This Post Has a Little Bit of Everything {Giveaway CLOSED}

Absolutely amazing. There’s no other way to describe it.


Yesterday afternoon, we had our final ultrasound and weekly prenatal appointment. I was so excited for it ALL day but was curious to see whether or not Baby Tooth would even cooperate on the ultrasound. Well, as you can see, he certainly cooperated. Those cheeks! Those lips!

Everything went great at the appointment, and here’s a few fun facts:

  • Baby Tooth is in the 50th percentile for weight and is “guesstimated” to be about 6lbs 14oz right now – if he goes to 40 weeks, that would put him anywhere between high 7’s and low 8lbs.
  • He’s still head down, but face up (I think part of the reason we got such good shots of him!). The doc said they prefer face down, but she didn’t seem worried about it at all.
  • He has hair! The tech showed us the fuzzy part that was basically “floating in the fluid,” and she also informed us that he has “old man hair” – aka, not much on top, but a lot more around the rim of the head. This made both of us laugh, and I later found out after talking to my mom that both me and my brother had this when we were born. Who knew?!
  • He’s quite scrunched up in there – the ultrasound showed at one point that he had one hand above his head, and his other hand was holding on to his little foot that was curled up into his body. It was adorable. And crazy. He also stuck his tongue out at us numerous times…little stinker. 😉
  • I’m not dilated at all yet, but apparently my cervix is quite thin and he is very low…I’ll take that as a good sign!

So after our appointment yesterday, I’m pretty sure the two of us were just on Cloud 9. Not that we weren’t excited before, but after seeing such a “real” shot of him, we’re just so anxious and ready to finally meet him. We left the appointment and headed down the street to one of our favorite sub places (DiBella’s) to get some dinner.


The subs at DiBella’s are enormous, and totally delicious. Jay and I decided to go halvsies on a couple since we couldn’t decide between the two (Chicken Philly and Chicken BLT) and believe it or not, we each got a small sub. Yes, they’re smalls. I’m pretty sure their larges could feed a small army.

I was originally thinking I might be able to con him into going to see a movie afterward, but we both decided we had stuff to do at home and are saving the movie for the weekend. So we trekked it back home, and were greeted with a doorstep full of goodies!

A box of “mystery” flavors from Chobani. SO excited to dig in and try to figure out what the flavors are…


My new lens for my camera! Our friends Brook and Andrea have this lens and they take absolutely beautiful photos of their little ones. It’s quite a bit different from the lenses I currently have, so I think it might take some getting used to.


But I’ll just keep practicing with one of my favorite subjects for right now. 😉


Shortly after getting home, I suddenly found myself with a little extra energy, so I decided to take advantage and hit the treadmill for a walk.


You guys like my new kicks? I just got them a little over a week ago from my friends at Reebok and I’m already loving them.


They’re the Reebok ONE Series Cushion, and they actually aren’t even available until July 1st. But for those of you who may be in the market for some new shoes soon, here’s a little info for ya…

The shoe is built in 3 zones that address the specific needs of your foot as it moves through the gait cycle: heel strike, midstance, and toe-off.  The different zones have corresponding densities in the midsole of the shoe and there are different materials in the upper.  For example, you need more rigid, structured support around your heel but you need more breathable, flexible material in the forefoot.  

The Reebok ONE Series Cushion is a shoe built for neutral runners.  This means people who do not over-pronate.

For those people who do over-pronate and need a little more stability, we have the Reebok ONE Series Guide.  The Guide is built the same way as the Cushion except for the fact that the Guide has a denser foam in the medial side of the midsole (under the arch of your feet) to help support the foot and help correct mild overpronation.

You can find them at

Pretty snazzy, right? Although I still think my favorite shoe from Reebok is the Real Flex Transitions, these are definitely a close second. Light, comfy, and cute, to boot!

So after I finished up my walk, I headed back upstairs, only to be greeted by my crazy little furball doing acrobatics on the stairs.


Little guy cracked me right up.

And now, since this post is thoroughly ALL over the place, I figured why not end it on another little bit of a tangent…with a giveaway!

I’ve recently been the lucky recipient of quite a few “Love Drops” from Love Grown Foods, and I’m having a hard time keeping up. So I figured, rather than hoard all the goodies for myself, I’m gonna give some away a box of ALL FIVE FLAVORS to a lucky STSL reader. :)


To enter for a chance to win the box of “Love,” simply leave a comment on this post about something positive, nice, and fun. We all can always use a little extra positivity in our day anyways, right? Let’s spread some love of our own today! <–cheeseball alert, I know 😉


  1. Maggie says

    It’s almost the weekend! You’re baby is going to be one cute boy! You can tell just by looking at those ultrasound pictures.

  2. says

    I thoroughly believe that you are going to have the most adorable baby boy. You and Jay are such a nice-looking couple, so it makes perfect sense. :)

    Those Reebok kicks look awesome. I’ve developed a workout shoe obsession over the past few months!
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..On Taking Vitamins

  3. says

    Oh my goodness!! That picture is so incredible!
    How exciting.
    And something positive…”think positive, be positive, and positive things will happen.”

  4. says

    I would love to try that granola!
    Something fun and positive: I get to see my little 18 month old brother next weekend for the Fourth!! I’m so excited because he’s the cutest little thing ever. I’m going to make him cupcakes and I cannot wait to see him destroy them!

  5. Claire says

    Count your blessings today… Because we all have so much more than we deserve! I’ve been working with an impoverished community near Mexico for the past week, and despite their situations, these kids have so much joy and radiant happiness. It is an inspiration to me, and just goes to show that true joy comes from the heart and not from our possessions.

