Fun Facts Friday & A Fun Giveaway {CLOSED}

1. WOO HOO for Friday! I feel like this week totally flew by…anyone else? I’m super pumped for our three-day holiday weekend.

2. Last night I had the motivation to bake so I decided to bake not one, but TWO batches of Love Blondies. Funny story though…I actually wound up having to bake FOUR batches…


I totally misread the ingredients on my first two batches and they came out just awful (can I pull the pregnancy brain card here?)There was no salvaging them at ALL, and it kills me when that happens…that was four cups of perfectly good Love Grown granola into the trash. Thankfully the next two batches came out great – one with raisin almond granola + raisins, the other with plain granola and dark chocolate. Hopefully my co-workers enjoy them today. 😉

3. Do you guys remember how obsessed I was with the Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter last year?

So for a while it was just a Whole Foods specialty, but did you know that they now sell it at iHerb?? It’s been out of stock for weeks but I just checked this morning and it’s BACK!

If you want in on the good stuff, CLICK HERE, and be sure to use my coupon code SAZ564…now through May 31st, everyone receives 10% off orders of $60.00 and up — or 5% off smaller orders. I’ll be doing some shopping later myself.

4. Salads and sandwiches with Applegate turkey slices have been rocking my lunches this week. Yesterday’s salad was probably my favorite all week.


5. I’m pretty sure you’ve now all convinced me that I most definitely need to invest in a rice cooker. I checked them out a bit at Target yesterday and found one for around $40…although if you guys tell me the cheapies are just as good, then I’m gonna keep looking!

6. My husband makes a pretty mean guacamole. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I am LUCKY.


7. Baby Tooth’s punches and kicks are getting more and more powerful by the day. The other morning before I got out of bed, he actually gave me a nice, swift kick to the ribs that absolutely made me flinch. Good to know he’s a strong little guy in there. 😉

8. Want to know what I’ve been enjoying almost daily this past week? Italian ice. Specifically, watermelon flavor. Can’t. Get. Enough.


9. Codester was looking too cute last night all curled up in his little ball. Just had to share.


10. Late last week, I received a fun package in the mail from Odwalla.


and I’ve been enjoying the goods ever since. I’ve long been a fan of their bars but I usually forget about them since I don’t always pass that aisle in the grocery store.


But anywho; the company is currently working on a really neat campaign…

“Since 2008, Odwalla has donated $550,000 worth of trees through its Plant-A-Tree initiative. New for this year, Odwalla has teamed up with The Nature Conservancy’s All Hands on Earth campaign to plant up to 100,000 trees in 2013. 

To celebrate the Plant-A-Tree initiative, now through the end of May, fans can create their own virtual Odwalla tree and be eligible to take home a $10,000 gift card and a year’s worth of Odwalla beverages and bars. Plus, each fan who registers and creates their tree will receive an Odwalla coupon and the opportunity to share one with a friend.”

To raise awareness for the program, Odwalla has offered to give away a Goodness Package (like the one above) filled with bars, coupons, a t-shirt, tote bag and sunglasses. 


For a chance to win a Goodness Package for yourself, leave a comment on this post telling me how you like to spread some “goodness” of your own. Or just tell me something you’re happy about on this fantastic Friday. :)

(Open to US residents only)

I’ll choose a winner on Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day). Good Luck and Happy FRIDAY!


  1. Hannah says

    I’m happy its the weekend, and to be going home this weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday!

  2. says

    I am happy that it is a 3 day weekend.. woohoo!!! I’m excited to be able to spend time with my husband and sister who will be staying over for the weekend. :-) Have a great weekend!!!

  3. kristin says

    TGIF :) I am super excited it’s friday after a long week of work and dealing with my main sewer line being clogged. I am super happy its friday and having a long weekend is a bonus.
    I love odwalla drinks, I actually never had the bars but they look delish.

  4. minnie says

    I’m a teacher and yesterday was our last day of school. I’m gonna miss my students but I have to say that I am glad to be starting my summer this weekend~! :) btw,….I LOVE watermelon flavor anything…so I definitely am gonna go look for Luigi’s.

