Saturday with Friends and Food

Saturday was a great day, filled with good friends and good food, which started out nice and early with a trip to the Farmer’s Market with my bestie, Heather.


It was seriously, the perfect morning to walk around. Absolutely beautiful.


Neither of us wound up buying a ton (I bought a loaf of bread and some gar la la) but we did each get a little something for breakfast, grabbed a seat, and just sat outside catching up for a bit. I got myself a melon & mint fruit infused water, which was amazingly delicious.


And a morning glory muffin, which was equally as tasty.


I’d say the two of us probably spent a good hour a half down at the market, which was a great way to kick off the weekend.

Shortly after getting home, Jay and I were back out the door again and off to our friends’ Kanika & Shaheen’s place for a graduation party. Apparently we had gotten there right after some of the food was delivered, which just so happened to be sliders from Slidin’ Dirty (remember, they were the food truck we didn’t get to try a couple weeks ago?) I made sure to try one of them, which was super awesome (it even had a fried pickle on top).


There was certainly no shortage of food at the party, that’s for sure! I snacked a bit as the day went on, and in the midst of my snacking happened to come across a new obsession…Cheryl’s Cookies (they’re in the silver tin on the back of the counter there). Apparently they’re from Columbus, Ohio, and I want…no, I NEED…a tin of them for myself. Specifically these, because that’s what I tried at the party and it was just phenomenal.


BUT…moving forward.

Also as scrumptious was Shaheen’s homemade cheesecake with fresh berries. Hoooooly cow.


Like I said…no shortage of delicious food.

A little while after having arrived at the party, I had one of those “wow, what a small world!” moments after finding out that there was actually someone at the party who reads the blog! Hey Carol!


Carol also graduated with Kanika from law school, which is where that connection came from, and she actually started reading the blog after her sister had told her about it. It was super cool to be able to meet her and chat for a little bit. I’m tellin’ ya…small world!

At one point during the afternoon, our group decided to take a short walk down to the lake that they live near.


Fun fact: it is Jay’s dream to live on a lake. I told him maybe someday when we hit that lottery. ;)


I just love spending time with this crew (although we were missing a few!)…who should all be familiar faces to you guys by now.


And I seriously can’t get enough of the newest member of our crew, Baby Ben, who was born about three weeks ago.


Can you guys believe that in a little less than two months, I’ll have my own little guy to hold?? I feel like it’s hitting a little closer to home now after looking at that photo. Absolutely crazy….and sooooo exciting(!!).

So those were definitely the highlights of my Saturday…how about you guys??

Fun Facts Friday {5/17}

1. I can’t start out today’s post without saying thank you for all of your incredibly supportive and insightful comments on yesterday’s post. Although I haven’t had the time to respond to many comments, I’m still reading each and every one of them, and I appreciate them so, so much. You are all incredible.

2. On Wednesday, I received a lovely little shipment from Larabar with their new ALT bars. Yesterday I tried out the Cinnamon Apple Crisp flavor and I. Am. In. Loooove.


Today I’m testing out the Lemon Pound Cake. Super psyched.

3. I can’t help but feel a little bit sad about this coming weekend…it’s the second Blend Retreat, and I won’t be there. Boooo. Last year’s retreat was so much fun and probably my favorite blog conference I’ve ever attended.

It also didn’t hurt having Tina and Alyssa as my buddies the whole weekend either. ;)

(If you’re interested,  you can check out all of last year’s recaps HERE)

4. I feel like today is going to be one of those days where my hunger is just through the roof. Just sayin’.

5. For the past two weeks, I’ve reinstated Coffee Friday. DD’s iced decafs with 1 pump each of caramel and french vanilla is where it’s been at.

6. Want a good, quick core workout for today? Try out this one, which I actually put together exactly a year ago today. I’d do it too but, ya know, hardcore core work isn’t really my thang these days…so do an extra set for me, mmmkay?

7. Although I’m not doing a ton of core work nowadays, I DID manage to get moving with a walking workout yesterday after work! I found myself with a little extra energy, so I decided to take advantage and hopped on the treadmill for a 3-mile walk while catching up on some magazines. I’m so thankful to still be able to keep up some moderate exercise at 31 weeks preggo.


