Busy Busy

Woah…life got pretty busy this week. Crazy!

Between the work thing, the mommy thing, the wife thing, the tending to the house thing, and on top of that, the taking-the-babe-on-his-first-trip thing, I’ve had little time for much else. Some days, I wonder how I’m going to be able to get it all done (and some days, I don’t…you’d see that if you witnessed the inside of my house right now) but eventually, the important stuff does get done.

Needless to say, that’s left little time to tend to the ol’ blog here. Yes, while there was a time that this little space of mine was at the top of my priority list, things have changed quite a bit this past year and priorities have shifted. It’s something that happens with all of us, wouldn’t you agree?

So, while I miss you guys lots, I’m going to have to take a brief hiatus until things settle down. By this weekend, we should be smooth sailing, so I’m hoping to be back with you all again sometime next week.

Besides…I’m going to have some fun stuff to fill you in on! 

But for now, I wish you all a fantastic rest of the week and a great weekend (it’s almost here!)…and I’ll ask ya to keep your fingers crossed for us that Lucas is a good traveler. Oh boy, am I nervous. 😉


  1. Kaitlyn says

    I can’t even imagine how crazy it is working full-time + baby + housework + life….it’s probably like you have 3 full-time jobs! insane! Take all of the time that you need :).

  2. Meg says

    I got scared and thought you were saying bye to the blog for now. Very relieved to hear you’ll be back sooner rather than later. Take all the time you need, mama!

  3. says

    I was just thinking about you this morning. I enjoy looking to what your going to talk about each morning. I’m new to blogging and was wondering how you come up with something to talk about each and every day along with keeping up with every thing else. Just curious. Have a good weekend and looking forward to your return.
    Melissa@Forloveandtravel recently posted..Anna and Adam’s Wedding

  4. says

    We totally understand! I commend you for being able to balance work and raising a 3 month old! I can’t imagine how you do it. I went back to work in September when my girl was 13 months and even now I can barely find time to blog. I tell myself that once a week is more than sufficient. Your true followers will remain loyal! Hang in there lady!
    Lauren @ Confessions of a First Time Mom recently posted..Pregnancy Blows.

  5. Nicole says

    Be good to yourself and know that we’re here for you whenever you return!

    Safe travels & best wishes for a fun weekend!

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