WIAW: Successfully Finished

Hey folks! Happy Wednesday! How’s the week going for everyone so far?

We’re still truckin’ along over here – me and the babe in the womb, that is. Last night, I had a bout of some pretty painful contractions but, alas, I’m still off to work this morning. Nothing major happening just yet!

So I actually happened to document a full day of eats this week (who knew?!) so here we are, back to celebrate another lovely edition of WIAW. Let’s take a look…


A bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crisp (looooove this cereal!) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk + some decaf iced coffee.


Mid-Morning Snacks

A banana (which was supposed to go in my cereal but I forgot)…


and then about an hour later, a pumpkin pie flavored Larabar ALT bar that I found stashed in my desk. Thank goodness it was in there because I was staaaaarving yesterday morning.



A little random and a little lame, but that’s what I get for giving myself about two seconds to prepare my lunch in the morning so hey, what are ya gonna do?


A tossed a bunch of baby carrots in a baggie and then took a leftover mini sweet potato and loaded it up with basically anything I could grab quickly from the fridge…that included some salsa, a dollop of sour cream, and about a 1/4 of an avocado.


You know, it was definitely random but it wound up being quite tasty, if I do say so!

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Granted, as tasty as it was, that little lunch was nothing that was going to hold me over for too long. Thank goodness I knew that though and wound up packing a little mid-afternoon snack, too.


A vanilla Chobani with lots of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. YUM!


This is no secret these days, but I really, really have no desire to do much in terms of dinners. Anything quick and easy is my go-to, and if there’s leftovers? Even better. We still have some grill food leftover from the 4th of July, so Jay and I kept it simple and cooked up some of that, along with a couple ears of corn on the cob for ourselves.


My grill food was two (gasp! How crazy of me?!) hot dogs (I found these lean beef franks at Target and they’re really good!) – one with a bun and half a slice of cheese, one without, both with ketchup and mustard. It totally hit the spot.


It’s a recycled photo but, as promised, I enjoyed the same delicious bowl of watermelon sherbet topped with mini chocolate chips as I did on Sunday.


And for those of you who aren’t quite sure of the sherbet + chocolate chip combo? TRUST ME…it is out of this world! Just like the real watermelon roll from Friendly’s! Winking smile

And, FYI…Jay and I have successfully finished off the carton. It is GONE. Boooooo.

So how about you guys? What’s been some of the awesome and amazing food you’ve been craving and enjoying these days??


  1. says

    Sometimes throwing a bunch of random things into a meal makes for the most delicious dishes!
    I have really been into making homemade dark chocolate lately. It is SO incredibly simple. I use raw cacao powder, coconut oil, almond butter, and stevia to taste. I have flavored it with mint too which turned out excellent! It’s a healthy treat!

    • Courtney says

      They’re really good! I like them a LOT better than the UBER ones – the ALT bars are just like regular Larabars, just with added protein :)

  2. says

    Always yogurt of any kind, but particularly greek, mixed with fresh fruit in season and crunchy cereal! So refreshing and yummy! Especially this time of year.

  3. Mandee says

    Ok one night in the beginning of the summer, after many whipped cream vodka drinks, I was starrrrrving, so we snuck into the clubhouse at my friends complex and raided the leftover BBQ food from the party that night. I crafted and microwaved a cheese dog w 2 slices of cheese on top and still my friends think that was the weirdest thing ever. The one was all “Cheese like that, on a hot dog?” I’m like are you for real?! Cheese dogs, hello! They made me feel like I was the weird one! Please!

  4. says

    My WIAW post today was all about the fresh summer flavors I’ve been craving. I’m currently loving anything that grows in the garden but especially berries. My fridge and freezer are stocked full right now! I’ve been putting them on cereal, yogurt, frozen yogurt, even salads. They are really brightening up my meals and taste buds!
    Katy recently posted..WIAW: The Flavors of Summer

  5. says

    Having leftovers is the best- no cooking and delicious food! I’m not pregnant, but I have absolutely NO desire to make anything either! That sweet potato combo looks seriously amazing. I am loving avocado right now!
    Leigha recently posted..Firecracker 5 Mile

  6. says

    I really need to go get the watermelon sorbet at my local froyo place. You’re killin’ me with the thought of the Friendly watermelon rolls!!!

