WIAW: The Most Satisfying

Talk about some crazy weather (for us…it’s all relative) yesterday! I should preface that by saying that where Jay and I live, we don’t often get too many big storms. Because of our location (or so I hear) most storms that start to come our way either split or dissipate before we ever get a chance to experience them (and I looooove me a good thunderstorm). First, the storms started during the day while I was at work, with a crazy afternoon hail storm.

Then last night, we had storms for a good few hours starting around 9:30pm. We were so excited to actually have a storm that we shut off all the lights and just sat on our couch staring our the front window at the lightning show. You should have seen us…we must have looked like little kids. It was great. Then we got round two of storms around 1:30 in the morning, which woke both of us up for quite a while.

But hey, I’m not complaining. I was just excited to actually have a thunderstorm roll through our area!

So now that that’s out of the way, let’s go ahead and talk food, shall we? For this week’s WIAW, I’m sharing the usual Tuesday meals, with the exception of lunch which was actually from Monday. But hey, who’s keeping track? Besides me.


A beautiful combination of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries mixed with Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Honey Nut Cheerios, and almond milk.


Cereal combos are always delicious, but when I can get three kinds of fresh berries in there? Heaven.

Mid-Morning Snack

I made another loaf of banana bread over the weekend (we seem to wind up with two overripe bananas every week these days…so odd? 😉 ) so I snacked on a slice of that with some almond butter.



I actually forgot to take a photo of yesterday’s lunch (which was a mini tortilla with turkey, provolone, spinach, avocado, and hummus…OMG so good) so I’m replacing that with the lunch that I had on Monday and have yet to share with you.


This was a typical, veggie-filled salad with all of my favorite goodies (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, pickles, feta, and dried cranberries) and some leftover grilled chicken. So light and refreshing.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

I wasn’t super hungry yesterday afternoon but found myself wanting to eat something more out of boredom than anything else, so I had the (large) orange that I brought with me.



I was on my own for dinner last night and, honestly, had zero desire to put much effort into anything. I was *this close* to pouring myself a bowl of cereal and calling it a night, but I figured two meals of cereal in one day probably wouldn’t be the best choice. 😉

So I went through the fridge and basically put together all of the leftovers I could find…a cooked, mini sweet potato, a small piece of leftover chicken, leftover asparagus, leftover corn, and diced tomatoes. I threw it all in a skillet, let it heat up a bit, then tossed in a big spoonful of our gar la la sauce.


The meal actually wound up making a lot more than I was expecting so I’d say I ate about 2/3 of the meal and saved the rest (I ate all that was in that bowl). For literally being thrown together in about 5 minutes, this meal turned out fantastic.

After-Dinner Snacks

About an hour after finishing dinner, I decided to lace up my sneakers and headed down to the treadmill for a walking workout. I did a few intervals of faster and slower paces for about 40 minutes before calling it a night. I had actually planned to go a little longer but Baby Tooth seemed to enjoy hanging out on my bladder for the duration, making things a bit uncomfortable…

A little while after that, I decided to cool down with about a serving’s worth of my Ben & Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt.


But then about an hour after that, I was suddenly in need of something savory…specifically, some sort of toast with butter. I could not get it off my mind. So I toasted half of an English muffin and topped it with some butter.

And funny enough, out of all of the meals I ate yesterday, I’d say that little half of an English muffin was probably the most satisfying of them all. Go figure?


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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Question for the Morning:

What’s been your “gotta have it” food these days?


  1. says

    The storms down here in Central FL have been really bad too! Two nights ago, lightning struck the electrical box of our apartment which resulted in our fire alarms going off around midnight, which of course led to a lovely middle of the night evacuation. Anytime you want to watch some intense storms, come on down here. We get some pretty crazy ones!

    I have been craving overnight oats like crazy lately-I’ve been too lazy to make them for the last few weeks. Last night I finally gave in and made some apple cinnamon ones (my fav!) for breakfast this morning and it was perfect!
    Claire @ Keeping Up With Claire recently posted..For Once, A Low-Key Weekend

  2. says

    I LUV your salads. They always look so perfect and delicious. I make a good salad myself, but I can never get it to look like yours!

    These days, I’m on a popcorn kick. I like it fresh out of the popcorn maker with salt and sugar! It’s actually a relatively healthy snack (Sometimes Healthy when you add chocolate chips, goldfish and coconut like I do!)
    Jamie @ Sometimes Healthy Living Blog recently posted..WIAW: Oh, Hello Summer!

