Win My New Reebok Outfit!

So if you follow me on Instagram, then you may have already gotten a chance to check out my sweet new track jacket. I’m seriously in LOVE with this thing already…even if it IS about 100 degrees outside right now.

(FYI: The shirt above is also from Reebok and one of my favorite tops EVER.)

As you guys know, I’ve been partnering with Reebok this year, and they have been nothing but super awesome with hooking me up with some amazing gear. For this month, they were originally planning on sending me a pair of their new ATV19 running shoe…I checked them out and they look great, but who was I kidding? There’s no wayyyy I’d be doing any sort of hiking or running anytime soon!

So instead, I chatted with them a bit more, and they offered to send along some stuff that I’ll definitely be able to enjoy both now AND for after Baby Tooth is born (who is still hangin’ strong in there, as if you couldn’t already tell from the photo above!). Check out the goods!


ย Since I won’t really be doing a whole lot of “working out” for a little while, I thought it’d be cool to try out and share some more of their lounge/yoga gear…ya know, something I can wear while I’m hanging out at home or going for walks with my little guy.

First things first, let’s talk about that jacket up there. I. Am. In. LOVE.

It’s their PWR Track Jacketย and not only does it fit fabulous (sleeves that are nice and long, WOOT WOOT!), but the fabric is wicked comfy.

pwr track jacket

And hey, one of these days, maybe I’ll even be able to zip it up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In addition to the jacket, Reebok also hooked me up with a pair of their Yoga Capris.

yoga capris


I actually really love how the capris are a bit more of a relaxed fit. They’re made of a soft bamboo jersey fabric, making them extra comfy, and they also sport a nice, wide waistband to prevent that whole “muffin top” look we all know and love dread.

Last but not least, Reebok also sent along their PWR Tank (in a pretty coral color, no less!).

pwr tank

I will say that I’m totally diggin’ this tank too, but in a different sort of way. The tank that I received was a size medium, which is the size I’ve been ordering for a while now. Although it’s described as a “slim fitting” top, I will say that the size medium (for me) is definitely a much baggier type of fit. Right now, that’s totally cool with me though, and I think it’ll be great paired with another snug tank underneath or a sports bra. Just a heads up for those of you wondering about size, BECAUSE…

Reebok is offering to give away all three pieces of my new outfit to a luck STSL reader!!

(open to US residents only)

To Enter:

  1. (mandatory) Lave a comment on this post telling me which item you’d be most excited to win OR just anything fun and snazzy about your day.
  2. (optional) Tweet about the giveaway…something along the lines ofย “@SweetToothCourt is giving away a whole new @Reebok outfit! –”ย and leave a separate comment (so you get your second entry!) letting me know that you did.

I’ll choose a random winner on Saturday, July 20th (but if it gets pushed back due to Baby Tooth’s arrival, please bear with me!). ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good Luck!


  1. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers says

    I’ve never really seen yoga capris like that, I think they’re the most intriguing piece of this outfit that I’d most like to have.

  2. Katie says

    All the pieces are adorable! I love the top/pants and the jacket will be great for a fall/winter run or errands! :-)

  3. Janelle says

    I would LOVE these! I’ve started cross fit so reebok is everywhere and I haven’t tried any of their new stuff yet!

  4. Courtney says

    I love the tank its super duper cute…and well i just found out today i had very bad poison ivy:( sad day!

  5. says

    OMG – LOVE the track jacket. Although, those pants look and sound mighty comfy too.

    I have to pack my hospital bag this week (I’ll be 34 weeks with twin girls Friday) and have been aching for comfy clothes to take along for recovery.

  6. Danielle says

    I would be most excited for the track jacket….with fall right around the corner it is nice to have something to put on after working out when the temps start to fall…along with the leaves! :)

    Can anyone say pumpkin coffee?!?!

  7. Kristen says

    I’m with you on the JACKET Courtney! Looks adorable!
    Can’t wait to meet Baby Tooth :)
    Thanks – Kristen

  8. Abbey says

    I LOVE the Track Jacket. I have another jacket from Reebok that I wear all the time in fall that’s perfect weight and super comfy. But I also love the tank for summer!

  9. Brittany Tungett says

    LOVE these!! I am due in September and have been wondering what I’ll wear I between maternity clothes & my regular work out clothes. Those capris look super comfy!!

  10. Melissa says

    That jacket is completely and totally adorable. I hope that the contest IS delayed for Baby Tooth’s arrival :)

  11. Jessica w says

    I love that coral color! So pretty :) you look great! Can’t wait for baby!! You’re going to be an amazing mom!