  5. LC says

    I am happy that although I have to be away on business this long weekend, that we have such good friends and family to spend time with my hubby!

  6. says

    I always play the lottery.. and if I win… I have an elaborate plan on how I’d “spread some goodness”. List of charities, how much I’d give….

    Tops of the list is the summer camp that I worked at while in college!
    Meari recently posted..We just all need a little love

  7. says

    I remember fudging up a handful of batches of baked goodies because I forgot to add the sugar. You would think that given my huge sweet tooth, sugar would be at the top of my priority list, but it always seems to be the thing that gets overlooked.

    Happy Friday, Courtney!

  8. says

    I volunteer once a month at the homeless shelter and help prepare their lunch, and I go visit the frankie homes around Christmas time and bring Godiva chocolates to the people there. :) Just a little something to brighten their day.

  9. Lori says

    I am visiting my Dad in my home state of WI for the first time in 7 months! Definitely excited for a nice long weekend!

  10. Ashley N. says

    I am so happy for today to zoom by and say hello to the weekend. :) Tonight we are picking up our brand new puppy, a black lab–so excited! Also looking forward to having Monday off. :)

  11. Emily H says

    Whenever I’m in the Starbucks drive-thru I always pay for the person’s coffee behind me. Rarely is the bill more than $5, and it’s such a small thing I can do to put some extra pep in someone’s step! They obviously need it if they’re in the Starbucks line!

    Happy Friday!! xx

  12. Caroline says

    I’m happy about everything! My life, my boyfriend, my family, my apartment, my job, my cat, my fish, my hamster, my workouts, my breakfast….Not much to complain about these days!

  13. Lindsay says

    Today I’m so excited that I get to find out if my best friend is having a girl or a boy- its her 20 week ultrasound! yay!

  14. says

    I love justins peanut butter, the little packets are the best!! I love making people laugh, usually it is unintentionally but if I can get someone to laugh I think I have achieved something! :)

  15. Alexandra says

    This morning I am excited because my sister- in-law had a baby 2 days ago and my husband and I are flying up to meet him this weekend!

  16. angie says

    I am so happy my son is home from college and staying with us in our new house we just moved in 3 weeks ago! Also thankful today is supposed to be a nice day:)

  17. Krystina says

    I am SUPER excited for the 3 day weekend! My fiance and I are going to the Nationals game tonight and have a wedding to go to tomorrow night. And I’m hoping to get some pool time in this weekend as well! :)

  18. Leena says

    I am so happy this week went by fast! We have a 4 day weekend starting today can’t wait to go out hiking…..though its turned a little cold since yesterday in Chicago.

  19. Leigh H says

    I’m super excited that Price Chopper in Albany is having a BOGO free of Ben/Jerry ice cream!! YUM!

  20. says

    I love to spread goodness by running. I love to inspire people, cheer them on during a hard run and encourage my 4-year old to run. I am running the Med City 5k on Saturday and the Med City Half Marathon on Sunday. My son is doing the Toddler Trot on Saturday as well. So We have a fun and active weekend planned!!
    Jessica recently posted..Winter…Spring…Winter…Whatever Mother Nature!

  21. Nikki A. says

    Super happy for the long weekend! I get to spend a nice get away with my family and if the weather permits a day at the beach on Monday! :)) Have a fab-tastic weekend!!

  22. jennifer says

    Happy its the official start to summer…and since we have summer babies on the way its even more special!

  23. Nikki says

    Trying to spread some “goodness” through my school by implementing Pennies for Patients to make kids aware of other things going on in the world.

  24. says

    watermelon and cherry are the best italian ice flavors around! the thing I’m most happy about today is that I get to carb load all day long!

  25. Holly says

    I’m happy to be visiting my two-month old nephew this weekend!!! I am longing for children of my own but this will suffice for now. 😉

  26. Lauren S says

    I like to think that a positive attitude, a smile & general politeness are ways that I spread “goodness”. I hope that a smile, holding a door or a simple how are you today can brighten someone’s day.