Codeman was right there waiting for me to finish, of course.

8. The week of sudden, intense cravings continues. Last night, I was struck with a neeeeed for eggs, so I made some for dinner.


Two scrambled eggs with loads of spinach and feta cheese, along with a mini baked sweet potato, topped with fruit salsa and a little light sour cream. I don’t know if eggs had ever tasted so darn good.


9. Tomorrow I have plans to hit up the outdoor Farmer’s Market with my bestie, Heather. Can’t wait to see what kind of goodies they have now that it’s back outside. There’s always SUCH a better selection.

10. I am currently addicted to the app Candy Crush on my iPhone. Have you guys played it yet? Try it, please. Or don’t…if you don’t want to become obsessed. (Thank you, Chelsey, for fueling this obsession).

11. I think I’ve run out of facts for today…

Happy FRIDAY, everyone! Have a great day and weekend! :)

Changes For The Better – A Quick Talk About My Relationship With Food

Apparently, I was feeling a little wordy this morning as I got working on this post, so I’ve got lots to talk about today. Especially down towards the bottom of the post, but we’ll get to that in a second.

I will say first that this week has really been a pretty darn good week so far. Work has been fairly even-keeled…not too busy, not too slow. We haven’t been too super busy in the evenings, which has been nice. We got some great Baby Tooth updates. And, for whatever reason, I keep finding myself in this calm, content state of zen. It’s sort of weird, actually. I’ll just be sitting at home and suddenly feel so relaxed and happy (despite the fact that I feel like we still have about 1,001 things to do), and I start thinking about all of the things that I’m so thankful for in my life. This is super out of the norm for me…not to say I’m usually a spastic maniac…but it’s just, I don’t know. Different. Is this a pregnancy thing? If it is, I’ll gladly take the positive side effect.

But back to the food, since that’s our usual talk around here. Yesterday included some pretty good stuff, starting with breakfast.

love grown foods hot oats

Love Grown Foods hot oats (now available on Amazon!) in peach almond vanilla mixed with blueberries. Always a great choice for when I’m running late out the door in the morning.

Part of the reason breakfast had to be quick and easy was because I took a little more time on making my lunch yesterday morning.

veggie sandwich

As I was getting ready for work, I realized I was reeeeeally in the mood for a big veggie sandwich. So I slathered two pieces of whole wheat bread with some sun-dried tomato hummus and added mixed greens, provolone cheese, pickles, tomatoes, and cucumber slices.

And in order to prevent the sammy from getting too soggy, I kept the pickles, tomatoes, and cucumbers in a separate baggie and added them once I was ready to eat. It was perrrrfect.

veggie sandwich

I was feeling suuuuuper hungry around lunch and I knew that the sandwich alone wasn’t going to cut it, so I also managed to grab another bag of the hummus popped chips that I raved about recently.

Unfortunately, as good as that lunch was, I felt like it barely made a dent in my hunger (apparently I was making up for Wednesday??). I had to run out quickly after eating, and while I was out I found myself with a sudden, strong urge for a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s.

I know…how odd and random, right?

Thankfully, there’s a Micky-D’s right down the road from our office…

vanilla ice cream cone

So I pulled through the drive -thru, ordered my $1.00 cone, and thoroughly enjoyed the mini guy on my drive back to work. It toooootally hit the spot. Like, I can’t even begin to explain. :)

There were a few other snacks scattered throughout the afternoon, but none of them are nearly as exciting as the dinner Jay and I wound up throwing together last night. Apparently, yesterday was a day of major “gotta have it” cravings, because around mid-afternoon yesterday I could NOT get pasta with alfredo out of my head. Literally…I thought about it all afternoon long.

Thank GOODNESS we had all of the ingredients on hand to make my favorite skinny alfredo sauce.

skinny alfredo sauce

To our bowls of pasta (a random mix of veggie rotelli and regular farfalle) we added some sliced chicken sausages, lots of alfredo sauce(!), and some sauteed broccoli and grape tomatoes.

skinny alfredo sauce

It was heaven.

