Friendship Dairies Giveaway {CLOSED}

Hey, friends! I know I haven’t really been popping in much on the weekends lately, but I have a fun little giveaway to share with you all that I thought you might enjoy.

So if you’re anything like me, then you probably love yourself some cottage cheese now and then. Typically, my favorite way to eat it is mixed with pumpkin and spices, OR with lots and fresh fruit.

Speaking of which…I need to make myself another one of these Taste of the Tropics Cottage Cheese Bowl STAT.

Well last month, Friendship Dairies, maker of high protein cottage cheese and other dairy products, launched a mobile mixer food truck tour that will be serving free 5-ounce Friendship Fit to Go™ 1% Low Fat, 1% Low Fat Pineapple, and 4% Regular cottage cheese samples throughout the New York Metro area.

1 Percent Cottage CheeseTruck Tour Image

To help spread the word about the launch of their new mobile mixer food truck, Friendship Dairies has offered to give away a pretty sweet tote bag to a lucky STSL reader, filled with lots of fun goodies (valued at $75!):

Giveaway All

Included in the giveaway:

  • Branded Friendship cloth grocery bag
  • $15 iTunes gift card
  • Brita Filtered water bottle
  • Rocco DiSpirito’s new cookbook “Now Eat This! Italian: Favorite Dishes from the Real Mamas of Italy–All Under 350 Calories” ($26.99 retail)
  • 2 Coupons for FREE Friendship Dairies products

BritaBottleImageRocco Now Eat ThisiTunes

To Enter: Simply leave a comment on this post with your favorite way to enjoy cottage cheese. Is it mixed with fresh fruit? Pureed into protein pancakes?

I’ll choose a random winner on Monday, June 10th. Good Luck! Smile


Disclosure: I received product from Friendship Dairies in exchange for promotion of this giveaway.


  1. Jasmine says

    I loooove eating cottage cheese the plain way with a huge cold apple in the side, yummy!!! But I get a little too addicted when I have cottage cheese at home!! Oops. =p

  2. Kristin says

    I recently started buying cottage cheese after a long hiatus. I like it with just some season salt on it. Yum!!!

  3. Gina says

    This is my Favorite brand of cottage cheese! I love to eat it with a little cinnamon and strawberries or whip it with chocolate protein mmm now I think that will Have to be my snack today!

  4. Kaitlyn says

    I LOVE cottage cheese mixed with fruit and nuts! Another great way to use it is to incorporate it into lasagna (mixed with ricotta) for a punch of protein! :)

  5. says

    I love cooking light and healthy meals and cottage cheese is an excellent substitute ingredient. One of my favorite low-calorie/low-carb meals using cottage cheese as a substitute is zucchini lasagna, where it’s used to replace the ricotta. So good! Here’s the recipe I use if anyone wants it: My boyfriend is from Italy so I’m always nervous about making Italian inspired dishes, but he loved this one! :) I also love to make cheesecake with it! Try this out for dessert after your lasagna dinner and you won’t regret it:
    Ashley recently posted..Take Time to Take Time…for Yourself

  6. Taylor says

    It is totally amazing on top of a sweet potato with some salsa – add avocado if you want to get really crazy 😉 – seriously Courtney, try it! So yummy!

  7. Rachel says

    I’d love to win those coupons and goodies – I’ve been wanting to try cottage cheese more, especially with fruit or cereal on top!

  8. Amanda L says

    I just learned how much I love cottage cheese!! The only way I’ve tried it so far is with cinnamon and fruit, especially bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Love it!

  9. Megan says

    I love cottage cheese but can’t mix it with anything sweet! I like it plain or sometimes I’ll stir it into polenta with spinach and top the whole thing with tomato sauce.

  10. maria says

    I read the title friendship diaries and was expecting something different….but since we are talking dairy, I like cottage cheese with salt and pepper. :-)

  11. Katelyn says

    I love blending cottage cheese into smoothies or protein shakes for extra creaminess! Yum! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  12. Jessica C says

    When I was younger it freaked me out, so I actually haven’t had it in forever… it looks amazing with fruit though! Would love to try it!

  13. says

    When I first read the title, I thought it said “Friendship DIARIES” haha.
    But my fave way to eat cottage cheese is with salt & peppa baby! :)

  14. Michelle z says

    The texture of cottage cheese freaks me out but I love it baked into pancakes or into cheese sauces!

