A Great Meal

For the first time in – who the heck knows – how long, last night Jay and I actually enjoyed a real dinner…at the dinner table. I know, right? Who woulda thought? (99.9% of our meals are eaten at the coffee table these days).

I was so excited, I even lit a candle for the occasion.


As a bonus, Lucas stayed asleep for his evening nap the entire time, so we happily enjoyed our meal as a twosome. And not only was the company and atmosphere fantastic, but the meal was absolutely incredible! On the menu?

Well, we each made sure to enjoy one of our festive beers while getting dinner ready, which included Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, corn on the cob, and a cucumber & red onion side “salad” (one of Jay’s favorites). Seriously. Love these sandwiches.


I had actually had grand plans to make it to the grocery store yesterday and have dinner all made for when Jay got home from work, buuuuut that didn’t happen. Lucas was having trouble napping during the day (he just was not wanting to go down for them, and when he did, he’d wake up after 30-40 minutes…?) and I just never got a chance to make it out.

When I texted Jay to tell him this, he took care of stopping by the store on his way home, picking up what we needed, and made the sandwiches himself. How did I get so lucky?


This morning, I’m feeling gooood (minus the headache I have goin’ on). Lucas gave me a really good night’s sleep (a six hour stretch, followed by another 3), my upper body is sore in that “oh-so-awesome-sorta-way” from yesterday’s workout (I’ve missed that!), and I just finished up a yummy, simple breakfast.


Quaker Oatmeal Squares with sliced banana and unsweetened vanilla almond milk, along with a nice, hot mug of coffee. Mmmmm.


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Alright, I’m off to go be as productive as possible before my little guy wakes up again. I’ll catch you cool cats later!

Question for the Morning:

Where do you eat most of your meals? Do you find that where you eat your meal(s) reflects how you eat?


  1. says

    Glad to hear you and Jay were finally able to get in a real Dinner! That’s great. And also awesome about Lucas letting you sleep in just a little bit longer. Those little hours really do make quite a different. I’m sure especially as a new Mom!
    Lisa recently posted..Moments Dedicated To Yourself

  2. says

    I eat all my breakfasts (except on Sundays) at my desk while reading blogs :) Sunday breakfast is in the livingroom – same with a couple suppers a week. Other suppers are at the kitchen table – we aim for 5 a week there.

  3. Karen says

    Those sandwiches look great! Glad you two had a nice dinner together.

    Did you watch the season finale of Mistresses? I know you commented a few weeks ago about how you and Jay love the show. I am also a fan and my boyfriend loves it too.

    What did you think of it if you watched it?

  4. says

    It gets easier, I promise. When he’s cranky like that and won’t go to sleep, just leave the house! Go for a drive, walk him in the stroller, wear him. He’ll eventually fall asleep and at such a young age you aren’t creating bad habits. Even now when Raffi is cranky he will immediately become happier when we go outside.

    And as a little sleep lesson – as babies mature and their sleep cycles mature they sometimes have trouble switching cycles, leading them to sleep for only about 40 minutes before waking up crying. The worst time for that is 4 months and it’s sometimes known as the 4 month sleep regression. R had a terrible time with it but baby just flew right through. Also be aware of growth spurts and developmental jumps. Their sleep will get messed up (sleeping too much or too little) during those times. When R goes through a growth spurt he sleeps a ton. When he was about to crawl/walk/talk etc he would not sleep well at all. A lot of my friends have had similar experiences with their children.

    You sound like you have everything under control, but just in case you don’t know that I PROMISE it gets better/easier soon. xo
    RhodeyGirl recently posted..Raffi’s 22 & 23 month update

  5. says

    Yay for a sit down dinner for the two of you! And seriously, you have a great husband. Most would never make dinner let alone stop at the store! My favorite place to eat dinner is outside on the deck. I think it’s just so peaceful, especially in the fall!

  6. says

    I’ve never really liked beer, but lately I’ve been trying flavored beer (the black cherry beer at the Lucas Confectionary is delicious!). I had a craving for pumpkin beer last night at Hannaford, so I picked up the Blue Point Pumpkin Ale and it definitely hit the spot. :)
    Cassie @RedLetterDaye recently posted..I Feel Pretty

  7. says

    Before we recently moved to our new place, we used to eat every meal at the bar/counter. We just bought a kitchen table when we moved because we didn’t have a counter anymore! Now I try to eat as many sit down meals as I can, but I definitely find myself eating in front of the TV sometimes!
    Claire @ Keeping Up With Claire recently posted..Amp Up the Protein

  8. says

    My poor kitchen table is usually neglected. I never eat my meals there…but I live alone so I feel like it would just make me depressed if I did ha. I have the company of my TV. Though when my little brother visits me he insists on eating at the table! I have been using it to work on my computer though. It’s too easy to sink into the couch and want to doze off or something!
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..Coconut Craze

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