WIAW: Sweets

Mornin’ friends, and happy Wednesday to you all! How’s the week treating ya so far?

I’m gonna be honest…the tank is slowly running down to empty this week. Lucas is going through a bit of a growth spurt this week (at least that’s all I’m hoping it is) and his extra night time feedings are making for one sleepy mama.

So for this week’s WIAW (which is all of Tuesday) you’ll probably begin to see a pattern of what happens to Yours Truly when I’m a bit sleep deprived. Enter: All. The. Sweets…

Yesterday started bright and early at about 5:15am with Lucas’s second wakeup call for the night/morning. At that point, since my alarm was set for 5:45am anyways, there really was no point in going back to sleep. So I took my time showering and got things going for the morning. I was pretty hungry (which is the norm for the mornings) so I snacked on an iced oatmeal cookie Clif Z Bar to tide me over before breakfast.

Totally recycled photo, FYI.


Once I got to work, I ate my prepared pumpkin oatmeal along with a large pumpkin coffee from DD’s that I picked up after dropping Lucas off.


I typically try to stay away from buying coffee until Fridays as my treat, but I convinced myself that sleep deprivation is a good enough excuse to indulge an extra day. And then I even went with the large…although it’s not like the extra caffeine helps wake me up or anything. I just enjoyed sipping on it a little longer.


Shortly after arriving at work, a co-worker of mine informed me that she had made and brought in coffee cake that morning and it was still warm. Sign. Me. UP.


I had about half of my piece and it was goooood.

A little while later, I snacked on a banana and made a cup of Mother’s Milk tea (they say it helps with milk production…whether or not it really does, I have no idea? I’m not having problems with my supply, but I figure it can’t hurt to stay on top of things).



Lunch included a delicious veggie-filled salad, topped with all sorts of leftover shredded chicken from Sunday and some parmesan peppercorn dressing (OMG so good).


And not long after finishing that, I decided I needed chocolate so I broke into my dark chocolate stash and grabbed a square. Mmmm mmmmm.



Around 2:30 I was super chilly while working at my desk, and once again, found myself craving chocolate and sweets…


So I made myself a mug of hot chocolate and sipped on that for a while.

THEN…it was party time!!

My company had a super cute Halloween party yesterday afternoon for the kids of the employees, so I went and grabbed Lucas after work and brought him back for the festivities.

Or should I say…my little pirate.


I have better pics of his costume, I’ll show you guys soon.  😉

Although my little pirate was still a little young to take part in any of the activities (cupcake decorating, pumpkin decorating, trick-or-treating, necklace making…there was so much!) he was able to “socialize” with some of mommy’s co-workers, and all things considered, he did fairly well. It was super busy with lots of people, but he managed to hold it together for the most part with only a little fussiness. He was also pooped too, and wound up falling asleep on my shoulder for a little while.

So while he slept, I used my free hand to enjoy an amazing apple cider donut.


There was also a mini Snickers and a couple pumpkins eaten too. Again…couldn’t get enough sweets.


By the time we got home around 6, there was no way I was cooking anything for dinner. Thankfully, we had leftovers from the night before, so I reheated a Chicken Caesar burger and had that while catching up for a bit with Jay.


That picture was from Monday night, so there were no fries involved last night.

A little while after dinner, I found myself in the kitchen again snacking on a couple “small slivers” of cookie bars that I had made on Monday night for Jay to bring to work (of course I kept some leftovers at home).

I really was just exhausted though and probably could have easily kept eating my way through the kitchen, so I figured I should just pack it in for the night and headed to bed.

Soooo, is there anyone else out there like me that wants all. the. food/snacks/chocolate. when they’re sleep deprived? 😉


  1. Megan B says

    I am not sure I’ve ever commented but I love your blog!
    When I was breast feeding and sleep deprived, I had huge sugar cravings. I swear the breast feeding was largely to blame, because of the huge calorie burn.
    What a cute little pirate and loving the nail color!

  2. laura says

    Random question: Do you do your own nails? If so, how do you make them look so good? Is it the polish? They always look so nice! Whenever I do my own at home, the polish looks thin & dull and always chips off right away.

    Lucas is too cute!

