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Well, I’m still in the midst of writing up my glamping recap, you guys. Sorry for the delay! I’ve been working on organizing all of my photos, but on top of having two nights in a row of softball games over here (I’m so excited to be back after taking last season off!), and a bunch of other stuff keeping me busy, I’m a bit behind the game. Hey, such is life, right?

So last night as I was going through a bunch of my photos on my iPhone, I found a bunch of food photos that never made it to a post and thought they’d be fun to share. Although, knowing me and my scatterbrain, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have already shared at least one of these. And if that’s the case, please feel free to call me out on it.

One of my co-workers made the most amazing breakfast pizza a couple of weeks ago. It had all sorts of peppers, onions, and bacon. SO good.


Starbucks has also been in my life a bit more than usual lately. I’ve been finding myself hitting up the ‘bux at least a couple of times a week and, I’ll tell ya…it’s all too convenient to be able to reload my Starbucks card with PayPal. That, my friends, is trouble.


Then again, when I wind up getting free samples of their new Frappuccinos (like the mocha cookie crumble one seen below) it makes it all worth it.


At least, that’s what I tell Jay. Winking smile

Oh, and speaking of their Frapuccinos? FYI, they’re having their Happy Hour until May 10th (all fraps are half off from 3-5pm) and the caramel ribbon crunch one is AMAZING.


It was a travel necessity last week, for sure.

Did you guys know they make Birthday Cake m&ms?


These were a Target find a couple of weeks ago and were delicious. Although, the pretzel m&m’s will still forever and always be my favorite.

Sam Adams Summer Ale continues to rock my socks.


Some nights, Jay and I really just love having a nice, cold beer with (or before) dinner. Whenever this particular night was, we enjoyed our beers with some BLAT’s (bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato) and fries. So simple, so delicious.


Technically, I should save these photos for my glamping recap, but I just had to mention this breakfast, which we had on Saturday at the resort. They started us off with fresh fruit and pastries which were amazing…


…but the full breakfast was out of this world. Eggs with veggies, toast, and chocolate chip pancake all on one plate? Well, let’s just go ahead and call that a little slice of heaven.


Another sneak peek from glamping…


We enjoyed our beverages last weekend, that’s for sure. Between the huckleberry hounds and the homemade sangria, I was in my glory. Obviously.

Here’s a shot from part of Tuesday’s dinner…homemade chicken burger “sliders” made with bbq sauce and cheddar cheese with avocado slices.


I’ve decided I’m going to be making these, like, at least once a week now.

And, of course, I can’t really have a random post without mentioning my baby. Or shall I say, my on-the-verge-of-walking baby…


Lucas is now to the point where he wants to walk around the house all day long with his little walker toy there. He’ll also hold onto our hands and walk like that now, if he’s not already speed-crawling all over the place. Yeeeeahhh…I went the other day and invested in a gate. This guy is just a little speed daemon! And seriously…I’m not ready for this walking stuff yet. Slow down, time!

Since we all know I can’t stop time, I’m just embracing it as it comes…and let me tell ya. He is just so. much. fun. right now

My happy smiley guy. Smile

A bit of a random post for ya today, I guess! Here’s to hoping it’s a good Thursday for all of us…one step closer to Fridayyyyy!


    • Courtney says

      Ooooo, how fun!! Yes, the Desmond is outside of downtown, but a couple of my favorites nearby would have to be D’Raymonds and Lanie’s Cafe. They’re both right near each other and close to where you’ll be staying. Let me know if you decide to try either!! :)

  1. says

    LOVE that it is Frappe season again and wohoo for Frappy Hour! I’ve definitely taken advantage of that this week.

    Courtney, he is too cute. Seriously, he only gets cuter with age. :)

  2. says

    I my lord I want that omelet!!! It looks heavenly!!! Can’t wait to see all the pics and hear more about the trip! Awesome that you’ve gotten back in to softball too!

  3. Kate says

    We need the scoop on that breakfast pizza!!! Would love a recipe for it….and I am curious do you cook your chicken burgers ( any burger ) inside and if so how? Thanks for be such a great motivator!!!!

    • Courtney says

      I’ll see if I can get the recipe for the b-fast pizza! 😉
      We cook our burgers inside sometimes on our Griddler Jr. It’s great!!

  4. says

    I almost got a frappe today, but our starbucks is inside a kroger ugh! What is starbucks with out the atmosphere! So I opted for Panera, I do have a gift card! That breakfast spread though looks phenomenal !
    Hilary recently posted..Thinking Out Loud Currents

  5. Nala says

    OMG! All the food on this post looks Ah-Mazing, you certainly had some good eats of late =) As usual Lucas is just too adorable – I love his little smiley face!

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