Fun Facts Friday {8/23}

1. Tomorrow marks the return of the Summer Yard Olympics. Hopefully I’ll be able to go and defend my title! I’m so looking forward to it.

2. Lucas gave me a full five hour stretch of sleep last night, followed by another solid three hours. That makes me one happy (and slightly less exhausted mama).

3. Speaking of Lucas (aka, Smiles McGee)…

How is going to be four weeks old tomorrow. FOUR WEEKS?! Can someone please show me where the “pause time” button is?

4. I have winners for both my Reebok CrossFit Nano giveaway AND the Fruttare coupon giveaway (thanks to all who entered!)…

Reebok Nano Giveaway Winner – Ashley Renee


Fruttare Coupon Winner – Lauren A


5. I made THE most incredible salad for lunch yesterday.

I just love fruit in my salads! Strawberries, cranberries, and green grapes, along with cukes, carrots, and some sliced deli turkey. The only thing missing was some feta cheese. YUM.

6. You know it’s the end of softball season when it seems like there are games happening just about every night of the week. Lucas and I will be heading down to the fields again tonight for the third time this week…but really, I don’t mind. It helps get us out of the house and he sleeps almost the whole time.

7. Some days, I’m really missing our garden. Specifically, all of the amazing zucchini we wound up with. In case you happen to find yourself in the same boat as I was last year, be sure to check out some of my favorite zucchini recipes from last year:

In order from left to right:

8. I started writing out this post this morning at about 9:30am…it’s now 2:03pm. Sheesh.

9. It’s about time to wrap things up here. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend ahead! I’ll chat with you all soon. Smile xoxo


  1. says

    You NEED to go to Jessica’s blog and check out her latest zucchini recipe. I just about died over it! I miss playing softball SO much… There is something about watching a game during the summer!

  2. Nala says

    Lucas looks so Adorable in the pic of you and him and by the way you look great! Thanks for the salad idea – the one with the fruit and turkey – it looks delicious and I think I know what I’m having lunch this weekend =D

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