Glamping with Skinny Cow at The Resort at Paws Up!

Oh my gosh. I have SO much to share about this trip! So sit tight because this may, in fact, just be my longest post ever. (*This was originally going to be a two-parter but I decided to just throw it all into one).

Before I get to any of that though, I need just take a sec to give a huge shout out to both Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy and The Resort at Paws Up for putting together an absolutely unforgettable weekend. The entire trip completely surpassed any preconceptions I had made. It made for some long travel days to get there and back, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. So thank you, again, Skinny Cow and Paws Up!!

After arriving at the resort at about 1:30am (yawn!), we were so tired, it was ridiculous. However, the first glances of our cabin were more than enough to perk us up at least for a little while longer. I mean, just look at this thing.


Not only was the cabin HUGE and gorgeous, but there were the most adorable Skinny Cow touches everywhere you turned.


And, umm, can we just take a quick sec to check out the shower in my bathroom? UNREAL.


I’d go glamping every single day of my life if I could have that shower. But anywho.

More fun little touches…


Of course, we were stocked with plenty of Skinny Cow treats all weekend long.


And yes, we most definitely toured that cabin at 2am while eating ice cream.


The next morning, we got to really see what was waiting for us on the outside. A beautiful view, an amazing deck with a hot tub (no, we never made it in there), and get this…


Our cabin even came with its own car. Yes!


We actually spotted the car as we were pulling in late the night before, and Chelsey had joked about our cabin coming with a car. Imagine our surprise when the shuttle driver responded with, “Well actually, yes, it does.” So cool.

And speaking of Chelsey…we were finally united!!


Chelsey and I chat basically everyday, either online or via text, and have been for at least two years. She’s been my “BFF from afar,” so when Skinny Cow graciously offered me the chance to invite along a friend, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally meet up with Chels.

*P.S. – Chelsey put together her first post about the trip, too, which you can read about HERE!

So Friday morning, we got up nice and early to meet the rest of the group for breakfast. Thank goodness they had a big buffet because the two of us were absolutely starving (after lame-o dinners while traveling the day before).


After breakfast and a little “meet and greet,” the group packed into a few vans and headed to a separate area of the (37,000 acre!) resort where all of the glamping tents actually reside. *Because it was still early in the season and a bit chilly at night, we stayed in their luxury cabins as opposed to the actual glamping tents.

So yeah, let’s talk about these glamping tents for a quick sec. You guys know the Girls Gone Glamping Sweepstakes that Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy is running?


Well, here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect if you’re one of the lucky winners. I don’t know about you guys, but I have never seen camping tents like these before.


Super fancy, right?? So if you haven’t already gotten on board, be sure to grab yourself some Skinny Cow ice cream bars or chocolate candies and enter that sweepstakes STAT.


So just down the hill from this particular tent we checked out was the outdoor dining pavilion.


Each of the camps (there are five, I believe?) has its own outdoor dining pavilion, which is beautifully furnished.


Friday morning, Chelsey and I also got the chance to meet up with the adorable (and hilarious!) Presley and her friend, Aubrie.


We hung out with them a few times during the weekend and they were GREAT company. More on that to come, though!

Just outside the dining pavilion was also a campfire right along the river, perfect for some good ol’ s’mores.


And here’s our group!


After our tour of the glamping tents on Friday morning, we all had the rest of the day completely to ourselves, to do whatever we wanted. We spent a little more time settling in before heading back out for some lunch at Trough.


The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we grabbed a seat on the patio and were immediately greeted with some baba ganoush.


Lunch included probably THE best cobb salad I’ve ever had and some friggin’ delicious sweet potato fries.


As you guys are gonna see, the food at Paws Up was out of this world. Every single thing I ate there was incredible.

After lunch, it was time to hit up the spa!


During our weekend at the resort, we were each treated to two complementary activities (this included everything from ATV rides, horseback riding, yoga, and spa treatments). Obvi, we needed at least one of those to be a spa treatment…deep tissue massage for me, pleeeease!

The two of us left the spa feeling incredibly relaxed. So much so that we laid outside and just did nothing for a while. It was…awesome. I couldn’t tell you the last time I was able to do that without feeling like there was about 101 other things I should be doing instead.

