WIAW: Sweets and Snacks

Wednesday already? That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

The past two days have been super busy. I suddenly have a bunch of extra stuff on my plate (most of which is good!) and I’m trying (yet, somewhat failing) at getting it all organized. It’ll all get done eventually, I know that. But sometimes I let it just overwhelm me a bit more than I should.

Thankfully, with the help of Jay, we managed to work through a bunch of stuff yesterday after work, including a load of laundry, dishes done, most of this blog post written,  Lucas’s clothes folded, some travel planning stuff done (fun news to come!) and I even managed to get a workout in. Yes, I went to bed feeling much more accomplished than I had felt Monday night…and that’s because I’m just ignoring the rest of that monster list of things that still need to get done for the moment.

But enough about that…let’s just get to the bulk of this post! It’s What I Ate Wednesday Monday.

Pre-Breakfast Snack

Some mornings I’m way hungrier than others. Monday morning happened to be one of those days. I’ll usually snack on a handful of this or that before leaving the house, but I was racing out the door like a madwoman (no surprise there, really) and didn’t have time to grab anything. Thankfully, I found this little gem stashed away in the center console of my car.

granola bar

I keep food everywhere. Not kidding in the slightest.

After dropping Lucas off and on my way in to work, I also noticed that the drive-thru line at DD’s was empty…

cookie dough iced coffee

I think I may have a problem, you guys. It’s an iced cookie dough coffee problem. I. can’t. stop.


To go with my iced coffee was breakfast, which included some plain Greek yogurt with strawberries + Kashi Go Lean Crisp.


Light. Refreshing. Totally not enough for my hunger that day…

Mid-Morning Snack(s)

About an hour and a half later I was hungry once again, so while I took care of the pumping thing, I ate a packet of maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal (kept in my desk for emergencies).

instant oatmeal

There’s really no way to make instant oatmeal look appealing, sorry guys.

By the time I got back to my desk, I was greeted with a yummy little surprise.


One of my co-workers made peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies and dropped one off for me. I’d usually try to save something like that for an after-lunch dessert but it looked too good to hold off on…and it was.


As I went to snap a photo of this one, I felt like I could have been lunch twinsies with a fourth grader.


Sometimes, a classic sandwich just hits the spot, don’t you agree? This sandwich was deli turkey with lettuce and (semi-brown) avocado with balsamic mayo on whole wheat bread, which was enjoyed along with some baby carrots and hummus.

turkey sandwich

That sandwich was uh-may-zing.

Afternoon Snack Dessert

I stole these out of my friend’s candy dish at work earlier in the day and had forgotten about them until I went to grab my keys from my purse on my way out of work.

peanut m&m's

A drive home is infinitely better with peanut m&m’s. Just sayin’.


Monday night was gorgeous, so we took full advantage (before the snow showers hit last night…ugh) and fired up the grill.


Jay took care of grilling up some steaks while I made some oven roasted garlic and parmesan potatoes (I used a somewhat loose version of this recipe). This meal was fabulous and I am totally, 100% looking forward to more just like it as the weather warms back up again. C’mon Mother Nature…mid April should not mean 40 degrees!

Anyways…Monday night also happened to be a family dinner night. These nights are rare (we’re always scrambling and can never seem to time things so we all eat together) so I always enjoy them even more.


Lucas chowed down on some pureed spinach/green beans/carrots/peas, some of a hardboiled egg yolk, small bites of pears, some of our potatoes and green beans, and a few yogurt melts. This kid…I’ll tell ya. His appetite is out of control. I swear he’d eat all day long if I kept food in front of him. I’m already worried about my grocery bill as he gets older.


Despite the fact that I had my fair share of mini sweets during the day…and because I can’t go a day without it (aaaand it’s in the freezer so I can’t ignore it)…

ice cream

I had the same dessert as Sunday night – vanilla ice cream with birthday cake Oreos crumbled on top.

Alright friends, that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll catch up with you guys soon! Winking smile


  1. says

    We took advantage of the nice weather on Sunday and fired up the grill for ranch burgers :)
    It will be so much nicer when Lucas starts feeding himself and you give him what you are having. Mason loves using his fork and spoon. We started with the plastic sporks and he did well so we moved to an actually child fork. There are times he will only eat something if it is on the end of his fork.
    Ash @ Ash’s Right Direction recently posted..Weigh In Wednesday – Welcome Back…

  2. says

    The monster list, yes. Don’t ask me about mine – just so much: I can relate. Though I figure you as a mum are about ten times as busy as me so I shouldn’t be complaining. No surprise extra snacks are necessary and I like how you keep some everywhere because that’s the best and only way to go, really.
    “I’m already worried about my grocery bill as he gets older.” <- Haha! You'd better start saving already ;). Not like I was a mum but I've seen some teenage boys eat before (duh!) and geeez…

  3. jen says

    Wait , you’re omgsobusy again? Try having three kids, working FULL time and fitting in time to train for ultramarathons. And gee whiz, ooooh boooyyy guyzzz you also write like a 4th grader.

