Name Bubbles Giveaway

I’m so excited to share today’s kid-friendly giveaway with you all!

A few months ago, right before I headed back to work after having Lucas, the folks at Name Bubbles reached out to introduce me to their product(s) and asked me if I’d be willing to share a little bit with all of you!


For those of you who haven’t heard (I hadn’t until they reached out!) Name Bubbles is a waterproof name label manufacturer and e-commerce website.  They produce durable (and super-cute!) waterproof press-and-stick name labels designed to help busy families keep track of basically…everything!

  • toys
  • camp gear
  • clothing
  • hand-held electronics
  • baby bottles
  • school and sports uniforms
  • sports equipment
  • lunch boxes
  • allergy/food restrictions

After chatting a bit back and forth with the company, we decided that it would be a great opportunity for me to try out their Daycare Labels Pack. The pack included both dishwasher safe (great for bottles and/or feeding supplies) and laundry safe labels, all tucked inside a neatly organized envelope.


Each set of labels also came with its own set of instructions, which is always a plus. Because, really, who has time to always pay attention to that stuff when you’re ordering, right?!


The laundry labels are all nice and small, button-shaped labels which fit easily on the back of any piece of clothing. I have them on a few items of Lucas’s, but I honestly don’t really have to worry much about his clothes since he only goes to daycare with one other babe…and she’s a little lady. Winking smile


The dishwasher safe labels offer a little more variety in terms of their looks and sizes and are suitable for a wide range of products.


As you can see, lots of variety!


The labels were actually really fun to make and completely customizable through their “Bubble Maker.”

bubble maker

You can choose everything from theme, icons, fonts, style, colors, and shapes, to make it exactly what you want.

bubble maker2

And for one lucky reader, you’ll have the chance to win your own customizable Daycare Labels Pack!

Interested?? Here’s how to enter:

  1. (mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d like to win the Daycare Labels or how you’d customize them.
  2. (optional) Check out their Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest page, drop them a line and let them know I sent you! Then leave an extra comment letting me know that you did (you can leave one extra comment per social media site = 3 possible extra entries).

I’ll choose a random winner on Friday, 2/7. Good Luck! Smile


  1. Jessie says

    These are so fun! I would use these for my little guy’s bottles for daycare. Until now I’ve just been using a sharpie marker to write his name on them but it comes off with a couple washes so I am constantly writing it over and over again!

  2. says

    These are so cute!! Oh my gosh I love it! After struggling for awhile, my sister is pregnant and my entire family is so delighted! I would love to give her these so she could customize it any way she wanted! If I don’t win, I will definitely be getting these for her little one! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Morganne @ Nut Butter Runner recently posted..Kettlebell Run

  3. Laura says

    These look great!! I’ve used another label company but haven’t had great success. Would love these for my 14 mo daughter in full time daycare and eventually for my son due in April that will also be in full time daycare this summer.

  4. Jocelyn says

    These are so cool! I am always looking for ways to make daycare easier for our wonderful provider and she would love this!

  5. Rachel says

    What a cool idea! These would be so handy when my little guy heads off to daycare for the first time in a few weeks.

  6. says

    This is so fun! What a great gift! Thanks for the recommendation. I don’t have a little one yet but will definitely tell my sister and sister in law about these for their babies :)

  7. Britt B. says

    I’d use these on bottles, clothing and wipes container at daycare….they are adorable and stylish. So cute!

  8. Courtney says

    We are expecting #2 this summer and he/she will be joining big brother at daycare so we could use these labels for sure!!!

  9. Sara says

    So much stuff to label for daycare. Right now I use masking tape and a black marker. These labels would be so cute and very useful.

  10. Karla says

    I would give these to my sister in law who has two kids in day care. These are such a great idea and I am going to be giving these at baby showers!

  11. says

    How cool are they??! I’ve been using a fine tip permanent marker on labels of bibs, t-shirts, etc. and blue painters tape on everything else (bottles, toys, etc) because it doesn’t leave residue. I could definitely use some of these bad boys.

  12. Jessica says

    I would love to win a pack of these. I am a busy momma of 4 so anything that can make my life more organized and easy is a win in my book!

  13. Abigail says

    I am having my first baby in July and she will be in daycare full time. This little bit of happiness would ease the transition for us!!

  14. Tara C says

    Talk about perfect timing for this giveaway! My 6 month old daughter Lillian is about to start going to daycare 3 days out of the week and this would be PERFECT to keep track of all her belongings! Plus this can add a little bit of fun for momma since I am little weepy about it.

  15. Amanda says

    I’m having this baby and would LOVE to have these before I send him/her off to daycare. I’d have to see what I’m having before I customize it, but i LOVE how different they all look!

  16. Abby says

    I have 2 kids under 2 years old, both in daycare! I would like to customize them with the monogram feature so things would be easily identifiable!

  17. Amanda says

    I love these. My second daughter will be starting daycare in a few weeks so I would love these to organize her things.

  18. Alyssa says

    Those are so neat! I’d love to win them for my little name. He goes to play groups and when with friends it will be great to always have this stuff labeled.

  19. Adina says

    These look pretty fantastic. My baby is due in April and will be going into daycare a couple months later so these would be perfect.

  20. Marieve says

    I would love to give them to my little Godson Adrien! His parents would be delighted! Will be going to daycare in september.

  21. sue says

    I have an almost two-year old and have been using masking tape and a marker to label her items, so this would be a great replacement!

  22. Melissa M. says

    Oooh these are really cool! I would definitely use these for Connor’s things. He is always out and about and it would great for when he gets older too. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Kate says

    Wow, those are great! I am due with a girl in April and she’ll be heading to daycare around May. They would be perfect!

