Lucas: 5 Months

So at the time I’m finally writing this month’s update out, we’ve actually already made it to 5-1/2 months. So it’s very possible that I’ll forget and/or get things mixed up from one month to the next…but we’ll still give it a try!

lucas 5 months

Weight & Height: If I remember correctly, we weighed Lucas around his 5 month birthday and he was clocking in a little over 16lbs. We haven’t actually measured him lately, however, we did have to move his jumper up a notch because he was getting too big…so we know he’s certainly growing long still!


Eating: Eating has never, ever been a problem with this little man. He continues to take 2-3 bottles of breastmilk at daycare, depending on the day, and each bottle is usually about 5 ounces. On the days he’s with me, he nurses exclusively, usually every 3-4 hours. Nursing him can be somewhat of a challenge if there’s too much going on (hello, Mr. Distracted!), so we have to keep the environment pretty chill when possible.

Shortly after he turned 5 months, we started doing some solids(!), but I’ll talk more about that in next month’s update. He’s also shown some improvement in the spit-up department! You’ll still most likely see him in a bib most of the time, but it’s definitely getting better.

IMG_4797[4]A rare occurrence with no bib!

Sleeping (naps): Pretty much the same as last month. Most days, his first two naps of are usually anywhere between 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and his third nap is usually anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on his schedule for the day, he may or may not take a fourth cat nap, which is usually in his swing. And sometimes, depending on how long his first nap was, he may wind up skipping his third nap of the day, but that usually makes for a slightly more cranky bedtime.

Sleeping (at night): Things definitely changed a bit in this department shortly after he turned 5 months, so I’ll hold off on that, too. Up to him turning 5 months, night time sleep was pretty good. He moved his bedtime up slightly so he’s usually asleep by 7pm most nights. He gets a dream feed anywhere between 10-11pm, and gets up for the day anywhere between 6:30-7:00pm. There’s been a drop in the number of nights he sleeps all the way through (boo) and continues mostly with his one-time wakeups to eat, anywhere between 2-5am. Most nights, he’ll go right back down and put himself to sleep. Other nights, it’s a bit more of a party…

He’s still in the Rock ‘n’ Play at night, but I’m not giving it much longer, since I think he’s starting to get a little too long and mobile (I’ve watched him on the monitor practically try to kick himself over and/or out of it). This damn thing is the bane of my existence right now, and I hate how I always seem to find an excuse to “just wait one more night” to try the transition. We’ve tried a few random times here and there to see how it goes, but it always winds up with him back in his RNP because…we cave. I’ll admit it.

Clothing: Lucas has grown out of some of his 3-6 month clothes, depending on the maker. We’re officially out of 3 month clothes, and most 6 month clothes fit him great…minus the whole length of the pants thing. Little man has some long legs!


Social: What a happy guy! I’ll tell ya…he just makes us laugh SO, so much. We noticed he was starting to get a little weird around people when they came to visit at our house; however, when we’re out, he was much better about being around strangers. Maybe something about being out of his element? He’s in his glory if you read him a story or play music for him – this month, he’s been loving Florida Georgia Line. He’s also started giggling a bit more, looooves grabbing for faces, and babbling away.

          What’s that you say, monkey? …………………… Ahhhh, haha good joke!


New this month: Month 5 = the month of jumping! While we started him in his jumper during four months, he really started getting going in it this past month.


Lucas continues to improve rolling from back to tummy and will occasionally roll from tummy to back; however, he’ll only roll to his right side. The day before he turned 5 months, we also discovered that he could sit up!


His stability continues to improve daily with sitting unassisted, but we still keep pillows around him for safety. We also thought Lucas had a tooth this past month, but it turned out to be a false alarm. Whoops!

IMG_5723Fooled ya…suckers Winking smile

Likes: His jumper, Taggie, Sophie the Giraffe, reading books, listening to music (Bruno Mars and the Florida Georgia Line), being sung to, his swing, being swaddled, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, grabbing at faces, the remote control, splashing in the tub.

Dislikes: His Bumbo seat, his crib at night (still…), being in his car seat for too long, getting stuck on his tummy, pacifiers, poopy diapers.