After napping, we decided to hit up the trails and wound up encountering some fun, obstacle course trail. Neither of us had our phones or a camera on us but we really, really wish we had. Talk about funny.

Friday evening, we decided to hit up Tank, the full-service bar, for a couple adult beverages. Of course, not before a couple selfies. 😉


The drinks were tastin’ mighty good that evening, and the two of us wound up making friends with a couple of the waitstaff while falling in love with some huckleberry hounds (made with homemade huckleberry syrup, omg).


And sangria. And another sort of coconut drink that was accidentally made and happened to wind up in our possession. Aww, shucks.


We spent about an hour at the bar before meeting up with Presley and Aubrie at Pomp for dinner.


Again, absolutely incredible food.


And that summed up Friday!

Saturday morning, we woke up to more beautiful sunshine. Seriously…the weather was perfect and the place was just gorgeous.


Chelsey and I enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee at the cabin before heading out to get the day started.


P.S. – It’s funny how quickly you forget how to brew a pot of coffee after living on Keurigs for the past couple of years. Sheesh!

So knowing we had a yogalates class on the agenda, we wanted to make sure we squeezed in some breakfast beforehand back at Trough.


Our original plan was to just grab something light, buuuuuut then we saw the menu.


And that plan went out the window. Ohmygodsososososogood.

So once we had finished stuffing our faces, it was time for some yogalates (yoga + Pilates). As it turned out, Chelsey and I were the only two taking the class, which was fine by us. Especially when we saw the view.


The hour-long class incorporated a mix of yoga + Pilates moves and, considering I don’t make much time to do either of those these days, it felt so, so good.


It’s not everyday I get to do yoga after a delicious breakfast with some beautiful outdoor scenery in front of me. I’ll take it!

We spent the rest of the morning just lounging around and then made our way out to lunch a few hours later. We started with huckleberry lemonades and some sort of cream cheese/dill/avocado spread on baguettes.


Chelsey and I then split their bison chili (so spicy, so good) and I had a jerk pulled chicken sandwich with some sort of mango chutney and brie cheese that rocked my world. Oh yes, and more sweet potato fries because they’re fab.


I’m telling you guys…the food here was insane.

Shortly after our lunch, we made the walk back up to the stables (yes, we left our car behind!) to get ready for our geo-caching scavenger hunt.



Now I’m not gonna lie…I tend to get a little competitive when it comes to this sort of stuff, so as soon as we split into teams, it was game ON. We had two teams and each team was responsible for finding four different clues throughout the resort. We had our little GPS tracker to help guide us, which I took control of for most of it.


Each time we found a clue, it was loaded with tons of coupons for Skinny Cow ice cream and candy. Scoooore!

photo 1

photo 2

Chelsey was a bit excited about finding her clue. Presley looks like she couldn’t have cared less, doesn’t she?

photo 3photo 4

She was actually just as competitive as me though, don’t let her fool ya.

The scavenger hunt wound up covering about 2 miles and really was such a good time…especially since we won! 😉

Once the hunt was over, we made our way back to our cabins to get freshened up for dinner, only to be greeted with…more goodies from Skinny Cow!


Those guys…I’ll tell ya. They were so good to us during our stay. Plus, I mean, anytime anyone leaves me candy they’re getting an A+ in my book. Juuust sayin’.

So Saturday night was our big group dinner back at the dining pavilion that we had visited on Friday.


They had more huckleberry hounds and sangria on the menu so, of course, the four of us got a little excited.


Yes, there was no shortage of drinks. 😉


Once again (I feel like a broken record), the food was absolutely delicious. Smoked salmon appetizers, French Onion soup (with a flower on it…who knew?!), steaks, scallops, roasted veggies, and unpictured mashed potatoes which I may or may not have eaten directly from the serving spoon. I don’t have documentation of that, although I’m sure someone does…


They also had creme brulee for dessert which was unreal. I was trying to remember the last time I’d had it but, honestly, I don’t think I ever had. That stuff is incredible, guys! Have you ever had it?? I’ve so been missing out in life.

After dinner, there were plenty of s’mores to go around. And the best part? They were made with Skinny Cow caramel filled chocolates. Heck YES.


There was all sorts of fun and shenanigans happening around the campfire…


And before heading back to the cabins for the night, we obviously had to make sure we got at least got one “paws up” photo. Bahaha.


