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Good news – we made it to Wednesday! (And please, if you haven’t already seen this Geico commercial with the camel, go watch the video of it. Cracks. Me. UP.) AND, to top it off, we have our prenatal appointment later this afternoon, complete with our final ultrasound. I cannot WAIT, and am keeping my fingers crossed that Baby Tooth will cooperate and show us his little face. Ohmygod I cannot wait to touch that little face and squeeze those little cheeks.

But anywho! On to the good stuff…WIAW Tuesday. Yesterday’s eats (and heck, most of my eats these days) were all about simple and easy. And carbs, too. 😉


A whole wheat English muffin topped with peanut butter + iced coffee


Not even a banana thrown in there. Plain and simple.

Mid-Morning Snack

I was rushing around the house in the morning to find something else to grab and came across this Orchard Bar.


Upon first bite, I wasn’t sure if I loved it, but I quickly changed my tune and devoured the whole thing quite quickly. Loved the apple flavor in it!

Afternoon Snack

I had to run out on my lunch hour to meet Jay at Home Depot so we could pick up a new ceiling fan for Baby Tooth’s nursery. I wasn’t hungry enough to eat my lunch before leaving to meet up with him, so I grabbed my container of grapes that I had packed and hit the road with those.


Green grapes are tasting soooooo good right now, no??


I didn’t wind up getting hungry for lunch until almost 2pm, but by that time, it was time to break out the goods.

I’m tellin’ you guys. I’m all about easy and simple these days. I’ve been way too lazy to make my lunches at night, so when the morning rolls around, I want something I can throw together in about 5 minutes. Hence, the combo above. 😉


I suck at planning dinners these days. There, I said it. I have no desire to make anything once I’m home, and poor Jay just sort of goes with the flow…even though I know he totally misses regular meals. It also doesn’t help when he has softball games planned and then they wind up getting rained out (as has been the case for the past 2 weeks or so…).

So last night, we made the most of what we had, with minimal effort.


We still have plenty of leftover pasta salad, so we had some of that along with a couple of paninis. Jay had the idea to go and pick up some rolls at the bakery instead of using regular bread, and ohmygod they were enormous. We cut probably 1/3 off of each of our rolls, and they were still (as you can see) massive.

I made mine with some sliced deli chicken, Italian blend cheese, tomatoes, onions, turkey bacon, and balsamic mayo (I literally just mixed a little light mayo with balsamic vinaigrette dressing).


It was a huge, carby, delicious sandwich, and I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite. I was huuuuungry, and it was nice to actually have the room in the belly to eat a full meal without feeling totally uncomfortable. :)


A couple hours later I wanted something sweet, so I grabbed a small handful of Scooby Snacks (I should not buy these anymore, they are trouble) and a watermelon Italian ice.


Still lovin’ me some Italian ice these days – especially the watermelon flavor!

We enjoyed our Italian ices while lounging on the couch, watching last night’s episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss, and me constantly scratching my itchy belly…

Seriously guys. It is AWFUL right now. It seems to gradually get worse as the day goes on, and by the time I get ready for bed at night, it’s just terrible. I put my baby oil on in the morning and lotion and a few times during the day but good lord, is it annoying. Anyone have any good itchy belly remedies for me?? 😉

Happy Wednesday!


  1. says

    Here’s hoping you get to see Baby Tooth’s little face!!

    Does your belly itch have a rash? I had a terrible belly itch. I think what I had was called PUPP. Although it was fairly mild in appearance, the itching was still insane. I feel your pain! My uncle is a pharmacist/nurse-practitioner, and he recommended hydrocortisone cream (1%). It pretty much saved my life.
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted..A Workout + Smoothie Kind Of Day

  2. says

    Carb filled days are my favorite kind of days 😉

    I can’t believe how close we’re getting!! Can’t wait to hear about the final ultrasound :)

  3. Michaela says

    Try not to scratch that belly it could cause the stretch marks your are dreading
    the skin is very sensitive and prone to damage. I used that cooling aloe gel that you use when you get a sunburn, it worked really well for me!

  4. says

    Green grapes are amazing! I love them when they are really cold right out of the fridge or freezer. I’m sorry your belly has been itchy, I use coconut oil on my skin when it gets really dry and it really seems to help.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..WIAW – Sunday

  5. says

    Fast and easy meals are usually my favorite. Carbs just are the best for that.
    And Snack-y Lunches are definitely the best. Then you get a whole bunch of flavors and items.
    Ah, being itchy is the worst feeling, hopefully it gets better soon!
    Lisa recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday – Do You

  6. says

    Maybe try some coco-butter lotion with the oil, as well! I know my body loves shea and other butter-based lotions! And, honestly, this meal looks great! I mean, it doesn’t take a lot of preparation time but at least it’s not a microwave or take out meal! You’re doing homemade things in just less time! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

  7. Ruthie Hart (@ruthiehart1) says

    YUM! That panini looks amazing… do yall use a panini machine? I would love to make them at home but we don’t have one

  8. says

    Scooby Snacks?! How have I never heard of these?! I actually had to do a double take because I thought you were holding a Milkbone at first 😆

    I’m with you on the quick and easy meals lately. If something takes more than 10 minutes to throw together, chances are I’m not going to be eating it. Whiiiiich unfortunately (or fortunately?) means a lot of cereal for dinner…
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... WIAW … sugar cravings .

  9. Barbara says

    I would use a very rich lotion on your itchy belly, something with lots of emollients. You might want to ask your doctor for a recommendation. I like Aveeno lotions (they have a nice lavender calming one) It itches because the skin is stretched so much. This is when you really want to moisturize, because the dreaded stretch marks may show after you give birth, after your belly has shrunk back down considerably.

    Also consider using a rich body wash if you don’t do so already – avoid soap.


  10. Heather says

    One of my girlfriends used an ice pack on her stomach towards the end of her pregnancy! It just completely numbs your skin, and it was the only thing that worked for her.

  11. Christy says

    I’ve been using the Bella B tummy butter and it works great on my itchy belly… kinda expensive but worth every penny! I also rotate in the palmers cocoa butter formula for stretch marks.

  12. Annie says

    Those paninis look immense! I’d never thought of doing them with “real” bread rolls! Must give it a try!

  13. says

    I hope the appointment went well!
    Your lunch looks just perfect to me. It has every food group and is delicious!
    And yes, those Scooby snacks are very dangerous. The boys I babysit always have them in the pantry and I can’t even let myself get near them for fear of eating the whole box!
    Olivia @ Liv Lives Life recently posted..The “BAST” Job + WIAW

  14. says

    My belly was soooo itchy with both my babies. I used Bio Oil and I swear by it!!!! It’s great for preventing stretch marks too. I made it through both pregnancies without any. You should check it out . I always bought mine at the pharmacy…it’s pretty easy to find which is a plus :)

  15. says

    You guys always make the best looking sandwiches! They look just like Panera Bread’s.

    And I’m not sure if this would work on a pregnant belly itch…but I know that Hydrocortisone works wonders for most itches! I used to use a whole tub when I had itching skin problems and rashes.
    Ellie@Fit for the soul recently posted..Selah’s Birth Story

  16. Jen says

    I had the horrible belly itches with my first (pupp) and I ended up using calamine lotion on it. The coolness of it felt so good!


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