  6. Ginnie says

    I have been following your site for a while now and there’s not doubt you will be a great mom! You have great stories and wonderful advice…even if you think it’s cheesy 😉 The fun part is yet to come!!!

  7. Rachel F says

    what a clear picture! Your baby boy looks sooo handsome :)

    Something fun: I am running my first 5K race this weekend!!!

  8. Kathryn says

    My daughter’s cast came off this weekend, and they’ve got their horse riding lessons tonight…which they just love!

  9. Meghan says

    Oh my gosh!!! I cannot believe you were able to see such clear pics of baby tooth. SO amazing and adorable!

  10. Julie says

    Something nice…the pics of your ultrasound made me totally tear up and think wistfully back to when I was right where you are with my now 8 and 10 year old boys…it all goes so fast…LOVE how clear the pics were and can only imagine how awesome that must have been to see him so clearly on the screen :)

  11. says

    I’ve been really stressed lately, and my boyfriend recently surprised me with flowers. But it was the way he surprised me that was so cute. I walked into our bedroom after work and while he’s lying on the bed he says to me “can you get me some socks?” Annoyed that I had to get up and get HIM socks, I opened the drawer and starting at me was a bouquet for flowers. His smile was so cute. Love him.
    Sarah @ Blonde Bostonian recently posted..The Plan: Marathon Training

  12. Julianne says

    Positive: I’m feeling inspired to clean out and organize my whole kitchen. Started yesterday and it is so refreshing!

    Also, I’m so excited for y’all! Baby Tooth has such sweet little cheeks and lips. Babies are so precious!

  13. Kathryn says

    On another note, my son was born “sunny side up” (face up). The downside to that position is you tend to get back labor with it. Being part of a family of women who have back labor anyway, I had quite a bit of pain in my back when he was born. For the sake of your back, I’m hoping he turns for you before the big day!

  14. Lauryn D says

    Wow! The ultrasound pictures are so cool! He is sooooo cute! I am 14 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to find out what I am having and eventually get a 3D or 4D ultrasound to see what s/he looks like! So exciting!!

  15. Sarah C. says

    I just made your granola blondies last weekend for my son’s 2 year old birthday party – they were awesome! Now I’m on a granola kick and these Love Grown granolas would hit the spot!

    Something nice – my little one just turned 2 on Saturday! I think I love him a little more each day – I love watching him grow and hit more and more milestones!

  16. Amanda says

    Oh my goodness your baby boy is so cute!! So excited for you guys! Can’t wait til we all can meet him:)

  17. Lori says

    So great that you got to see his face so clearly…adorable! Technology is truly amazing these days. Happy Pre-Friday :)

  18. says

    I am so excited for you!!! I can’t believe how clear those pictures are. He is absolutely adorable I just wanna squeeze those cheeks!

    I hope you have a great weekend Courtney! :)

  19. Layla says

    I’m excited that I get to train to be a supervisor this week. I deserve a promotion!
    Congrats on baby Tooth!

  20. Missy says

    I miss those exciting ultra sound pictures, they are more than amazing!!! Your very blessed!! :)
    Positive note: today is my Friday and this weekend is my olderest sons 4th birthday party, and I love seeing the joy and excitment he has!

  21. Alisa says

    Something fun – my little brother is moving to NYC this weekend! So excited to be in the same city for the first time in almost 10 years!

  22. vicky says

    your baby is already SO CUTE! I don’t think I have ever seen an ultrasound pic that adorable! bless you guys because baby tooth looks healthy and awesome.

    love me some love grown granola! Hope you guys have a good weekend!!

  23. Christie says

    I only recently discovered your blog, but love reading your updates. I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant with our first little girl. It’s nice to “surround” myself with other fitness loving moms-to-be. I find so much encouragement and inspiration, knowing I’m not alone.

    You are going to LOVE your new camera lens. I love my 40mm and 50mm Nikon lenses for my DSLR. They have enabled me to capture those precious details that other lens do not.

  24. says

    Oh gosh Court, I bet the ultrasound was just incredible! I wish we could’ve gotten a 4D ultrasound like that. I think I’m going to look for a place that does it for our next baby if I end up having the same doctor. Hunter has old man hair too – it cracks me up. We call it his little mullet. :) He’s starting to get more hair up top, but he still has quite a bit more near the bottom. So so so excited for you!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..06/27/13: Thursday Thoughts

  25. Laura says

    What a cutie pie! Love the cheeks! My parents love to tell the story that when I was a baby they had to blow dry my many fat rolls after a bath so I wouldn’t get a rash.

    Something fun…I’m going blueberry picking this weekend!

  26. says

    Your ultrasound is amazing! He looks so cute! I cannot wait to see mine in more detail, we are debating 3D since they cost extra here – regular ones are free.

  27. Emily R. says

    Happy pre- Friday :) your ultrasound photos are adorable! My sister is due any time now, she’s having a baby boy as well.. I can’t wait!! :)

  28. Rachel says

    The first positive thing that came to mind is the image of those adorable cheeks in the ultrasound! And thinking about all the loving and excited family that’s eagerly awaiting Baby Tooth!

  29. Kristin says

    I’m co-hosting a foster shower for my sister-in-law this weekend and I’m excited to see how supportive and loving our family and friends are towards two great people wanting to do something great for the world.

