Fun Facts Friday {8/2}

1. This post is probably going to be about 99% baby related in some way. Just sayin’.

2. Yesterday was our first outing from the house with Lucas!

He had his first checkup with the pediatrician and all went wonderfully! Lucas was born at 7lbs 13oz and when he was discharged two days later he was down to 7lbs 4oz (totally normal). As of yesterday’s appointment, he was already back up to 7lbs 7.5oz – up 3.5oz this week! I can’t tell you how much better that made me feel about his breastfeeding. Apparently he’s getting the goods. Winking smile

3. We continue to have some amazing friends who have been visiting this week and bringing and/or making us plenty of delicious food. Yesterday afternoon, our pal Joey stopped by and brought us some Chipotle for lunch.


4. Part of the reason for the Chipotle delivery was also because yesterday was Jay’s 30 Birthday!!!

And let me just go ahead and brag for a second…he is one hell of a dad. I just cannot get over how absolutely incredible he’s been with Lucas and for me. I swear, I’m falling more and more in love with him everyday.

Admittedly, I’ve been feeling guilty all week because I haven’t exactly been able to do much to make his birthday a big deal like it should (you know how I am about birthdays, and this was a big one, too!). I know I shouldn’t feel guilty (hello, new baby!) but I do. Jay, of course, totally understands and continued to tell me how silly I was being. We are planning on celebrating later in the month though, so I’ll make up for it then.

5. Cody continues to make his way just a little bit closer to Lucas everyday.

This was yesterday afternoon and Cody sat there for a good half hour, intently watching Lucas squirm around on his play yard…

6. And then once Lucas was off the play yard, Cody, of course, had to explore it a little bit on his own.


I’m not sure who enjoyed it more. Smile

7. Every time I think I’m starting to get this whole swaddling thing down, Lucas proves me wrong…

photo (1)

No matter what I do, little guy ALWAYS manages to find a way to get his arms out. He’s constantly got them up to his face, especially his right one. And, funny enough, if we look back through all of his ultrasound photos, that hand was ALWAYS up to his face…AND when he was born…any guesses?

Yep, the hand was up to his face.

8. Jay made me Kodiak Cakes for breakfast with mini chocolate chips in them this morning.

I think today is already starting off on the right foot.

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you have some fun weekend plans on the agenda!


  1. says

    Congratulations! He is precious!!

    I cannot recommend the Swaddle Me enough for swaddling. It makes it SO much easier! And I was always nervous about the extra fabric too and that’s not an issue with the swaddle me.

    Congrats again Mama!

  2. says

    I know I’ve said this before, but Lucas is just SO adorable! I’m super happy that his check-up went well! That’s wonderful news!

    Happy Bday to Jay! I’ll be turning 30 in 2 weeks!

    That pic of Cody under the play yard is too funny! Hopefully, he’ll warm up to Lucas soon!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Tasty Bite Review

  3. Kelly says

    Soo sweet! Woomies are amazing, you just zip them in the swaddle or the Velcro ones are ok too good luck!

  4. Gail says

    Don’t feel guilty about your updates being about Lucas…..I think I can safely say we’d all be disappointed if they weren’t. 😉 Cody cracks me up, but I knew he’d behave precisely this way! They’ll be best buds in no time. BTW… are glowing and Jay looks like he’s over the moon! Just as it should be! So happy for you both and as a Grandma…….I know your folks must be over the moon as well. There is nothing better.

  5. says

    Your hair is getting so long! Beautiful! Glad to hear his appointment went well! Go Lucas! When you told me he was peeing/pooping well, I figured he was gaining weight juuuuust fine. 😉 As for the swaddling, SwaddleMe blankets were our saving grace. I definitely recommend them! I could never get Hunter to stay in a regular swaddle blanket that I tried to wrap him up in. I’ve also heard the Woombie swaddles are great!

  6. says

    Lucas is adorable. I know exactly what you mean by how you fall more and more in love with you hubby. Every time I watch Steve with the girls I fall more and more in love. It is do special watching them as dads.

