Weekend Highlights {11/24}

Ahhhh, guys, I’m so pumped. I have a nice, short, 2-day work week ahead of me this week, before I’m off for a lovely five days. Can you guys sense the excitement through this post? If you can’t, I promise…it’s there. Woop!

So how was the weekend, friends? Do anything fun or exciting? Our was fairly busy and definitely filled with lots of fun stuff. After a quiet Friday in (and me falling asleep on the couch about 10 minutes into the Redbox movie that Jay rented for us…whoops), we were up ‘n’ at em nice and early Saturday morning. After putting Lucas down for his morning nap, I left my boys at home and headed out to meet up with my bestie, Heather, for a coffee date.


It had been way too long since we last got together, so we had quite a bit to chat about. And, FYI? The caramel brulee latte is ahh-mazing. I ordered a grande, non-fat, with 2 pumps of syrup (instead of the usual four) and it was perfection. I am in love.

While I was out, I also got a little update that Mr. Lucas had just woken up from his nap and was being a super smiley guy.


I much prefer those updates, as opposed to the, “omg he’s crying and I can’t get him to stop” ones. Winking smile

Late Saturday afternoon, my in-laws came over to hang out with us all for a few hours (Lucas did great, wahoo!), then after we put Lucas to bed, Jay and I headed out for DATE NIGHT. Gahh, I was so excited to be out for a few hours!

We went to Sake for some sushi, and since we had a few minutes to wait for our table, we decided to grab a spot at the bar and order a couple of drinks.


That wine was tastin’ goooooood.

Not long after, our table was ready so me and my handsome date grabbed a seat.



We started off with some edamame, which was super salty and super delicious.


And then we ordered ourselves a few rolls. I got a California roll and a Salmon and Avocado roll.


But the most amazing star of the meal was the signature “Siena Roll” we decided to share. It was spicy tuna, topped with a lobster salad, avocado, mango, and then finished off with a spicy mango sauce. Umm…incredible.


Jay and I loved just hanging out and being able to enjoy each others’ company without any other distractions. It was a much-needed night and we both had such a great time.


Of course, we couldn’t end the night there…

On our way home, we squeezed in a quick stop at our favorite fro yo place, and as you can see, I went a little crazy with my cup ‘o’ good stuff.


Truth be told, the almost two glasses of wine I had with dinner were doing a pretty good job of giving me beer wine goggles, so at that point, I really just wanted all. the. things. It was a massive serving, but I polished it all off like a champ. Hey…it was date night. Winking smile

And as a side note, we also got our first snow Saturday night.


Yikes…I don’t think I’m quite ready for that super cold yet.


On Sunday, the three of us headed over to my parents’ house to watch the Jets game (even though we were over an hour late thanks to a certain someone not wanting to nap and getting his schedule all thrown off…).

As always, there was plenty of snacks to be had.


And everyone had a good time just hanging out…even if the Jets totally stunk up the place. Ooof.


Lucas was a bit hit or miss while we were out, since naps weren’t really his thing all morning/afternoon, so that tiredness translated into crankiness quite often (since he’s in the midst of a few Wonder Weeks, I’m actually curious if that little brain of his was working in overdrive on some new stuff yesterday?).

Luckily, he wasn’t cranky the whole time we were out, and he managed to give grandma, grandpa, Uncle Dan, and Aunt Meg a few good giggles and smiles.


We left my parents’ house once Lucas basically told us he was done for the evening, and then once we put him to bed, Jay and I spent some time prepping things for work (bottles for the babe, food for us) and then vegged out on the couch watching a couple hours of the AMA’s.

And now, here we are again at Monday. But hey, that’s cool. Only two days to get through this week. Winking smile

Happy Monday, friends! Make it a great one today!


  1. says

    What a nice weekend. I love pictures of your cutie pie! Too much. You should try to do date nights more often while he is little and it’s easier. :) I love that this week is a short week! I can’t wait to have 4 days to play with my nugget, get my fitness on and play in the kitchen!