  3. jen says

    No comment on the OK tornado but you insensitively state how much you love a good storm. You’ve done this before w other tradgedies obv you only care about yourself and your little town. Open your eyes and follow the news. Bloggers are so narsocistic me me me look I had cereal!

    • Courtney says

      Jen, I actually referenced the OK tornado in my post yesterday, linking up ways that people can help. As horrible as I feel about that tragedy, as well as any others you’re referencing, I can’t just stop my own life from happening.

      Based on recent comments that you have left, it really seems that you don’t enjoy reading the blog. If that’s the case, I encourage you to take if off of your daily reader. I’ve tried emailing you this before, but unfortunately the email address you leave is not valid. I truly don’t understand why you feel the need to continue reading if you find bloggers so narcissistic.

      • Julie says

        I wondered if you’d get some backlash on your comment about loving a good storm & wishing there were more where you live after the OK tragedy just 2 days ago, but wow, Jen is one nasty you-know-what! I think you responded to her very well (as did all your supporters). :)

    • Krystan says

      Jen, I think in the future, if you feel someone is being insensitive to a natural disaster that has just occurred, a more professional and adult way of handling the situation is to email them personally and explain why you are offended. Courtney did indeed reference the tornado yesterday, in a much similar fashion as many other bloggers, and she hasn’t really done anything to warrant your verbal attack. Unfortunately, there have been many horrific tragedies in the past year that have affected many people, but life requires us to keep moving forward with our lives in spite of everything that happens in the world. For some, blogs like Courtney’s are part of their daily routine and provide the consistency and stability that individuals need to maintain sanity in all altogether depressing society. Courtney can not be blamed for the Tornado nor can she be faulted for living her life as millions of the rest of us do.

      I also do not understand why you continue to read if things so clearly irritate you. Perhaps a lesson in adult etiquette, the Golden Rule, and spelling would be better worth your time.

      P.S. Courtney – kudos to a very diplomatic response…blame it on my pregnancy hormones but her comment really irritated me :)

      • jen says

        Did I say she needed to stop the daily drivel of what she eats? Which I don’t understand the point of cont the blog. All you eat is cereal and don’t exercise anymore. I’m saying be more sensitive talking about loving storms considering what just happened.

        • says

          LOL – I seriously had to laugh at this comment Jen. You’re getting more and more ridiculous, and you’re pulling things out of nowhere. If you don’t understand the content of the blog, then STOP reading. Simple as that. And obviously you are SO right – all Courtney does is eat cereal and not exercise. ::rolls eyes:: You’re obviously not a keenly aware person to understand that she’s pregnant as well. Get. A. Life.

          And if you’re talking about being sensitive to storms, then leave it at that. Don’t bring anything else into this “situation” (which really shouldn’t be a “situation” at all). UGH.

          **Krystan, those pregnancy hormones got my blood boiling too.**
          chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..the twins: 21 weeks

          • Krystan says

            Chelsey – I know, it’s like protective mama syndrome or something, lol! Combine that with I’m just tired of cyber bullying on all sorts of social media…faceless people feel like they can say anything and don’t have to be held accountable. But Jen has a point – I mean Courtney only eats cereal! She NEVER eats banana bread, salads, oranges, sweet potato, veggies, or English muffins! And she is L-A-Z-Y!! 31 weeks pregnant and she only walked 40 minutes on the treadmill?! I guess I missed the memo about walking no longer being considered exercise…whoops. O My Lanta, too funny.

  4. says

    We will totally do that too during thunderstorms! I love watching the lightning and hearing the thunder. :) We had a big storm last week and it came thru in the middle of the night and all I kept thinking after each thunder clap is please don’t wake the baby! LOL. I can’t get enough of the Chobani pancakes I made last weekend – so so so good!!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..Grocery Challenge: Week 3

  5. AC says

    My current got to have its: sunflower butter (Once Again brand…love the texture over TJ’s, plus it’s organic), TJ’s glutenfree waffles

  6. says

    One of the reasons I hate working out after dinner is because of food timing. I like to eat a pretty large dinner, and then a small dessert after. Whenever I eat dinner, and then work out (or train a few clients) I come home super hungry, and wind up eating a dinner-sized snack of cereal, oatmeal, ice cream, anything sweet! haha
    Paige @ Your Trainer Paige recently posted..KOSS FitSeries Headphones

  7. says

    I couldn’t help but laugh when you talked about how you feel about storms because I’m the same exact way. We don’t get many good ones up here when I live, so I get all sorts of giddy whenever one shows up. And there’s seriously nothing better than hitting your craving spot on – I always find those times to be the most satisfying, even if it’s something silly like a handful of raisins. Lately, I haven’t been able to get enough bananas. I end up going through at least 2 or 3 a day, and maybe even a few more with all the banana bread I’ve been baking up lately 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... WIAW … from the depths of the pantry .