And I must say, I’ve REALLY been enjoying all of the food I’ve been eating lately. It feels SO good to just eat what I want and not have to worry about how “bad” it is, or any other garbage like that, which used to inundate my brain on a daily basis. I recently found myself looking through a few old blog posts (much older, back in 2010-2011) of mine and some of the things I came across really made me cringe. The things I would say…the way I somehow felt I had to explain food choices if they weren’t “perfect”…the foods I’d eat (or lack thereof)…the extreme exercise I’d do following a day of eating a “treat.”

It was really disappointing to read. But at the same time, it was incredibly eye-opening, and I’m so thankful that I have that documented to look back on now. To see just how much things have changed…and to me, I totally see those changes for the better. Was I thinner? Yes, of course. Was I happier? Not really.

For some of you, maybe you think my eating choices aren’t as “healthy” anymore. If that’s the case, no harm, no foul. We all have our own ways of approaching food and eating, and if our eating habits don’t necessarily mesh, then that’s okay. No judgement here.

I know I’ve mentioned this briefly a couple of times on the blog (and I know I still need to really gather all of these thoughts and share them with you guys…this is just a little snippet that I suddenly found myself thinking about), but I’m really excited to continue this new relationship with food that I have, well beyond pregnancy. Granted, I’m sure some things will change once the pregnancy is over (I’ll be shocked if my cheeseburger obsession continues, but who knows? ;) ), but I’ll take that as it comes.

To me, life is just wayyyy too short to spend all day worrying about food. I’d rather just enjoy it (and share some of the good stuff with all of you along the way).

What do you guys think?

WIAW: Filling, Starving, and Baby Updates

Hey hey! It’s that time of the week again…

Thanks, as always, to Jenn for hosting. Now let’s just get to the good stuff, shall we?


This breakfast was actually not what I had planned at all for yesterday morning.


Before I left for work yesterday morning, I started packing up the makings of what would be a yogurt bowl. I put together my strawberries and blueberries, and even had some cereal in a baggie…but I forgot the yogurt. Sheesh.


Thankfully, there were bagels in the office yesterday morning, so I grabbed a multigrain one (I think?) and topped it with some honey walnut cream cheese (<–my favorite from Bruegger’s!) to have along with my berries. I actually wound up putting some of the strawberries ON the bagel, which was quite delicious, FYI. ;)


A couple of hours after breakfast, I had to head out of the office for a bit for my 30-week prenatal appointment. The appointment went GREAT, and included a few cool pieces of info…

  • Baby and me are measuring “perfectly” and weight gain is right on target
  • Although I already knew I passed my glucose test, I found out my number was 86…they like it to be below 130. Holla!
  • I’m not anemic (WOOT!)
  • Baby Tooth is head down! Right now, he’s in a bit of a “C” shape, with his head down near my right side (which explains why I feel his little hiccups so low), his little butt up and to the left of my belly button, and his feet? Well, yes…they are right where I thought…up near my right rib cage. He’s been reminding me of that daily. ;)
  • I have one more ultrasound headed my way at 36 weeks(!!)
  • I ended up scheduling the rest of my prenatal appointments. THAT was surreal…

It was a great appointment indeed, so Jay and I decided to celebrate by grabbing a quick lunch at Chipotle. (Actually, I’m kidding. I planned this Chipotle stop about a week ago…it would have happened regardless).




I ordered my usual chicken burrito bowl and Jay and I shared some chips and guac.


I don’t know if it was because I was eating earlier than normal or not, but I wasn’t even that hungry by the time we got there. And then, I still filled up super quick as I was eating it, so I decided to eat half and save the rest for (what I thought would be) later in the afternoon.


Well, I didn’t end up getting hungry at all for the remainder of the day(?!), so I decided to just have the rest of it as my dinner when I got home.


I had made Jay a sandwich for dinner (softball game for him last night) as I was getting my dinner together, and the tomatoes I was slicing for it looked SO good that I decided to just cut up the rest and have it along with my burrito bowl and chips.