  27. says

    I like to spread goodness through food… I recently found out that a friend of mine is sick and will need surgery and therapy, so I’ve been brainstorming some foods to stock her up with. So funny, because one of the things I was planning on bringing were Odwalla juices! They’re a little more pricey than I would normally want to spend, and I don’t drink a ton of juice in general, but I think they’re kind of a nice luxury item for someone not feeling well.
    Kim @ Cooking in the City recently posted..The Month of the Pneumothorax

  28. Ashley Holifield says

    Those look amazing! Healthy snack bars are my favorite “go to” because… well… they are delish (most of the time) and healthy! Can I say you are such a cute pregnant lady! I just found the blog world and I love all the healthy recipes and special splurge goodies that get shared as well as strong women like you making a difference by letting people know they can still be healthy and pregnant! Thanks for that! :)
    I’m pretty happy it’s memorial day and at 4:30 I will be headed to the beach! Tomorrow a group of friends are running in The Color Run 5k in Orange Beach, AL! A long weekend full of family, fun, friends, seafood, exercise and lots of ice cream!! What’s not to be happy about??

    Definitely too blessed to be stressed! God is WONDERFUL!

  29. Aria says

    I’m super happy that I’m on vacation yet I’m still sticking with my workouts! My half-marathon training hasn’t slacked a bit :) Happy Friday!

  30. Shawna says

    Love Odwalla bars, def one of my fave brands of granola bars! I’m excited to go home upstate this weekend and spend time with my parents on the lake. :) Happy Memorial Day!

  31. Amanda L says

    I work in a pediatric cancer center, I spread goodness by doing whatever I can to put a smile on those kids faces and get their minds off their troubles for at least a little bit. They do so much more goodness for me than I could ever do for them though, they’re absolutely wonderful!

  32. Breanna says

    I like to try to spread goodness by planning events for all of my friends so we can easily get together and catch up. Sometimes life gets too busy and so this way we can be sure to cut out time for each other :)

  33. Katrina says

    I’m happy that you blog! Your blog is one I look forward to reading every day! AND, I’m happy that you are having a healthy pregnancy!!

  34. Carleigh says

    I’m happy that I’m going to a baseball game with my family tonight for the first time this season! It is always so much fun and really makes it feel like summer!

  35. Cassie says

    4 day weekend for this teacher! :) that makes me one happy girl! Also got to spend last night with my mom for her birthday :)

  36. says

    Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter is my FAVORITE. Well, maybe after their Honey Almond Butter. (/I’m just obsessed with Justin’s nut butters in general.)

    Something I’m happy about on this fantastic Friday is that, well, it’s Friday! :) And I get to see one of my best friends from middle school tomorrow whom I haven’t seen in two years! :)
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted..A Busy, Busy Day

  37. says

    That’s a shame about your other two batches of blondies, I always get so frustrated when that happens!

    You’re eats look so good by the way! I’ve actually never tried Odwalla, but I love their new campaign!

    I’d spread some goodness by trying to do one extra nice and considerate thing for a stranger, whether that be as simple as helping them open a door or complimenting them on something I like when I usually just admire from a far!

    And awww Cody has a special place in my heart. He remind me of my cat, Kiki. She always manages to find the cutest sleeping positions. I think it’s the paw tucked over face thing that really gets ya 😉

  38. Melissa M says

    I can’t wait for the three day weekend. I need a break! The giveaway sounds great! I love their products. Yum!

  39. Meredith B. says

    I feel like this week has gone by super fast, too! I’m really excited to take a trip with my husband to visit my grandma for the holiday weekend. I haven’t seen her since my wedding last summer!

  40. Rylie Charles says

    Extremely thankful for the three day wekend that will allow me to finish packing before we move!

  41. Ashleyy says

    I am happy about the three day weekend! Three day weekends are the best AND make the next week fly by! What could be better?! :)

  42. Danielle says

    I’m so excited for the 3 day weekend! We just bought our first home and have lots of work to do, but oooh is it worth it! I would love some odwalla to snack on :)

  43. Bethan says

    So happy that it is Friday :) I have a fun graduation party to go to tonight and my own graduation ceremony tomorrow! Today started off wonderful with great devotions and an amazing 3.5 mile run! :) Thanks goodness for the weekend!

