Custom Reebok Shoes Giveaway

Do you guys remember a couple weeks ago when I shared Jay’s recent experience with customizing his own pair of Reebok Nano 2.0’s?

Well earlier this week he finally received them in the mail (it usually takes 6-8 weeks for the customized shoes to arrive) and we both agreed that they are lookin’ sharp!


So why am I sharing my husband’s new sneakers with you? Well THAT would be because it gives me the perfect opportunity to let you all know that I have a pretty sweet giveaway to share with you guys…

One lucky STSL reader can win a Custom Card to create his/her own custom Reeboks at!

(Open to US residents only)

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me one detail you know you’d include in your own pair of custom Reebok sneakers.

I’ll choose a random winner on Friday (tomorrow!) 11/15. Good Luck and happy Thursday! Smile


  1. Kayla says

    Some bring colors for sure since I need a little pick me up when going to workout, this always helps. Especially when there are burpees involved. 😉

  2. Kristen says

    Definitely start with a black pair & add neon touches! I’m thinking bright pink or bright orange!! Nothing makes you more excited for a workout than some new kicks 😉
    Thanks Courtney!!

  3. catherine says

    If i could design my own reebok shoes, i would add pink, blue, and black. I love that color combination. I might even go a little crazy and add my initials- C.A.P.

  4. Ashley K says

    I would definitely have a coral and grey theme going on but most importantly I would want a flashy sole. I think that gives it an extra punch!

  5. Cassie says

    I want to design some of these shoes so bad! I would definitely choose some of the bright colors. There are so many options!

  6. hilary says

    I would design some with teal! I love the color choices. I always wear too much black, so some color would help change it up a little.

  7. Erin S. says

    I’ve wanted some bright shoes for awhile! Definitely would be hard to choose between coral and bright blue though!

  8. anna krystine says

    I would love these!! i just started crossfit so ive been eyeing the nanos! i would prob make a neon pink pair :)

  9. Alli says

    The last pair of tennies I bought were pretty bright and loud, so I think I would tone it down and design something a little more neutral!! :)

  10. Caroline says

    Grey or Black Laces… Laces usually are white.. and they tend to get sooo dirty! Def. a pet peeve of mine. Jay Did a great job!

  11. says

    I love playing around on that site! I’ve been looking for some good sneakers, that aren’t neon. I like blue and purple, which is a harder to find combo. So I totally designed me some Nano 2.0’s that are blue and purple!
    Meari recently posted..Divergent

  12. Ashley H. says

    I would definitely put a bible verse on the back! I’m training for my first half right now and Philippians 4:13 has been my GO TO MANTRA! “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!”

  13. Amanda @ Pink Runner Girl says

    I would get a pair of shoes for my fiancé!! I’m trying to get him to work out again. He used to be a pro soccer player and has recently took 2 years off to relax. BUT he needs to get back in the gym!!!! So I would make him some AWESOME shoes!

  14. Traci says

    I’m thinking at least one tiny neon detail. I tend to stray away from neon colors but love them in small doses, so I love that I have the opportunity to put as much (or little) as I’d like.

  15. Jordan K says

    I would definitely get my name stitched into them! That way no one would (hopefully) be tempted to steal my sweet shoes!

  16. Alexandra says

    Wow! Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’d probably do black with some cool pop of color. Most of my sneakers are plain and I definitely need some fun!

  17. Claire says

    I’ve played around on the Reebok site creating different shoes, and would definitely put my initials on them if I were to win!

  18. Jody says

    I would definitely put a series of numbers…which include a bible verse and some other meaningful and inspiring thoughts for me each and every day

  19. Amanda says

    I’ve wanted to make my own sneakers for ages, ever since I first heard that it was possible to customize Reeboks! I would definitely go for some bright and fun color combinations, the brighter the better!

  20. Karla says

    I would get a black and orange pair for my hubby to remind him of his marathon days as I support him and his goal to start doing them again!

  21. Megan Evans says

    I would love major arch support for my high gymnast arches, and would want a very light weight shoe to run that extra mile 😉 I would also put the following quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” on the heel of my shoe.

  22. Barbara says

    I seem to have become known at the gym for my bright pink tops, so I would probably use that in some part of my shoe.

  23. Stephanie Wilson says

    I am a new mommy of a 7 week old baby and have just decided to train for my first marathon (being a mommy makes me feel empowered!). If I had these shoes, I would have to incorporate pink for my baby girl, green for my husband, and purple for myself. With the colors reminding me of my family, I would be extra motivated to run that marathon!! 😀

  24. Britt says

    I’d want something bright and insanely obnoxious!! Somehow, wearing crazy colors enhances my workout (very scientific, I know).

  25. kolya says

    Definitely bright colors for my late night and early morning dog walks…dark out there!

    Oh and putting something fun on the heel…how cool!

  26. LaurenM says

    I would include a wide variety of colors. What fun to choose what you like, rather than what the company thinks looks good!