  30. Avely says

    This weekend is a long weekend in Canada- yeah Canada Day! I’m spending 3 days camping with my sister and adorable nephews. Nothing is better than beautiful weather and family time :)

  31. says

    AHHH! So cute!!!! I love how detailed the newer ultrasounds are. You must be ecstatic :)

    I guess I should also mention I’d love to win the box of LOVE 😉 It’s my favorite granola, and I haven’t had it in far too long!
    Gracie recently posted..this and that.

  32. catherine says

    I work in recreation and I think its so cute to see little kiddos all decked out in floaties when they come to swim.

  33. Emily says

    My 9 week old puppy slept through the ENTIRE night last night, so that’s positive! And I can’t think of anything more fun than babies…can’t wait to see photos of your cute little bundle!

  34. krista Noechel says

    Something fun and positive….my husband and I just moved into our first home together! :)we just got married a month ago!


  35. mom#to#three says

    My daughter was face up too, one of the nurses called her a “sunny side up baby,” and she has been that way ever since!

  36. Brooke says

    Those pictures of your little guy are amazing! A little positive note that I’m excited about is that I finally get to see my sister a in a week and we get to spend the weekend at the beach! It’s been far too long since I have seen her or the ocean!

  37. Danielle says

    Love seeing the pictures of Baby Tooth! So precious! I am also on cloud 9 right now. I am planning my wedding and just booked the perfect place in the Colorado mountains!

  38. Melissa A says

    Im volunteering at a water ski event for people who have protestic limbs this weekend! I’m looking forward to volunteering and to seeing a positive and fun event this weekend!

  39. Jessica says

    Didn’t the ultrasound make it even MORE real!?!?!?!?! not that it wasn’t real before but now it’s like HOLY COWWW!!!! So excited for you and Jay!!!!

  40. says

    AWHHH. Those sonogram pictures are priceless. Thanks for showing us!

    Those shoes are awesome, too! I’m in love with the pink, grey, & white combo.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try the “love” for awhile now! Something positive? I’m almost 1/2 way through one of my summer classes! Woo HOO! xo.
    Sami recently posted..Band-Its Pure Energy Bands!

  41. Amanda says

    Awesome pics of the little one, so exciting! I’m getting married next month and following you has made me so excited about what my future will have in store for me, although we want to wait a year or two before kiddos!

  42. Kelsey says

    I am getting together with four of my closest college girlfriends this weekend. We are laying poolside all day and going to a paint/wine class Saturday night. I’m so excited to see them, it’s been months!!

  43. Laura says

    Yum. I love a good sandwich. Looks delicious. Those cheeks are too cute!! So excited for you and your growing family! How exciting!

  44. Tori says

    I’m excited to finish the work week and visit my best friends in California next week!!!!!!

    The baby looks great!

  45. says

    those pictures are so cute! I love how he is holding his little face like “life is so tough, man.” My postivity are my non-scale victories! This week I actually wanted to work out everyday rather than feeling pressured to do so or like I was just dragging myself to do it because I knew I should. Yesterday was my off day and I intended to really take the day off by being a couch potato. Just as I laid down and get settled in with Mad Men I realized I’d rather go outside and do some yoga in the backyard. Because really, if you’re not doing downdog in your backyard, then you’re just not a good neighbor.

  46. says

    Those pictures are incredible! Little guy’s going to be melting all the ladies’ hearts, starting with his momma :) Something positive: the sun is shining, I have a hot cup of coffee sitting beside me, and my nails are painted a fun bright color that I cant help but smile at every time I look at them.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... thinking out loud #37 .

  47. Courtney says

    I love that it’s summer because it seems to make everyone happier! I also love that we are name twins! :)

  48. Jill says

    My positives for the day are:
    1) planning a shower for my brother-in-law and his fiancee
    2) And a possible career move in my company that my husband and I have been hoping for
    Lots of fun things on the horizon!

  49. says

    My happy thought is that my hubbie (who has been out of town for work for TWO WEEKS) comes home!!! YAY!

    Oh, and its obvious your little Baby Tooth is going to be the cutest thing EVER! Adorbs!

  50. christy says

    The picture of baby tooth is adorable! We just got a glimpse of our little girls face at my 24 week ultrasound and it definately makes you more excited to meet the little one. You’re so close now!

  51. Madeline says

    What an amazing experience to see your baby even before he’s born! I hope your last few weeks go smoothly and easily! Can’t wait to hear the happy news that you’re officially a family of four (I’m including Cody).

  52. Amanda says

    You’re little guy is almost here! That’s so exciting :) I myself just found out we are expecting in the spring and I couldn’t be happier! Can’t wait to see all the new pics of your bundle of joy!

  53. says

    Awww….Baby Tooth is so adorable!!!! Isn’t technology absolutely amazing these day!?!

    Cute sneakers!

    Something positive…well, it’s a beautiful, bright sunny day today, I’m super excited to go to Zumba class tonight and it’s almost Friday! 😉
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Fabulous Fitness Survey

  54. Ally says

    Something Positive – I took Tuesday off to spend the day with my Dad for this birthday – I was originally stressed to miss the work, but ultimately, was so worth it when I realized what a great day he had, and we had together!

  55. Christine says

    I love that your posts are always so positive, and the excitement for your baby really shows. For my positive… I have an awesome husband, tomorrow is Friday, and I’m looking forward to the weekend.

  56. Krystina says

    Your little boy is going to be absolutely precious! And on a happy/excited note…today is my last day of work for over 2 weeks! I am headed to Riviera Maya on Tuesday for my wedding and honeymoon!! :)

  57. Christine says

    The weekend is on deck and there is a holiday next week, making for a short work week! Would love to try that granola…absolutely love it!

  58. Kristin says

    wow, the ultrasound picture are just soooo amazing! I so wish they did this when I was pregnant with my daughter!