    • Courtney says

      Bahaha…yes, Mr. Lucas is definitely a smiley guy! However, he’s also pretty darn good at his high-pitched screeches and pouty lip. 😉

  2. says

    So glad you guys had a great weekend. I bet the date night felt GREAT!! It’s been about two months since the hubby and I went out so hopefully soon we’ll get a date night.
    Karen recently posted..MIMM

  3. says

    Wow what a great weekend you had! I’m glad you all had a nice night on the town! We got our first snow here is well and it is SUPER SUPER cold! Hope your 2 day work week goes by faster!!

    My weekend was super relaxed. I spent most of the weekend doing stuff around the house and trying to stay warm!
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted..Motivation Monday

    • Courtney says

      Most people still say Jay, but I think his looks are changing a bit, and some people are saying they see a bit of me in him now (YAY!). Thanksgiving = breakfast at my in-laws, and dinner at my parents’ house. So excited!!

  4. says

    My husband got a Caramel Brulee Saturday and I tasted his…SO good! I’ll be getting it next time. An I have to say, I think Lucas is starting to look like you! I think I’ve posted 100 times how much I think he looks like his Daddy, so I had to share! I bet you’ve been hearing that quite a bit.

    • Courtney says

      I’ve actually only had the app on my phone up until now, which I found really helpful. BUT, I was curious to read more about them, so I just ordered the book from Amazon the other night. I’m really excited to read it!

  5. Nicole says

    Looks like you folks up in NY will be getting quite some weather this week (Okay, that’s what Al Roker told me before I left for work this morning.) Hope you have grand plans to stay inside with your two dudes, your family, and a big ol’ bird!! Cheers to a short week!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Courtney says

      Oh my gosh, I know, right?! I think sometimes I just need to remind myself that, yes, sometimes there is no explanation…but it’s hard!

  6. says

    so glad you had a great date night! that spicy roll looks fab and i think fro yo is BEST consumed with wine goggles on! football games with family are always fun, yes even if your team stinks. i am reeling from going to bed with the broncos killing the pats and waking up to find the pats won! :(
    Caitlin recently posted..MIMM: Home and Away

  7. says

    Looks like a nice little weekend. I do have to admit, I’m glad the Ravens beat the Jets (sorryyyy), but it was a horrible game by both teams, in my opinion! Even my beloved Ravens were NOT looking too hot yesterday.
    Coco recently posted..-1 Anniversary

    • Courtney says

      I just read your post – that was great! I definitely think Lucas is going through one right now. Extra clingy, an extra wake up at night, naps are off…I’ve had the app on my phone for a while now, but I actually just went the other day and ordered the book! I’m excited to read through it :)

  8. Nala says

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! Yes I’m super excited about the short work-school week! Yay – I can’t wait to be off! I’m sure Lucas will be super pleased to have you home for those 5 days. I’m glad you had a great date night – and may I say your hair looks amazing!

  9. Claire says

    Awww so cute with all the baby smiles! I’ve noticed you said Lucas doesn’t nap much. Do you have times you schedule daily to try to put him down for naps? My little girl is a little over 2 1/2 mnths and hardly ever naps in the day! Have a great short work week!

    • Courtney says

      Hey Claire! Up until this week, he had actually been doing really well with naps. Right now, I think that little brain of his is working on overdrive though, haha. :)

      For his naps, I’ve never really had a scheduled time each day that he needs to go down. Since his wake times vary from day to day, trying to do that would never work. Instead, I try to go by his wake times. Typically right now, once he wakes up, he eats, then plays, then it’s time for a nap. His wake times right now are typically anywhere between 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and he’ll usually start to show signs that he’s ready to go back down. I definitely found that going by the wake times works best for us…good luck!!

  10. Amber says

    Hi, Courtney! Lucas is incredibly cute! Noticing your delicious looking wine, I have a question for you or any other breastfeeding mom out there: when you have a glass, do you breastfeed after or pump just to be safe? My little girl is 7 weeks, and I’m dying for a glass of Riesling :) thanks!

    • Courtney says

      Usually if I just have a glass or two then I don’t worry about pumping, since my doctor said it was fine. If I’m going to have more than one glass like I did on Saturday, I wait until Lucas is down for the night and won’t be eating again for a while. I’m sure a glass of that Riesling would be fine! (but of course, do what you’re comfortable with and/or check and see what your doc thinks!) :)


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