  15. Madeline says

    I live pureeing cottage cheese and using it in place of sour cream in recipes. It adds a thicker texture and sweeter flavor!

  16. Erica says

    I am a huge cottage cheese lover!! My favorite way to eat it is with fruit, especially purple grapes!

  17. says

    I LOVE Super Salad! Just dice green peppers, onion, and tomatoes and toss with cottage cheese. (Refrigerate over night for the best flavor!) This is about the only way I will eat cottage cheese!!

  18. Kari says

    I love it for dessert – mix with strawberries or blueberries, drizzle with peanut butter, top with a sprinkle of granola and cinnamon…yum!

  19. Calie says

    Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple!! Love. I’m going to give it a try with granola too – that does sound delish :)

  20. Abby Sparrow says

    my absolute FAVORITE way to eat cottage cheese is with chopped up apples. It’s one of my go-to after school snacks!

  21. Kayla @ blondes have more run says

    I’m with you on the fresh fruit with it! Soo yummy! Also the perfect post workout snack with all that protein!

  22. says

    i seriously LOVE cottage cheese! my fiance actually thinks i’m a little weird for liking it as much as i do, but i love adding a little chocolate protein powder to it, and “whipping” it and use it to top toast, bagels, rice cakes, crackers, you name it!

    I’ve heard amazing things about the Friendship brand, but can’t find it in any of my stores! i would really love to be able to try it!
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Lauren @ Sweat The Sweet Stuff

  23. Karlie says

    I LOVE cottage cheese plain. I could eat a whole container in one sitting! Topped with some fresh strawberries would be my 2nd choice :)

  24. Caroline says

    Honestly, there’s something about the consistency of cottage cheese that weirds me out a bit…that being said it’s great in smoothies and pancakes!

  25. Kate says

    I am newly obsessed with cottage cheese and only like Friendship! I love it plain or with some fresh fruit.

  26. Lauren S says

    I like my cottage cheese straight up but would also like to try it in pancakes for a punch of protein.

  27. Jen W. says

    I love eating cottage cheese with french dressing drizzled on top. Not the healthiest but definately tasty!

  28. Haley says

    In Kugel!! Kugel is a noodle/bakery/sweet treat that my bestfriend’s mom would make when I came over. It sounds gross. Noodles and sugar? But it is SO good!

  29. Amy says

    I love cottage cheese with fresh fruit and topped with something crunchy like buckwheat groats! Any berry works for me but raspberries are my favorite. I am now wanting to try out kiwi since your pic looked delicious!!!

  30. Kate says

    I’m probably alone on this one but I love to keep my cottage cheese savory, topping it with roasted soy nuts or sunflower seeds!

  31. Silvia says

    I have actually never tried cottage cheese before but am very intrigued from having read about it in several blogs including yours! I definitely want to try some of the recipes stated in both your post and the comments.

  32. Kristy @ Kristy's Health Revolution says

    I used to just eat it plain with salt and pepper and thought that anything sweet mixed with cottage cheese sounded gross – until I tried it with fruit! Now I won’t eat it any other way!!

  33. Kristina says

    Before I went dairy free, I loved to eat it right out of the carton! My mom still eats it that way and would freak out if I won this giveaway and shared it with her. 😉

  34. Jessica says

    I’ve never actually tried cottage cheese. I guess I’m too scared. However, I’ve seen so many good recipes with cottage cheese

  35. kolya says

    Usually just the Friendship No salt one plain though I sometimes add cinnamon and cereal crunchies (:

  36. Nicki says

    I love Friendship’s no salt variety! It’s sooo thick and perfect for an after dinner treat. I mix it with some vanilla sugar free pudding mix and dry oats or cereal. Love it.

  37. Naomi says

    I like eating cottage cheese with fresh fruit. Or else plain with a little ground black pepper…sounds weird but is really good. I have been thinking about trying it in protein pancakes though!

  38. Katie M says

    Lately, I’ve been enjoying cottage cheese in soup (especially chicken tortilla soup) and on tacos. I’m sort of using it as a replacement for sour cream, but it has a nice cooling effect to spicy dishes. Plus, I love the creaminess that it adds.

  39. Christina says

    Looks like delicious stuff, I am a picky cottage cheese lover, but would love to try this out too!

  40. Moll Schulz says

    I love cottage cheese on top of fresh tomato slices with salt and pepper. Simple and delish! Also as a dressing for salads!

  41. Lyric Andersen says

    I LOVE Cottage Cheese with grapes or I also like making veggie/cottage cheese egg scrambles with it. So good.