    I never `get` these posts. Who cares what you ate. And if you’re so omg busy don’t photograph everything .

    • Courtney says

      Hi Jen! Yes, I am pretty busy these days. Sounds like you are too, my goodness. I was just saying to my husband last night that I can’t imagine how we would juggle having more than one child sometimes, so major props to you. But really, just because you may be busier than I am, it shouldn’t discount the fact that I also have a lot on my plate. We’re all busy in our own ways.

      Honestly though, if you don’t care about what I ate or how I write, then I would encourage you to stop reading. Especially since it sounds like you’ve already got your hands full. Best of luck with your ultramarathon training!

        • says

          Wow Jen. Enough with the snark! I’m actually interested in what your full time job is and how you are OMGSOBUSY but have time to leave hateful comments on someone else’s blog. Oh wait, people who work have something called breaks, right?

  4. says

    I have food everrrryyywhere too! It’s awesome. :) I love finding surprise bars in the diaper bag or my purse. Oh and twizzlers the other day at church because there were some in my bag. Perfect.

    He does sound like a hungry machine! I am excited to feed baby L real food soon!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..My Eating Habits Lately

  5. Susan S says

    Just a bit of warning – – – my son just turned 11 and has been eating us out of house and home for several years. Not sure where he puts it all!!!!

  6. Ashley M says

    What a beautiful day of delicious eats! I am just like you…keep food everywhere! Haha! You NEVER know when you will be in an emergency!! Love your posts!!

  7. says

    Eating together is so hard but always so worth it. Even if its leftovers from the night before and we can only overlap our meal times I always try to sit at the table and catch up for a few minutes. The weather is getting nicer so I can’t wait to start grilling and eating outside again. Birthday cake oreos? Say what!
    Kim @FITsique recently posted..How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

  8. Kelly says

    I’ve followed your blog for a while. I know you’ve mentioned in the past that your eating used to be super strict/regimented as well as your exercise. Your eating now is so balanced. I tend to eat the same things every day because they are “safe” (despite being healthy). How did you change your mindset? I’ve gotten much better since having kids because my energies are so focused on them, but it’s still a struggle not to “think” so much about what I eat.

    • Courtney says

      Hey Kelly, thank you! Honestly, I’m not really sure what happened in order for my mindset to change…it just sort of did I suppose? It really started with HA and having to make changes for a bigger reason (being able to have a baby). Once I let myself relax a bit then, I found it just continued to get easier. And now, as you said, there are just so many other things to focus on, so food is not at the front of my mind nearly as much as it used to be. I still understand where you’re coming from though — please feel free to email me if you ever need to chat more. :)

  9. says

    I have been having 4th grade lunches and snacks this week too!! All week I have had a turkey sandwich with veggies, hummus, cheese sticks, and applesauce. Since I am a teacher, I KNOW this is what a typical 4th grader eats haha. Sometimes the classics taste the best.
    Katy recently posted..WIAW: #69

  10. says

    Haha, I’m kind of getting worried about our daughter too~~!!! She’s Lucas’ age and loooovoes to eat…she’s a foodie like mommy. She eats anything and everything, and doesn’t stop unless take it away. 😛 And I used to keep snacks everywhere too! But after baby my mind is all over the place so I forget to keep them stashed. So if I’m out and about and get hungry I’m doomed. You motivate me with little reminders like that.
    ellie @ fit for the soul recently posted..Get Healthy and Lose Weight: How to Get Started on a Plan

  11. says

    Hello Courtney,
    I love all your WIAW’s! Yummy! I hope you know the answer to this question: Can you possibly ask your co-worker for the recipe for those delicious looking “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They look really thick and fluffy and I’m ALWAYS interested in how I can “tweak” my cookie recipes (although I have a pretty solid one). Can you post the recipe (if she gives it to you) or…can you email me separately?
    ~Amy :-)

      • says

        Hello Courtney,
        Okay! Great! Just do what you can though! If you can’t get it, it’s really not a “huge” biggie! :-)
        Have a great day!
        ~Amy :-)

  12. says

    Sometimes sandwiches are just what the doctor ordered. And your’s kinda makes me want one. However, I beg to differ about the fourth grader comment – I teach 3rd, and your lunch looks WAY better than what my kiddos normally eat!
    Sarah @ Sarah Sincerely recently posted..I Surrender All

  13. Lauren says

    How do you order the cookie dough iced coffee at DD? You’ve convinced me to try it but i’m nervous that it’s going to be too sweet!


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