Going Glamping

Well, guys. The next week and a half or so are going to be quite busy and exciting over here! Later this afternoon, I’m boarding a train to NYC to do what is sure to be a fun video/photo shoot for a new partnership (more details to come soon!). I’ll be home from that by Friday night, and then it’ll be back to the regular routine for a few days.

As a side note, this is actually going to be my first night away from Lucas and I’m already nervous about it. Thank goodness for FaceTime, right?


It’ll be a regular work week for me up until next Thursday, and then I’ll be boarding a plane and jet setting off to Montana for another partnership with Glam Media and Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy. (I know, right? Me working with a brand that makes ice cream could not BE more perfect).

So what’s going on in Montana? WELL, I’ll be taking part in a little something known as glamping…aaaand if you’re anything like my husband (or like I was at first) upon hearing the word “glamping,” you may be shaking your head in confusion.


No worries! So basically, here’s the scoop: glamping is what I’d like to call THE paradoxical paradise. A fusion of glamour and camping, allowing gals to enjoy the outdoors…but without all the outdoorsy stuff and with extra luxuries.

Think featherbeds, bubble baths, spa services, candlelight dinners…all while enjoying the beautiful scenic mountains, rivers, and trails. Oh yes, now this is my kinda camping!

Paradoxical paradise, really, is being able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Healthy + indulgent. Expensive + Cheap. And I mean, really, if we’re talking paradoxical paradise, let’s talk a bit about enjoying the best of both worlds…

…I have absolutely no qualms about following up a treadmill run with a beer.

…I love dressing up and sporting a pair of high heels but I’ll immediately change into the rattiest “cozies” you’ve ever seen as soon as I get home.

…I’m willing to spend good money on a pair of designer jeans, and then pair them with a five dollar top off the clearance rack at Target.

…I make the effort to prep healthy meals for during the week but have no problem dishing out a nightly bowl of ice cream or enjoying other sweet treats during the day.

Speaking of sweet treats, take Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy, for example. They’re the perfect combo of healthy & indulgent, with a variety of products that not only taste amazing, but offer satisfying portions and lower calories.

You guys had to see that segue coming, riiight?

But in all seriousness, I really am a huge fan of this stuff, and have been for a long time. The salted caramel pretzel ice cream bars? Umm, flippin’ DELICIOUS.

skinny cow salted caramel pretzel bars

They’re also Cody approved, in case you were curious.

skinny cow salted caramel pretzel bars

Just kidding. Cody doesn’t eat chocolate.

But back to this glamping thing. I’ll have some more details to come, but let’s just say that me being excited (although, crazy anxious about leaving my baby for a few days…tear!) about the whole trip is quite the understatement. And even cooler (is it even cool to say that?)? Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy is currently running a Girls Gone Glamping Sweepstakes where YOU can win a glamping trip for you and your bestie!

So how does it work?

  • STEP 1: Pick up your fave Skinny Cow Ice Cream or Candy
  • STEP 2: Enter your code on glamping.skinnycow.com
  • STEP 3: Get entered to win one of the grand prizes (drawings every two weeks) and find out instantly if you have won a glamping prize!
  • *FYI: You can also get a free code at http://glamping.skinnycow.com. Follow the instructions on the code entry page to obtain a free code and the free code will populate in the Code Entry field.

I’ll be checking in with some more details on my upcoming trip and the trip that you could potentially win later next week, so stay tuned. Winking smile


“You can truly have it all with Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy – incredibly delicious and indulgent yet ridiculously sensible! This summer, Skinny Cow is inspiring our girlfriends everywhere to have it all again by going glamping! Think camping with all the glamorous resort frills – bubble baths, candlelight dinners, feather pillows and so much more. Skinny Cow’s Girls Gone Glamping Sweepstakes is taking 9 lucky winners and their besties on the glamping getaway of a lifetime!”

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Skinny Cow and by Nestle via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skinny Cow.”


  1. says

    Ah, glamping sounds like so much fun! I hate camping but I could definitely get down with some glamour in the outdoors. Have so much fun!

  2. Emily says

    So very cool Court! As I’m about to embark on my not-so-glamping camping trip, I’m jealous! Have a fantastic time :)

  3. says

    I am so jealous of your adventures! I would love to try Glamping :) We used to go camping before we had Mason. This year we are going to attempt it with Mason for the first time. We are hoping that he will do great at age 2 and enjoy it.

    Love Skinny Cow!!!
    Ashlee @ Ash’s Right Direction recently posted..Weigh In Wednesday

  4. Kelsey says

    AH I am from Montana! Was so excited to read this post this morning! Where are you going glamping? I am guessing Paws Up… excited to see pics and hear about your trip!

  5. Kaleigh says

    I live in Montana, how exciting!!! And I totally agree with all of your best of both worlds comparison, esp the treadmill and beer and target shirt with designer jeans! Haha

  6. says

    How FUN! I’d be ALL about “glamping”! You will have the best time! Wish I could be there with you… 😉 Blend at the beginning of June will be the first time I’m leaving Hunter overnight, and I’m already feeling anxious about it. Good thing both Lucas and Hunter have good daddies to take care of them while we’re away. Looking forward to hearing about all the details of your trip!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..A Great Breakfast Makes for a Great Day {Day in the Life}

  7. Paige says

    You’re going to have a blast! I’m from Montana, and it’s SOOO beautiful. Especially in a glamourous camping location like you’re going to! :)

  8. says

    Greeting fellow Glamper! Over at We Heart This we are SO excited for this amazing trip – Montana and the Paws Up Resort look incredible. And we are so excited at the thought of meeting some fabulous new bloggers! Can’t wait to meet you in person Courtney!
    Tyna recently posted..Girls Gone Glamping With Skinny Cow

  9. says

    Enjoying the best of both worlds is the way to go! Sounds like a balanced way of living to me! Skinny Cow has got it all figured out 😉 Have fun glamping…those tents look BEAUTIFUL! xo Kelby
    Kelby recently posted..Enjoy Your Weekend


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