A Few Snippets


Good Morning, friends! How’s the week shaping up for you? I’ve actually been feeling a little uninspired in the writing department lately, which is why you haven’t seen a whole lot of me this week. All is going well though, I’m happy to report! Here’s just a few snippets… Last night Jay surprised me with…

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Banana Bread Pancakes For One


Good morning and happy Wednesday! I love the fact that we’re already to the middle of the week…that extra day sure does make a difference. So I don’t have any WIAW post for you all this morning. Yesterday wound up totally getting away from me and before I knew it, I realized that I had…

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Our Only Real Dinner This Week


Well, after a really, really nice weekend, it’s back to the grind today. I already shared a little bit about my Saturday and Sunday, and our actual Memorial Day yesterday was also pretty low-key. Jay and I both had some things to do around the house, but other than that, I was left with a…

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Baby Tooth: 32 Weeks

32 Weeks

I think Baby Tooth went through a growth spurt this week…what do you guys think? Baby Tooth is just over 32 weeks today and is about the size of a squash. The two of us made sure to enjoy some sunshine yesterday, which was much needed after two days of cold and rain. Here’s what…

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Memorial Day Weekend Highlights


Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I hope everyone’s weekend has been going great and you’ve been having lots of fun. Although things have been a lot quieter than usual for Memorial Day weekend for us, (and the weather has been anything but enjoyable), we’ve still been managing to have a nice couple of days. Some weekend…

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Fun Facts Friday & A Fun Giveaway {CLOSED}


1. WOO HOO for Friday! I feel like this week totally flew by…anyone else? I’m super pumped for our three-day holiday weekend. 2. Last night I had the motivation to bake so I decided to bake not one, but TWO batches of Love Blondies. Funny story though…I actually wound up having to bake FOUR batches……

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That Time When I Talk Way Too Much About Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches


I always love an evening spent with great friends. I also cannot lie…I equally love an evening spent with great friends when I don’t have to cook. Last night Jay and I were invited over to Joe & Kate’s house for a delicious dinner of shish kabobs and rice. A perfect, light and refreshing meal…

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WIAW: The Most Satisfying

Talk about some crazy weather (for us…it’s all relative) yesterday! I should preface that by saying that where Jay and I live, we don’t often get too many big storms. Because of our location (or so I hear) most storms that start to come our way either split or dissipate before we ever get a chance to…

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Panini Day


So while I was at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, I decided to buy a loaf of bread that we’d be able to use to make some paninis. I’m pretty sure it was the latest issue of Cooking Light magazine that revved up my desire for a panini, but whatever it was, they just sounded…

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Baby Tooth: 31 Weeks {+ a Giveaway!}

31 Weeks

Thirty-one weeks down…nine more to go! Baby Tooth is just over 31 weeks today and is about the size of a pineapple. Just a little comparison from 10 weeks ago… Little guy sure is growin’! And man, time just keeps on flyin’, I’ll tell ya! FYI: The shirt above is just one of three that…

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