  24. Alyssa B. says

    First of all thank you for the information on these, what a great product. I would love these for my little guy’s clothing, bottles, toys, etc. My mother in law watches him along with my 2 nephews (3 boys…bless her) my youngest nephew is around the same size as my Lucas so this would help with clothes and with two other boys all their other stuff is always getting mixed up. This would be a life savor for me, my mother in law and sister in law!

  25. Amina says

    I would LOVE these! I’m going through the hassle of organizing my son’s clothes to pass them on to my sis who is having a boy in May! I want to label the clothes so I get them back for my future babies!

  26. Amanda L says

    I work in the Child Life Department of a Children’s Hospital and we label everythingggg. I would love to try out some customizable, printed labels instead of scribbling on everything with sharpies

  27. Kelli-Ann says

    I just went back to work this week and my 5 month old just started day care. I too uses a sharpie marker after I did not find any good alternatives in the local baby stores. This product is amazing and I would do a sports themed customization to match his nursery. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Lauren S says

    I would love to get these for my son’s sippy cups, snack bowls and sand toys that we bring out to meet friends. You’d be surprised how many of the same products all of us have and labels would save so much time figuring out what belonged to whom.

  29. Lauren says

    Would love these labels for my little guy when he arrives in a few weeks. They would definitely be a huge help at daycare.

  30. kristin says

    I’d love them for the laundry labels and bottle labels! With 3 boys, and my oldest in kindergarten we can’t seem to keep track of mittens and gloves. He has lost 2 hats and one glove so far this year. The labels would help with a quick recovery!

  31. Lauryn says

    I would love these for my son to label his bottles and clothes as to not get anything mixed up with all of his cousins born within months of each other! I would probably do the hockey theme.

  32. Bethany says

    I would love to win them for my brother’s daughter. She just turned 1 and goes to daycare most days while her parents are at work. It would just be nice to do something for them since they’re always helping everyone else

  33. Diana says

    I would love these because I recently had twins! These would be great for keeping track of their things so their various care givers know which stuff belong to which twin! <3

  34. Nikki says

    We are expecting our first in a few short months, and I am sure these could come in handy! Not sure if we will use daycare, or more of an in-home option like you, but either way they’d be helpful!

  35. says

    The dishwasher ones look awesome for sippy cups even tho mine don’t go to daycare, there are always a ton of the same sippy cups at play dates and such.

  36. Jessica says

    I have two kids in daycare and I would like it for my sons bottles (soon to be baby food!) and my daughter’s stuff as well — would help keep me more organized!

  37. Christina W says

    I would love to win these! My daughter goes to daycare full time and something like this is a necessity. How did I not know that they existed?

  38. Jessica Molstad says

    These would be perfect for my little guy when he starts daycare after my maternity leave and for my big guy for preschool.

  39. Alaina says

    I would LOVE these since my baby boy will have to begin going to a daycare at 12 weeks. It would be a perfect way to prevent his things from getting mixed up with others. In fact, I believe my daycare requires labels!

  40. Pattie Welch says

    These would be awesome for me. I have two kids both in daycare full time and I’m always trying to keep track of their things.

  41. christy says

    I’ve been thinking I need to start labeling my daughters stuff for daycare… even though there are only a few kids there it seems like something doesn’t always make it home. These would be perfect! And they are very cute as well!

  42. Amanda says

    I’d love to make some of these for my niece! They’re really cute and a great idea. Hers would definitely be pink!

  43. Susan says

    I would give these to my daughter, I think she would find these so useful when she takes my granddaughter-to-be to daycare.

  44. Lindsay says

    Ooooo! Totally need these for my 7 month old who will be starting an in home day care soon! These look awesome!,

  45. Sylvia Christopher says

    LOVE THIS! It totally brings out the Type A in me. It will make organizing everything easier and let me not have to constantly use permanent markers to keep remarking everything.

  46. Stephanie Abbott says

    OMGosh I would LOOOOOVEEEE these for my little Evie, who just turned 14wks :) I’m not sure yet what I’d put them on but I’m thinking…EVERYTHING!!

  47. Rachel S. says

    I would use these when we go to functions at our church. Since my kids don’t use cups yet I have to bring their sippy cups with them and I am always afraid we are going to leave one behind. That and coats.

  48. Jennie says

    I think these would be so useful for my sister-in-law since both my niece is involved in so many activities (school, dance, gymnastics) and my nephew is in preschool!

  49. Regan says

    I would love these for my just about 1 year old at daycare…I’ve tried a few sharpie tape options…but would love to get a picture of a bird….her nickname… add to Aviana … She goes to a center…so we label everything!!!!!

  50. Melissa says

    I am an Early Childhood Resource Teacher and work with preschoolers with special needs. I am in and out of several different day cares and schools each week so labeling my things is essential. These are great for teachers too!

  51. Angela says

    Love this! I would use these for everything my little girl will bring to daycare….a few months after she arrives…in a few months :)

  52. whitney says

    I love these! my daughter doesn’t go to daycare, but does go to our church nursery on sundays…what a fun thing to use instead of a piece of tape on her bottle! (haha, classy I know)

  53. Jen says

    These would be amazing for my 2 year old for school and camp! Ok, they’d be great for my 5 and 7 year olds also- how do kids lose so much stuff?!

  54. kellie says

    How cute! We would love these for our little man! He is 3 months behind Lucas and as you know has lots of things to label! Especially since we are flying to florida next month

  55. sarah r. says

    cute! i need cute!these for my 2 year old. :) she is transitioning to a new room at daycare where they require everything to be labeled.right now, her teachers just know what stuff is hers… so this will be a change for me!

  56. April V says

    I would put my children’s names on them to label their things to take to school. It would be so much easier to keep up with!!

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