    Positive thought: only 1 more day until the weekend!

  59. Meg says

    I am so excited for you! That ultrasound must make everything feel even more “real.” I can’t wait to see beautiful pics of your beautiful son with that new lens!

  60. Kayla says

    Aren’t those ultrasounds incredible?! I was shocked at how much my nephew really looked like his ultrasound pictures when he was born!

  61. Patty says

    Those ultrasound pictures came out great. The amount of detail surprised me. I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you.

    The love grown granola sounds great. Ive never tried that brand. As for something positive nice and fun, I have the weekend off and I get to spend it with friends and family I haven’t seen in quite a while. I’m excited.

  62. Ashley N. says

    Something nice…grateful to have a job, even if it is not where I’d like to be and grateful to have my health!

  63. Stephanie Walter says

    Love the ultrasound pictures!!! I always look forward to looking at your blog each morning…I don’t comment much, but please know I read everyday!!! :)

  64. Colleen says

    The anticipation you and Jay must be feeling right now is so powerful. What joy your precious little boy will forever bring to all those who surround you. 311 was always a nice, positive place, filled with unending fun and love. Great memories held close and forever in our hearts.

  65. says

    We’re constantly reminded of all that’s going wrong in the world, but when you see a little face like that, you remember what life is truly about! Thanks for sharing those images, Courtney!

    Here’s another something positive…today I’m seeing my best friend who I haven’t seen in forever! Aaaand it’s almost Friday!

  66. Alexandra says

    OMG those ultrasound pictures are simply amazing! Baby Tooth will be here SO soon! Something nice…my hubby and I have been trying to have a baby for a few months now and I went in for a follicular ultrasound this morning and it was the first time the Dr. said things look great fort his month! Not that it means anything but Im thrilled to be finally progressing in the right direction :)

  67. Kelsey Yoki says

    No matter what the day brings, you are able to bring all the happiness you can imagine.
    This is something I need to repeat to myself today! And BIG congrats and happy wishes to your little man. Your blog is able to bring positive into my life, and brightens my mood.

  68. lexi says

    your ultrasound photos are incredible! it’s just the craziest thing to think about that there’s a little guy in there… :)

  69. Alexandra says

    Haha I love this post. Your happiness and enthusiasm is definitely shining through. I can’t wait to hear your birth story!

  70. Tori L says

    One week until the 4th of July!…aka my favorite holiday! Bbq, fireworks, friends, lakes; it doesn’t get any better!

  71. Heather F says

    Despite having a terrible workout last night, my workout buddies we nothing but encouraging. It helped me realize what a great workout support group I have!

  72. says

    I can’t wait to see our up-close-and-personal ultrasound shots. Hubby and I are expecting twin girls just 4 weeks after you, so we’re close.

    My positive thing? Spending a weekend at home, alone, with my husband. We just bought a house, moved and have had company so many weekends lately. Our jobs don’t really allow us to take a babymoon, so this is as close as it gets, and I couldn’t be more excited for the time with my guy.

  73. Seema says

    What a great post!! So happy for you and Jay 😀 Also, today marks exactly one month until my wedding 😀 😀

  74. Lauren G. says

    I got to see my son on the 3D/4D ultrasound yesterday. I even ate a candy bar and drank a soda beforehand to jazz him up! He has the chubbiest cheeks but wouldn’t move his arm from across his sweet face for us to get a great view! Congrats on your little one who will be here in no time! And yes it makes me happy that tomorrow is Friday and my baby boy is kicking away!

  75. Nina says

    My son just turned 1 this month so I’m getting really excited (and jealous) for you to enjoy the first year as much as I have!!! It just gets better and better everyday!!! I’m newly pregnant with #2 so I will be in your shoes again soon!

  76. Maureen says

    Hi Courtney! This is kindaaaa corny, but your blog really keeps me positive & happy. I read it alllll the time and am SO incredibly excited to see pictures of your lil boy. I live in Albany too and love it here. I’m trying to start a ‘blog’ of my own (kind of) and am trying to take 1 picture a day of beautiful things in my day-to-day life. This was 100% inspired by you and this blog because I thorougly enjoy reading it every day. Thank you!

  77. Shannon P says

    I’m so excited for you! The ultrasound photos of Baby Tooth are adorable! I can’t wait to hear about the first time you and Jay meet him in person :)

  78. Lyric Andersen says

    I totally killed my workout today (YAY) and those ultrasound pictures are amazing and in so much detail!

  79. Chelsea says

    My sister and I are flying our other sister into town this weekend to surprise my parents; I’m so excited!

  80. Shaun says

    I am doing a 50 mile bike race with my Dad at the end of the summer and I have had a blast training with him for it.

  81. says

    I did my first 5k last weekend! I was one of the last ones done, but I did it! I was pretty proud of myself… didn’t hurt that my 5 and 6 yr old ran the last 1/2 mile with me! 😀

  82. Marieve says

    I love my job, I work as a Nurse in labor and delivery and it’s the best job ever!
    Love your ultrason picture, what a cutie !!

  83. april says

    wow, that’s so amazing – i can’t believe how detailed ultrasounds are these days! i can’t wait for your little one to be born :)

  84. Jessica Z says

    I am excited for our company picnic after work! Summer is the best season because it is usually just so easy to smile :)

  85. says

    Love the ultrasound photos! Getting anxious for the weekend, but it’s a beautiful day in my neck of the woods and that’s making me feely smiley and calm :)

  86. Allison says

    I’ve been wanting to try love grown granola for a while! We’ve hosted lots of friends and family at our new house this month, and it’s been so fun.