  12. Tiffany says

    I would want it all!! But I guess if I HAD to choose, I would go with the capris. I’ve never found some like those and would love to try them.

  13. Meghan says

    I am a sophomore in college and think that track jacket would be so comfy for those dreaded 8 a.m. classes!

  14. LC says

    …after a 24 hour flight, I’d be most excited about the jacket…perfect for zipping up to stay warm when it’s cold up in the air, but ready to unzip when you’re on the hot tarmac! Love it all!

  15. Samantha says

    I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and in despirate need of some workout clothes!! Nothing fits anymore! lol

  16. Krystina says

    I would love to win the jacket! Even though it is ridiculously hot outside right now, fall will be here before we know it and this cute jacket will come in handy for outdoor runs!

  17. Tricia says

    OOO I would LOVE either the top or jacket (although i live in Louisiana so I guess the tank would be more practical with this heat!)

  18. jennifer says

    Definitely the jacket to wear postpartum like you….waiting patiently over here as well in 100deg weather lol!

  19. Brenna says

    I am almost 29 weeks pregnant and those yoga capris look like they would be SO comfortable before and after our little one arrives!

  20. Marsha B says

    The yoga pants are interesting and I would love to try them but I lOVE that jacket! I don’t have much experience with reebok so I look forward to trying some of their pieces out! On a different note I remember those last few days of pregnancy! Hang in there your sweet boy will be here soon and all the waiting will have been well worth it!

  21. says

    I would LOVE that track jacket. I know it wouldn’t be super useful for the next couple of months, but I definitely need more cold-weather running gear! :)

  22. Irene says

    I want the jacket! I’m such a sucker for those things. I’d wear them non stop if it was socially acceptable! Great giveaway!

  23. Leanndra says

    I am a jacket junkie and the PWR Track Jacket looks awesome! I’m also 33 weeks pregnant and there’s no way I could zip it up either. I’ll be wanting to wear it to get back in shape after my bambino is born around Sept. 3rd.

  24. Pam says

    That whole outfit is so cute, I would love to be able to try the yoga capris! I have been practicing yoga a lot more and running shorts aren’t always the most comfortable to wear!

  25. allison says

    I’d love any new gear, but a loose, light-weight jacket would be great for Fall (hard to imagine when it’s 92 out right now)…

  26. Lily says

    I’d love to try the yoga pants out! I love how they look a bit looser than normal yoga pants – it would be nice to switch it up sometimes!

  27. Ally says

    would LOVE the jacket. Looks so comfy – plus, everything I own is my college colors – grey and navy. So, I could use some bright white :)

  28. kristina g says

    I absolutely looooovvve reebok! Since getting involved and obsessed with Crossfit- I can’t get enough of their gear. Love that jacket!

  29. Katie C says

    Same as you….I LOVE the jacket! It would be perfect for chilly morning workouts in NE. When the weather gets chilly again that is!

    Good luck over the next few days with baby tooth coming!

  30. Tracey says

    Those yoga capris look so comfy! Would be great for workouts or just lounging around the house.

    I hope that baby makes his grand appearance soon! I tell Jay every day when he comes into work, No baby yet??? So Good Luck when he finally decides he is ready. :)

  31. Taryn says

    I would LOVE to with the capris! Although the jacket is adorable, I have realized that I don’t have nearly enough workout bottoms. Those capris would be perfect, especially when those fall months come rollin’ in!

  32. Kaitlin says

    I’d be most excited to win that jacket! I’ve been looking for something like that for fall running. Plus it’s super cute so i’d probably wear it all the time just running errands and stuff :)

  33. Linnea says

    I would love, love, LOVE those yoga capris! I’m always looking for good, comfy capris for lounging and working out. Right now, all I’ve got are a way baggy/saggy pair of off-brands from Dick’s that I bought years ago, and a single pair of running capris that, while they look great, are very fitted, and having some wiggle room is nice sometimes!
    Also, I adore the coral color of that tank. :)

  34. Melissa says

    I would love to try the whole outfit! I just had a baby boy three months ago and am still working to get back to my normal size. It would be great to wear a fun new outfit while I’m working on it! :). Having a little boy is the most wonderful blessing! You will absolutely love it! Prayers for you as his arrival nears!