  27. Julie says

    Pink for sure!! And maybe something motivational like “Keep Going” so that my sneakers are motivating me while my mind is trying to tell me to stop!

  28. audrey casey says

    I love the color green so would definitely be green and fun to workout in. I would add a date or a little icon of a palm tree or sun – something that is beach related … going to Cancun in March so putting the date we leave for the trip, would be reaching my goal of working out – of loosing weight for the trip.

  29. Nicole says

    I would make something with the ever-popular PURPLE! And maybe something motivating on the heel, like “Play Hard” :)

  30. Paige says

    I would definitely incorporate a lot of bright colors! How can you say ‘no’ to a workout when you have a pair of snazzy custom sneakers calling your name?!?

  31. Morgan says

    I’d add a little bit of purple to a black pair; something to make them seem a bit more ‘girly’ then the traditional black, without going as extreme as hot pink. Great shoes are a motivator in any and every situation :)

  32. Alaina says

    I would put purple on my shoes in some aspect – I love that color! Then, again, I’m not picky as pregnancy has required me to get a new pair of sneakers for better support! Hopefully, this will be them!

  33. says

    Ooh. Nice color choices, Jay! Oh boy I am still in need of some good shoes and if I was going to customize my own I’d make them teal and gray. I’d probably add some purple too.

  34. jessica says

    I love that you can add a touch of color to the sole of the shoe… something only you would probably ever notice but that makes it that much more personal!

  35. Janay Ridge says

    I would definitely incorporate bright colors! I love me some pop of color when working out. Gives me motivation and energy!!

  36. Michelle says

    I’d make them ridiculously bright (bright blue & likely pink). Who doesn’t love a bright shoe? Fun motivation to help you get thru a tough workout!

  37. Julie says

    Bright colors for sure!! Even if I decide to be sweet and let my boyfriend design a pair instead…The boy needs some fun shoes!! :)

  38. Kaitlyn says

    I’d add a pop of color that ISN’T pink to my customized shoe! I have a habit of steering towards the pink/black combo and desperately need to get out of my comfort zone. Bright workout shoes are so much fun!

  39. Nicky B says

    The color purple would be a necessity. Not only my favorite color but also the awareness ribbon for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis is purple which is very meaningful to me:)

  40. Jerica says

    I love the teal color and would probably make a mostly black shoe with pops of teal on the logo and tongue. And I definitely want my name across the back of the shoe!

  41. Jaime says

    I’ve been wanting to get a pair of custom pink shoes in honor of my Aunt who passed away from Breast Cancer, and one detail I’d put on them is her name so I can think of her whenever I’m wearing them. :)

  42. Alycia says

    If they were for me, they would definitely include purple since it is my favorite color! My hubby really needs new shoes though, so I would give this to him if I win.

    He would go with some craaaaazzzzzy color combo. He loves bright shoes!

  43. Gretchen says

    I’d make them hot pink and orange. It’s my favorite color combination and I’d love to have a pair of running shoes that reflect my colorful personality. :)

  44. Edie says

    I would put the words, Just Move on them, Just on one, Move on the other. Then I would keep them out so i’s see their motivation words doing just that.

  45. Rochelle says

    I would definitely have to make sure that pink or purple were a huge part of the shoe color. Ohhh, how exciting it would be to have a pair of shoes that NOBODY else has!

  46. Kristin H says

    I would include my daughters and husbands favorite colors so anytime I look down while running and want to give up Ill think of my loves and keep going

  47. ErikaMC says

    Those shoes are awesome. I would love to add some with neon pink – all my shoes seem boring now that I see so many with bright, neon colors.

  48. Samantha says

    Without a doubt my sons name. I had my little guy a year ago and it was such a journey to lose my prebaby weight. But every time I felt like giving up e has been my inspiration to keep going. Thank goodness because he gives me a workout now just to keep up lol. But I’m finally at a weight that I haven’t seen since middle school. It’s such an awesome feeling.

  49. Kate K says

    A bright color for sure!!!! Gets me motivated! Great timing, my running shoes have been worn down!! Due for a new pair. : )

  50. Ashlie Anderson says

    I would love to incorporate the colors pink and black (since I always seem to work out in those colors) and also add my initial somewhere on the shoe!!!!

  51. Morgan says

    Those Nano’s do look sharp!!!

    One thing I would definitely like to include on mine would be the date I decided to give up my eating disorder and get healthy!!!! Not looking back! 07/04/2013

  52. Crystal says

    They have some bling bling you can add right?! A few cubic Zs would add something special to my custom shoe. That and some purple my favorite color!

  53. Mandi C. says

    I am passionate about yoga…and jogging…what better way to combine both passions than by putting the word “Namaste” on the heel of my sneakers!! :)

  54. Lizzie says

    I’ve always wanted to make a custom shoe but never had the finances to really do it. I would put the word “Kaizen” on it. I have lived by that motto for as long as I can remember. It means “constantly learning” and “always improving. And i would put lots of purple on my shoe. :)

  55. Beverly Aragon says

    I would love to design a pair in lime and fuchsia colors with the personalization of HWPO…{Hard Work Pays Off}…since that is my mantra lately. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway, Courtney!