Mommy: Mommy is doing well! Of course, there’s always our tough days – the ones where I feel like I’ll never get anything done, or I’m exhausted from an extra long wakeup at night, or I can’t figure out x,y, or z – but that’s all part of parenthood, right? Winking smile

Jay and I have managed to go out on a couple of “dates,” but I’m really hoping we can continue to get more in as Lucas gets older and is more comfortable with his grandparents. As much as we love this little boy to pieces, we still need our one-on-one time too!


I’ve been feeling good about getting some workouts in lately, and it has really felt awesome to move. They may be shorter and less intense, but I’m cool with that. I look forward to being able to commit to them more (and in the mornings), but I’m sure that’ll come with time.

There are days when I wonder how I manage to keep it all together (mom, wife, maintaining the house, working, eating well, etc.), and some weeks I struggle in one area more than another, but it all somehow seems to balance out in the end. And, honestly, if I didn’t have Jay, I don’t know what I’d do. He continues to amaze me as a dad.



Lucas 1 MonthLucas 2 monthsIMG_5378IMG_4428IMG_4816

Happy 5 Months, sweet Lucas. You’re quite the character, and we love you more than you’ll ever know.


xoxo <3


  1. Meg says

    My daughter is 7 months old (as of this past Sunday). From day 2 of being home until 6 months old she slept in her swing. She had terrible reflux and we couldn’t put her flat. I nevvverrr swung it but she was more upright, it cushioned her, etc. She was the best sleeper. Around 4 months she always slept through the night without a peep. At 6 months we had to put her in the crib OMMMGGG she wouldn’t go two hours without trying to get up for the day – which made for cranky days and it was just an exhausting mess. After 2 whole weeks of having to function like a zombie (me that is) she caved and gave into the crib. It was a brutal process that seemed to have no end in sight night after night I won’t lie but finally we made it through so hang in there. It’ll happen!! We have a towl under one side of the matress to elevate her a so I don’t know if that would help you. Good luck and just remember, it will happen, just might take some loonggggg nights in the beginning.

  2. laura says

    He is way too cute! He definitely has your eyes! I have two little girls 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and the time sure does fly by. I miss those baby days but they get more and more fun as the months go by. I too have a hard time finding balance between motherhood and marriage and everyday tasks but everything always seems to work itself out.
    Thank you for being so honest. I love reading your blog because you’re so relateable.

  3. Sara says

    I love your Lucas updates. I’m so glad you tell it like it is. I have an almost 5 month old and it’s nice to know other first-time parents have the same struggles as we do.
    And, you’re right, I couldn’t do it without my husband. God Bless single parents. I don’t know how they do it.

    • Courtney says

      OMG I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I don’t know how I’d ever be able to pull off being a single parent!

  4. says

    My friend directed me here because my son is 8 months and we are finally, FINALLY getting him to sleep in his crib. That damn Rock n Play is like a crack addiction for babies!! This is my third kid, but didn’t use the Rock n Play with the older two (it wasn’t around yet) and I now how mixed feelings on using it because this transition has been so hard!! It was wonderful in the beginning though, so I guess I can’t complain :)

    Your little man is so, so cute. Happy 5 months :)
    Michelle recently posted..Newport…In Pictures

    • Courtney says

      Oh my gosh, thank you for commenting! It’s always so refreshing to hear from others who are in the same boat. I couldn’t agree with you more – the RNP was amazing in the beginning, but I wish I knew how hard the transition was going to be…I would have tried sooner! The weird thing is that he naps in his crib everyday, no problem. But as soon as night time rolls around, BOOM. He wants nothing to do with the crib!

  5. Ruthie Hart says

    Could Ford and Lucas be any more similar?! Well… with the slight (major exception that F won’t take a bottle!). Distracted nursing, jumping ALL THE TIME. I will say I am patting you on the back for keeping up pumping and that L is only on breast milk! I pump every other day and I despise it haha.

    Lucas seems like such a chill and happy guy!!