  42. Ashley K says

    I love cottage cheese just on its own!! But throw in some strawberries and honey and you have dessert! SOOO yummy!!

  43. Haley says

    I’m not a fan of the texture of cottage cheese, so I use it for its protein power in post-workout smoothies in place of protein powder. It’s great with frozen pineapple & banana!

  44. Bethany says

    I love love love cottage cheese! Favorite ways to enjoy it- plain, dipped with pretzels, on top of salads, mixed in with hummus, on top of homemade wheat thins, etc! I prefer more savory add- ins to my cottage cheese than fruity though! :)

  45. Annie says

    My favorite way to enjoy cottage cheese… is with sliced bananas and a heavy shake of ground cinnamon… yum!

  46. Jen says

    I grew up eatin peaches and cottage cheese with my daddy so that gotta be number one, close second is in homemade lasagna, and third with pineapple.. havent tried it with pumpkin but i will now!

  47. Lisa C says

    I fell in love with the breakstone’s cottage doubles a while back and now i just love to each cottage cheese with fruit!

  48. Jordan says

    I love cottage cheese with fruit if I’m eating it plain, but I also have a recipe from when I was living at home (poppyseed casserole!) that uses cottage cheese! Yum!

  49. Christina says

    I like to scoop up cottage cheese with potato chips. The salty and creamy is the perfect combination.

  50. Haley says

    Cottage cheese with raisins has always been my favorite! It’s so good! It’s definitely filling too!

  51. Amina says

    I freeze cottage cheese with vanilla extract, stevia, and peanut butter for a post workout snack. Totally tastes like a nutter butter!

  52. Jenni says

    i LOVE it as a salad topping i always toss the salad in it and like to add a dribble of balsamic vinegar! but its also awesome for adding protein to pancakes and smoothies, I’ve never quite come round to the idea of it with fruit yet but i may have to venture out after all these recommendations!

  53. heather says

    I love to eat cottage cheese the same way my grandmother did…with a generous sprinkle of lemon pepper seasoning….YUM!!

  54. Alexa says

    I like it with a little sugar, sometimes with cinnamon. The best thing about Friendship cottage cheese is that it is so smooth, and they have one without any added salt!

  55. Jane says

    I love cottage cheese and eat it for lunch at work. I love to mix it with pineapple or mandarin oranges!

  56. Lindsey F says

    What perfect timing! I’ve been on a cottage cheese kick for the last week.

    I love chopping up carrots, celery, peppers, scallion, and radish and mixing it up with cottage cheese and topping it with fresh black pepper.

  57. eisha says

    Hi Courtney! I LOVE LOVE cottage cheese and eat it everyday – sweet and savory dishes! My current (hehe) favorite way is to eat it with berries and cereal!

  58. Katherine says

    My absolute favourite way to eat cottage cheese is on top of a big bowl of fresh fruit with a little cinnamon. Cannot get enough!

  59. Jessica says

    I like to chop up zucchini and mix it with marinara and cottage cheese and microwave it. It may sound weird but its soooooo good for a quick and easy lunch.

  60. Alycia says

    I love cottage cheese just plain. Give me the tub and a fork, and I am good to go!

    It is great with fruit also though, but plain is the best for me!

  61. Nala says

    I love cottage cheese spread on my toast or sandwich with some marmalade or my veggies for a sandwich filling. I also love it as topping on some pancakes with fruit on top!

  62. Chelsea says

    My favorite way is either with pineapple or peaches, or over mixed greens as a salad dressing, topped with raisins and almonds. Yum, it’s been a while since I’ve had some, I might need to make a trip to the store!

  63. Kelly Q says

    I love to eat cottage cheese with some fresh fruit, especially pineapple- it’s what i lived off of in the college cafeteria’s as everything else tasted horrible! Always put some honey, cinnamon, and chex cereal on top too!

  64. Brenda says

    My favorite way to enjoy cottage cheese is in a mock manicotti that I make instead of ricotta, the filling is made from cottage cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese. The filling is then mixed with frozen spinach, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. So delicious! It’s one of only a few recipes I actually enjoy making after a long day at work.

  65. Molly Petsch says

    I love my cottage cheese with black pepper! I have yet to meet anyone else, besides my dad, who likes this combo!

  66. Tonia says

    Whipped cottage cheese with pumpkin, cinnamon, and stevia is delicious!! I I also add a sprinkle of my favorite crunchy granola……yum!!!

