Another Day

I just couldn’t’ resist…

I still cannot get enough of this commercial and it just seemed fitting today. Winking smile

Soooo here we are, another day come and gone and not much new to chat about with you all. Last night was a nice, quiet, and relaxing night in the Horan household…

Jay and I had some leftovers for dinner (pizza for me), the three of us watched Chris Powell kick some boo-tay on Extreme Makeover weight loss edition, I got a killer back rub from the hubby, and then we decided to hit the hay. I know…talk about wild and crazy.

Unfortunately, I have no WIAW post for you guys this morning because, well, my eats have been super boring and would probably put you all to sleep. That being said, I think I’m calling it quits early on today’s post because I’ve got nothin. Just wanted to check in to let you all know Baby Tooth is still stubborn as ever. Winking smile

I’ll check in with you guys soon!


  1. Nicole says

    Aw…We are all so excited for you, I give you a ton of credit for even having the energy to still write these posts! Soon enough!

    On another note, I tried making your skinny Alfredo dish last night, and it was awesome. I think the exact words my hubby used were “outstanding” – thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Sylvia says

    Thanks for checking in with us and not keeping us wondering <3. Hoping baby tooth comes soon, can't wait for the announcement!!

  3. says

    Last nights Extreme Makeover was heart breaking! I couldn’t believe she kept in touch with her mother. Our family kept saying, “She just needs to break ties with her because she’s toxic”. I couldn’t believe some of the things she said to her!!!

  4. says

    I’m sure you want Baby to make his appearance today at some point, but I will smile if he comes tomorrow, because tomorrow is my birthday! A good day to born, IMO. :) Still thinking of you!!!
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..July Fun

  5. Shaina says

    I am 38 weeks now and am already anxious! I just have this feeling I am going to be in your shoes in a couple weeks! AHH Hang in there! Can’t wait to hear you have progress!

  6. Megan says

    Hey, I have a silly question for you…how do you grill your pizza? do you have a special pan that you use? Thanks! Hopefully the babino gets here soon!

  7. says

    Come on out little guy :)

    The royal baby hoopla has come and gone, it’s time to hear some exciting Baby Tooth news!

    Good luck, Courtney! We’re all thinking of you.


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