Fun Facts Friday {5/10}

1. I’m already feeling like it’s a good idea we decided to postpone this weekend’s babymoon because I. Am. Wiped. This week was a busy week both at work and after work. I’m looking forward some downtime ASAP.

2. Thanks to number 1 up there, last night after work I got home and crashed. Hard. No workout. No nothing. By around 7:15pm, I decided I should probably make some dinner. I almost went with a bowl of cereal but decided to invest just a little more time and made an egg sandwich.


And boy, it was a delicious one at that. Egg, provolone, a slice of turkey, and raspberry jam on whole wheat toast. YUM.

3. I’ve come to the conclusion that bigger meals are not my friend these days. I had a bigger than usual lunch yesterday and I was stuffed and uncomfortable all afternoon long. I think small meals spread throughout the day is the name of the game for now.

4. Today marks the 30 week mark for Baby Tooth. I don’t know why, but somehow 30 weeks seems so much more real than 29. Holy crap.

5. I finally caved and bought a body pillow. But because I’m too cheap to spend $50 on the special ones, I just went out to Tar-jay and picked up a basic one for a whopping $9.99. Definitely helps with the sleeping…definitely super comfy.


And definitely does not leave a whole lot of extra room in the bed at night now. Ahh well.

6. Feeling Baby Tooth have the hiccups is one of the weirdest, funniest, coolest sensations ever. He’s had them the past two days in a row. Cracks me up.

7. Remember how I mentioned a couple weeks ago how a woman at work offered to make us a baby blanket? Well I got to see it in progress (it’s almost finished) and it looks SO good! Here’s the fabric I picked out for it…


I’ll definitely share once we have the final product. I think it’s going to look SO great!

8. Has anyone else looked through the latest edition of the Cooking Light magazine? We just got ours yesterday and Jay must have gone through and bookmarked about a dozen recipes. There is some GOOD looking stuff in there this month!

9. For the past week or so, I have been craving fish and chips. With tartar sauce. Jay actually picked up on it last night as we were talking it and I mentioned it again. Perhaps I’ll have to get some in my future soon…we have a couple of good places locally.

10. Thank you to blog reader, Lindsay, for sharing this photo with me yesterday:

Just like my Cody. :)

11. Want to see some absolutely brilliant ideas for a bunch of random stuff? Check out this post on theBerry. Some of those things are genius!

12. A little random, but saw this and found it amusing…


How true, right? Man, I LOVE the jelly in the middle of those things.

Now where can I find me some…. 😉

Happy Friday, friends!!


  1. Amanda says

    AHHH I can’t imagine being able to feel a little baby hiccup inside my belly! How amazing is that? Such a beautiful thing that you have a little life growing in there :)
    I just want you to know that your mexican cravings have been transferred over to me. Let’s just say my fiance isn’t happy about having tacos one night, a taco salad another, and enchiladas the next! haha!

  2. says

    That is hilarious! Yes those candies seemed to pop up everywhere and I would always get excited when I found one because they are nummy! Or at least they were…I haven’t had one in a VERY long time!
    Melanie @ Beautifully Nutty recently posted..Thank You

  3. says

    I’m so glad it’s Friday! It has been a busy week for me too! Looking forward to some much needed relaxation this weekend.

    I love the fabric you picked out for the baby blanket…so cute! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Crazy for Honey

  4. says

    It’s definitely important to listen to your body on days like you had yesterday… I hope you get to relax and catch up on your rest this weekend :)
    LOL to the strawberry candies… so true. I only ever saw them in office waiting rooms. They are always in that Brachs (<i think Brachs) mix with butterscotch candies, etc.
    Cori @ olivetorun recently posted..Why Do You Do What You Do?

  5. says

    I remember those strange strawberry candies! And it’s definitely a fact that they seemed to materialize out of nowhere… Now if only perfectly baked cookies and banana bread would do the same thing 😉

    Happy Friday, Courtney!

  6. says

    I totally remember those candies! Which makes me remember a whole bunch of other candies that just seem to vanish off the world…including vanilla coke. I loved that stuff and it just seemed to go away. Sad.
    Hope you get to relax this weekend!
    Lisa recently posted..My Definition Of Healthy

  7. says

    This post totally cracked me up! Can’t wait to see the finished blanket, LOVE the fabric choices. Our dog does the same thing with his toys when I come to old socks. My husband gives them to him to play with before we throw them away and he’s so sad when we finally do lol

    And those strawberry things, SO TRUE! haha
    Emily @ The Good Era recently posted..My First “Vlog” and Random Links

  8. says

    Only 9 more weeks!!! I’m getting so excited for you!! Those body pillows are so comfortable, and I’m not even pregnant. So I can imagine how comfortable it much be for you! Haha my cat is the same way but with rubber bands. I miss those candies! And now that I think about it, I never really see them at the store….Happy Friday!!
    Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns recently posted..I Did It!!

  9. Traci says

    Oh my god I love those strawberry candies! HAHA so true about them just appearing, I don’t really even know where to go buy them!

  10. says

    I love the blue and brown color scheme of the blanket! My grandmother made us blankets when we were babies and I still have mine! The body pillows always make me think of a movie with Jennifer Lopez in it and she gets pregnant. I forget the name of it but the part with the body pillow is HILARIOUS. Have a great and relaxing weekend! I’m out to pick up the new Cooking Light magazine 😉
    Lauren recently posted..PT: No Pain, No Gain.

  11. Yaara Leve says

    Happy early Mama’s Day!! You’re looking fab by the way!! I also love the jelly
    in those old fashioned strawberry candies. I’ve had them
    In raspberry too. Have a great weekend!

  12. says

    I craved fish and chips when I was pregnant, too! And I had it when we were on our babymoon and it was awesome. :)

    Addie had hiccups all the time when she was in my belly. And now she still has them all of the time. But they are no longer cute … they frustrate me because they wake her up! Grr!! 😉
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..My recovery from the C-section.

  13. Alison says

    I have yet to try the egg/cheese/jam sandwich combo but I REALLY want to!! I just gotta get me some jam :) And those life hacks are amusing and brilliant all at the same time.
    Happy 30 weeks, Baby Tooth!! :)
    Hope you have a restful weekend, Courtney!

  14. says

    When I was growing up, I used to always put a side of grape jelly on my plate next to my scrambled eggs and would mix them together. My family thought I was weird, but the blogging world has shown me that my strange combination IS NOT that out of the box! 😉
    Miranda @ Miranda Runs recently posted..Versatile Blogger Award!

  15. says

    Puhhahahahaha that milk ring picture is hilarious! That’s exactly how our cat is, but with my hair ties…He loves running after them and pouncing on them because the elasticity makes ’em bounce everywhere. 😛 And I agree that smalllllll meals are the way to go….I was kind of dying and laid out from bad stomach problems this week 0_0. And the hiccups are funny, huh?! It just makes you want to see the baby that much more. :)
    Ellie@Fit for the soul recently posted..Kat: The Person Behind the Blog

  16. says

    body pillows are so comfortable. seriously whoever invented those is my new best friend.
    and the strawberry candy picture made me laugh. it is so true! I swear those things are everywhere, and I have no willpower so I end up eating them all(:
    cait @ shejustkeepsgoing recently posted..oh rainy day

  17. ashley says

    what kind of turkey are you able to eat? or do you make sure to heat the sandwiches up? i just found out i am pregnant and am already missing my turkey sandwiches!

    • Courtney says

      That was Applegate Farms turkey – my doc basically told me that as long as I trust the source then it’s okay to eat it. I know all doctors are different, but I trust mine. I don’t eat it often – maybe once every week or two?


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