  35. Tanya says

    I love those yoga pants! They look so comfortable!! And even though I am short, I love love love long sleeves! :)

  36. says

    Oh my gosh all three are things I’d love to win! I guess if I had to chose it would probably be the yoga capris because I’m obsessed with the cuffed bottom. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Hope you’re having a great day!
    Brooke Tewell recently posted..After Pregnancy, I Will

  37. Katie D. says

    I love the jacket sooooo much! I don’t actually have any running jackets…I would love to win this!

  38. Diana B says

    I’d love the jacket because you can never have too many! Though I’d be really curious to see how those capri’s fit my larger-than-life thighs (thanks squats!)

  39. Kelly S says

    You look super cute pregnant! Good Luck with your delivery! :)

    I would love to win any of those, but mostly the capri pants. They look so comfy and would be great for my workouts & just hanging around the house.

  40. Marcie says

    I love that white jacket!

    P.S.- Anxiously awaiting the birth of your little guy! I’ve been a long time reader and I’m so excited for you.

  41. JENNIFER says

    Wow!!!! I would be super excited to get my comfy groove on with the yoga capris!!! I LOVE YOGA CAPRIS!!!!!

  42. LaurenM says

    I love those yoga capris. They’re different from anything I own and look super comfortable.
    Sending positive, labor-like thoughts your way! :)

  43. Jessica says

    The PWR Track Jacket!

    …Wishing you and Jay all the happiness in the world as you await your little one!

  44. Jessica Z says

    I am most excited about the chance to win the workout jacket. I have been looking for some sort of workout jacket lately and I just haven’t found one yet!

  45. Laura P. says

    I absolutely love all of these pieces! I’m in desperate need of some new workout swag so this would be great!

  46. Krisitn H says

    Well i would love to win any part of that outfit, its so adorable!!!!!!

    I am also very excited that the weekend is almost here – I need sleep and some relaxing time.

  47. katie s says

    That jacket looks awesome! Comfy for a fall run oorrr when you dont feel like figuring out what to wear!

  48. Jentry N says

    Best giveaway ever!!! I would LOVE the jacket, so hard to find a long enough sleeved jacket that is still breathable to workout in!

  49. Meredith says

    I would love a pair of those capris! I’ve been to a couple beginner yoga classes recently and I’ve noticed that everyone is so well dressed, meanwhile I’m in gym shorts and a cotton t-shirt haha

  50. Paige says

    I love all of them! I am OBSESSED with feeling comfy and cozy, so even though it’s a million degrees where I am right now, I would love to curl up in that track jacket and those comfy yoga pants!

  51. Christina says

    I would LOVEEEEE that jacket! As a group fitness instructor its so nice to have something to put on between classes so I don’t freeze!

  52. Courtney says

    The whole outfit is so cute, but I would totally love the capris and jacket for when the weather cools down slightly here in New England!!

  53. gina says

    Ahhh you are the cutest prego woman ever!! I LOVE that track jacket. I can definitely see me wearing it especially at my son’s football practice while I walk the track/watch him score some touchdowns!

  54. Brooke says

    I love that jacket! But honestly I’d be excited to get any of those items- they’re all so cute! Reebok is really stepping it up

  55. Alaina says

    I would love any of the products, but mostly the yoga pants or jacket. The jacket would be great since I, like you, have long arms. Although, the yoga pants look awesome since I prefer looser pants now that I’ve put on some weight to combat my HA. :)

  56. Shannon says

    Wow! Lots of entries!

    I am also in love with that jacket. That would be my choice ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, something “fun” about my day, I very recently learned Iam pregnant with #4… WOW! I have never had morning sickness like I’ve had today. It just started this morning. Now you know why I put FUN in quotes!

  57. Oksana says

    I would love to have track jacket and yoga capris. They would give me a little motivation to work out here I. wA. Even though its summer, mornings here are chilly :) I hope I win.

  58. Annie says

    That jacket looks perfect for walks this fall with Baby S – that should be arriving sometime around 9/13!!

  59. Bryna says

    I really like the capris and would love to try them!

    And good luck with baby tooth. I am definitely waiting to hear about the little guy being born… I am kind of a birth junkie who works for a midwifery and plans to become a midwife. I wish you an amazing birth!

  60. Shelby says

    I love all three pieces, but the white jacket looks so comfy! Being tall, I appreciate jackets with long arms!

  61. Megan Cardillo says

    I’m in Key West for 2 weeks and having lots of relaxed fun, even in the rainy weather!