    I am so happy breastfeeding is going well. I love seeing a weight gain on the scale and it is wonderful knowing its all because of your milk.
    Renee @ Fit For Motherhood recently posted..4 Weeks Postpartum + Tommee Tippee Bottles

  7. Stacey M. says

    Totally loving these baby-related posts … please keep them coming (when and if you have time, of course)! I’m glad to hear all is going well at the Horan household, with Lucas and for you and Jay. And how awesome is it to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends?

    I know how you feel about feeling bad about not doing more for Jay’s 30th … my boyfriend turned 30 last month and I really wanted to do something special for him but with work being so very busy, I didn’t get a chance to think of anything great. He said he was fine with it, but I still felt bad … I just try to do nice things for him everyday now to make up for it!

  8. Nicole says

    My daughter had her hands in her face EVERY ultrasound! I am not even exaggerating… and I had one every month! She did the same thing when she was born too. When he gets a little older, I would swaddle him in the miracle swaddle blanket! It worked and still works like a charm!

  9. Krystan says

    Congrats on Lucas! You seem to be adjusting just fine! Breastfeeding is so nerve-racking not knowing how much they are getting, but that weight gain is fantastic! I encourage you to keep trying with the swaddling…Our boy kept getting his arms out the first week or so as well, but Husband and I kept changing it up and trying and we have both found our styles that seem to keep the little guy tucked in tight! No special blanket needed..

  10. says

    I have to admit, I am not always one to look forward to baby related posts (I’m sure once I have kids, that will change), but I’ve been loving all the updates from you about Lucas! So excited for you guys! I think Lucas was probably the best birthday gift Jay could have asked for anyway. 😉

  11. Jasmine says

    Congratulations! He is so adorable. My sister was like that. She always had her arms out 5 mins after we swaddled her. So my parents just decided to swaddle her but keep her arms out and she’s much happier like that.

  12. says

    Hey girl! Love seeing the pics!! :)

    In my personal opinion (which you totally don’t have to listen to!), I say keep trying with the swaddle! I posted a youtube video on my blog a while back, and this is how I swaddle:

    I also recommend the moms on call swaddle blanket (you can get on their website). And I would double swaddle Addie with the woombie. Regardless, good luck and congrats again!! :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Shrimp, Tomato, and Basil Pasta

  13. Julia says

    Congratulations on your new little one! He is adorable. I love how cautious kitties are with new changes, too. So cute. And happy birthday to your hubby too. Looks you both are adjusting to life as new parents pretty well! Have a great weekend!

  14. says

    I think Lucas is the perfect birthday gift for Jay :-) I can’t get over how funny Cody is being, such a cutie! And I’m 200% okay with your posts being all baby related. congrats again love!

    • Courtney says

      Yeah, he really doesn’t mind not having them swaddled – it doesn’t seem to keep him up or anything and he’s quite content! :)

  15. says

    Awe, he is so cute! Kudos to Jay, that is awesome, he was so ready to be a dad. I also have a little announcement of my own. You can check it out on my blog sometime. Let’s just say I may be going back through and reading your baby tooth blog again for some refreshers 😉
    Jessica Molstad recently posted..Life changes!

  16. says

    I know I’ve already mentioned, but he is soo adorable! Cody quite the watch cat. My pom when I was young did the same thing to me apparently. Wasn’t too sure about this unfamiliar person. I look forward to reading your future posts about the little one!
    Tara@PNWRunner recently posted..What the Bake Friday- 8/2/2013

  17. says

    He’s absolutely perfect! Congratulations to you and Jay!

    Side note: Your blog has inspired me to start my own! I’d love for you to take a look at mine and give any suggestions and feedback that you have. :-)

    Enjoy that little bundle of yours!
    Heidi recently posted..Fun Fact Friday {8/2}

  18. Alison says

    Lucas is so precious and way to go, Jay! Happy birthday to him too! A day that starts with pancakes has got to be wonderful :) Wishing you a happy Friday!

  19. says

    Awe, this post is so adorable.
    I’m SO happy that you and Jay are loving being parents. It sounds like it’s been quite a lovely adventure so far.
    He seriously is a handsome little guy!
    Congrats again to you guys!
    Lisa recently posted..Taking In Moments

    • Courtney says

      I actually feel pretty great in that “area” lol – I only wound up with “a scratch” as my doctor called it, with just a couple small stitches!