  44. Diana says

    I am super happy about this Friday because I am putting together the final touches on my apartment (I just moved to a new city), including a couch being delivered!

  45. Katie E. says

    I am so very happy that it’s finally Friday! It’s been such a busy week! Love, love, love Odwalla bars, and they’re hard to find here. Hope you have a fabulous long weekend. :)

  46. Nicole Harman says

    I share the “goodness” by coaching a 5k program to help build the running community. I am also a part of the sustainability group at the local college.

  47. Cat O'Brien says

    I’m happy that my first juice this morning using our new juicer was a success! And by “success” I mean: my husband downed the whole thing and even asked to make “morning healthy juices” an everyday thing. :)

  48. hayley says

    im moving back to santa barbara in a few wks, and am VERY happy i’m heading down there this wkend to check out apartments :)

  49. Kristen DD says

    I’m happy that my fiance is flying home today ! and that we have a weekend of relaxation planned!!

  50. shelly says

    Im so excited for this weekend because my husband and I are dropping out 6 week old off with grandma for a few hours so we can spend some quality time together! Im a little nervous but I know he will be in good hands :)

  51. Nancy A. says

    I would like to try these bars myself. I think I am a baraholic! I like to treat people with respect and smile and make their day a little bit better. It is too beautiful a world to be unhappy and everybody needs a smile and nice comment once in a while!

  52. Rochelle says

    I spread the love by donating blood every 8 weeks, as allowed by our local blood bank. In addition to that, I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, building houses, and I’ve been looking for more volunteer opportunities recently. I want to be a good example to my daughters of the kind of person I want them to grow up to be like.

  53. roselyn page says

    I am happy this friday because tomorrow we will celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary, they have shown unconditional love to each other, my sister and me, my husband and two grandchildren!! Very blessed to have them.

  54. Rachel says

    So happy it’s Friday and 3 day weekend ahead! I’m excited I am getting off work 2 hours early today! I am also looking forward to a surprise 30th birthday party for my brother-in-law this weekend! :)

  55. Kate says

    I’m happy that it’s FRIDAY and I have a fun filled weekend with friends. The summer weather has yet to arrive in Chicago, but we’ll still make the most of it!

  56. Laura S says

    I’m with you in that I’m happy it’s Friday before a 3-day weekend!!! Much needed break coming my way :)

  57. Julie says

    I’m happy this Friday because it is the last day of SCHOOL for my boys!!! Yay! Bring on the lazy days of summer… :)

  58. Wendy Bair says

    I am happy and most thankful for the life I have been given and for my family and friends. When I look around and see what disasters and trauma families are facing I am grateful even more so for what I have. Pay it forward as always been something my family instilled in me and I think it is one way to keep that spirit going every day just to make someone else’s day brighter!!

  59. Morgan says

    I spread the goodness by always trying to ‘pay it forward’. Going out of your way to do nice things, or things that might not be your favorite thing to do, just to make someone else happy is worth it. And you never know how it might come back to you! Happy Memorial Day!

  60. Pua says

    I’m happy that my hubs decided to take off from work today. I’m off, too, so four-day weekend for us!

  61. Mary Burns says

    I’m happy to be spending the weekend with my wonderful husband & great friends. BBQ & cocktails!

  62. Tricia says

    I am working on my NASM certification and look forward to spreading a healthy lifestyle to others! Your blog has really inspired me to work on starting my own, which I plan to begin once I get certified :)

  63. says

    I’m happy today because my dear friend is visiting all the way from Michigan this weekend. We haven’t seen each other since my husband and I moved from Michigan to Illinois in October 2011!

  64. Michele says

    I am happy I kicked off my weekend with an hour long tabata class, followed by an hour of yoga. Feels good to start on a strong note!

  65. Tiffani says

    My parents, grandfather, brother, and sister are on their way to my house right now! Now that’s something to be thankful for this Friday!