  67. Dana says

    When I eat cottage cheese I love to put in pumpkin pie spice, ginger and nutmeg along with chopped walnuts and raisins!! So GOOD!! Sometimes I even like to take plain cottage cheese and put it over a bed of lettuce with sliced banana, cranberries or raisins on top drizzled with honey. Mmmm! : ) I must say I have tried various cottage cheeses and Friendship is by far the best!!

  68. Judith says

    I love cottage cheese as a light snack in the summer. My fave way to have it is cottage cheese with a teaspoon of light cool whip, pineapple and a sprinkle of sugar free lemon jello powder. You can also try other jello flavors and some people like to throw in a few marshmallows but I try and keep it healthy. So yummy :)

  69. Beverly says

    I like to add a little sweetener and vanilla extract and eat with fresh blueberries or strawberries. Tastes like cheesecake!

  70. Mallory says

    I love it mixed into a salad with a small amount of balsamic vinegar! It makes such a creamy dressing. Yum!

  71. christy says

    I love it with FRESH pineapple… when it comes with the pineapple already in it it just doesn’t taste the same!

  72. Lindsey says

    I love plain low-fat cottage cheese mixed with light pancake syrup and either trail mix or fiber one sprinkled on top!

  73. Mary says

    Definitely prefer the sweeter way with cocoa powder added and some almond butter (and blueberries!) yummmmmmy

  74. Stacy S says

    I love it sweet – with slightly defrosted frozen black cherries; and savory as well – with sunflower seeds!

  75. Karla says

    I LOVE cottage cheese mixed with strawberry jelly and wrapped in a white flour tortilla! It’s soooo good. And… Cottage cheese mixes with melted pb is awesome too!

  76. Arimey says

    I almost always eat mine plain, but your fruit bowl photos inspired me! I’ll have to scroll through all the comments for even more ideas :)

  77. Debby says

    I love using cottage cheese in my Lasagna and also in my green salads.
    Hubby will eat it up with just pepper sprinkled on it.

  78. Nicole F. says

    For sweet, I like it topped with almond butter and berries or for savory, cracked black pepper and avocado!

  79. Corina says

    I loooove cottage cheese plain. I know, boring, but I seriously need to control myself with the stuff. I could probably eat a whole container!

  80. *Andrea* says

    this is my favorite cottage cheese brand by far!!! i love it with a little bit of stevia, cinnamon, and warmed apples!

  81. Diana says

    I actually havent had cottage cheese on its own or with fruit, but I have used it in lasagna, and love it!

  82. Karen says

    I’ve never tried cottage cheese before. Made it once in biology and it looked unappetizing, so didn’t actually eat it. Have been thinking about buying some as a change up to my usual greek yogurt and fruit.

  83. Nina says

    I love friendship–it’s the only brand I’ll eat, but it’s disappointingly hard to find outside of ny! I eat cottage cheese plain or with fruit.

  84. Erin says

    Depends on my mood – sometimes just with carrots, other times on a baked potato with salsa, or with peaches.

  85. Bre says

    I could eat cottage cheese every. single. day. And I pretty much do… I LOVE it! Sweet or savory, it’s always a winner with me. If I had to pick a favorite I’d go with the most common way I eat it for breakfast. Cottage cheese + any combo of fruit = delicioso.

  86. Chrissy says

    I think incorporating it into pancakes would be my favorite way to eat it, but I am intrigued to try some other ideas that I’m seeing!

  87. Olivia K says

    I actually have never tried cottage cheese as it makes me a bit squeamish but I have been curious lately after readin many recipes and ways to eat it! I think it would be a great additional source of protein for me! Since I love pineapple I am going to have to say that sounds like one of the best suggestions I’ve read and I can’t wait to try it!

  88. Jill says

    I like to mix mine with cocoa powder for dessert at night. Adding strawberries and raspberries sometimes too!

  89. rose ann says

    Friendship is the ONLY cottage cheese I eat! I love it every way but my favorite is to have it on toast with jam! Yum!

  90. Jessica says

    I put cottage cheese on my bagels/toast with a little pepper instead of cream cheese! It’s much more satisfying and hold me over longer! Also, I just enjoy cottage cheese as a side dish!

  91. stacey says

    plain with a little salt and pepper. Can’t get on board with the cc and fruit. I have tried it in pancakes and you couldn’t taste it, have tried to whip it with cocoa and PB2, couldn’t handle that!


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