Heyyyy, guess what?

I’ve still got no baby news for ya this morning. Winking smile

Baby Tooth is still hangin’ strong in there, despite our efforts to coax him out all weekend long. Although there’s a little extra discomfort, we’re all doing well over here and still just playing the waiting game. We have another appointment this morning, which includes a non-stress test (apparently routine for the babes that are overdue) so we’ll see what’s happening.

Word on the street is that the Royal Baby may wind up coming today, so who knows…maybe Baby Tooth will share a birthday with him/her? If not, that means I’ll be living with two Leo’s in one house…oh boy!

As for the weekend though? Despite some emotional outbursts, it was actually really nice! A leisurely breakfast on Saturday…

A nice two-mile walk on Saturday (also repeated again on Sunday for 4 miles in total). Apparently didn’t do much to help, but it did feel good to move!

Date night on Saturday night with Jay at Jose Malone’s, with the same quesadillas I got there last time on date night. Super yummy. We also wound up renting the movie 42 that evening and it was a GREAT movie. I would definitely recommend!

Sunday morning rolled around…still no baby. So another leisurely breakfast was enjoyed.

Kodiak Cakes with lots of fresh blueberries. YUM!

A little time spent poolside on a gorgeous day…

I hung out while Jay attempted and successfully completed swimming a whole mile’s worth of laps in the pool. I was impressed.

After a couple text messages back and forth with my pal Kate, we wound up having her and Joey over for dinner for one of our favorites…pizza on the grill!

We cooked up two pizza doughs, cutting each in half, giving us two cheese, one bbq chicken, and one chicken and veggie pizza. We still have a ton leftover, which is perfect, since the whole cooking regularly thing still isn’t really happening. Winking smile


Honestly, I was feeling a little grumpy yesterday afternoon, but having a couple of our close pals over really helped cheer me up and get me out of my funk. Thanks again for coming over, Joe & Kate!

So now this morning, we’re off to our appointment…then, depending on how that goes, I may go back into work for a few hours. As long as I’m feeling alright, I figure it’s better than sitting at home all by myself!


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Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you have a great day! Smile


  1. says

    Totally thought the baby was here by the title;)
    Good luck today, hopefully it’s time soon! It must be hard to be patient now that it’s getting so close to baby coming! I’m just so happy for you!
    Lisa recently posted..Mini Delights

  2. Kaitlyn says

    Fingers crosses that he comes soon!!! And as for the “two Leo’s”, my boyfriend and I are both Leo’s, and we live together and manage to make it work :) thinking of you!!!

  3. says

    Hang in there. I know it sucks. I am not going to tell you anything else. I love those “cherish this time quotes” whatever. haha. Will be in Albany on saturday. I want to say there will be a baby by then but instead i will just say if you need anything just let me know. in the meantime hold on mommy to be

  4. Callie says

    I know exactly what you’re going through. There are so many emotions that come with each day overdue. Frustration, anxiety, annoyance at everyone asking if anything’s changed, wanting the baby here but wanting to cherish every last second with hubby before things change. I was right there too. Praying for you and baby tooth!

  5. Molly Petsch says

    This is super last minute but have you gotten a sound machine? If not, check this one out. We got it as a gift for our son’s baptism and we still use it 9 months later.http://m.target.com/p/mybaby-by-homedics-soundspa-lullaby-relaxation-machine/-/A-10707864. You can have sound run all night and we use the projector to keep it dark and give him something to watch while we change his diaper in the middle of the night. Well worth the $25! Here’s hoping your little man makes his debut soon!

  6. Abbie says

    Will you share some of your grilled pizza tips? Do you do everything on the grill or just the crust? Hang in there with baby Tooth!

  7. says

    I can’t imagine your emotions right now since you just want the little guy to get here!!! It will be soon, don’t worry! 😀 I can’t wait to see him! Thankfully, you have a great husband and great friends who understand what you’re going through!

  8. says

    Dear baby Tooth, it’s time to hurry yourself up! Your momma is excited to meet her healthy happy baby. Courtney, it looks like you had a good weekend while waiting for the baby to come, grilled pizza sounds wonderful.

  9. Nala says

    Hi Courtney I’m sure Baby Tooth is bound to make his appearance any day now! Just keep strong and it will happen in good time = ) It would be super cool if Baby Tooth was born on the same day as the Royal Baby!!

  10. Kelsey Yoki says

    Sending well wishes your way! My sister was a few days past her due date when she had my niece. He will make his appearance so very soon! How exciting for you and Jay!

  11. says

    Haha I got so excited when I saw the beginning of this post…I can’t believe you still haven’t gone into labor yet! That’s so crazy. It would be awesome, though, if your baby boy shared a birthday with the royal baby!
    Lauren recently posted..Weekend Party!

  12. Serena says

    I know how you feel. I’m 41w 2d…. Emotional outbursts are part of the package. Good luck to you and Jay!

  13. Arimey says

    Ironically enough, we shared two meals this weekend! The hubby and I went to Jose Malone’s Friday night and split the BLT quesadilla (so, SO good) and Saturday morning we had Kodiak cakes with blueberries – too funny :)

    I was really hoping for some Baby Tooth news this morning with the royal baby and all. Fingers crossed he’s out soon!!

  14. says

    Oh, goodness! Come on baby! Give your beautiful mama a break.

    I swear it got easier after the pregnancy ended (at least with Braedon). I could actually sleep again (even if only for a couple hours at a time it was more than I was) and just FELT so much better after the first initial week of recovery. Hope you’re holding that precious one soon!
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Shoppin’ Rockin’ Playin”


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