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Hey friends! How’s the week treating you so far? Things have actually been pretty busy over here the past few days, between all the usual suspects…work, Lucas, home, and holiday-related stuff. Since I found a few spare minutes in my evening, I figured I’d check in and say hi, and give a few random updates through some of my latest iPhone pics. Fun? Maybe? Well, let’s see what’s been photograph-worthy the past few days…

Last night after work, I was suuuuuper busy in the kitchen!


Lucky for me, Lucas fell asleep in the car on the way home from picking him up from the sitter, so while he continued to nap in his car seat in the living room, I got to work. We have a holiday luncheon at work on Thursday and I offered to bring a dessert, so I decided to make these delicious things, which are a spin-off of my Dark Chocolate Turtle Graham Bars.

I also wound up making another batch of Chocolate Raspberry Bars for Jay to bring to his own work party on Friday (and have plans of making another batch tonight for my own work holiday party on Friday…whew!).


Earlier in the week, Jay and I made Chicken, Sweet Potato, & Spinach Quesadillas.


And, as if you couldn’t already tell from these horribly crappy photos, we tend to eat dinner in our pretty dark living room…on our way-too-springy placemats. Oops. Winking smile


The photos may be crappy, but those are always some pretty great ‘dillas.


If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably already seen this photo of Lucas from Tuesday.

I was totally in love with this outfit he had on and, I swear, if I could find one in my size I’d wear it at least once a week. It looked and felt just so darn warm and cozy.


We had fun reading a couple of books quick that morning, too. Little man looooooves his books!


Peanut butter and banana. ‘Nuff said.



On Wednesday, I arrived home from work to a pretty amazing package waiting for me from blog reader (and Instagram follower), Amelia.


She was so kind to send me a goody package filled with some of her handmade holiday treats…including buckeyes, sea salt almond toffee, and vanilla bean caramels. Ummm, YUM. I made sure to sample all three last night and they. were. incredible. Thanks again, Amelia!!


All last week, Lucas was obsessed with the little rolly thing on his activity jumper. This week, he’s been a jumping maniac and has also now discovered the sun.


He was absolutely cracking us up last night in this thing. Seriously…so, so great.


Hey, guess what? We actually managed (and planned ahead) for not one, but two dinners so far this week! In addition to the ‘dillas above, I also put together a batch of Beef and Sweet Potato Stew (I still need to share this recipe with you guys soon) along with a side of Cheesy Italian Quick Bread.


The stew is great, but that bread is my jam. It’s most definitely a favorite of ours around here.


Now, just for fun, I thought I’d share a secret little glimpse into what things actually look like around here these days. That photo above? Yeah, sure…looks like dinner is nicely situated at the table and ready to eat, right? BUT, if you pan out juuuust a bit more…

You’d see the mess that is my house right now. With a side of Lucas creepin’ in the background.


Seriously. Sometimes I wonder if my home will ever be clean again for more than five minutes. It seems like as soon as I get an area cleaned up, there’s crap all over it again before I know it.

Either that or it’s the abundance of Lucas’s stuff taking up just about every inch of extra space you can find.


Such is life of a new, working mom, eh? Hey…I guess it’s a good thing I can deal with a little mess here and there. Winking smile

Well, today’s post may have been a little random, but I had fun checking in with you all. Have a great day, friends!


  1. Danielle says

    Thank you for sharing the full picture. Sometimes it seems that bloggers have it all together and everything is perfect! Makes me feel so much better to know I am not the only one with a little clutter in the home! :)

  2. says

    Hey Courtney, those treats look great! I just wanted to let you know that the sun on that bouncer is pretty powerful…it was recalled this year. The little girl that I nanny had the same one and was trying to chew on it when she was a little older than Lucas and it bounced back and hit her, but no serious injury. Have a great day!
    Alaine recently posted..Lights Out

  3. says

    You would look super cute in a matching onesie with Lucas, haha. He’s so adorable and totally worth a messy house. I’m a neat freak but I fully expect some slackin’ to take place once babies enter the picture.

    Before you know it, he’ll be old enough to help you clean so I think it’s great that your spending time with him rather than cleaning.
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted..Skinny Snickerdoodles {vegan and gluten-free}

  4. says

    I love you random post! It’s so great to go through the phone and find some random photos!
    Chocolate and raspberry! yummy! Another thing to add to my must try list.
    Houses are so hard to keep clean! My junk piles just seem to move around but never disappear. It’s always the worst around the holidays too.

  5. Shannon says

    I have been reading your blog for the last couple of years and I have always loved it but even more so now that you have your little guy. I had a little boy this past June and am also a working mom so its nice to see you talk honestly about how things really are! It is not always easy, in fact most times it is hard work, but so worth it when you see those little baby smiles! You are doing an awesome job!

  6. Nicole says

    Keepin’ it real! My house looks like yours, but I don’t have a hubby or a bambino! I need to get myself organized and stay tidy in 2014!
    Nice job with all the baking! I’m sure it feels good to spend some time doing some “kitchen therapy”. :)

  7. Monica says

    I’m there with you! I have an almost 9 month old daughter, and before her, everything was super clean and in its place. Now, piles are everywhere! I can’t remember the last time I vacuumed or mopped, and it is all I can do to make the bed and keep the dishes done! I have a pile on our bedroom floor from last time I travelled with her in November! :) Such is life…

  8. Amelia says

    Ahhh, Lucas is such a cutie! Messy houses and chaos just create more fun.
    Your dinners look awesome, especially that quesadilla. I love those flavor combos. I suppose I need to make some of these chocolate raspberry bars that are so popular. You’ve made them a ton in the past couple of weeks!

    Glad you enjoyed the goodies! They are my favorites. :)
    Amelia @i_heart_kale

  9. says

    it’s crazy how much STUFF a baby can own! i feel like half of it is mom just loving shopping – or at least that’s how i feel about buying things for my good friend’s daughter. can’t buy clothes for me? let’s buy clothes for baby! cute outfit time! i’m sure if i ever had a girl she’d own way more clothes than a boy would because i LOVE baby girl clothes.
    i haven’t made a quesadilla with sweet potato in it in…eons. man i need to try that again!
    and yes can’t wait for that stew recipe!
    Caitlin recently posted..My First Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

  10. says

    Trust me! Working or not working, the house is ALWAYS ALWAYS hard to keep clean! It is definitely the baby’s stuff taking up loads of space, but it’s also the fact that once you start on something, baby starts needing you and then you place things everywhere and before you know it–it’s all spread out. At least that’s my experience, haha. And woww great job baking all that stuff! It looks amazing and I bet you were one tired momma afterwards!
    Ellie@Fit for the soul recently posted..The Awesome Benefits of Jumping Rope {Vlog}

  11. Julia says

    I love that bread recipe! We’ve been making it since you first posted it, and it’s so good. I even brought it to a potluck day in my Sports Nutrition class as a good post-workout snack for an endurance athlete. Once I figured out the nutrition info, I discovered that it has the perfect 3:1 carb:protein ratio. You hit it out of the ballpark with that recipe!

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