  3. says

    YES. I’m the same way. And now that the cooler weather is setting in, I feel I crave sweets EVEN more. It it’s chilly outside, I want and need donuts. And if it is cooler in the evening, I want and need chocolate chip cookies. Give me all of the sweets. :)

  4. says

    Luke hasn’t been sleeping the best this week, and so I totally treated myself to coffee from Caribou and Panera on Monday and Tuesday this week. Thankfully he slept better last night, so I made coffee at home. :)
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..Wholly!

  5. says

    Very much YES. When I don’t get enough sleep, I can’t ever seem to put a dent in my appetite, and I definitely crave sweets and carbs all day long. If I happen to be at home on one of those days, I usually end up making a trip to the kitchen every 20 minutes to grab a handful of something to munch on… and the worst part about it is that the constant mild hunger is SO distracting and doesn’t let me focus on much else.

    Hope you catch up on some rest soon!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... WIAW … ‘fessing up .

  6. says

    I am the SAME exact way. I think I try to eat sweets just to keep me energized and “focused” enough to stay awake! I’ll eat chocolate over an apple any day, but the days were I get little to no sleep there’s no question which one wins out!

    Love the little pirate costume!

  7. Jessie says

    From one sleep-deprived mama to the next, I totally understand! I have a 5.5 month old and have been back to work for about 6 weeks now. I find myself constantly wanting snacks, especially sweets, when I’m tired. It’s hard to get rid of this sweet tooth!

    Lucas’ costume is adorable!

  8. Nicole says

    Love your gold nail polish! :)
    Your little pirate is such a cutie pie!
    Cookie bars? Is there a recipe to share?

    Hang in there Courtney….you know why?? You KNOW what day it is!! It’s HUUMMPP DAYYYYY!

  9. says

    OmG!! Who doesn’t love sweets? Sleep deprive or not: they.are.cool! I think most of us have a sweet tooth, but we “try” to avoid it! btw your donut looks delish and your little pirate is adorable!

  10. Sara says

    My little one must be going through a growth spurt too because he used to only get up once a night, but now it’s twice and I’m dying. I’m still on maternity leave and find myself reaching for the Halloween candy every time I walk by. Thank goodness tomorrow is Halloween and I can get it out of the house.

  11. Lauren says

    Your son is so adorable! Every picture you’ve posted is so cute. I also snack on sweets when I’m tired… I just can’t help myself!

  12. Michelle says

    I read your blog today about being sleep deprived. There is a lady who writes a
    blog about her children and today she wrote about establishing a sleep pattern for newborns. She had alot of good ideas that have helped her. Her blog is feathersinournest.com. You might want to check it out.

  13. leigh says

    Love the honest WIAW post … sometimes after I read these on blogs, I feel awful about what I ate for the day. Some days you just need the sugar!

  14. Holly says

    Lucas as a pirate is WAY too cute…can’t even take his cuteness 😀 And that apple cider donut…..please send one to FL asap 😉

  15. says

    Mmmmmm I LOVE a good cup of hot cocoa on a cold day!

    And if I am lacking in sleep, I try and drink a lot of water…but yah, I usually head for the carbs–not necessarily sweets per say, but I grab ‘easier’ things like breads & stuff.

    But with my mom here, I am catching up on sleep & have eaten pretty well while being sleep deprived!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Newborn Beauty

  16. says

    Oh goodness, yes. My girl is 15 months old now, but back when she was younger and not sleeping as well (and I was nursing still), I was ravenous for sweets all day long. Exhaustion + nursing is a pretty terrible combo for your appetite and cravings, am I right? Even now if we have a rough teething night with a few wake ups, I find myself heading straight for the baked goods as soon as my alarm goes off!
    Lauren @ Confessions of a First Time Mom recently posted..Keeping Up With the Krappy Parents

  17. Nala says

    Lol, it’s amazing that I felt exactly the same way yesterday. Not only was I tired, I was anxious and stressed about a speech I had to give – bad combo. So yeah, I pretty much ate every kind of food and sweets I could get my hands on. Not to good for me, but it happens

  18. says

    I turn into a garbage disposal when I am sleep deprived! It’s like I can’t eat enough to satisfy me until BOOOM I’m stuffed and then just feel stuffed and tired. I usually go back and forth during the entire day between sweet, salty, sweet, salty.
    Lucas is the cutest little pirate in all the land btw!
    Happy Halloween beautiful!


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