Fresh tomatoes topped with just a little salt? Mmmmm….looooove ‘em.

A little while after dinner, once Jay had left for his game, I decided to get my butt in motion and did my full Pilates DVD (50 minutes). It felt really good to get moving again, and I was thrilled to actually have found the energy and desire to even do it. I’m already noticing certain things getting more difficult though…yikes!

After Dinner Snack

While I remained pretty full and satisfied throughout most of the day, yesterday evening was a totally different story. About an hour after I finished my Pilates workout, I was starrrrving. I headed to the kitchen and started with a handful of the first thing that came into sight…


You guys thought I loved TJ’s cat cookies? Well…these Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies are incredibly addicting and amazing. I wind up grabbing small handfuls of them ALL the time (probably doesn’t help that I leave them right out on the counter).

At the rate my hunger was going, a handful of those wasn’t going to to do the trick, so I decided to make myself a bowl of cereal.


Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Honey Nut Cheerios, and blueberries with almond milk…and then I went back for a second bowl after that one. Holy cow, I just could not get enough!


Once I was finished with my cereal marathon, Cody and I settled in on the couch and watched a little TV while we waited for Jay to get home from softball.


Shortly after that, it was bed tiiiiime for me.

So I’d say it was a bit different day of eats than normal, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! :)

Lots of Color and Variety

Hello! Good morning! How’s everyone doing this morning?

Thank goodness, I’m feeling much more like myself today. I got a better night’s sleep, which helped a ton. Perhaps we’ll just call yesterday a moody, hormonal day?

So even though I wasn’t feeling much like myself, I did still manage to eat some pretty delicious meals…and wouldn’t ya know, I actually took some photos of them all. How ’bout that?!

I kept things simple and easy for breakfast, which included a vanilla Chobani, strawberries, blueberries (on sale at Price Chopper for only $1.50 a container this weekend!), and a mix of Honey Nut Cheerios and Quaker Oatmeal Squares.


I was so excited about blueberries finally being on sale. I feel like I haven’t bought them in forever because they’ve just been too darn expensive. Let’s hope the trend sticks for a while.

For lunch, I was more than ready to dig in to the sweet chicken salad that I had made for myself on Sunday night. I mixed up my usuals – can of chicken, little mayo & Dijon mustard, celery, carrots, onion, cucumber, dried cranberries, and grapes – and served it on top of a big ol’ bed of spinach.


Of course, since I always eat the base of my salads first and save all of the toppings for the end, I made sure to pack up some Wheat Thins so I could scoop up the rest of the chicken salad. SO good!


A few hours later I started getting hungry, but since I wasn’t (and still am not) in the mood for peanut butter (my usual snack), I wasn’t quite sure what to have. I started rummaging around in my desk and came across this bag of Smartfood Selects hummus popped chips that I had bought from our kitchen a month or two ago.


Okay, have you guys ever tried these?!?! They were seriously delicious. I’m definitely grabbing them from the company kitchen again ASAP.

Shortly after I got home from work, I decided to start putting together dinner. Jay was out working in the yard, so I figured I’d keep things simple…and colorful!


We had a couple of leftover chicken sausages from my parents’ house on Sunday, so I reheated those and sauteed some peppers and onions to go along with them (I also topped mine with some shredded Colby Jack cheese because I love me some cheese these days).

I also cooked up a couple of small sweet potatoes (in the microwave first, then the toaster oven, to get nice and crispy on the outside, of course!) and put together some fresh veggies to dip in ranch dressing (also a favorite these days).


For having just thrown this together quickly, I was super pleased with how everything turned out. Lots of color, flavors, and variety.

A couple of hours later, the two of us settled in for the evening to watch HIMYM (ahhhh, we see the mom!!) and The Voice, while enjoying a couple of small dishes of Edy’s Light caramel swirl ice cream. <– Totally one of our favorites. Later this morning, I have another prenatal appointment, which I think is just a quick one, but I honestly don’t remember! Speaking of which…

*The Baby Tooth page was updated this morning!!

Gotta jet, my friends. Have a great Tuesday! :)

Baby Tooth: 30 Weeks

We’ve made it to the big 3-0! I swear, it immediately felt so much more real at that number. Crazy.

