Cape and Maine). I’m glad to hear that all the litter we saw last year was just b/c of the festival and not an ongoing thing.

        • Kaitlyn says

          Second Beach is my absolute favorite! I actually grew up right up the hill, like, .3 miles away from there…definitely a local favorite, but can still get dirty at times, as to be expected I guess. I’ve never liked First Beach very much, where I think most of the tourists tend to go.

  29. Cristina says

    Definitely check out Meredith, NH. My cousin got married there last summer and it is absolutely beautiful. Right on a large lake, so many cute shops and restaurants. I honestly can’t recommend it enough. Where ever you go, I hope you have a great time!

  30. says

    For how long are you planning to go? May is still a month that could be cold and dreary in the NE…. I’ve been to Portsmouth, NH, Newport, RI and the Cape, and for this time of the year I would recommend the Cape. If you go to Portsmouth, you can also drive up to Kittery (Maine outlet shopping, about 5 Mi from P.), the beautiful beach areas between Portsmouth and Portland, ME and a day in Portland, which has a beautiful old town and waterfront area with brickstone houses and a great restaurant scene. — Anything more north like Acadia is quite the drive and better for July/August, with really nice warm weather. The Cape is ever gorgeous, with inexpensive Inns or cottages this time of the year, picturesque little towns and impressive beaches, giving you a feeling you really get away from everything. If you get tired of all the serenity there is always Boston (and Newport).
    Silvia @skinny jeans food recently posted..Potatoes with Olives, Capers and Caperberries

  31. Gabrielle says

    If you are willing to drive a little bit more north, I’d suggest coming to Montreal Canada! Ok I live here so I might be a little biased BUT it really is a GORGEOUS city and the temperature in May/June is always superb!! There are plenty of stuff to do and if you want good food, this is the city to visit. Fun fact, Montreal is the city with the most restaurant per capita in the whole entire world hehe

    If ever you change your mind and decide to go to Montreal, I’d be happy to suggests places to visit and eat :)

  32. says

    I’ve done almost no travelling in the northeast, but it’s definitely on my bucket list. Those quaint little towns with tonnes of unique shops and restaurants? Definitely my kind of thing… especially when they have a nice pier or boardwalk :) And I love the idea of making an adventure map! I’ve pretty much got the whole west coast covered, so maybe that would be a little extra incentive to head out east.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... monthly favorites – april 2013 .

  33. says

    Newport, RI – very beautiful and there is the board walk which is lovely

    Portsmouth, NH – beautiful New England town with a cute town center, and there are outlet malls nearby

    Kennebunkport, ME – another cute (and smaller) little town but the restaurants can be little pricey; however the kittery outlet mall is huge!

    On the whole, unless you wanna do some shopping, I think Newport is the best choice- is not yet high season yet so the prices are reasonable, and you will have the beautiful town which is usually saturated with tourists, all to yourselves!
    Monica recently posted..Beauty from the inside out

  34. says

    You HAVE to go to Portsmouth or York, ME. I have a beach house on York Beach and I live 30 minutes from Portsmouth which is absolutely gorgeous. Portsmouth just has so many different twists and turns you can take along the roads and it’s so cool and beautiful. They have THE best pizza place too that is to die for!

  35. Caylin says

    WoodStock Inn in North Woodstock, New Hampshire is great! The lodging is right in the middle of a strip of small town shops, cafes and diners and a creek runs through the town. I loved sitting on the rocks and listening to the water. The trees are gorgeous! The location is situated in the mountains with plenty of trees and wildlife.

    BUT if you want the water…Boothbay, Maine. It was a dream. We spent a few days of our honey moon here at Ocean Point Inn. It was located on the peninsula right on the water – great walking along the ocean front houses and hearing the crash of the waves. The lighthouse was a great site at sunrise! The town of Boothbay is perfect for walking and shopping the multiple lined streets of small shops and wonderful food! Look into this location! We had a great time relaxing!!

  36. Michelle says

    As a resident of NH, I would 100% recommend Portsmouth. It is an absolutely adorable, quaint, and all-around fun seaside city. So many yummy restaurants and beautiful areas to walk around. If you’re craving Mexican, hit up Agave (awesome table side guacamole), Flatbread has incredible wood-fired, clay-oven pizza, and the Portsmouth Brewery is a fantastic spot. Byrne and Carlson has AMAZING chocolates and caramels. Seriously, they are to die for. :-) Odiorne Point is a lovely area for a picnic and to walk around. And, depending on when you would come, if you are up for taking a cruise, visit the Isles of Shoals/Star Island. It is only about a 1 hour boat ride from Portsmouth and you can spend the whole day exploring the island. It is one of the most peaceful, relaxing places (in my opinion :-)).

  37. Shannon says

    I would say that Newport, RI or Portsmouth, NH would be great choices. I used to live in Portsmouth, and there is a great downtown with a ton of restuarants and places to eat. You can head into Newcastle and try the restaurants at Wentworth by the Sea hotel. Newport is super cute, but may be a little more pricey. The downtown area has amazingly cute shops and restaurants. Plus, the ocean in gorgeous.