  87. Leanndra says

    So exciting to see your little man! I’m 30 weeks with our first and I get an ultrasound next week to check his growth. I don’t think it’ll be a 3D, but I can’t wait to see him anyway! He was breech at my 28 week appointment, but he’s since flipped. So happy about that!

  88. says

    I can’t believe they can do imaging like that nowadays!!! Your babe is adorable :)

    I am pumped for our drive from PA to NH tonight, we are going to my boyfriend’s mom’s wedding! It’s been a long time coming and I am so excited for her and her future hubby. Gonna be a long weekend filled with love and positivity and new beginnings! And I LOVE New Hampshire in the summertime.

  89. says

    oh wow – great ultrasound shots of baby tooth!! :) that’s so exciting that things are looking good.

    it would be perfect timing to win some granola – i just finished up my last bag this morning!

  90. Casey says

    He is completely adorable. :) Ultrasounds amaze me!

    My new puppy is making me happy. He’s a goldendoodle and the sweetest little guy. I love him so much!

  91. Colleen says

    I am the Mother to four sweet little girls..ages 7-11. My husband and I have a very active busy life full of giggles, sparkles and nail polish! We are both avid runners and have a big beautiful blessed life! Our family of SIX would definately enjoy the love grown granola! It would probably only last for about a week in our home! :-)

    Sweet little pic’s of your little angel! Thank you for sharing…and I can WAIT to see pictures of him! Soon you will begin my favorite journey in life…becoming a Mother! YAY!

  92. Kinzie says

    I would love to receive the granola! Something fun and positive: My best friend is getting married in less than a month! Can’t wait to be a part of this journey with her!

  93. Jodie says

    Love that pic. Something positive I got fantastic feedback. Clients letting me know how much they appreciate me as well as how much I have helped them and telling me they look forward to our sessions because it is the time of their workday.

    I got a little teary.

  94. Kristen says

    Non-food related, but 1 week from today is my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend! We just bought our first home together & are almost finished renovating =) So excited for a future with him!
    cheesey, but also nice I think 😉
    Thanks Courtney!

  95. Kristen says

    I feel like everyone i know is pregnant right now! I’m wayyyy far away from that stage of my life with my husband but it’s fun to live through it through your blog. It makes me super excited for you! I love hearing how excited you and Jay are about him coming :) I can’t wait to find out what you name him!

  96. Kattreena says

    My wedding is coming up, and I am really excited! September 14! :)

    Your little boy looks adorable, and I’m so happy for you and your husband!

  97. Jackie says

    Those pictures are amazing! Technology has certainly come a long way. Happy the little guy cooperated : ) My hubby and I just got back from an amazing honeymoon, still on cloud 9 as well!

  98. Anna Leeson says

    What an awesome shot of little Baby Tooth! How exciting! :) can you see a resemblance between his face and either yours or Jay’s?

  99. Rachel says

    I saw this quote show up in my twitter feed the other day, and I absolutely love it.

    Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.

    Good motivation!

  100. Andrea Ovard says

    I’m leaving for Lake Powell tomorrow and I get to make my friend’s wedding cake today! AND your pictures are so exciting! It’s getting closer!

  101. Larissa says

    I have always had a difficult time actually keeping up with a blog, but I LOVE your blog. I check it everyday, a couple times a day. I love the encouragement to love who you are but also to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Keep being awesome!

  102. Jennifer W says

    I’m teaching my toddler boy to eat healthy and nutritious and these would be absolutely amazing to winfor him!

  103. Blessie Nelson says

    Its always beautiful to know that we have hope and optimism to bring a baby into this world and raise them to become individuals set apart from the common trends of this world!

  104. says

    That is going to be the most ADORABLE little boy ever!! Reading your posts sometimes I miss being pregnant…ha-ha. YAY for the weekend though and for the 4th of July in a week…I love this holiday!!
    Karen recently posted..Thankful Thursday

  105. says

    My boyfriend who is studying for the BAR came over to hang out and play with my dog for like 30 minutes. They offer therapy dogs at his school, but my dog Vanna is the best! Her happiness and playfulness makes the stress melt!

  106. Breanna says

    AHHHHHH Baby Tooth is so cute! I’m due in less than 2 weeks, so it could be any day now! I couldn’t be more excited and I bet you are starting to feel that way too… Maybe he’ll be a 4th of July baby :)

  107. Jessica says

    Something positive?…. (1) Your ultrasound photo is beautiful and he is going to be such a cute baby (2) School is officially over and Summer has begun. Thank goodness!!!

  108. Dana H says

    ITS SUMMA TIME!!!! Perfect time to get some new shoes, workout clothes, set some new goals. Turn that frown upside down – you never know who may be falling in love with your smile 😉

  109. Rachel says

    It’s almost Friday!! And its a long weekend :)
    The cocoa love grown is SO good! I live in Canada and it just became available here a little while ago! I would love a new bag (since I ate the last one in approximately 1.5 days)

  110. Emily H says

    One of my coworkers has been pregnant and was due on July 4th, so we’ve both been enjoying following along with your updates and comparing it with her! She just gave birth to her healthy happy little boy yesterday :)

  111. Nicole. says

    Aww how adorable he is already :) I bet it feels so much different now seeing that little face in there! So happy for you and Jay!

  112. Kate says

    Something positive – it is SUMMER in Chicago! The sunny weather instantly brightens my mood and the entire city seems to be out and enjoying it. Can’t wait to hit the beach this weekend (and every weekend).