30 Weeks

Baby Tooth is just over 30 weeks today and is about the size of a head of cabbage.


Time just keeps on flyin’, I’ll tell ya!

Here’s what Baby Tooth has been up to this week:

  • Baby Tooth is about 15.7 inches long now, and weighs almost 3 pounds.
  • A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds him, but that volume will decrease as he gets bigger and takes up more room in the uterus.
  • His eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen; even after he’s born, he’ll keep his eyes closed for a good part of the day. When he does open them, he’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means he can only make out objects a few inches from his face.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

Weight gained: Don’t know…I have an appointment today(!) so I’m sure I’ll find out.

Workouts: One. Whoops. I started last week off right with a solid Pilates workout, but it went downhill after that. I had a couple of planned workouts that fell through (i.e., I couldn’t wake up), but I did still manage a few afternoon walks. Even still, it was a slow week on the exercise front.


  • Some Braxton Hicks contractions
  • Minor low back pain
  • Bathroom trips all. the. time.
  • A general “full” feeling in my upper stomach
  • Leg cramps…BIG time. Especially in my calves, which tend to happen in the middle of the night. Oh man, they’re a trip.

Movement: ALL the time! He’s still pretty consistent in his movement patterns, although he was a little off yesterday. On Mother’s Day, he was putting on quite a show for us, so we all watched him dance around for a while. It freaks my brother out, which cracks me right up.

Food Aversions: After Mother’s Day, peanut butter and chocolate still don’t sound appealing. Hot drinks and shrimp still sound gross too.

Food Cravings: Still lovin’ on fruity sweets, along with cheeseburgers, potato chips, and cheese. They were big ones this week.

Sleep: This past week has been full of ups and downs. There’s been a few nights where I slept great (one night I only had to get up once to pee!), but there’s been a couple of really restless, crappy nights too. As long as there’s still some good nights mixed in there for now, I’ll take it.

Stretch marks? Belly is still stretch mark free!

Miss Anything? I miss beer. There, I said it. I miss regular clothes (there’s so many cute spring things out right now!), and I also miss the desire to workout. I get motivated to do it, but then I get too lazy to follow through.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: I think one of the more amusing things this past week has been feeling him move. Although our little guy has been on the move for weeks now, it seems like this past week I’ve been able to see/feel some of his little body parts. I can’t quite determine what each of them are, but sometimes he’ll kick/punch/move, and my belly will stick out for a while then go back in. It’s just the weirdest, coolest thing ever.

Jay and I have also still been having fun talking about what/who we think he’ll look like. Will he get mommy’s dark brown eyes or daddy’s hazel eyes (I still don’t totally understand the genetics of all that stuff)? Will he be a bright blonde like his daddy was, or have dark brown hair like his mama always has?


Only time will tell. Smile

I was also looking back at some of my older week’s photos and I feel like I am carrying really, really low. I have no idea if this will mean anything for when he arrives, or if it’s just how my body was meant to carry…but sheesh, I’m afraid to see where it falls whenever I “drop” down the road!

Belly Button in or out? Still in…but if I stretch back reeeeeally far, it almost goes flat. Almost. Winking smile

Wedding rings on or off? On, but they get pretty tight if I start to get warm.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy most of the time, but I’ve had a few occasions where I start to get easily irritable, grumpy, or emotional.

New Baby Items: We got some more clothes from my MIL this past week, which are adorable. I was also *this close* to purchasing this outfit for our little guy at Target yesterday…


But I refrained. For now. I just can’t get over its cuteness.

Looking Forward To: Today’s prenatal appointment and tomorrow’s class, which is a pain relief for labor and delivery class. It’s a short one, but I’ve heard from a few people that it’s pretty informative, and I’m all about the extra info these days.

Question for the Moms:

Are there any distinct features that your baby got (or you’re hoping he/she will get!) from you?


Hey guys! Happy Monday! And a very happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms and mom-to-be’s out there!