  7. says

    Love your blog!! Happy to be following :-)
    My lunch yesterday was just the same- A random assortment of quick stuff in my fridge 😛
    I have been on a serious juicing kick!! I love fresh juice. I also made this delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza with Mini Whole Wheat Pita. Holy yum! I may be making those again later this week 😛
    Jessica @ My Tasty Theatrical Life recently posted..Black Beans & Chicken

  8. says

    I am totally down with the watermelon sherbert/chocolate chip combo. I think it sounds interesting! I actually made a dessert yesterday that reminded me of it: yogurt, strawberry/banana puree and a little more yogurt, topped with chocolate chips. Then, freeze it up, and you’ve got a delicious treat!

    I’ve been craving avocados in a big way lately…so I ate one at every meal yesterday :-)
    Jamie @ Sometimes Healthy Living Blog recently posted..WIAW: Everything Avocado and Wacky Ideas

  9. Kathryn says

    I’ve actually been craving anything that has that tart-like taste to it (grapefruit, pickles, green olives).

  10. Traci says

    I’ve had that Friendly’s watermelon roll like, ages ago but I can attest that it’s incredible! I might need to bring it back. Anything cold sounds so good lately, but I’ve been trying to be healthy (so far) by picking up popsicle molds at Target and filling them with all different combinations like coconut milk + banana + chocolate chips.

  11. Annie says

    Almost always do two hot dogs – one with a (GF) bun and one without…even pre-pregnancy! Also, lately (32 weeks pregnant) I CANNOT get enough avocado, cottage cheese and watermelon. Those three things (sometimes together….sounds gross, I know) is all I’m craving these days!

  12. says

    I saw that sherbert at my grocery store yesterday and immediately thought of you! I am not a fan of sherbert but I might like that. I’m back to loving peanut butter and banana combos of any kind. Last night I made spicy pulled pork lettuce wraps which were AWESOME!
    Amanda @ Pink Runner Girl recently posted..WIAW #1 (So Far)

  13. Alison says

    That watermelon sherbet sure looks gooooood!
    There’s this sandwich that I’ve been LOVING lately. It’s mozzarella toasted on an english muffin with grilled chicken, spinach, and a schmear of avocado….YUM. I’ve already had it twice this week. But it’s only Wednesday! 😉
    Also, my mom grilled some sweet potato with just fresh cracked black pepper and it’s so delicious.

  14. says

    It’s nice seeing that I’m not the only “weird” one who loves and doesn’t mind random food thrown together. I guess that means we’re not picky eaters? 😀 And lately I’ve been looooving Enjoy Life’s snickerdoodle cookies! Ohhh mannn I was curious to see what they tasted like and I think it’s better than regular snickerdoodles. My husband thinks so too and eats them by the handful, which says a lot about a special/gf treat.
    Ellie@Fit for the soul recently posted..Life Through {Instagram} Photos

  15. Nala says

    I think random lunches are great now and then – add an interesting kick to meal life =D I love kashi cereal for breakfast now and then! And your picture of dinner just made me realize I’m craving corn……big time.

  16. says

    I have been loving me some salad beasts lately!!!! Grilled Chicken, Romain, Corn, and some smashed up cheesy pretzels with salsa for dressing… SOOOOO Yummy! :)

  17. Traci says

    This comment is fairly unrelated to the post, but I’m so proud and happy for you! You seem to be doing so well, and your baby is going to be so very loved. I truly enjoy following your blog as it seems now that you are one of very few HLB’s who represent healthy living – a life that’s MORE than food and MORE than sizes and weight, but one with love and friendship and family! Thank you! And, Congratulations! I look forward to catching up on the life of the little one.

  18. Marie-Sophie says

    I find it fascinating every time I see the differences between the law in different countries! In Germany an employee has the right to go on maternity leave six weeks PRIOR to the due date as well as the right to stay home eight weeks after the birth – while being fully paid!

      • Marie-Sophie says

        Frankfurt would be a GREAT place to move to! :-)

        I could show you the best places for coffee, chocolate, cake, Sushi, the best Cafés … pretty much the big important things to survive!:-)

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