  66. Lindsay H says

    I’m happy that I only have one more day of work before my family beach vacation! Whoohoo!!!

  67. says

    I’m excited about this weekend because my fiance and I are getting our engagement photos taken–by my mom! She is a fantastic photographer, and it will be nice to do our photos with someone we know and love :)
    Coco recently posted..We’re Engaged!

  68. says

    i always try to find ways to spread goodness and I really think the easiest way to do that is just being a GOOD person. sounds simple, but i really feel like small, polite gestures is really lacking in most people. for example, i just started a new job and one of our receptionists i overheard is having some financial problems. there is something called market on the move where you pay a donation and get masses amounts of produce. she was saying she loves to can tomatoes so i just offered to pick her up some when i went to the market. i actually had no intentions of going, but i know it will help her out. do i even know her that well? no. but it doesn’t matter, i love helping others out when i can. again, it’s the small things and i know she will appreciate it.
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

  69. Nala S says

    I’m happy that I will be able to travel somewhere with my two sisters this weekend. It will be fun to be with them while we do some fun things to relax!

  70. says

    let me preface this by saying: i’d rather be submerged in a vat of old bacon greese than go to the dentist.

    What makes my extra joyous today is: I had to get a filling. my first one ever. I’m 41. I survived and didn’t cry!!! WIN! (and it wasn’t that bad, either!)
    Denise recently posted..Time Is Not My Friend

  71. Marissa @ barefoot colorado says

    I’m happy that I’m at the cabin with my lovely family for Memorial Day weekend!

  72. Erin says

    I am happy because I just finished my first full week at my new job and now I have three and a half days off!!

  73. Jessica says

    I am happy that we are planting a veggie garden this year. We spent the last few weekends putting the garden bed together and I am hoping we can buy the plants and get them in the ground this weekend!

  74. Ashley says

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel and work in Europe for two weeks enjoying lots of fabulous food and dessert and thankful to be going home tomorrow and get back into my fitness and healthy eating routine!

  75. Jordan says

    I’m super excited about the sale I took advantage of at! I’m also excited because there are only three weeks left of school (and I’m still counting down even though my plan is to teach summer school!)

  76. Natalie P. says

    I will spread goodness at the most basic level: trying to smile more. Since living a in a city, I find myself scowling more at people and I need to spread more happiness!

  77. Sara@fitcupcaker says

    I love Justin’s nut butter especially the maple! I’m.super excited its Friday because we are goin to Florida!!

  78. Lauren says

    I’m happy for a 3-day weekend full of family, fun, and no cooking! Thankful for all of those who fought for our freedom and risked their lives doing so.

  79. meredith says

    Well, I’d like to spread some goodness to my belly ;o) And I’m excited that it’s friday ’cause it means my baby shower is tomorrow!!

  80. Erica says

    I’m happy about a lot of things today, including the fact that it is Friday and there’s a long weekend on the horizon!

  81. AmyG says

    It’s a silly little thing, but I spent the morning filling a water gun over and over for a friend’s 3 year old boy to squirt everything in the backyard. He did have fun, though.

  82. susan says

    I am very thrilled that my two daughters are at very fulfilling and happy point in their lives….something a parent always hopes for.

  83. Sara says

    I am happy, no, make that THRILLED, that summer hours started at work today which means I get to leave at 1:00 p.m. every Friday until Labor Day! Woohoo!

  84. Haley says

    Today has just been an absolutely beautiful day! It’s like 60 degrees and sunny and it just puts me in a great mood! I am really excited about a new exercise program I am going to start in about a week, too! I’ve been really struggling to find a summer job, but I have been working really hard and I found one that I love that will allow me to help teens prepare for college. It’s just a beautiful day and I am super happy about that!

  85. Laurin says

    Courtney- just started following your blog and I love it! On this Friday I am happy for a FOUR DAY weekend!!!

