Fun Facts Friday {10/18}

1. I survived my first full day back to work. It wasn’t easy. Luckily, starting a new role also means that there’s a lot to learn so I think I’ll be kept pretty busy for a while now. But man, that 3:30 time can’t come soon enough.

2. Shortly after getting home yesterday, I treated myself to a little vino…straight out of the bottle.

Too bad I only got through about half of it. I’ll thoroughly enjoy the rest tonight though, you can count on that!

3. Guess what came in the mail on Wednesday…?

Oh yes, my Godiva truffles. I thought for sure I’d polish them all off last night (I mean, there’s only 6 in there) but Jay and I actually wound up splitting three of them and saved the other three for last night. So yes…now they’re gone. And they were freakin’ delicious.

4. Up until Wednesday, Snapfish was having this amazing deal where you could get photo prints for a penny each. Yes…a penny. I went a little crazy with my order…


And, of course, they tack on almost $15 for shipping, so really, it’s not as great a deal as it sounds. Buuuuuut, I still have almost 300 pics coming my way. Oh boy…I’m that mom.

5. Remember last Friday when I said we had all these grand plans to go to Chowderfest, and costume shopping, and that I wanted to make cupcakes? Guess what…NONE of those things happened last week. Nope,  nada. I’d still like to tackle the costume shopping (running out of time!) and cupcake making this weekend…we’ll see what happens.

6. Jay and I actually broke out the “real” camera last night, instead of using our iPhones for a change.


Little man is just getting so darn big.

7. As usual, Jay and I are continuing to watch the latest season of American Horror Story. Seriously…whoever comes up with the storylines for this show is just insane. Show is craaaazy, but we’re hooked. Anyone else?

8. I recently decided to start doing some of the T25 workout videos. Dayummmm, they are good! Intense, and super tough (especially since I’ve lost, oh I don’t know, all of my stamina), but I love ‘em. I have no idea how or when I’ll continue to squeeze them into my schedule, but the fact that they’re only 25 minutes is right up my alley.

9. You know what I think I’d like for Christmas this year? A cleaning service. Yes, that would be lovely. Boy, how things change when you get older, eh?

10. That’s all I’ve got for this week, my friends. Have a happy, happy weekend! Smile


  1. says

    Oh man, godiva truffles are the best! I love those things.
    Glad you survived your first day back, I’m sure the first few weeks will be a little tough, but nothing you can’t handle:)
    Lucas is looking adorable!

  2. says

    I’ll defiantly be looking forward to seeing those cupcakes next week if you get to them this weekend! Aw, Lucas seriously is just adorable :). ME ME ME! I’m completely hooked on American Horror Story. It’s so disturbing and weird, but I can’t help but keep watching hahaha geez that sounds horrible. Anyways, I watched the first episode finally last night, and will be watching the second tonight!! Enjoy your Friday :)
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted..Firecracking Swirls

  3. Kathryn says

    My daughter was born in November. For Christmas, my grandmother bought me a little portable photo printer. Yeah, I went crazy, lol. Lucas is definitely showing his personality, it’s awesome! Going back to work sucks, no lie.

  4. says

    What a cutie that little Lucas is! I really need to get better about printing photos! I have a bazillion saved on my camera, computer, and phone, but very few of them are actually printed. Oy. Are you going to scrapbook for Lucas? Or just put them in an album? I haven’t decided yet… As much as I’d LOVE to scrapbook them, it’s just so time consuming!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Family Photos

  5. says

    Definitely get yourself a cleaning service – some of my mom friends say its the best thing they ever did, even if it’s only a once a month thing. :)

    And I just texted my husband about the T25 workouts. Definitely something for us to look into. Thanks!

  6. says

    I would LOVE a cleaning service for Christmas this year! I feel like that when I go back to work, when I’m home I will want to spend all my time with my little ladies. Hopefully my mama and mother in law will help a lady out when they’re at my house watching the girls! A girl can dream, right?

  7. says

    Glad you busted out the good camera for that cute little face! You should take some more in natural light on the weekend. I don’t blame you for taking hundreds of pictures of him either. That’s how I am with my dogs so I can’t even imagine when I have a baby one day. Oh, and there’s no shame in drinking straight from the bottle. Cheers!
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted..Baked Pumpkin Donuts with Chocolate Icing {gluten & dairy-free}

  8. says

    I am ALL for scary shows/movies, but I tried to sit down and eat oatmeal while watching the season opener of AHS and couldn’t get myself to eat it… So, naturally, I turned the channel so I could stomach my oatmeal. The show is freaking WIERD.

  9. bridget says

    Good for you Courtney on getting through your first week at work! And I asked to have my house cleaned before I went into labor (and I am so glad I did since I went early!) And my girlfriend got her house cleaned for her birthday :) its certainly a great present!

  10. says

    Congrats on surviving your first day back :-) And great that you have a role that allows you to get our a little earlier and get in some more QT with little guy.

    A cleaning service sounds like a great idea. Can you send them to my house right now to clean up my messy kitchen. Just looking at it is overwhelming me!
    Jamie @ Sometimes Healthy Living Blog recently posted..Sometimes Healthy Friday: A Sweet Squash Muffin + a Bad A*** Treadmill Workout

  11. Tabs says

    I SOOOOO feel you on the house cleaning!!!

    I have told my husband more than once in the last 20 months that I would shell out the money (if we had it) to have someone come in and just clean our kitchen, bathrooms and vacuum every so often. Seriously, money well spent!

  12. says

    Have a great weekend!! You deserve it after a kind tough week!

    If you need a cleaning service you are in luck, because I absolutely love cleaning and organizing so much! The only problem would be that I would get hyper focused on one detail and spend nine hours trying to make it perfect (not like that’s happened or anything…. haha) Stupid OCD, otherwise I could make a career out of it!!
    Kelly recently posted..2013 #OCDweek Creative Expression Contest Finalists

  13. Jen says

    American Horror Story is a must in our house too!! I watched the first episode and the first five mnutes were so messed up I was so close to turning it off….but I didn’t! I haven’t seen the second episode yet but so far it sounds just as disturbing!

  14. says

    Your little man it getting so big. I love the pics. Too cute!! I’d go crazy with the pictures as well. Nothing wrong with vino straight out of the bottle! Sometimes that’s how it should be. I hope returning to work is going well. I’m sure you’re enjoying getting off earlier. I haven’t seen American Horror yet…I’ve been catching up on Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Oh my, I love love those two shows!

  15. says

    Ah, Lucas is just so stinking cute!! I’m not sure I would care to ever get anything done if I had a precious baby to spend all my time with again!

    I am the queen of 30 minute workouts and you know, I think they work just fine. You can be a whole lot more intense when you are giving it your all for 30 minutes rather than 60. I have been contemplating ordering T25. Did you order through beach body or Amazon?
    Suzanne @ Mixitmom recently posted..Hello & Goodbye

  16. says

    I’m obsessed with American Horror Story! We didn’t start watching until season 2 so we just watched the entire first season on Netflix. It’s my favorite season so far! I agree that it’s wicked twisted but I can’t stop watching. :-)
    Katy recently posted..Flavor of the Week: Avocado

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