  56. Kristin Allen says

    I am really feeling the neon for gym shoes- I would color them grey and either neon pink, orange, green, or yellow!

    Jay’s look awesome!

  57. Alexandra Mainini says

    I wold most definitely incorporate some red in there to glorify my beloved boston Red Sox winning the World Series this year!

  58. says

    I need new shoes BADLY! I’ve had mine for over a year and can’t seem to bite the bullet and drop $75 (or more) for a new pair. If I could design my own, they’d have neon colors – I’ve never had a bright pair before :)

  59. Stephanie Walter says

    I teach BodyPump….so I would incorporate my BodyPump colors and if I can add personalization I would add a motivating saying! Love these shoes!!!

  60. Laura M. says

    I would love to have a pair with neon colors! I need to get moving more, and I’m sure a new pair of sneakers would motivate me to get going!

  61. Anna E. says

    Teal is one of my favorite colors, and I think it looks awesome on athletic gear. I would definitely incorporate it!

  62. Rose says

    I plan on running a half marathon as part of my bachelorette weekend and I think a fun detail to add to the shoes would be the date of my wedding.

  63. says

    Is it possible to monogram them?!?! because then I would just die and go to heaven! But realistically I would just have a lot of fun picking out a really bright fun color for the inside and for the laces! This would definitely take me several hours to do hahah
    Kelly recently posted..Stuck in a Rut

  64. Heather K. says

    If I won, I would let my husband design a pair. I think it would motivate him to keep up his exercise routine, which he has a hard time doing. I bet he would want a bright, bold color!

  65. says

    Hmm well my initials could be fun because they are JEW but that could get me some stink eyes at the gym! I’d probably do some of my favorite colors… purple, chartreuse, gray… those might be some ugly shoes!

  66. Amy says

    If I won the Gift Card, for my Reebok Nano 2.0’s, I would do pink on the logo, blue on the sides, and laces and bottom neon green.

  67. Tiffany says

    How much fun to choose my own colors for the shoes! I went online and it was fun – but so many choices. I would have to have my hubby help b/c he has a better eye than I do for colors!

  68. Julissa says

    Bright colors for sure! Jay’s shoes look just like the preview, unlike some companies where items look different online vs. in person- very nice!

  69. Amy says

    PINK! I love pink it makes every sneaker better and when I am usually in the market for running shoes my shoes usually doesn’t come in pink!

  70. Nancy says

    A color combination of grey base and yellow accents – haven’t found a shoe that I really like with those together.

  71. Kate says

    Does “neon” count as a detail? All of my workout clothes have to be as bright as possible! <– a little odd, because I have a really neutral style outside of the gym…

  72. Christina says

    I would put an inspirational quote on the sneaker…maybe on the outer edge of the toe area so i can see it when i want to stop.

  73. says

    Well I know for sure that they would be bright. I love bright neon colors that really catch the eye. Mine will probably have hot pink or lime green in there somewhere.

  74. Lauren C says

    I would definitely make them fun colors to keep motivation up! Probably some pinks and blues! Nothing is better than bright new sneakers to run in!

  75. Kerry says

    I would put the letter “K” on the tongue of the shoe to remind me why I want to stay fit and healthy. That is the first letter of my baby’s name! (and just happens to be mine also so win win!)

  76. Sarah says

    I would def add some neon! Funky tennis shoes are always an added plus when trying to get motivated to head to the gym.

  77. Jennie says

    For the past few years, my sneakers have been white/gray and blue so I would incorporate a bright pink or orange or red to shake things up a bit!!!

  78. Marie says

    I would make mine red and white. Then I would quit my job and start running west all the way accross the country until I got to an ocean. Then I’d turn around and run back across the country until i got to another ocean. I’ll do this several times until I become world famous and then I’ll eventually just decide to go home. After that, I’ll start a multi-million dollar shrimping company, invest in some stock, and become a ga-jillionaire. I’ll share some of that money with you, Courtney. That’s why you should pick me!

  79. Michelle S. says

    I used to have these purple and blue tennis shoes that were just the best, I would make them similar in color! Awesome giveaway!

  80. Maureen says

    I want to make my shoes REALLY colorful. I would include blue, purple, yellow and bright green. The funkier, the better.

  81. Kari F says

    My gym shoes are so boring right now. I would choose some fun colors. That way it would make me smile every time I put them on.

  82. Diana says

    I would love the running shoes to be brightly colored! I see women running with bright neon shoes, and they look so fierce!

  83. Ashley C says

    These would be for my husband, and I think he would want the Nano 2.0 and add the modern blue & blaze yellow to it!

  84. Sasha says

    Besides having a pair of Reeboks that works well for functional training, I would love for the sneakers to be bright and noticeable at the gym. Nothing better than looking down on exciting sneakers during a workout!

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