  86. Kaitlyn says

    I’ve been making a conscious effort to smile and say hello to people I don’t know lately. Whether I pass them on the street or stand by them in the line at the grocery. A smile can totally brighten someone’s day! That’s how I’ve been spreading some goodness. :)

  87. Kaylin says

    Even though I have to work this weekend, I’m happy I have a good job where I get to cook at an assisted living home for 31 fantastic and quirky residents! And I get to work with my favorite coworker, so I’ll make the best of having to work. :)

  88. kolya says

    I will spread my goodness by sharing the bars and snacks with those at the homeless shelter where I volunteer! They need them for between their free meals (:

  89. says

    I like to think I spread goodness every day……by taking care of my much loved but highly energetic(and sometimes sassy!!! and rotten!!!) children. Being a stay at home mom is HARD but it is rewarding too. Knowing I am doing my best to turn them into good little people makes it worth it.
    Suzanne @ Mixing It Up recently posted..Summer, Salads, Sun and Puppy Dogs

  90. Stacie M says

    Excited to finally have two whole days off with my fiancee so we can spend some time together!

  91. Emily S says

    I’m happy about the long weekend! I plan on spreading some goodness by making brunch for my sisters tomorrow :-)

  92. Emily says

    I am a nurse, so I like to spread goodness by making my patients smile and doing my best to meet their every need when they are in such a vulnerable and scary time.

  93. Margot C says

    I’m excited to be spending the weekend with the entire family, how lucky am I! I decided to spread the love by buying books for a Seattle High School English teacher that I met online to give to her kids. She was a bit knocked out and I was thrilled. It wasn’t the expensive either, not for the feeling I got.

  94. Laura says

    I volunteer once a week at a no-kill animal shelter and this weekend I’m running an 8k event that benefits local animal charities.

  95. Caitlin says

    I’m happy that it is the Friday before a long weekend and I’m headed to Spain with my little sister on Sunday!

  96. Cellabella says

    Oh my gosh, those blondies look delicious!! I’d like to spread the goodness by baking more treats for my friends. I realized that I love baking and that my friends love getting yummy goodies, so why don’t I do it more often? 😀

  97. Angelee says

    I am so happy it is Friday and its snack time! Lol! I think I’m craving an Odwalla bar now =)

  98. says

    A smile is always contagious, even if you’re having a rough day.

    This weekend I am looking forward to celebrating my nephew’s birthday at a bounce party; and celebrate my three year anniversary with some good old baseball in the Nation’s Capital.

  99. tara says

    I would like to think that on a very LONG Friday, I took good care of my patients today….and I can sleep in tomorrow!

  100. Steph says

    I am going on a camping/hiking trip this weekend! I cannot wait :) I just hope the weather cooperates as Duluth has been quite chilly and rainy lately!

  101. Chrissy says

    As a teacher, I am SO happy that today was my last day of work this school year, and now it’s summer break!!!! :)

  102. Lindsey F says

    I teach middle school so I am constantly spreading smiles and advice.

    Have a great long weekend!

  103. Diana says

    I’m happy that I’ll be subbing for a friend’s Saturday class! : ) I’m excited to be working with students again!

  104. Randyll says

    I am so happy to have a three day holiday weekend. I’m looking forward to going for a long run with my husband to prepare for our tough mudder next weekend!

  105. Madeline says

    This Friday I’m happy that I get to spend the weekend with family and friends, helps make me remember the truly important things in my life!

  106. Lisa says

    I’m happy for a long weekend and excited for a 2 hour zumba marathon I’m participating in tomorrow to raise money for a good cause!

  107. Catherine says

    I’m happy that I finally took my sister’s advice and took a level 2 class at Corepower yoga. Pushed myself and loved every minute of it!

  108. Missy says

    I like to spread goodness by just being kind to people. Small gestures of human kindness can make a difference in someone’s day.

  109. Courtney Harriger says

    I am spreading the goodness by simply sharing a genuine smile to those around me! It was such a beautiful day and what better way to enjoy it than with some smiles and laughter with those around! Happy Friday! :)

  110. Kelly says

    I am happy to have the next three days off! Nothing makes me happier than getting to spend extra time with my hubby and dog.

