All It Took Was One Time

Apparently, all it took was the one time for Lucas to feel comfortable peeing on his mama…


Because he was at it again last night (the white is a random paint stain).

*edited to add…and again this morning. Winking smile

We had Lucas’s newborn photos done at the house and let me first just say that newborn photos are no joke. First you have to get them to sleep (not just a little asleep…sound asleep!), then you have to try to move/pose them while sleeping. Naked. And, inevitably, he’s bound to “let loose.” Not only did he pee on me, but he really did a number (of both the 1 and 2 variety) on a poor football blanket we had. Oy vey!

After about three hours we finished the session and I cannot WAIT to see how they all turn out. Our photographer, Cara Olsen, did post a teaser pic on Facebook today which I shared on the STSL page, so feel free to check it out. Little man is looking more and more like his dad…little stinker.

While we were outside working on getting the photos, Jay and I both smelled neighbors of ours grilling and it smelled sooo good. Apparently, that was all Jay needed because by the time the photos were done, he told me that he defrosted and marinated chicken and wound up making us a whole dinner while I took care of feeding and changing Lucas.


We had Italian marinated grilled chicken, brown rice, and some veggies. It was really, such a simple meal, but I cannot tell you good it tasted. Not only was I starving, but it’s been a long time since we just had a simple, grilled meal. I’m so thankful for a husband who will cook when he wants. Smile

Lucas was pretty wiped after his photos so he slept a majority of the evening while Jay and I hung out. Once again, Cody continued to keep his curious self around…


His little sniffer was working like crazy and he must have stood there for a good five minutes just intently watching him. And then he went and cuddled with Jay. Too cute.


A couple hours after dinner (actually more like an hour and a half) I was still legitimately hungry (not just feeling like I wanted to eat) so I threw together a mug of cereal with almond milk and snacked on that while watching The Bachelorette.


I didn’t watch the whole season, but I did wind up getting sucked in to the last few weeks. What can I say…that Chris Harrison reels me right in every. single. time. with his whole “traumatic ending” previews.

After a decent night of sleep for my little man, the two of us have been up and at it this morning. I actually started writing this post about an hour and a half ago while he was napping…and now, after feeding and a double diaper change (because, of course, he poops again before I can even get the new one strapped up) we’re enjoying some tummy time.

Later this week, I’m planning on putting together a post about Lucas’s birth story (hello, 18 hours of labor!) so be on the lookout. In the meantime, I’m going back to chill with my boy while he’s still awake. Smile


  1. Stacey M. says

    How is it that you always look amazing … even after your baby pees on you?! Loving your long hair … I’m trying to grow mine out now too. I’m getting there!

    I bet the photos of Baby Lucas are just precious … and the photographer is right, he DOES look more and more like Jay every day!

    Looking forward to your upcoming birth story post … If it’s true to (your) form, I know it will be a good one! Children are definitely in my near future, so I like to hear from other moms about their pregnancy and childbirth. It’s definitely good information, straight from the source! Thank you for being so willing to share … I know there are many of us who really appreciate your honesty.

    • Courtney says

      You are too sweet, thank you! The hair is actually in need of a cut though…Lucas is already enjoying grabbing it. 😉

  2. says

    Haha, I’ve heard stories about the first week being the hardest with the baby peeing on their Mama’s;)
    I feel you with Chris Harrison sucking me in each year at the most dramatic episode ever. I don’t know why I keep on falling for that.
    And I just adore the pictures of Lucas and Cody. Too cute for words.
    Lisa recently posted..Start Your Day Off Right

  3. Jessica says

    I read your blog everyday and I love these baby posts! The newborn pic on FB is adorable. How are you not exhausted? Looking great new mama :)

  4. says

    I never watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette but I definitely got suckered in to watching it last night. My family found it… er, amazing… how quickly she went from loving one guy to the other one. Awkward.

    LOL for Lucas letting loose on you. I really think it happens to a mommy/daddy at least once!

    • Courtney says

      I know, right? I thought for sure she was just going to end it…pretty crazy to jump from one to the other so quickly!