    LOVE those yoga pants :)

  62. says

    I would be most excited to win the yoga capri’s. They look so comfy! I am due in a few weeks and like you, I think this would be great gear to wear for walking with the baby. Congrats to you! You must be getting so excited to meet him!
    Kerry recently posted..Maternity Style

  63. Gianna M. says

    I would be most excited about the capris because I’ve never been very comfortable in the skin-tight workout capris. I like the relaxed fit of those.

  64. Ashley says

    Oh I love all if it! Ps Gunnar’s birthday is Friday so he’s hoping the new little one will share his birthday:)

  65. Sara says

    Cute outfit! I would be most excited about the capris -not something I would splurge on for myself but would love to try them!

  66. Julie says

    I would LOVE the capris! They look so comfy and I haven’t been able to find a relaxed fit pair that I like so far.

  67. Ashley N. says

    I would LOVE this jacket! Love the color and the fit! I have never seen capris like that before but they look soo comfortable! Crossing my fingers :)

  68. Courtney says

    I’d be SO PUMPED to receive any of the pieces, but I’m right there with you Courtney and am loving the jacket!

  69. Samantha says

    I love the track jacket! I just had a baby on the 10th and I am totally with you on just wearing lounging clothes right now! Walks are all that will be happening for awhile!

  70. Taran says

    I would love the jacket! You can never go wrong with a zip up jacket – I’m afraid my husband and closet tell me otherwise :)

    • Emma Knighten says

      The track jacket looks so cute! Although the capris come in a close second! Love it all, thanks for the great giveaway!

  71. Hilary says

    I would love to try the jacket! I am due with my first in October and am hoping to be taking lots of walks to burn off the baby weight during the winter :)

  72. Emily says

    I keep checking in to see if baby tooth is here yet! So excited for you both!

    I think the piece I am most excited about is the zip-up. It looks great and super comfy!

  73. Ashley's says

    All the pieces are so cute but I’d be most excited about the jacket. As much exercising I do and workout clothes I have, one thing I don’t have is a workout jacket. And that one is especially cute!

  74. Carly says

    All of the pieces are great! I would loveee to try the yoga capris, though!! They look too comfy to be true!

  75. Nicole says

    Ahhh love the capris and tank! So nice. I need new workout clothes and Reebok is awesome! Lucky ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. Melanie says

    I would love to win the Capris to wear to my new favorite exercise class…barre! Sending good thoughts your way that baby tooth will make an appearance sooner rather than later : )

  77. KRistin Page says

    I love the capris! I am tall and have a hard time finding work out pants in general because they end up being high waters :( no fun. So capris seem to be my go to and I love that they are more baggy.

  78. Ally says

    Oh my goodness I am so desperate for new workout clothes. Everything I have is 2+ years old and starting to fall apart! I absolutely love everything I’ve ever had from Reebok and that jacket looks amazing!

  79. says

    OMG!! I just told my husband last night how I needed new workout clothes. All three are adorable but I am totally loving the yoga capris…so CUTE!! Today’s Thursday (my Friday) so that in it self is just amazing plus I get to spend all day with my little nug!!
    Karen recently posted..Letโ€™s Be Thankful

  80. Megan says

    The yoga capris are cute, that’s a different fit than anything I have so it would change up my wardrobe a bit!

  81. Margaret says

    Love that jacket! I am always on the lookout for jackets with longer sleeves that are good for morning runs when it’s still cool outside.

  82. Dania says

    I would love to win the track jacket because of all the good things you said about it and also because I do not own one and it looks like something I would live in.

  83. Nicole says

    I’m most excited about the capris! I’ve been doing more complicated moves at the gym and getting worried about flashing people in my shorts!

  84. Sara says

    I could really use some new workout clothes and this would be perfect. I’m excited to try the yoga pants.

  85. Alisa says

    Love the tank top! I usually go for Gapfit tops (you can get them on sale and they’re much more reasonable than Athleta and higher quality than Old Navy).

  86. Holly C. says

    I’ve been in love with the Reebok leggings that I have for years so I’d love to try those yoga capris because they’re really different from anything I own. Hoping Baby Tooth comes soon!!

  87. Courtney says

    This whole outfit is adorable! I would be most excited about the top because the color is just gorgeous!!

  88. Morgan says

    The jacket is super cute! And those capris look awesome, I don’t own a pair that style. Great outfit Reebok!