  111. April V says

    I am so happy to be at home with my family for a 3-day weekend!! I can’t wait to fire up the grill Monday and spend time out in the nice sun!!

  112. heather says

    Im thrilled to have broken my 30 minute threshold on my treadmill this week…now I can run non-stop for 35 mins without stopping!

  113. Jane says

    I’m spreading the love by spending Saturday with my husband’s family, and Sunday with my family. On both days, we are helping with their yard work: mowing, mulch, planting flowers, and pulling weeds!

  114. Meagan K says

    I’m happy because I finally get to spend some time with my hubby who’s been working waaaay too much! Happy Memorial Day everyone!

  115. Megan says

    I like to spread goodness through teaching my spin classes :) A little positivity and motivation goes a long way!!!

  116. says

    I am happy that I get a LONG WEEKEND to study for finals!!
    Also, I love to spread goodness by raising Diabetes Awareness, participating in runs for charity, being a leader in my school, and just giving smiles wherever I go (:

  117. Ashley K says

    Yesterday was law school graduation for a ton of my close friends so I spread goodness by getting them all cute little lolita wine glasses painted to say congrats. Now I am so happy b/c I get to down to NC for memorial day weekend to spend time with friends and family! Perfect way to spread cheer, good food, good drinks, and good times :-)

  118. april says

    i’m happy to be spending a fun weekend with my family and friends! =) hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

  119. Kristina says

    One of my favorite ways to spread goodness is by baking treats for family, friends, and coworkers! There is just something about a homemade goodie that can brighten even the most gloomy day! :)

  120. Erin says

    I’m happy that it’s a 3 day weekend and that I got all my ‘work’ done today like mowing the lawn so I can play the rest of the weekend!

  121. says

    I send goodness by sending expired or coupons I won’t use to military family overseas. They can use them six months after the expiration date.

  122. Anie says

    After some recent major life changes, I’m soooo happy that I finally seem to have achieved the balance I’ve been searching for :)

  123. Katie says

    I’m excited to spread some goodness next weekend … I teach Jazzercise, and I am going to be sharing info on Jazzercise with women at a Weight Watchers active event. I’m excited to share a workout that I love with people who are trying to lose weight … especially since I can speak from experience. I recently lost 35 pounds! :)

  124. Stephanie says

    I am so thankful that I am able to see my entire family for this long weekend. I love the Odwalla bars that I have tried, but am interested in checking out some of the other flavors!

  125. Joy says

    I’m not sure if this counts as me spreading the goodness but since he’s my dog AND I drive and go with him I’ll say that taking Dobby my poodle to nursing homes and hospitals as a therapy dog is how I spread the love.

  126. Katie M says

    Fantastic Friday it was! My work started Summer Hours this week, which means it’s OK to leave at 1 PM on Fridays. When I left my desk at 1:30, the parking lot was mostly empty! Yay for a few more hours of the weekend!

  127. Ellie F. says

    I spread the goodness by walking our neighbor’s dog this weekend. I love Odwalla so much! The drinks are amaaazing.

  128. Katie says

    This weekend it is so nice to just relax and I am going to my little sister’s play later today, which will be fun hopefully haha. This giveaway looks awesome!!

  129. Megan Cardillo says

    Hey Courtney!!

    I like to spread goodness everyday by simply being kind to people, with words, my attitude, and smiles. I also love writing and promoting other positive blog posts on social media to spread that positivity and love..posts about yoga, healthy lifestyles, and growing spirituality.

    Thanks for this opportunity! Happy weekend :)

  130. Brenda says

    Something fantastic about Friday was that I fmade a big move to a new city! I’ve been planning the move since November so it’s incredible that it has finally happened!

  131. jessica z says

    I would love to spread some goodness by being part of a relief-aid group. Helping with clean up of Oklahoma or Jersey shore or something of that nature.

  132. Alex M says

    I am happy that I got to spend Memorial Day weekend with my huge, but loving family. I am so grateful to have them in my life.

  133. laura b. says

    I am blessed to have healthy parents in their 80’s. We are spending the weekend together grilling out and attending a Rochester Red Wings game.

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