  20. says

    Looks like a great time at home :-) How nice you were able to go home so quickly! Happy Birthday to Jay! I am sure it is present enough for him to see you doing well and to be holding that little cutie in his arms, so take it easy on yourself you just created a LIFE 😉 You are amazing! Have a fabulous weekend, girl!!
    Claire recently posted..Weekend in Photos

  21. Courtney says

    Awww what a doll!! I know babies change every day, but right now he looks so much like a mini-Jay! I’m glad to hear things are settling in well. I’m also dying to know, what was the potential “G” name you guys had? You were waiting to see him and obviously went with the L name, and my curiosity is kicking in! :)

    • Courtney says

      Haha, man that would have been a good fact to include in today’s post! I’ll have to include it at some point later, but it was Gavin :)

  22. says

    Our Jayson was all about having his hands free too! Always up by his face. Hope you have mitts or trim his nails daily, those little boogers can scratch.
    Christy recently posted..Firsts

    • Courtney says

      Yes he is certainly good at scratching, but we don’t cut his nails yet because it can really hurt them – the tops of their nails have the same sensitivity as their cuticles right now so we have a nail buffer instead.

  23. says

    I loved the purely baby FFF post. It made me smile. :) I have a feeling that John will be the burrito swaddling king in this household. For some reason I always feel like guys are so much better at swaddling than women are! I hope no one ridiculous starts a fight about that comment – lol.

  24. Jessica says

    could lucas be any cuter?!?!?!?!?!!? such a cute little family the four of you make :)

    Perhaps Lucas likes his arms free? My daughter didn’t like her arms to be swaddled…so we just swaddled the bottom half and she was fine!

    • Courtney says

      He definitely does like his arms free – it doesn’t keep him awake or anything like that (so far) so I’m not too worried about it. He’s still a happy camper :)

  25. says

    I think the fact that you gave Jay a beautiful baby boy is pretty much the best birthday gift ever :) And it’s great to hear that Lucas is doing so well and that Cody is starting to adapt 😉 Hope you’re having a great Friday with your boys, Courtney!

  26. Jaime D says

    Lucas is so precious – congratulations!! We just had our first 5 months ago and she was always breaking out of her swaddle too. We just assumed that she didn’t like to be swaddled because she came out with her hand by her face as well! Once she broke out, her hands would always wake her up. At her one month visit, her doctor showed us an amazing double swaddle – it saved our lives and brought some much needed sleep. It’s kind of hard to explain but I’d be happy to email you instructions – let me know!

  27. says

    Yessss! Isn’t it amazing to see how much more we learn to love our husbands? :) good to hear Courtney. And omannn I didn’t swaddle well enough till 1month later, so sad! Haha

  28. Colleen says

    He is the absolute cutest! I love seeing a father and a baby bond like yours have. It’s a special bond and it’s awesome that Jay is such a loving dad! And it’s great that you seem to be enjoying your role as a mom ( and you look great, too :)).

  29. says

    He continues to be adorable! And Happy Happy Birthday to Jay! That’s a big one 😉 On a side note, I am a non-mother who’s never been around babies so could someone explain swaddling to me? I truly don’t know why you need to do it!

  30. Stephanie Abbott says

    I cannot tell you how happy these posts make me. I’m 28 weeks and struggling just a little (can’t seem to get regular movements out of my girl…talk about stressful!). Your posts or any updates (yes..stalking your instagram) make me feel so much better. I see the joy in both of your faces and the excitement you share and know I can look forward to that. THANK YOU and he’s totally perfect :)

  31. says

    We have a swaddle bandit too and I highly recommend the Woombie!! She can’t get out of it, very breathable and they can bring their hands up by their chest without being in a straight jacket of a swaddle. Good luck, sounds like you are embracing motherhood without a hitch. Wish it was that easy for all mamas. Congrats again!
    Leslie recently posted..3 Months Old (Updates!)

  32. Nicole says

    He is just too sweet, congrats again! And happy birthday to your hubby!

    Our little guy is Luca, obviously I love the name, haha. Will you call him Lucas or shorten it to Luke? :)

  33. says

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