  89. Beverly Aragon says

    I’m lusting over that awesome track jacket! BTW…pregnancy agrees with you! You are one amazingly beautiful mama-to-be :)

  90. SARAH says

    I would be MOST EXCITED about that beautiful Jacket! I like running in white because it’s bright and easily seen! I run on the roads around my house and on the sidewalks around town and if I don’t wear a bright white like this jacket, I feel like I need something reflective and I can’t find anything that’s cute AND reflective! haha! But in all reality I’d like them all!! The coral top is totes adorable and the capris, I’ve never tried so I’d love to give em a shot!! I’m super excited about seeing pics of sweet baby tooth! I can just FEEL that’s it’s SOON! Good Luck and I hope you have the a swift and worry free delivery! Congratulations!

  91. Shelby says

    I would love to win the yoga capris! They’re so different than you’re average workout pants and they look so comfortable!

  92. Jacque a says

    I would love all of them!!!!!!! The pants are sooo cute. Also – seriously checking everyday to see when the babe arrives! yay!

  93. Annie says

    I would love to win that track jacket! I’ve been thinking about getting one for awhile now and this one looks super comfy!

  94. Alex M says

    I think that jacket looks super comfy and functional. I already have two black ones so I’d love to add another color to my collection!

  95. Nikki W says

    I would LOVE some new workout clothes because I have been wearing the same ones for 29387492387492378493 days!

  96. Stacey M. says

    I would absolutely LOVE to win that jacket, but who am I kidding? I would be extremely pleased with any of the these three items! I love workout/yoga gear that I feel comfortable in, and can wear for a workout or even just to lounge around in.

  97. Nala says

    I know I would definitely want the track jacket since will be approaching in a couple of months and it would be nice to be prepared!

  98. Nancy A. says

    I need workout clothes in the worst possible way! All of them look so comfortable and would look great while working out! Love the capris and the jacket!! Wishing you much luck with the baby coming soon!!

  99. Marisa says

    I’d love to win the yoga capris! I recently became certified in PiYo strength and can’t wait to start teaching…new clothes would just add to the excitement :)

  100. Julie W says

    That track jacket looks comfy! And those capris look interesting. I’ve never seen any like that, but would love to try them out!

  101. Tara says

    I love all the pieces, but really love the zip top! Would be perfect to throw on before running to the gym or even for errands! Hang in the Courtney – Baby Tooth will be here soon! It’ll be well worth the wait! :)

  102. Bridget says

    I love the track jacket! And those capris look like the perfect thing for hanging around with Baby Tooth :)

  103. Jill says

    All of those pieces look great! I would probably most love to win the tank b/c I need more work-out tops. And that one looks cute, comfy and functional.

  104. Kristi says

    I love those capris. I have so many black yoga pants/capris that look pretty similiar, but I love how those look different – and comfy!

  105. Sarah says

    I have been looking for a new athletic jacket! I love the fit of the one pictured.

    Good luck with the baby, hope he makes his entrance soon….maybe today, it’s my bday! July 18 is a good day for a bday ๐Ÿ˜‰

  106. Claire says

    The track jacket looks amazing! I’ve been looking for one for a while, but haven’t found one quite right for the price they cost. This looks so nice, and I love that it’s white!

  107. Kate says

    I must be as crazy as you, but despite sweating in this heat, that jacket looks aweeeesome and super comfy!

  108. Diana says

    I would love to try the tank!! Although the whole ensemble would look so good together! I’ve just finished my 3 week intro to bikram yoga, and am loving it! New tanks and capris are so necessary, since I go through so many outfits each week!

  109. Kellie Monahan says

    I’d have to say the jacket since I wear a jacket over all my workout tanks when I’m leaving work. But the pants look different than all my other normal black yoga capris & I think I would love that too!

  110. sarah s says

    ohhh I’d love to have those capri’s to try out!!! they look like what I could wear to yoga and my new obsession- barre classes!

  111. Alycia says

    That entire outfit is awesome! I love the track jacket! I’m always on the lookout for a cute yet functional option to throw on over my tees or a tank top. That seems to definitely fit the bill!

  112. Alexa says

    i would be most excited to win those capris because i don’t have any other workout capris like them!

  113. says

    I would love the PWR Track Jacket! I’m always on the lookout for cute yet functional workout jackets for when I need to layer up. (Not that I can even imagine wearing a jacket to run right now since it’s 95 degrees and humid…)
    Laura recently posted..Monday Fun-dayโ€ฆ?

  114. Jen says

    Adorbs! the clothes and your cute baby bump, would be awesome runnin gear (sans jacket until fall of course) Congrats on your lil guy, hopefully he wont make you wait much longer!

  115. Lindsey Bratsky says

    It’s all so cute! You have the best giveaways. I think I’d be most excited about the jacket as well – I love the layers.

