Weekend Highlights {8/4}

Hey hey, happy Monday! Did everyone have a fabulous weekend?

After I last chatted with you all on Friday, Jay and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and we trekked outside for our first walk with Lucas.

Lucas was great and slept the whole time, while Jay and I enjoyed a nice, quiet 45 minute walk. I really wasn’t sure how long/far we were going to travel, and before I knew it we were already at about 1.75 miles. By that point I noticed I was getting a little tired so we headed back home.

Side note: I’ve had some of you ask how I’m doing with my post-delivery recovery. For the first few days after delivering I was definitely a little sore, but I was also prescribed some Motrin which helps quite a bit. I only wound up with a super small tear (or as my doctor called it, “a scratch.” I’d say that by about day 4 or 5 I was feeling almost back to normal, with the occasional soreness when I’m up and/or moving too much. I definitely consider myself very lucky!

Friday was also the first day/night where we didn’t have any visitors planned, so the two of us never even wound up showering. We literally lounged around the house for the rest of the day, soaking up plenty of time with our little guy. Saturday was another “lazy” morning filled with plenty of feedings, tummy time, cuddles, and naps.

cat and babyCody continues to inch his way closer and closer!

When Lucas napped, we took advantage of cleaning up a bit around the house, catching up on some laundry (holy crap does it pile up now!), and a few other odds and ends. Our friends Seth & Nicole came to visit during the afternoon and then we decided to take a family trip out to Target. I hadn’t been out of the house at all for the day, so it felt REALLY nice to get some fresh air.

While we were out, we also decided to pick up some take-out sushi for dinner. Although I did have sushi early on in pregnancy, it just wasn’t the same when I couldn’t have the “real” stuff, so I had been looking forward to it for quite a while now.


Unfortunately, the sushi was a bit of a flop. Jay and I both agreed that it just didn’t taste very good…pretty disappointing for being my first post-preggo sushi experience! But ahh well, what can ya do?

Sunday was more of the same…feedings, cuddle time, and naps for both baby AND mama.


At one point, Lucas ended up falling asleep on my chest for almost an hour and a half, and since he was too comfy for me to move, I just went ahead and napped for a little while with him. It felt great…I need to take advantage of his nap times more often!

Yesterday was also a first for us over here…oh yes, it was my first experience getting peed on while changing the little guy.

He, obviously, found it amusing. Winking smile

Lots of meals and snacks continue to be eaten on the floor. Cottage cheese and pineapple has been a favorite lately.


And cereal combos are another…quick and easy is the name of the game!


So this is pretty much my view this morning. Not a bad one, right?

It’s just the two of us today, since Jay is back to work now. It’s a bummer to have him leave (if we’re being honest, I was emotional about it all weekend) but we’re surviving juuuuust fine and will be happy and ready to greet daddy when he gets home today. Smile

I’m hoping to get out for another walk with Lucas in a little while because it’s another beautiful day out there today.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Brigid says

    I know it’s scary the first time you are left alone all day but you will be a pro by the end of the week. Definitely take advantage of the nap time by sleeping yourself. The laundry will still be there when you wake….trust me. It’s more important for you to rest.

  2. says

    So disappointing about the sub-par sushi! I know when I get pregnant that’s probably going to be harder for me to give up than alcohol or anything else! Good luck for your first alone-day with Lucas, you guys will be just fine…and it’s great to hear that you’ve been recovering well!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..Goal Talk: August.

  3. says

    Looks like you are settling in nicely to life with a baby!! It’s definetley tough when Daddy goes back to work, I remember crying every morning (not ashamed) when my husband left, and anxiously awaiting his arrival back home for the first couple weeks. Sounds like you’re doing just great!!
    Lauri recently posted..Livin Life

  4. says

    Awe, no fun on the not so good sushi – but at least you got the chance to get out and have some fun outside the house. It sounds like things have been going well! He’s such a cutie pie.
    Okay – and that photo of Cody and Lucas is too adorable!
    Lisa recently posted..Happy Things

  5. Lynn says

    You’re doing great! I’m not only impressed with how much you guys are doing with the little guy, but that you even find the time to still type up a post! I couldn’t get anything done when I had my little guy, and even now, four months later I still struggle to get anything done when I’m home from work.

    Love the pics of your new dude!! He’s so sweet :)

  6. says

    The first baby peed on experience ;). Even though we had a girl, my hubby used to ALWAYS get peed on by her. It was like her way of challenging how he could handle it haha. She mainly peed as there was no diaper down or while he was lifting her to put the diaper on and then pee would go all up her back…and yes, still on him somehow. I’ll never know! haha
    char eats greens recently posted..CSA pickup: week 7

  7. says

    You must have made Lucas hungry by eating cereal because he’s trying to eat his blanket! LOL I’m so glad you got to get out a little because you can’t be kept inside all the time! It’s important to allow yourself some time to get some fresh air and it will get easier with time! 😀

  8. says

    Definitely not a bad view to start the day with :) Lucas is a real cutie, and it’s great to hear that you guys have been adjusting so well. I can imagine it would be a little nerve-wracking to stay at home with baby while the hubs went back to work, but you’re doing great, girl! We all got the momma instinct in us :)
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... currently … august .

  9. Laura says

    Take advantage of resting with a sleepy baby on you, because the dishes, laundry, etc. can wait! He’ll be fighting off naps all too soon! Lol. You look like you are glowing, enjoy your little man!!! :)

    • Courtney says

      For the most part, yes! I’ve been very lucky that Lucas latched pretty much immediately and he’s been feeding really well. He’s a hungry little guy!

  10. Stacey M. says

    Glad to hear you’re doing so well so soon after delivery … I know sometimes it can take weeks to feel well enough to get outside and move. It stinks that Jay isn’t able to spend more time at home with the two (or three, including Cody!) of you … sounds like you’re doing OK. You can always call friends or family members to talk if you get lonely or just need someone to listen.

  11. Kristine says

    So very happy for you! Congrats on this new chapter in your life! You make it look so exciting and easy!

  12. says

    Nap as much as you can, as often as you can! ….It is the one thing I regret not doing more- not because I was tired and needed the nap- but the days of cuddling your sweet newborn only come around once.
    SO glad your feeling well after delivery- took me months, wait, still working on it and it’s almost a year. Soooo glad you are doing well!! …..enjoy each second at home! <3
    Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles recently posted..Shifting.

  13. Nala says

    Oooh….Lucas is just TOO cute for words. I think he looks like his Daddy a little bit =) Glad to hear your taking walks and getting some fresh air. I’m sure that’s nice for you. Can’t wait to read more posts on your new family =)


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