  8. says

    All your food always looks so good! Mmmm I’ve been craving chocolate everything! I was out with a friend one night and wanted some See’s Candy (they make the best chocolate :)), so I went to their store, and it was closed. I just stood there in the street, ready to cry lol. Sometimes when you want something so badly, it just hits you hard 😉
    Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns recently posted..Don’t Be A Baby

  9. says

    You’re probably so happy Josiah got the boot last night! If you didn’t watch it, now I feel horrible lol. For some reason, when they were doing the question things and one of the Swon brothers did an Elmo impression, I kind of melted a little and they went up in my list. lol I love me some humor. I always love thunderstorms while I’m at the beach. I’ll sit on the balcony and watch them in the distance… I must say it’s probably my favorite thing to do at night.
    Lauren recently posted..Tuesday Thoughts: The Fear of Gaining Weight

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha! Yes, I’m a little glad to see him go. :)
      I totally hear ya on the Swon Bros though…those voices were too funny! There’s still so many good ones left…I don’t know how they’ll ever break it down!

  10. says

    I LOVE Thunderstorms but everything in OK is a reminder to me that they can quickly turn into something much worse and that scares me! But a thunder, lightning and rain (ONLY) storm I love! When living in SoCal, they don’t get thunderstorms (or at least very VERY rarely) and I missed them. I remember one night driving home when there was a flash of lightning and getting a huge smile on my face. It’s the little things, isn’t it? :)
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..WIAW @ Blend

  11. says

    I also made some banana bread over the weekend! Yumm! Lately, I cannot get enough of greek yogurt and granola. I go through stages where I’ll eat alot of one thing then I’ll go to the next item. Who knows what will be next!
    Tara@PNWRunner recently posted..Heart Breaking News

  12. says

    I’m often sooo tempted to have cereal for dinner, but luckily, usually make the same healthy choice as you. 😉 We have the same weather issues here…because we live close to Lake Michigan, the storms usually dissipate before they reach us. But we’ve gotten a couple of good ones today!
    Olivia @ Liv Lives Life recently posted..WIAW: Experiment Over

  13. says

    I LOOOOVEE thunderstorms (as long as no one is hurt and no damage is done), and we have been getting our fair share of them lately over here. I love the feeling of being cozy inside while it is nasty outside.

    I have been on a homemade trail mix kick lately…raisins, mixed nuts, and mini chocolate chips. Loving it!

    BTW good for you for actually throwing something healthy together for dinner. When I am on my own for dinner I am always so tempted to have a snacky night and that’s often what happens. Every once and a while I will actually make myself something productive though. :smile:
    Melanie @ BeautifullyNutty recently posted..Health Supplements & Insanity Month One

  14. says

    1. love your nail polish colour
    2. for a night when you were feeling lazy, you put together a pretty impressive meal!
    3. ahhh Ben and Jerry’s froyo? I’m going to have to try that!
    4. I totally get the craving for the english muffin with butter! It’s something about the crunch crunch of the toast mmm :)
    Ashley @ Sweat for Sweets recently posted..sick {not the good kind}

  15. says

    We’ve been expecting thunderstorms the last couple of days…we haven’t had anything hit yet though! Although, I did get caught in a downpour biking home from work…one of the downsides of storms/rain 😉

    Lately, I’ve been all about eggs – at least once or two a day for the last 6 months or so! And blueberries – they’re starting to get bigger and have more flavour. Can’t wait until the local berry season starts!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..WIAW: Victoria Day Eats.

  16. says

    My must have food has been super dark chocolate and mojitos on the weekend! :) Also, kind of strange but I have been eating a lot of toast & Ezekiel English muffins with butter or butter and jelly lately. Not sure why its tasting so good, but it is!

  17. Sara says

    Oh my gosh I know what you mean about eating — sometimes it’s hard to find the “just right” thing to satisfy me & baby.

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