We had a pretty good weekend over in our neck of the woods. Friday night Jay had a softball game, and we had a pretty good group of us in the stands. So I basically spent my evening chatting away and having some pretty hilarious conversation with my mom, Sarah, Nicole, and Erika (all folks you’ve heard of before around here).

Jay and I had a lazy start to our Saturday, which was just what we needed. After lounging around for a bit, we got ready for the day and headed out to run some errands, including grocery shopping and Home Depot. Yes, I’m pretty sure almost all of our errands include a trip to Home Depot these days…I swear, we’re ALWAYS there for one thing or another. We spent a bunch of time working on the nursery (mostly on the closet) so after a few hours we decided to take a break and head out for a little date night dinner at one of our favorite spots, Brown’s.

We went early thinking we’d beat the crowds, but we still wound up with about a 45 minute wait, so we hung out at the bar and chatted while Jay drank his cherry raspberry beer (SO jealous) and I sipped on my Shirley Temple. Once we got to our table, we decided to order a crock of their french onion soup, which we had spotted earlier while waiting at the bar. It looked SO good…


and it tasted incredible. The crispy onions on top? Ohhhh myyyy gawwwd.

Jay also made it a  point to throw his beer into the pic…pretty sure he was taunting me. ;)

For dinner, both of us wound up craving a burger. I ordered the Chef Luca, which came with smoked Gouda, guacamole(!), bacon, cherry raspberry ale BBQ sauce, and crispy onions. It was pretty good, but not quite as great as the last cheeseburger I had out. I made a decent dent, but couldn’t finish it all.


After dinner we came back home, worked a little bit more in the nursery, and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing and catching up on the DVR from the week. Cody was in the same relaxation mode himself.


He kills me.


For Mother’s Day on Sunday, we started the day with brunch with my in-laws at a local place called Carol’s. (And if you’ve been reading the blog for a looooong time, then you may have seen the one other time when Jay and I visited back in 2010).

We actually chose Carol’s, thinking that it might not be as crowded and wouldn’t require reservations, but we were totally wrong. We did end up having to wait probably a good half hour or so, but it was totally worth it. They were doing a breakfast buffet (also unbeknownst to us), which allowed me to indulge in a little bit of everything.


My favorite was most definitely the french toast, which was made with a killer cinnamon raisin bread. Ohhh it was tasty.

A few hours later, we headed over to my parents’ house for dinner which included lots of yummy stuff from the grill. I had a chicken sausage, baked potato, and loads of incredibly delicious roasted veggies.


I mean, is that not a bowl of heaven or what right there??


I offered to take care of dessert, which I put together a bit earlier in the day.


Just check out that beautiful layering.


I actually used this recipe from Taste of Home which I found on one of my Pinterest boards from a while ago. It’s a no bake recipe, with layers of Oreo cookies, a peanut butter cream cheese layer, peanut butter cups, a chocolate pudding layer, and more Oreos and PB cups. I used light ingredients for most of it, but followed the recipe exactly, and all I can say is that this thing is decadent.


It was sooooo good while I was eating it, but by the time I was finished with my piece, the thought of chocolate or peanut butter just did NOT sound appealing anymore. Whew, that thing was rich beyond belief, and it was awesome…but even still today, I’m not loving the idea of peanut butter or chocolate. What does sound good? Salty chips. Heck, salty anything. I think it’s a good thing I let mom and dad keep the leftovers.


I didn’t realize it until this morning, but that right there is the extent of photos that were taken this weekend. Whoops! But it was still a great weekend, albeit not all that documented. And as for today? Well, I’m draggin’ guys. Big time. And if I’m being honest, I’m feeling a little on the grumpy side too. I did not sleep well at all last night and I am just having a tough time getting back into GO mode this morning. Hopefully I’ll start to perk up once I’m at work and moving. If not, I may have to figure out a way to take a lunchtime snooze. :)

Question for the Morning:

How was your weekend? Do anything special for Mother’s Day?

Fun Facts Friday {5/10}

1. I’m already feeling like it’s a good idea we decided to postpone this weekend’s babymoon because I. Am. Wiped. This week was a busy week both at work and after work. I’m looking forward some downtime ASAP.