  113. Samantha says

    I love my 9 month old son and there are days during his teething period that I don’t know how I can stay sane. But then he gives me one of his amazing smiles and everything just gets better. :)

  114. Barbara says

    Those pictures are amazing! Just think of all the love you are going to be giving this precious little baby when it arrives!

  115. Jules says

    many congrats to you both! how exciting.

    my something good: i’m leaving for a week-long family vacation at the beach tomorrow. the older i get, the more i value and look forward to so much quality time with loved ones! :)

  116. Kate says

    I’d love to try these after hearing you rave about them!
    Something positive: one of my close family friends delievered a beautiful baby girl last night!

  117. Lauren Graham says

    First time on your blog, and I have to say, I am liking it thus far! Congratulations on you new bundle of joy! I hope for the best for you, Mr. Tooth, and the future Baby Tooth!

    I also really enjoy your WIAW features. Gives me some ideas for when I’m stuck in a rut. Keep ’em coming!

  118. Stacey M. says

    How absolutely adorable is he?! Seeing those ultrasound images makes me so excited for the future … I think I’ll be ready to have a child in 2-3 years. I’ve loved following your pregnancy journey and I’ve really been learning a lot from you! I am looking forward to the day Baby Tooth arrives … it’s almost like I’m waiting for a member of my family to have a child. Congratulations again to you and Jay!

  119. Sonja says

    So this weekend an old friend will visit me and I am super excited! It will be all about caipirinhas and hanging out! Yay!

  120. Beverly Aragon says

    Something positive, nice and fun? Well, I’m getting off work early today to have a lunch/shopping/pedi date with my mom and niece. Can.not.wait :)

  121. Maeve says

    Congratulations, baby boy looks like a stunner!
    My positive thing is this weekend 5 friends from the city are going to my house in CT for a weekend of kayaking on the river. Can’t beat an active weekend with friends!

  122. Rochelle says

    OMG, those pics are amazing, and your little man is so precious! I just wanna squeeze him! 😉

    As far as spreading the love, a friend of mine just had her electricity shut off, and she has a newborn baby girl. Maternity leave killed her bills, so I opted to do what I can to help pay the balance on her electricity to get it turned back on.

  123. Molly Petsch says

    My husband and I are building a house! We’re so excited to have more space (we just sold our 1100 square foot condo) for us, our baby and 2 dogs. And we look forward to adding another little munchkin or 2 in the near future! And at 28, I couldn’t be more proud of where we’re at in our lives, personally and professionally!

  124. Nala S says

    Aww, Baby tooth looks so adorable! I’m sure you can’t wait to meet him in person! Something positive: Smile – it not only cheers you up – it can make a big difference in someone else’s life!

  125. Karenann says

    The sono pics are just amazing! The baby is so precious!! Can’t wait to see him when he’s born!! Have a great weekend!!

  126. MichelleG says

    Be greatfull for every moment life is to short to live it stressed and cranky:)…. Can you tell I am ready for the weekend:).

  127. Chrissy says

    What a blessing your little angel is and will be for y’all!! A handsome little blessing too! 😉

  128. Kellie says

    Did you have to ask for that additional ultrasound or does your OBGYN just provide it? So amazing to see those shots of the baby! Cant wait to “meet” him next month!

  129. Corinna says

    Aw, cute picture of Cody on the stairs! I’m normally a dog person, but he sure seems like an awesome cat!

  130. Nicole says

    The GEICO commercial with the camel…..I don’t care that today is Thursday! I am still laughing! 😀

  131. Hillary says

    I’m so excited for Baby Tooth, and I don’t even know y’all. That is going to be one good looking, well loved baby!

  132. Lindsay H says

    My husband is in the Army so we could not take time off in September when we got married. But we are takingpg it in August! We will go to Disney World and then cruise out of Florida tote western Carribbean and I can’t wait!!!!! My husband works hard, long hours so it will be amazing to totally and completely relax!!

  133. Kim F says

    Happy last few weeks of pregnancy :) I’m happy I get to visit some family over the July 4th weekend! I don’t get to see them enough!

  134. Rachel says

    Something positive and fun? My Birthday is Monday and my hubby and I are going to Nashville this weekend!! Yay!! Also, those ultrasound pics are so clear! He is one handsome little guy!

  135. Ashlee says

    My little one is going to be ONE next Saturday! I’m so astonished how fast it went! I feel like it was just yesterday when I had him. They’re definitely a blessing and I wish you a very smooth delivery! :)

  136. says

    The 3-D pictures are amazing aren’t they?! It so great to get images that clear and I can remember how very exciting it is to get those first glimpses of what your little miracle looks like.

    And I DO like the shoes. I must confess I am a Nike/Asics girl from way back. My hubby used to forbid me to buy anything Reebok (he’s been devoted to Nike for like forever!). But since reading your blog I have snuck a few workout pieces into the closet :-) and I am seriously considering those shoes. The colors and style are great – fitness with a fashion forward flair – a good combination in my book!

    Have a great end of the week! Jessica
    Jessica Locke recently posted..A word on the “essentials”

  137. Meredith B. says

    My husband and I have been moving all week and we’ll finally be done this weekend! I’m sad to leave our old place, but I’m excited about our new adventures in our new place!

  138. says

    It’s so great that you saw a picture of your baby!!! So adorable. :) Something positive is that I’m going to Hawaii next week!!

  139. caitlin says

    Something nice: I love the updates on your little man. I also like that I’m on summer vacation right now. :)

  140. says

    Baby tooth is- Too. Cute.