  116. says

    you had me at “sleeves that are nice and long” ! you gotta love a jacket that has nice and long sleeves so track jacket it is for me.

    thanks! and my first born didn’t want to come out either…it was way too comfy in there for him! we still laugh and talk about it 15 years later!!!

  117. Rachel S. says

    I would love the capris I am always in search of a great pair of workout pants.
    I can’t wait to see pictures of baby tooth!

  118. Nicole says

    I love all the pieces but the jacket would be what I am most excited about. I have been looking for a good jacket like that for awhile!

  119. Christi says

    I could really use new yoga capris. Mine use to be black but are now more of a gray from “enjoying” them so much. :) Its hard to find workout capris that don’t make a muffin top for sure.

  120. Erica says

    I would love to win any of it!! It all looks so comfortable! If I had to pick I’d probably be most excited about the workout top.

  121. Jamie says

    The track jacket looks super comfy! I would love any of the reebok stuff since I’ve just started working out again. I’ve been at the gym almost every day of the week this summer!

  122. Kate says

    That jacket is perfect! It would be great to wear all year round – even in the summer it can get chilly at night.

  123. Alexis says

    I LOVE that jacket! and the capris! and the tank! Can’t wait for the announcement of Babytooth’s arrival!

  124. Lisa says

    I love workout clothes, and this whole outfit is awesome! Cute clothes make working out so much more fun!

  125. says

    That is so nice that they were able to work with you and get you something you could use now and while you and baby tooth are lounging around the house together. I would be most excited for the jacket! It’s adorable and would be perfect for fall workouts!
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..doodle guilt

  126. Jasmine says

    I really LOVE the capris, they look extremely comfy!! I just started yoga a week ago and I am lovin’ it!

  127. Cortney Scott says

    I think the whole outfit is pretty sweet, however those awesome pants are calling my name. I am preggo with babe #3 and those pants would be AMAZING! (plus not too much is fitting anymore, if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  128. says

    I love that jacket! i’d love to win that jacket!

    and something snazzy about my day….I recently got a new desktop at work and realized there’s a desktop post-it note function…i’m a post-it note-aholic! this just made my day! lol.
    erica recently posted..2 dates, 1 post

  129. Zana says

    I love Reebok Yoga Capris they look super soft. I had a veggie salad with too much guacamole, but I eat it all anyway. :-)

  130. Katie K says

    All three pieces look awesome! I would love any of them! I like the comfortable look that would be great for being lazy and lounging around. Yay!

  131. says

    Two fun things about my day: 1) I just ate leftover pineapple cashew fried rice for lunch, and it was delicious. 2) My SIL and her fiancรฉ are visiting this weekend, and they get to meet their niece (my daughter) for the first time!

  132. Amy Rock says

    That’s tough but I think I’d be most excited about the jacket since I’m always cold but the pants are unlike any I have and look super comfy so…I’m not sure! They’re all real cute!

  133. Liz says

    I love the fit of the jacket! However, I am most excited about the pants. They are not a typical style of capri that I would buy :)

  134. Denisse Porras Fimbres says

    WOWZERS!! The tank top looks super comfortable and is gorg! Thatยดs the one im most excited to try!

  135. Stephanie says

    I’d be most excited for those yoga capris! I practically live in yoga pants and I love that they are somewhat loose, they look super cozy!

  136. Nicole says

    Everything is super cute! I’d be happy with any of the pieces but those yoga pants look really cozy.

  137. Cassie D. says

    I would especially love the jacket! It looks super comfy, and perfect to throw on when going from the hot outside to air conditioning.

  138. Karenann says

    The outfit is so cute. I’d love to wear it for a good fall workout! Can’t wait till you have the baby! Have a safe and healthy delivery!

  139. Kath says

    I would love to wear that jacket! I am always looking for a new lightweight jacket and this looks perfect- though its over 100 here in Philly too, so I might have to wait to wear it :-)

  140. Janeanna says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hoping Baby Tooth comes soon for your sake! I live in Mississippi and it is WAY too hot here right now for anything but the PWR tank, so I would love to win that! The jacket and capri pants look super comfy though.

  141. says

    LOVE that track jacket!! i have been meaning to buy one forever now but haven’t wanted to cough up the $$$ so i usually end up wearing a sweatshirt over my workout clothes when i head to the gym ..this one is so cute!

  142. Stephanie Walter says

    Love me some Reebok!!! I hope to win the jacket!!! Love athletic jackets!!!