  38. Rachel says

    I would definitely suggest Portsmouth, NH! Adorable downtown area with lots of cute shops, great restaurants, bed & breakfasts etc. And Maine is literally right over the bridge!

  39. Karen says

    Portsmouth NH is fantastic! I live closer to RI so I would suggest, Bristol RI or Newport RI, they all have shops, restaurants and right by the ocean.

  40. says

    I’d say DEFINITELY Newport,RI. It’s so cute and there is so much to do! For hotels, I’ve stayed at the Marriott and it was so-so. Nice but not impressive. The hotels I’ve heard great things about were Forty-One North and The Viking. Both are boutique-ish so you will get a unique and personalized experience:)

  41. Marissa says

    Newport, RI! I went to school and lived up there. It’s exactly what you are looking for! The B&B’s are great, thought Forty-One North is gorg. Check out The Mooring or 22 Bowens for a great dinner!

  42. Brooke says

    New Hampshire try Portsmouth or North Conway
    Maine try Bar Harbor or Ogunquit
    Rhode Island try Newport

  43. Chelsea says

    I have to vote for Newport RI as well- I think it’s what you’re looking for! Sunshine, boats, the cliff walk, shops, and it’s all very pretty. And for those suggesting Meredith NH, it’s gorgeous but not a fun ride from the Capital district- with limited bathrooms to stop at- trust me, not what you want right now!

  44. says

    A babymoon sounds like sooooo much funnn! 😀 I can’t wait to see where you guys go, and I wish I could give suggestions but I have yet to visit the East Coast. And that plate picture does look prettty funny 😛
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..Baby Shower #1

  45. Megan says

    Of course I say Maine, because that is where I’m from, but we do have a lot of great places to offer. Its prettier in the summer months but a lot more tourists. NH also has some great things! When are you going?

  46. lauren says

    Newport, RI is really nice. There is a lot to see downtown, shops and restaurants, and easton’s beach and adjacent cliff walk are great! The mansions are neat to visit, but I just love walking around and admiring the regular houses that have been there over 100 years.
    I work near Providence, RI and we always stay at the Newport Harbor Hotel when we have our Christmas Party. We’ve stayed at the Viking too, and while it had a bit more “charm”, it isn’t downtown and in walking distance to shops and restaurants like the Newport Harbor Hotel is. There’s a deal on inns in Newport on Groupon that you might want to check out, not sure what it is all about!

  47. Sara says

    We just booked a mini-babymoon a couple of hours from our house in Hocking Hills. We are renting a cabin for the weekend and just chilling out.
    Good luck!

  48. Karen says

    Falmouth Cape cod…..4 hrs..beautiful little town including the christmas tree shops…check into Seacrest or any of the bed and breakfast places..

  49. kolya says

    In Pa. try the Brandywine area and Longwood Gardens, and much more.

    Mystic CT is awesome too and so is Providence.

  50. Emma says

    I live on the cape and it is great this time of year, good weather but not crowded yet. However, my husband and I love Newport. We stayed at 41 north which is right on the water and in town so everything is in walking distance. There is the jailhouse b&b which used to be a jail and is adorable. The red parrot is delicious and so is the black pearl and the outdoor restaurant at 41 north. We love it there, it’s great for a romantic weekend.

  51. says

    New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire!!!!! It is beautiful and the people are so friendly!!!! You won’t be sorry of you pick the live free or die state!!!!

  52. nicole says

    Ogunquit me, all the shops and restaurants will be open but it wont be too crouded yet. The marginal way is a beautiful walk along the water and Perkins cove has great eats and shops. Any hotel you go to will be gorgous. And if you want do do some outlet shopping, the lottery outlets army too far!

  53. Mary says

    You really have to go to Newport RI if you have never been. The Mansions, the Cliff Walk, the beach, a cute downtown. Sooooo much fun and soo beautiful!! I vote for Newport.

  54. Christy says

    Newport is great! Downtown had lots of restaurants/shops. We also stayed at the Marshall Slocum inn and it was fantastic! The owner was super nice and the breakfast was great. Hubby and I are headed back there in June and staying at the hampton inn. They have a shuttle that takes you the 2 miles downtown and the price was really reasonable.

    Also, Ogunquit, ME is a nice spot. It wouldn’t be too crowded and perkins cove and the marginal way are really nice places to go. They have a trolley that takes you all around the town so you don’t have to walk. The Kittery outlets are also not far and makes for a great stop on the way home.

  55. says

    You are the second person to say BOTH delicious AND McDonalds orange drink when describing the glucose test. Mine is next week, so I guess I better man up and get ready?
    EMily N recently posted..Back to Normal

  56. Beth says

    Well, I’m not sure if you’re still looking for a vacation spot or not… but I’m from NH, so I say go there! It will be beautiful! I would recommend the Portsmouth area (borders to ME on the ocean), or if you want to go inland a bit check out the Sunapee area! Hope you enjoy it if you go! :)

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