    My “love” of the day was when I gave my 4 year old her ($2.00) allowance for the week to put in her piggy bank, and she took out $1.00 of it to give to her (20 month old) brother’s piggy bank because “I just love him soooo much!” My heart burst.
    Nicole @ Curly Mommy recently posted..Hey, remember me?

  141. Ali says

    He is going to be the cutest! I have loved reading your blog and following your adventure with baby tooth the past several months!

  142. Amy Rock says

    Well, it’s supposed to be amazingly nice this whole weekend and I can’t wait! I live in the Seattle area and nice days are few and far between. I’m going to celebrate by going to a local farmer’s market. A little love grown would be an extra bonus!

  143. says

    Oh my gosh! I had NO idea that ultrasounds could get such an amazing picture of the baby! I thought it was just that classic ultrasound where you see something swimming around, but didn’t realize you could actually see features like that! Was it a 3D ultrasound? You guys are so adorable and I’m so excited for both of you! Also.. I LOVE Love Grown Oats :)
    Ashley @ Sweat for Sweets recently posted..summer 2013 {want} to-do list

  144. Holly says

    Your baby boy is soooo cute! Love his wittle cheekers! : )

    Positive: My best friend’s coming to visit me next week from Chicago to Austin! I’m soooo excited! I miss her like crazy! Woohoo!

    I love Love Grown Foods! I have their chocolate granola and their Peach Vanilla Oatmeal, but I would love to try their other flavors of granola! Mmm! : )

  145. Cara says

    I have lived away from my home in Massachusetts for 2 years now and am finally starting to feel like I have become independent and happy where I am now. It’s great to finally feel comfortable and to feel that I have developed great relationships in my new home.. It took me awhile to get here!! Also– those pictures are so amazing, congratulations.

  146. Lindsay says

    So adorable! I’m jealous- Im 37 weeks and havent seen my little one since 18 weeks. Cannot wait for the big day!

    Something positive- my coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower this week!

  147. Rowen says

    My youngest sister graduated high school today, and we celebrated with a nice lunch. I got the day off work and it’s awesome :)

  148. says

    I work at a baby store, and two parents came in today with their newborn (I’m talking less than a week old!). They looked tired and beat, and were wandering around the store aimlessly. I asked them if they needed help (they did) and ended up answering all their questions about cloth diapers, getting them a new stroller, and pointing them to other stores that could help them out. The mom started to tear up, and I asked her if everything was alright. She said “We’re so new at this, and you’ve really gone out of your way to help answer our questions, thank you so much.” Her gratitude really touched me.
    Georgia @ Trying Something New recently posted..Isaac’s Way Opening

  149. kolya says

    Ummmm….I’ve been down in the dumps lately and today I did some volunteering and the lady I helped really was great and cheered me up so much (: I needed that!

  150. Haley says

    I’m glad you’re having a good week! The pictures of the baby look great!
    It was a good idea you waited for the movie because The Heat with Sandra Bollock and Melissa McCarthy and White House Down with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx are coming out this weekend! Also, Now You See Me was SUCH a good movie! So, if you need a movie to go see, I would recommend those!
    Have a great weekend!

  151. Jessica C says

    Something positive? Even though I got less than 4 hours of sleep last night, I still did a little bit of a work out today. Yay me!

  152. Mandy says

    Your baby looks adorable already! Although it’s been drizzling for the past hour or so, I can’t wait to see the rainbow! 😉 #WorthIt

  153. becky says

    i finally found my first bag of love grown foods granola and love it! would love to try to all the flavors. Plus, tomorrow’s friday and next week is a holiday/short week!

  154. Deborah says

    Started the morning with my gorgeous beast of a pup with a great half-hr run in LA. Love that the summer is here and we can safely run around the city in the sunshine at 6:30am before heading off to work :)

  155. Meredith says

    Omg, he’s so adorable, so happy for you! And those subs look delicious, I think you just encouraged me to grab one (from my favorite deli) for dinner tonight!

  156. marjorie says

    I got off work early today from the hospital (I’m a nurse) and I have a four day weekend ahead of me!

  157. Brooke says

    Your ultrasound is precious! Congrats. I can’t wait to be a mother, it’s the one thing in life I am most excited about!

  158. Michele says

    Baby Tooth looks absolutely adorable!

    Just picked my little puppy up from the groomer – she always puts a big smile on my face : )

  159. Anie U says

    I just booked a vacation to Memphis with my mom and sister – I couldn’t be more excited to get away for a few days with these lovely ladies!

  160. Ellie F. says

    I get to go to the blackhawks parade in Chicago tomorrow since they won the Stanley Cup! So pumped

  161. Cellabella says

    You’re little one is gorgeous! He’s definitely a wonderful positive in your life and belly right now :)

  162. Madeline says

    One thing that’s positive is that the weekend is almost here! More time to spend with your loved ones :)

  163. Meagan K says

    I had a great long chat with a teen that I work with who is in foster care. It was a positive conversation, nice to see him smile, and fun to eat lunch together instead of just sit in the office! Happy Thursday!!

  164. Caren says

    My brother finally has a job offer after graduating with a master of laws last year. I’m really happy for him to start his new life.

  165. Erin says

    Something nice….I LOVE love grown foods granola. I’m literally down to my last little Baggie of the apple walnut!
    We are headed to see our friends this weekend who are also pregnant with a boy. So cute!

  166. Tanya says

    One thing that is positive, is that I have made it through my first week as a 20 year old! Nothing too strange about not being a teen!

