Fun Facts Friday {1/24}

1. Last night I had Book Club and it was SUCH a good time! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t even touch the book (honestly, couldn’t even tell ya what the title of it was), but it felt so nice to just have a few hours out with some girlfriends and good food.

2. If you follow STSL on Facebook, then you may have seen this post I put up yesterday about seeing who might be interested in joining a DietBet. I’m thinking I might start one up after the Super Bowl, since I’ve already had quite a few friends, family, and readers tell me they’d be interested…I mean, who doesn’t like to win some cash, right? (the post linked above explains it!)

3. I’m sooooo happy it’s Friday. No particular reason, besides the obvious approaching weekend. Just pumped about it.

4. I started a Breakfast Club for my department at work and today is our first “gathering,” if you will. I wasn’t in charge of bringing anything for this week, so I’m excited to see what we’ll have.

5. Starbucks Blonde Roast + steamed non-fat milk + 2 pumps Caramel Flan syrup = Heaven. Totally getting one of these this morning.

6. Jay has been sick most of the week with a nasty sinus something-or-other, which has been a super bummer for all of us. I think Lucas misses playing with his daddy and I miss talking to my husband without him sounding like he’s on his death bed…hopefully he’ll be feeling better this morning.

7. T-6 days until the big 3-0 for this lady! Gahhh…is it crazy to say that I’m actually really, really excited about my 30’s?

8. My friend Nancy of njgdesigns recently made Lucas the most adorable little hat and mittens set (you can see what they look like on her page!). She makes such quality stuff – I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for a special, hand knitted gift!

9. My baby is gonna be 6 months on Monday…SIX MONTHS. I kinda want to cry about it. (Actually, who am I kidding…I already have. More than once.)

10. The amount that I text and gchat with this girl is kind of insane. You’d think we’d eventually run out of stuff to talk about? But no, not at all. Love her.

11. If you’re still with me after reading the whole post without any pictures, then a big ol’ thank you to you! I have a really hard time following posts without pictures. Unless they’re bulleted. That helps.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for ya today, my friends! As always, have a fabulous Friday and a fantastic weekend! xoxo


  1. says

    Happy Weekend!

    I’m turning 30 this year, too! Kind of crazy, kind of awesome. I’m like you, and feeling pretty pumped for everything this next decade has to offer.

    I also hear you on babies getting older. I ordered Thomas’s 1st birthday cake today. Very hard to believe!

    You and Chelsey are so funny. Did you know each other already, or just meet through blogging?
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted..I’m Thinking…

  2. Amy says

    My little guy turns 6 months on Sunday :(, I think I cry every month, I never thought I would be like this! It is so different when it is your own! Enjoy every minute with him, mommyhood is the best!!!!!

  3. says

    we have friday breakfast at school each week! itz so fun! with a partner, you provide breakfast for our staff just one time throughout the school year, and in return, there is always friday breakfast! not only is it delicious, itz fun to see what people come up with! (last week was homemade WAFFLES!)
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Five Things Friday

  4. says

    Thank god today is Friday!! Aw, hope Jay starts to feel better. I hate it when my boyfriend gets sick, I just don’t like seeing people down. Your “gathering” sounds like fun!! Hope they bring great food today! Have a great weekend :)
    Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne recently posted..Friday

  5. says

    I’m totally in for dietbet! It would be good for me. My birthday is in 10 days for the big 2-9 – totally not a fun birthday! Aiden’s one year birthday is a month later and I’ve cried several times already about this milestone too:(

  6. says

    Sorry to hear your hubby is sick, I totally understand. I’ve had cedar fever for over a month, and I’m not happy. Texas weather is just awful with sleet today in low 20’s and 60’s and 70’s over Saturday and Sunday. So weird! Another thing…happy soon-to-be birthday, I knew I liked you…Mine is on Tuesday. Gotta love us Aquarius!! Have a great weekend.
    Melissa @ For Love and Travel recently posted..Wimberley Valley Winery

  7. Stacey M. says

    I’m with you … I’m super excited about the weekend too. We’re heading to Rochester to party with some friends – should be a great time! I just hope the snow/cold doesn’t ruin our plans though …

    As far as the DietBet goes, it’s not something I’m interested in. My workplace instituted a “Biggest Loser” challenge a year or so ago, and while I thought about entering, I ultimately decided that it wasn’t a good idea. Having had issues with food restricting in the past (to a very unhealthy level), I didn’t think that introducing that sort of challenge in my life was a good idea. I’d probably be OK, but sometimes my competitiveness can get the best of me – and in this case, it wouldn’t end well. Good luck to you and all others who wish to join though – I hope it helps encourage “healthy” weight loss for you!

    Have a great weekend Courtney!

  8. says

    My baby boy is almost 4 months old and I’m just starting to think, “Wait! This is going by too fast! Perhaps I do want another baby kind of soon.” haha

    I’m excited for him to hit the 6 month mark though – and I really can’t wait until I can plan his 1st birthday party. :) Those things get me way more excited than I ever thought they would.

  9. says

    Congrats on being (almost) 30! I am almost 31, so I’m right there with you. Even though I’m not going to say that it’s fun to be a year older, being in your 30s is nice. I feel like I’m in an age bracket with people similar to me, you know?

    Happy almost birthday!

  10. Cristal says

    Your bookclub sounds a lot like mine. We have given ourselves the name “The Underachievers Book Club” !!! It’s all about the company anyway :)

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