2. Thanks to number 1 up there, last night after work I got home and crashed. Hard. No workout. No nothing. By around 7:15pm, I decided I should probably make some dinner. I almost went with a bowl of cereal but decided to invest just a little more time and made an egg sandwich.


And boy, it was a delicious one at that. Egg, provolone, a slice of turkey, and raspberry jam on whole wheat toast. YUM.

3. I’ve come to the conclusion that bigger meals are not my friend these days. I had a bigger than usual lunch yesterday and I was stuffed and uncomfortable all afternoon long. I think small meals spread throughout the day is the name of the game for now.

4. Today marks the 30 week mark for Baby Tooth. I don’t know why, but somehow 30 weeks seems so much more real than 29. Holy crap.

5. I finally caved and bought a body pillow. But because I’m too cheap to spend $50 on the special ones, I just went out to Tar-jay and picked up a basic one for a whopping $9.99. Definitely helps with the sleeping…definitely super comfy.


And definitely does not leave a whole lot of extra room in the bed at night now. Ahh well.

6. Feeling Baby Tooth have the hiccups is one of the weirdest, funniest, coolest sensations ever. He’s had them the past two days in a row. Cracks me up.

7. Remember how I mentioned a couple weeks ago how a woman at work offered to make us a baby blanket? Well I got to see it in progress (it’s almost finished) and it looks SO good! Here’s the fabric I picked out for it…


I’ll definitely share once we have the final product. I think it’s going to look SO great!

8. Has anyone else looked through the latest edition of the Cooking Light magazine? We just got ours yesterday and Jay must have gone through and bookmarked about a dozen recipes. There is some GOOD looking stuff in there this month!

9. For the past week or so, I have been craving fish and chips. With tartar sauce. Jay actually picked up on it last night as we were talking it and I mentioned it again. Perhaps I’ll have to get some in my future soon…we have a couple of good places locally.

10. Thank you to blog reader, Lindsay, for sharing this photo with me yesterday:

Just like my Cody. :)

11. Want to see some absolutely brilliant ideas for a bunch of random stuff? Check out this post on theBerry. Some of those things are genius!

12. A little random, but saw this and found it amusing…


How true, right? Man, I LOVE the jelly in the middle of those things.

Now where can I find me some…. ;)

Happy Friday, friends!!

A Mexican Feast

So, have I told you guys how much I’m diggin’ Mexican food lately?

Oh, I have? Only about 100 times? Okay, my bad.

Well lucky for me, my friends are very much aware of this latest obsession. Last night, Jay and I were invited over to our pals Brian & Mal’s place for dinner, so when Mal had asked me earlier in the week if I’d be interested in having chicken chimichangas for dinner, it was basically a no brainer.


Up until last night, the only other time I had tried a chimichanga was actually just last month. Jay and I loooooved them, but I didn’t think it was anything I’d ever attempt to make since I don’t exactly have a deep fryer.

Well, wouldn’t ya know…they can be baked on the oven. ;)


We had a whole Mexican feast last night, complete with our chimichangas (she used THIS recipe), refried beans, rice, salsa, chips, and guacamole. Jay and I offered to bring the chips and guac, and we were planning on making it from scratch…buuuuut our avocados were soooo not ripe that we couldn’t even mash them. At least you can still find some decent store-bought kinds!

The entire meal was absolutely delicious and I finished everything on my plate with noooo problems.

The four of us hung out and caught up a bit for a couple hours after dinner…and then it was time for dessert.


Homemade brownies with black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. Hooooooly cow.




In other news, Jay and I did decide to cancel/postpone this weekend’s Babymoon. We were able to get everything refunded, which helped make our decision much easier. We’ll definitely still plan something before baby comes, maybe just for a night over somewhere. And we’ll hopefully still find some fun things to do this weekend too, so I’m happy with our decision. Either way, we’ll still make it out to Portsmouth one of these days!