  167. Michelle B. says

    After two years of long-distance, I recently moved in with my boyfriend! Love being so close to him and being able to hang out all the time! So my life has been very positive lately :-)

  168. Alycia Reid says

    I love your baby posts! Gets me excited for my little one due to arrive in December :) I am happy it’s a long weekend coming up!

  169. sarah says

    I’m just so freakin HAPPY right now cos it is Summer and sunnyyyy! ( LOL, does that even count as an entry? :p)

  170. Jen says

    Your lil one is tooo precious! I’m so excited for ya’ll… I’m so happy b/c i get to go home for the 4th and see my adoreable baby boy (my dachund cooper) and my beautiful baby niece!!

  171. Kari F says

    I am very excited to head (in 1 day!!) to Vegas with my closest friends! We are looking forward to some fun in the sun!

  172. Alex M says

    It’s almost the weekend, and I’m almost done with my last two weeks of work. Pretty soon I’ll be moving down to Richmond, Virginia and starting a new job :)

  173. Vicky says

    The ultrasound photos are amazing! I know a friend who got her photos in color too! Technology these days…

  174. says

    Well, for something positive. I love your blog! Been reading it for awhile now and really enjoy it. And your little guy is sooo adorable!!

  175. Shelly says

    Some words of encouragement, thinning is just as good as dilating! And I wasn’t dilated at all early and still delivered 4 days before my edd!

  176. Amanda L says

    My best friend in the world that I haven’t seen since Christmas is coming home for the weekend and I am SO excited!

  177. stacy s says

    3 big positives: one, tomorrow is FRIDAY, two, it is cherry and watermelon season, and three, I am so excited to see your little nugget once he is born because those preview pictures from the ultrasound are ridiculously cute!

  178. Kaitlyn says

    Knowing you’re off of work on July 4th and that a beach trip is right around the corner! Now THAT is something nice! 😀

  179. Lauren S says

    Something fun-My husband & I get a date night this weekend for the first time since having our first baby in May!

  180. Jen Uzmann says

    Tomorrow is Friday! Yahoo!! And that little boy of yours is adorable!! There is nothing like a little boy’s love for his Momma!

  181. says

    i wish i could post a picture because i work at an animal clinic and we had the CUTEST golden retriever puppy come in that we had to do surgery on. we basically saved his life because he other vet misdiagnosed him. he was SO adorable though and it was so nice to have him around the clinic, reminds me of what i choose this field and how much i love it!! but aren’t puppies just the best thing ever!
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Caitlin

  182. Katie M says

    I motivated myself to clean my kitchen today, and now I get so happy when I enter it. Everything is spic ‘n span and organized. It’s amazing what a little soap and decluttering can do for the psyche!

  183. Erin says

    I’ve been having some boy trouble lately (I’m 36, why do they still act like boys at this age?!?!) and my girlfriends have been such a HUGE source of support for me. They make me smile =)

  184. says

    That ultrasound picture is SO cute!

    I love my chiropractor, we just click and he gets me without me having to SAY anything. It’s crazy. He pushes me to get back into my field and pursue my dreams, while also trying to make sure I’m taking care of myself. Just yesterday he reminded me I need to find some motivation to keep working towards my dreams and that I need to get some love in my life. It made me laugh but also brought a huge smile to my face. :)
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Thursday Thoughts

  185. says

    Tonight I had a girls night with 3 close friends! The food was amazing (we got 5 different things to split and some delicious vino) AND my old roomie just got engaged last week so there was lots of lovey and exciting things to chat about :)

  186. Elena Vo says

    My tomato plants produced THREE delicious yellow tomatoes for lunch today! They took so much work because of the dry spell we had plus the random thunders in May.

  187. says

    So excited for you! Something amazing: putting my one year old niece to bed tonight as she giggling to herself about puppies and says “lub you” :) I love Love Grown foods and we can’t get it in the store in MN!

  188. says

    How’s this for positive and fun? I’m 22 weeks along with our first baby (a boy!), and whenever my husband talks to the baby, the little one kicks more actively. My husband is one of the best people I know, and the baby seems to already know that. :)

  189. Jess says

    Here’s something positive and fun: This week I’ll be celebrating my engagement with an engagement thrown by my future in-laws in my fiance’s hometown. So excited!

  190. Angelee says

    Oh your baby boy is so so cute! It’s crazy with technology that you’re actually meeting him before meeting him, ya know? I LOVE seeing people so happy and healthy. You’re right. Positivity is spread through sharing- so thanks for always sharing!

  191. Karin says

    I’m a medical student on a rotation on Ob/Gyn – one of my patients today had 3 previous miscarriages but our intervention has brought her latest pregnancy to full term! She seemed so happy that it was contagious!

  192. Arimey says

    I really can’t believe how much detail you can see in your ultrasound pics – amazing! Also, it’s after midnight, which means it’s officially Friday! Woot, woot!!!

  193. Darci says

    Oh my gosh those pictures of Baby Tooth are so adorable! Thank you for sharing with us! It’s been fun reading about your journey :)

  194. erin says

    You are SO close to embark on a new journey and discover a love that you will never thought possible when your little man enters this world. You and Jay will be amazing parents:)!

  195. Nicole says

    Something positive… you could potentially have a baby born on the 4th of July?! double celebration!!!

  196. Julie says

    I LOVE that you’re giving away granola! No, really… it’s all about the little things, right?

    Ok, and yes, i am also loving that it’s Friday :)

  197. Katie says

    I have that same lens and i LOVE it! I took a class one Sunday afternoon to be able to take my camera off auto and I’ve been able to take some great shots with it…only downside is that it doesn’t zoom in or out so you have to move to get closer or further from things which can be tough depending where you are.

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