And that, my friends, is pretty much the low-down from my first-ever glamping experience! Sunday was a bright and early start thanks to early travel times, so we didn’t really get to do much more at the resort, but I definitely feel like we managed to get in so much in the two days we were there.

The weekend was just phenomenal…and it certainly didn’t hurt having Skinny Cow chocolates basically everywhere I turned.


I’m pretty positive I ate enough chocolate for the whole group while we were there.

So hopefully now that you’ve seen just how incredible this glamping thing is, you’re gonna go out and grab some Skinny Cow ice cream or candy and get yourself entered in their Girls Gone Glamping Sweepstakes.

4-24-2014 2-02-40 PM (1)

I mean, how awesome would it be for you to win a glamping trip for you and your bestie!?

  • Pick up your fave Skinny Cow Ice Cream or Candy
  • Enter your code on
  • Get entered to win one of the grand prizes (drawings every two weeks) and find out instantly if you have won a glamping prize!
  • *FYI: You can also get a free code at Follow the instructions on the code entry page to obtain a free code and the free code will populate in the Code Entry field.

Trust me, if I could, I’d go back in a heartbeat (and maybe I will, who knows?!). This was truly an unforgettable experience. Thank you again, Skinny Cow!


“You can truly have it all with Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy – incredibly delicious and indulgent yet ridiculously sensible! This summer, Skinny Cow is inspiring our girlfriends everywhere to have it all again by going glamping! Think camping with all the glamorous resort frills – bubble baths, candlelight dinners, feather pillows and so much more. Skinny Cow’s Girls Gone Glamping Sweepstakes is taking 9 lucky winners and their besties on the glamping getaway of a lifetime!”

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Skinny Cow and by Nestle via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skinny Cow.”



  1. says

    I think it’s awesome you got to bring Chelsey! Looks like it was fabulous, as I saw from your instagram too. I need a glamping trip in my life, asap. Haha! Skinny Cow nows how to throw a pretty amazing weekend!

    And you are motivating me to get my 10 month baby post done, I am 2 weeks behind :p

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Stacey M. says

    OMG … I’m still in awe of that cabin! How absolutely gorgeous is that?!?! I would love to camp like that – the scenery around there is just breathtaking. I actually checked out the Paws Up website and am thinking it would be an AWESOME place to honeymoon! Well, I guess I should check with the fiance about that first lol.

    Anyhow, it was nice that you and Chelsey were finally able to meet one another in person … it seems you both had a great time! That must be one of the best “perks” of being a blogger – meeting new people and making life-long friends.

  3. says

    Looks like a really great time…I love that pink (coral?) and brown sweater Chelsey is wearing on the 2nd day. And doing yogalates outside sounds like perfection. Anyway, what a fun experience!

  4. says

    Oh my lord what a trip!!! The place is stunning and the food looks truly divine!!! Especially the breakfast…I want to head straight first in to the omelet and pancake plate!!! Great to see you guys got to finally meet, next time the kids will have to meet too!!!
    Shel@PeachyPalate recently posted..Can’t Beet These Chips!

  5. says

    I have to admit, I’ve never heard of Glamping until now, and I’m in love! Your trip looks like it was absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to sign up to try and win the Skinny Cow trip and even if that doesn’t work I want to go to that resort at Paws Up!
    Libby recently posted..“Life is happening to you.”

  6. Ashley M says

    WOW!!! This looks like SUCH AN INCREDIBLE weekend! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us! What a blessing to be able to have such a fun and relaxing time away!!

  7. Betsy says

    Your trip looks absolutely amazing. My husband loooves camping and Montana, I hope I can talk him into glamping, as it’s more up my alley!

  8. says

    Man, glamping sounds luxurious. Loved that there was access to ice cream all weekend long, haha delicious. At one of the blogging conferences I went to this past fall, there was a “glamping night” which consisted of some fire pits and leather couches, which was pretty great but your cabins looked and I bet felt amazing!
    Nancy recently posted..3 words per picture: Vol 2

  9. Dena says

    I’m with Amy above, LOVE Chelsey’s sweater in the s’mores pictures. Chelsey, if you are reading, can you share where you got it??? Thanks for the great recap and pictures – what great memories you made!


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