Tonight, I am reeeeeeeally looking forward to laying low. The two of us have had something going on for the past three nights in a row, and while they’ve all definitely been good things (softball, breastfeeding class, dinner with friends!), I’m ready for a night of nothing. I’m also ready to get in a workout after work today. Thanks to the later evenings and early mornings, I’ve been having a hard time getting anything in over the past couple days, and my low back could really use some stretching. Perhaps tonight will be a yoga kinda night?

What kinda night will tonight be for YOU? :)

WIAW: Good News

I got some great news yesterday…I passed my glucose test! WOOT WOOT!

Everyone I talked to was telling me that I’d probably have at least a little inkling if I thought something was up, and since I’ve really been feeling great, I was hoping that was a good sign. The nurse told me the test looked “perfect,” so now that’s just one less thing to worry about. Gotta love that.

Sooooo, here we are. Another WIAW already. Yesterday included a pretty good mix of some pretty awesome food. I’d like to say it was fairly balanced…we’ll see what you guys think?


A vanilla Chobani with fresh strawberries and a mix of Honey Nut Cheerios and Quaker Oatmeal Squares.


Nothin’ like a good yogurt mess on a warm morning to start the day!


Mid-Morning Snack

A piece of banana bread. Have I mentioned this yet? I can’t remember…anywho, I made this recipe (minus the chocolate chips) on Sunday and have been enjoying a slice every morning so far this week.


I think that recipe is, by far, my favorite out of all of my banana bread recipes.


Yesterday’s lunch wound up being a little different than I had anticipated. I originally brought a salad with me, but then I remembered that I was having lunch catered here for our sales team…and then I remembered that I ordered pulled pork.

And I immediately changed my plans for that salad.


Actually, my plan was to just take a small amount of the pulled pork (which I did, as you can tell) and a roll, and then eat my salad a little later when I was hungry again. Well, the pork wound up holding me over way longer than I expected, so I nixed the idea of the salad…for a little while. ;)


After I quickly ate my pulled pork, I headed back outside on my blanket and enjoyed some reading in the sunshine while it was still here.


It was a warm one, but absolutely beautiful.

Mid-Afternoon Snacks

Around 3:45ish I started getting hungry again, but I knew it was too late to dig into my salad since I’d be eating dinner early. So instead, I had a couple of snacks to tide me over including some fresh cantaloupe…


(with a side of baby bump) ;)

and some Wasa crisp crackers with peanut butter (x3).



Almost immediately after I got home from work, Jay and I had to head out the door for our breastfeeding class. It was at this point that I was incredibly happy with my decision to hold off on my salad from earlier…it was all ready to go!


And thankfully, Jay drove, so I could eat it on the way.

The breastfeeding class itself went very well. I’m not sure exactly what Jay was expecting, but I don’t think he was expecting to see so many photos of naked boobs. ;) Aside from that, I found the class to be very informative and helpful, and I’m pretty sure he did too. There were a lot of basic things that I just hadn’t been aware of up until this point, so I definitely left feeling a little more prepared in that department.


By the time we got home a few hours later, it was just about time to watch New Girl and both of us were craving a little something sweet…so we finished off the rest of our rainbow sherbet while watching the show.


Chelsey seems to think I’m weird for putting chocolate chips on my sherbet. I say no WAY. It’s the perfect way to get a little bit of fruity and chocolate all in one.

On a different, somewhat of a downer note, Jay and I are thinking about nixing our Babymoon this weekend. We’ve been checking the weather all week long, and right now Portsmouth just is not looking very good for when we’d be there on Saturday and Sunday…


I want to go in the worst way, but since most of what we want to do would be outside, I really don’t know how enjoyable it would be to be battling winds and rain the whole time? We’d hate to go, spend the money, and be stuck bolting from store to store to get out of the weather. But on the other hand…I’d hate to NOT go and have it wind up being not so bad. Plus, I don’t think we’ll have any other opportunities to go before the babe arrives.

Sooooo, we’re feeling a bit stuck at the moment. Hopefully the weather will just make a drastic change one way or the other for us to make our decision easier. Either way, I’m pretty sure we have to decide by today so we don’t get charged for our reservations. I guess we’ll have to see what happens!

What do you think…brave it and go, or stay back and figure out a different type of “babymoon” at home? :)