    • Courtney says

      Haha, I know right?!? I always love reading your updates too…I find myself shaking my head like yup, yup, yup…! :)

  6. says

    OMG!!! That picture where he’s talking to “Monkey was adorable!” I really laughed out loud, on that one! As for the jumper, my daughter used to wear herself out, and fall asleep against the wheel of her jumper, it was Priceless!. It’s a lot of fun to see them jumping in them, and then pass out from all the workout. :)
    Melissa @ For Love and Travel recently posted..A Comfort Kit by Through the Heart

  7. Shayla says

    I <3 him!!! He is such a cutie :) When Julian was a newborn we had him in the RnP, but I had read so many horror stories about the transition to crib that we did it right away at around 6 weeks old. I would suggest you do it soon as the older they get the more "set in their ways" and stubborn they become 😉 Also, once Julian started rolling he become a tummy sleeper and once that happened he became the BEST sleeper ever…so once Lucas becomes more comfortable on his belly and rolls more he may just become a belly sleeper and will then love sleeping in the crib :) And at around 5 months Julian started getting stranger anxiety which is totally normal…he'd freak if someone new to him came into our house, but was fine around strangers in public. And if Lucas loves remote controls get this remote!! Julian was the same and LOVES this thing 😉

    P.S. I will email you back soon – promise! xoxo

    • Courtney says

      Thanks girly! That remote is perrrrfect for him – definitely looking to get that this week now! :)

      Man, I wish you had warned me about the RNP sooner lol…I would have transitioned him early too if I knew better, haha.

      And YES! I’m looking forward to your email! I miss chatting your ear off lol 😉 xoxo

      • Shayla says

        Oh good he’ll LOVE it!!

        Oh darn and I wish I had known he was still sleeping in it at night lol! Somehow I missed that part or I def would’ve warned you lol 😉

        Haha I miss chatting your ear off too 😉 I will get to it soon!

        P.S. I wanted to comment on your previous post that your Land’s End spread is absolutely amazing and you looked so very GORGEOUS!!! I hope you see that when you see those pictures…you really looked beautiful :)

  8. Nala says

    Aww, he is too adorable – I love his smile! And the photos with all three of you just melts my heart – too cute =)

  9. says

    That picture of Lucas with the monkey is so darn cute! Hang in there mama with the RNP. You’ll transition him out of there and then you won’t even remember there was an issue haha.

  10. says

    Absolutely LOVE this update. So so sweet. The last picture of the three of you– it’s a heart melter! <3

    I saw it mentioned above about single mom's. I was one for a very long time. I can tell you– there were moments where I wanted to just break down and cry. But honestly, your little one (in my case my daughter), was the bright spot of every single day. She still is.

    You have a very beautiful family Courtney!!! And you're a great mama. :)
    Jenny @ The Wellness Journey recently posted..My First Stitch Fix Experience

  11. kellie says

    Too bad Lucas doesn’t like being on his stomach! We just switched my son from his rock n play (which he loves) and put him on his stomach. He is only 2.5 months but he sleeps so much better that way! Good luck! :)

  12. says

    5 months is such a fun age, enjoy every minute. My little girl is turning 1 at the end of the month and it seems like it flew right by! It’s so nice that you do these updates it will be nice for him to look back on. I’m behind with her baby book (eek).
    For the middle of the night wake ups have you heard of the book 12 hours by 12 weeks? Even though he’s obviously older then 12 weeks old, the book is for any age and it changed our life!
    Karen @ Fruitspire recently posted..Hello Arugula, Didn’t Know How Much I’d Love Ya

  13. says

    What a great idea to put him next to the stuffed monkey for a size comparison each month. It’s crazy how quickly babies grow! I just adore these posts because Lucas is seriously SO CUTE! I love his little fuzzy head, hahaha, as creepy/weird as that sounds. I also admire your attitude about your workouts. I’m glad you’re giving yourself credit for getting in movement even if it’s not “intense”. You really deserve props for making time for it; I can’t imagine how stressful it must be to be a mom to a little baby! Oh and Lucas, I know what it’s like to have super long legs. Make sure your mama finds you some pants that don’t show your socks in your sneakers when you go to school 😉 I dealt with that up until I could finally fit into juniors sizes!

  14. Katie Gaffney says


    I was wondering if you would be willing to share your advice on starting your little man on solids. We are starting my 6 month son on solid food this month. I would like to skip the cereal and go straight to food. Any suggestions you have on starting solids and making your own food would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

    • Courtney says

      Hi Katie! I know quite a few people who skipped the cereal and went right to purees and it went great. When I tried new foods with Lucas, I usually bought a container first (to make sure he liked it) then made it myself. A couple foods we started out with were apples, bananas, and squash (I think?!).

      This particular website has been a HUGE resource for me and I recommend it to anyone!

      And feel free to email me if you have anymore questions. :) I’ve been meaning to do a food prep post and, well, it just keeps getting pushed to the side!


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