  5. says

    Oh the glamorous life of a mommy. 😉 I will never forget one time when Addie was maybe 2 weeks old. I was about to breastfeed her, so I already had my shirt and bra off. But then she peed so I decided to change her diaper first. I’m leaning over her as I’m changing her with my boobs just hanging out … when she decides to pee and poop ALL over me, the changing pad, and the floor. In the meantime, my boobs had decided to start leaking. So I have breastmilk, pee, and poop all over me and her. It was quite the scene. 😉
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Some Addie Videos!

    • Courtney says

      LOL — Kristen, this made me laugh!! Although I haven’t had the poop yet (unless you count about 3 minutes after he was born!) I have had the boobs hanging out, leaking all over while changing him. I just have to stop and laugh because, really, what else can ya do? 😉

  6. says

    I got pee’d on plenty of times by my boys. Eventually, I figured out to put a clean diaper over him while cleaning up “just in case”!
    It’s just infant pee, it’s kinda funny :).
    If it happened when they got to big, it’d be a problem .
    Enjoy all the fun!

    • Courtney says

      Haha, I actually usually have these “pee pee teepees” that I can put over him, or I just use a wipe. He was just too quick for me this morning 😉

  7. Lynn says

    I can’t imagine you’ve got the time to read all these posts, but you’re seriously a rock star momma! You look amazing! I still won’t rock a tank top that fits my midsection. And while you’re getting poo’d and peed on, you seem to really have it together. Go you!

  8. Julie says

    I’m usually just a silent reader, but after seeing that FB picture I just had to post. Lucas is soOoOo stinkin’ cute! Babies in “adult” clothes like button-ups and vests is my weakness. And while I know you don’t post all details of your life on here (as you shouldn’t! :)), from what I’ve read it seems like this whole mom thing is coming very natural to you and it definitely suites you well because you look great! Congrats again :)

  9. says

    Newborn pics are THE CUTEST! I had no idea so much went into them!

    And I love reading about y’all’s new life as a family – the little insights are the best!

  10. Kathryn says

    If he’s peeing on you during changes, there was a trick I was told about. Open the diaper for about 3 seconds, just enough to let the air hit him. The fold it back over and wait. Apparently, the air hitting that area triggers the reaction. There’s also the washcloth method (just putting a small washcloth over him so it doesn’t get all over you.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  11. says

    That is so funny that you posted the pee picture! Well, such is life I guess.
    I love fast and simple meals, they can be the best. A great idea is to stock up on stir fry veggies from Trader Joes and shrimp. Pull it out in the am to defrost, for dinner, throw it all in a pan – dinner in 10 min. I use steam in the bag brown rice too. Hey, we all need shortcuts sometimes. :)
    Brynn recently posted..Fall Race Schedule

  12. Katie says

    When we had our newborn pictures done a few months ago I’m so thankful the photographer was able to come to our house…It took about 3 hours with all the changing, feeding, and getting to sleep! Whew I can’t imagine trying to do that in some type of studio. I can’t wait to see more, the teaser picture was so cute 😀 I’m glad to see you guys are doing well :) You look GREAT!

    • Courtney says

      Thank you! It’s getting a little TOO long and will probably be getting a good chop soon…especially since Lucas is already getting his hands on it 😉

  13. says

    haha my sister is a newborn photographer and trust me when i say ALL parents get peed and pooped on during newborn sessions!! and i know how demanding those sessions are! my sister sends out a VERY specific instruction sheet prior to the session to ensure the baby is totally and completely passed out!! but she does do amazing working and i’m not just saying that. check her out with 12k+ fans on facebook:
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Help FEED US Kids

  14. Cheri says

    As the mom of two boys, let me give you a tip. Unfortunately, this tip means you will go through more diapers if he pees before you’re done…but less laundry. I always had the diaper open all the way and as I took one off I’d cover the front with the front of the clean diaper while I wiped them down. My second son had a thing with having projectile poop (I know, gross) once the diaper came off. So, the extra diaper really came in handy for him! It didn’t stop the mess, but at least it was more contained.

  15. Nala says

    Lucas is just too cute! I can’t wait to see his pictures and read about the birth story =) So how does it truly feel to be a mother? I’ve heard so many stories about how it’s one of the most amazing things in the world and are you going through any blues yet? or is the walking and spending time with your family keeping your spirits up?

  16. Monica says

    When we did Harlow’s newborn session a few months back, she poo’d on me THREE times and pee’d on me twice! The photographer actually has a picture mid-poo and me laughing. :)

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